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Airsoft Meetup 2016 Highlight
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King Arms M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper Review

A collector's dream gets reviewed by BB2K Airsoft, the King Arms M1A1 CO2 Carbine Paratrooper... "The M1 Carbine was the standard weapon of the US Army in WW2. King Arms built a C02 operated GBB airsoft of this classic gun. It comes with real wood and full metal (Zinc Alloy & Steel). The magazine has a capacity of 15 rounds. I will show you in my review the 'paratrooper' version with folding stock."

Diles46: Black Ops Diamondback M4 Review

Here now is the full review of the Black Ops Diamondback M4 AEG by Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft... "Have you ever been kicked right in the balls? Have you? And the, the kicker comes back with a beautiful dozen roses in hand?! ENTER BLACK OPS AIRSOFT. Black Ops is coming through with a solid electric airsoft gun offering this time. Please... hear me out.

Laylax Nitro.Vo High Mount For Optics

A new release at Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Optical High Mount. Easily mounted on standard Picatinny rails, the rise is about 1.1 inches, allowing the a scope or a Red Dot Sight to be mounted and not obstructed by other weapons accessories mounted up front such as PEQ boxes. It is made in Japan and uses lighweight, high-strength aluminium.

Nugentgl: WE M4 Gas Mag Valve Shootout

Nugentgl does a comparison on the upgrade valves for the WE Airsoft gas blowbacks that use the WE M4 magazine... "Long video on which valve is the best for the M4/SCAR/L85/PDW/ACR platform. Long story short, the A+ Ramjet is the best valve but if you can't afford the A+ then stick with the stock WE valve."

Jag Precision 2016 Catalog Free Download

Unable to get a print copy of the 2016 Catalog of Jag Precision since you weren't at the SHOT Show 2016? You're in luck as they have posted a PDF copy of the catalog at their website for you to download for free. Check all their new and existing offerings this year... "Download the 2016 JAG Precision AEG catalog that we're giving out at Shot Show 2016."

Tom Clancy's The Division Airsoft Loadout

With "Tom Clancy's The Division" looking like it will meet its release date, Howie3601 put together an airsoft loadout based on one of the characters in the game... "This load out was inspired by Ubisoft's The Division. The Game is coming out in March of this year and the Beta later in January. I tried to replicate the game as much as possible but of course I had to make it practical for airsoft. Thanks for watching and I hope you liked it!"

USAirsoft: Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds

What's the Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds according to USAirsoft? Watch this episode to find out and if you agree with the list or not... "In this edition of The Airsoft Tops Series we take another look into the AK with The Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds! A little over 90 pieces were submitted for this show but only 10 were chosen but just what made it to the program?

ASGI: Colt CO2 1911 Government Model

Airsoft GI's video features the Colt CO2 1911 Government Model pistols that are made under the Cybergun brand. These pistols are CO2 blowbacks, giving a strong kick when fired, with a smooth recoil action as seen on the video. These are pistols come with licensed markings to give them that authentic look that discerning airsoft players are after.

E&L ELMS Gen 2 AEG Now At Gunfire

Now available at Gunfire is the new E&L Airsoft ELMS Assault Rifle Replica Gen 2. With the second generation AEGs from the Chinese airsoft company are new standard gearbox that allow for a quick spring change with the Quick Release Spring; and also the insert magwell walk that allows for better and rapid magazine change. Apart from those, the build quality of E&K Airsoft AK AEGs are well known and their take of AIMS in the form of the ELMS also carries this quality.

Military1st: Brandit Lord Canterbury Jacket

Check out this jacket from Brandit if you want Tactical Chic as you show yourself in the field or on the high street. This is now in stock at "Brandit Lord Canterbury is a traditional Harrington-style jacket with red tartan lining, strong front metal zipper, stand-up collar with buttoned tab, 2 button-down hand pockets and ribbed waistband and cuffs.

Excellent for everyday wear, sports and leisure time.