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Fox Airsoft: Action Combat Pistol Review

Fox Airsoft: Action Combat Pistol Review

Soon to be in stock at Fox Airsoft, Matt does a quick review on this CO2-powered ACP airsoft pistol from APS... "All too many of us are looking for a reliable sidearm that is both blowback AND works well in colder temperatures. Well this little beast is a great option for just that. Since it is a CO2 pistol it operates a whole lot better than just green gas in colder climates (like here in Colorado) and it makes for one of the best options available.

Unique Features: This particular model holds some resemblance to some Glock models and fits in some Glock holsters. It also requires a tool to swap out the CO2 mag so you will want to carry one out into the field when you play.

Product construction: The lower receiver is made up of a plastic composite polymer of some sort and the upper is a pot metal slide for added realism and weight.

Suggested uses and applications: Since this is a gas blow back and works in colder temperatures, it is one of the best sidearms for realistic play/training.

Muzzle Velocity: It comes shooting about 350 out of the box but will taper off as you get closer to the end of your CO2 cartridge.

Rate of Fire: It's semi auto only so it will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger."