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AST: KWC CO2 M712 Schnellfeuer Test

Just look at that going into full auto, the KWC M7212 Schnellfeuer CO2 Airsoft Pistol. More popularly known as Broom Handle Mauser, it is now available at Airsoft Taiwan. For those who have been waiting for this to be back in stock, especially collectors and reenactors, they better grab one immediately before it goes out of stock again. Airsoft Taiwan gives us a walkthrough and test of this pistol.

Milsim Approved Airsoft Gun Review

Be warned before watching this crazy airsoft review from the original crazy airsoft man, crazyNCman. In what is a badly dubbed and full swearing video review, he goes over what he calls a "Sweet Milsim Approved Airsoft Gun Review" which is an an APEX airsoft gun. If you don't get the message, well... "This airsoft gun is total milsim approved.

Tonic Airsoft Gas Tank for Marui 870

For users of the Tokyo Marui Gas Powered M870 Tactical Shotgun, they can check this Tonic Airsoft Reinforced Gas Tank made for it and available right now at eHobby Asia. This can shoot up to 80 shots when full and also increase initial muzzle velocity. Since it has a reinforced full metal housing, it is durable enough that it can take drops to the floor.

Military1st: Energizer Hard Case Tactical

In case you haven't heard yet, there are tactical lights from the battery maker Energizer and these are in stock right now at "Energizer Hard Case Tactical offers top quality, multi-functional and almost indestructible helmet lights and swivel lights for military and law enforcement personnel around the globe.

Airsoft3d: World's First Hex-Rail for Pistols

Well, just look at that! A hex-rail made for airsoft pistols. Now you mount more accessories and aiming devices on your pistol than ever before... "Airsoft3D has successfully developed the world's first pistol Picatinny rail system with six rails, instead of the typical four rails. It provides enough Picatinny rail real estate to mount all your accessories on your airsoftpistol. There is one top rail, four side rails, and one bottom rail. It attach to any pistol with a bottom Picatinny/Weaver rail.

Claw Gear Milvago & Aviceda Jackets Review

As the weather gets colder, we'll soon be looking for some of the latest cold weather gear that we can use and look tacticool, Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News found two from Claw Gear and both are Fleece Hoody Jackets --- the Milvado and Aviceda Jackets that can be worn as middle or top layers.

Hyperdouraku Marui 870 Breacher Review

The smaller brother of the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas-powered Shotgun, the 870 Breacher, gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. He finds the rigidity of the outer barrel and the receiver is the same as the Tactical version, but you don't get that feeling given that it has a shortened barrel. It is comfortable to use and highly manoeuvrable in indoor games, coupled with ease of handling. He highly recommends especially in semi/single shot airsoft games.

Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling

Watch the video of made by Larry Vickers about the Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling... "When we set out to design the ultimate AK sling there were two main objectives. First, it had to perform like all of our patented Vickers slings. Second, it had to be badass. Over a year in the making, our Limited Edition AK Sling is a combination of innovation, quality, and retro-Soviet accents.

Spartan117gw Goes Real Steel Shooting

Time for some real steel shooting for Gregory Wong, aka Spartan117gw, as he went down to the range with some friends. They used several firearms in this video, but mainly with the Centurion Arms MKM AR-15 which has an airsoft version through PTS Syndicate that Spartan117gw is promoting. Looks like they had a blast doing some pew-pew.

Click here to find out the gear he brought.

ASGI: West Coast Airsoft Operations

After the Rebel Training Camp in the East Coast, Bob comes back to the West Coast to prepare for their upcoming Airsoft GI West Coast Airsoft Games. For those looking to killing zombies Bob's Zombie AXEtravaganza is the game for you and for a big firefight, the Ford Ord game is enticing for those who want to go rock and roll... "Airsoft GI will be hosting two great airsoft games coming up on the west coast in the coming weeks.