Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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As posted last week, the NPOAEG AK-12 AEG is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft. This is the latest in the evolution of the Kalashnikov rifles and the latest version of the real steel one is said to be more accurate and it is undergoing trials at the Russian Defense Ministry as a possible standard rifle issue in the Russian Armed Forces. Marck of RWTV tells us more about the AK-12 AEG in this video.

Airsoft Megastore: G&G PDW15 AR 12"

Airsoft Megastore features the longer version in the G&G Armanent PDW15 Series, the G&G PDW15 AR 12" AEG.... "Designed with the fearsome Badger graphic located on the left side of the lower receiver, the PDW15-AR Rifle is a beast to be reckoned with. This model rifle is created with full metal externals such as the M-LOK Rail System and flip-up front/rear sights.

Airsoft Mike: AWT G4 Helmet Destroyed

There is still a part three of Airsoft Mike on the AWT G4 Helmet as he further tests its durability until it got destroyed. Interesting video to watch how he does the test... "So this is it! I push the AWT Armor Warrior G4 Protection Helmet to its limit! Basically DESTROYED! But...

Well watch the video!"

AirsoftDB SHOT 2017: PolarStar Airsoft

Let's find out what new stuff AirsoftDB found out when they dropped by the PolarStar Airsoft booth during the SHOT Show 2017... "Modular Regulator System (MRS), F2 prototype (2 solenoids), 2 trigger boards, Polarstar PR-15 Gen 2 and Quick change reusable CO2 delivery system (700 BBs)."

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Govt. Assembly

Laylax got another video showing you how to put together back again a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Government Gas Blowback Pistol... "It is an introduction video of takedown procedure example of the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Government Model. We hope for your reference at the time of takedown and customisation.

Unicorn Leah At SHOT 2017: Cybergun

Unicorn Leah et al, visit the Cybergun booth at the SHOT Show 2017 to check out their products and try some at the shooting range they have setup... "Today, we visit the Cybergun booth, where they have an airsoft FAMAS EVO, plus a shooting range where you can try out their new airsoft Glock and other LEO issued pistols. Plus, a new aluminum airsoft grenade.

Also in this episode, Dayton the Canadian Airsoft Sniper gets a suite hotel upgrade. Las Vegas!"

Vickers Tactical: FAMAS F1 Assault Rifle

As the French Army replace their FAMAS rifle for the German-made HK416, this episode of Vickers Tactical sees Larry Vickers go the first of the FAMAS series, the FAMAS F1... "Larry takes this uniquely designed French Bullpup out for a spin on the range. He walks you through the unique features of this assault rifle."

Tokyo Marui SOCOM 23 NBB Review

Another review by Burntwolf Airsoft of one of the older Non-Blowback but popular Tokyo Marui pistol, the SOCOM 23 that comes with a LAM Unit... "My Review of the  Tokyo Marui Socom 23 none gas blow back edition. Its one of THE most well know airsoft pistols going and I couldn't wait to give this pistol ago. Testing it at Bravo one The new CQB centre that's opened up in Birmingham.

Krytac KRISS Vector AEG Unofficial Teaser

Allizard got something for those who want to watch an up close video of the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. It is an unofficial teaser of the AEG, showing some of the internal parts, such as electric motor, piston, cylinder, gear, and spring. It is a quick video really, so if you want to be one of the first owners, you can place your pre-orders at airsoft retailers which have announced pre-order sales.

Gunfire: New Armored Claw Gloves & More

Well, we get a massive product dump from Gunfire this weekend. If you have time to browse this weekend rather than go to an airsoft game, you can visit their website and check out the new arrivals. They got new gloves from Armored Claw, as well as deliveries from ICS Airsoft, Nuprol, Leatherman, Element, G&G, Modify, and KWC. Click the links below to learn more:

"New Deliveries at Gunfire: