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Airsoftjunkiez LVOA PStar Jack Wolfe Grey

A nice looking custom HPA-powered airsoft rifle from Airsoftjunkiez is available to order right now. The Airsoftjunkiez LVOA PolarStar Jack Wolfe Grey sports the LVOA look, which seems to be all the rage right now and with Wolfe Grey colour, gives it a nice touch and making it stand out (in a good way) amongst all these black tan airsoft rifles.

New ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Brochure

Get the full information of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG in this newly produced brochure just released by the company... "Since the launch of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 it has been well received by the Airsoft community. Airsoft players and magazines have tested, used and enjoyed the many quality features the EVO 3 A1 Airsoft gun has to offer.

PTS Syndicate Enhanced Polymer Line

Find out all the new and already released products under the Enhanced Polymer Line of PTS Syndicate in just one video. The company has been releasing Enhanced Polymer products such as AEG magazines, GBB Magazines, Stock, and more as the material is tough, durable, and at the same time lightweight.

APS CAM870 Smart Cartridge Coming Soon

APS are readying a new airsoft shotgun shell to be used with the APS CAM870 Gas Shotgun. Called the APS CAM870 Smart Cartridge, it is more powerful and has a longer range. For airsoft 3-Gun shooters who are using the APS CAM870, they can order this when it gets released in November 2016. Mr. Frog Lee of APS demonstrates the cartridge in the videos below:

Nugentgl: TNT GHK AK GBB-R Hop Unit

Nugentgl has another video showing you how to install the TNT Hop-Up Unit specifically designed for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle and this includes the GBB hop-up bucking and the CNC'd hop-up chamber... "Overview and installation of the TNT hop unit for the GHK AK."

Operation Crucible: "Rude Awakening!"

AccessAirsoft got a gameplay video of the Stirling Airsoft Operation Crucible that took place last month... "I was on the 'Kinights of Azear' team, and this video shows our awakening at 05:00 to a raid by a large squad with some armoured elements who believe our sleeping quarters is an 'airsoft bomb factory' that they were very determined to take over...."

Jonathan's Custom Gun From Thunderkiss NW

Check out this custom DMR airsoft rifle made by Thunderkiss NW for Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "Less of a review and more of a show and tell, Jonathan shares his new custom Airsoftology DMR Airsoft rifle from Thunderkiss NW and talks about what makes this ground-up build different than the other customs out there."

Airsoft Mike: Show Guns 20mm Launcher

Airsoft Mike gets first dibs at the newly released Show Guns Tactical 20mm Grenade Launcher and here is his video review... "In this video, I get my hands on the all new Show Guns Airsoft Tactical 20mm Grenade Launcher! The Airsoft gas grenade mini launcher that fits on your Airsoft pistol and more!"

ASGI 2012 U.S. Army Ranger Impression

Another Kit Up! Video from Airsoft GI showing a U.S. Army Ranger 2012 Impression. Loadout shows the an airsoft SCAR-H, and gear from Crye Precision, Eagle Industries, etc. Watch the video to find out the list of the items he used... "Want to get your very own SCAR-H to build a kit like this?"

New Sony 4K Action Cam With GPS & Wifi

Sony announce the FDR-X3000 Action Camera that now comes with 4K video capture and Wifi connectivity. It also features the Balanced Optical SteadyShot or BOSS for smoother videos, and a compact new remote controller that can also be mounted on the camera as a controller for handheld shooting.