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Jag Precision: Gen 2 E&L AK Vs "Others"

A video from Jag Precision showing the realism that can be had with E&L Airsoft's Gen 2 AK AEGs... "Today we have members of the Rushing Russians SoCal chapter CaSN: Gruppa Soldati to discuss their gear. We will be using a few E&L Gen2 AKs and 'other brands' to discuss what is the proper loadout for Russian grunt kit aka 'Polite People' to run at big milsim events such as Milsim West.

KWA AKR-74M ERG Quick Rundown

With the KWA AKR-74M ERG now available, we're getting more overviews and reviews. The Frog Airsoft has this video of the ERG with Aaron of Airsoft Atlanta where it is in stock right now... "Aaron of Airsoft Atlanta quickly goes over the new KWA AKR-74M ERG ! This is part of KWA's new electric recoil series."

You can find out more about the AEG here.

Airsoftology: Classic Army M4 KM12 AEG

An affordable AEG from Classic Army with Nylon Fibre construction, KeyMod Rail, MOSFET, and Cranestrock, the Classic Army M4 KM12 AEG gets reviewed by Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "Classic Army is changing the Mid-Tier airsoft game with their KM12 M4... a MOSFET powered Keymod Railed Polymer M4 for under $200. But is there a catch? Watch and see."

Trailer Of Homefront: The Revolution

With the game now fully released to the world, here is the official story trailer of Homefront: The Revolution... "Meet the leaders of the Philadelphia Resistance as we reveal the first details of Homefront: The Revolution's gripping story. As raw recruit Ethan Brady, you are plunged into a desperate struggle for freedom as the Resistance try to save the one man who can inspire the people to rise up - Benjamin Walker, the 'Voice of Freedom' himself.

Zoxna Blank Firing Impact Grenade Released

Weekend news from SKWAirsoft is the availability of the Zoxna Blank Firing Impact Grenade. This can be used for multiple purposes such as military and police training, airsoft games, combat simulation. It is a strong aluminium grenade with a round shape and reduced size. It is also reusable and uses 9mm blanks as ammo (FP9 and FP9OZK). This emits a loud bang upon impact. Airsoft Classifieds For Kiwis

On the other side of the world, airsoft players in New Zealand have a an active airsoft classifieds online called "Our goal is to become the #1 airsoft trading site for New Zealand. Buying & selling is completely free and you can use your Facebook or Google account to sign up (as well as your email address). You can manage all your ads from your personalised dashboard."

Simon "Tank" Jameson Thanks All Supporters

With the funding goal reached for his upgrade after weeks of fundraising by friends and supporters from around the world, Simon "Tank" Jameson puts out a video thanking all who supported the crowdfunding project... "A little Celebration Video to Thank everyone who helped me reach my Target to fund my new Airsoft TANK the Hexhog.

Thank you so much everyone."

Evike [The Gun Corner]: GSG G14 AEG

Next up to be featured on's "The Gun Corner" is the GSG Tactical G14 Carbine Electric Blowback AEG... "The GSG G14 is among the most technological advanced AEG rifle on the market with cutting edge internal and external features. The GSG G14 AEG features a realistic electric blowback system to simulate recoil.

PTS Masada GBB & More At Gunfire

The PTS Syndicate Masada Gas Blowback Rifles are now in stock at Gunfire. Also new arrivals for you to browse when you visit their website this weekend are stuff from Under Armour, Leatherman, Specna Arms, and Modify-Tech. All are interesting brands so click the links below to learn more about these:

PTS Syndicate

Diles46 American Milsim BH5 Loadout

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft and partner are ready for the weekend as they set for the American Milsim Broken Home 5. The Memorial Day Weekend Milsim Event will be held at the D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma from the 28th to the 29th. Watch him show the loadout they have prepared for the event.