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SRC's New Electric Blowback System

The Star Rainbow Company (SRC) finally jumps into the electric blowback system for their AEGs with their SR4 sporting a new electruc blowback after other major airsoft manufacturers have released their own offerings. Does it it look different from the others? The video doesn't show much and just like other AEGs with blowback, it does not all go all the way to give a realistic blowback. It also does not have simulated recoil.

Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight

LaserLyte announce their Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight that comes with a built-in pressure switch. Just mount it with no fuss about where to put the pressure switch... "LaserLyte® unveils the world's first rail-mounted laser sight with a built-in pressure activation switch to get shooters on target with a simple touch. Just grip it and rip it!

Evike: AW Custom Double Barrel Hi-Capas

More double barreled gas blowback pistols and this time these are the Armourer Works Custom Double Barrel Hi-Capa GBB Pistols available at 'Anyone can dual wield two pistols, rolling through doors, jumping through windows, a pistol clenched in each fist spewing BBs at whatever enemy gets in your way. It has been considered by many, the ultimate in two handed justice.

Magpul Apparel On Sale At PTS Steel Shop

Get the clothing from the Magpul Apparel line at discounted prices as the PTS Steel Shop are having a sale... "From today onwards, there will be a big Magpul Sale at our PTS STEEL SHOP, these will include Magpul Tees, Shirts and Shorts. The off season collections will have 30% off whilst the newer 2016 collections will have 20% off with an extra 5% for our VIP members (retail shop only). So better hurry or these will go pretty fast. Offer only available while stocks last.

Airsoft Nation Social Network To Launch

The Airsoft Nation Social Network posts on Facebook about its scheduled launch this week. A sanctuary for airsoft players wanting to network if they find Facebook not friendly to airsoft... "Airsoft Nation: The Social Network - Launching 28th October! Like and Share This Post. The social network dedicated just for airsofters.

Halloween Sale On At Airsoft Taiwan

Airsoft guns, upgrade parts and more are at discounted prices at the Airsoft Taiwan Online Store for their Halloween Sale. You better rush as this has been ongoing since yesterday and will end on Halloween itself... "The AST online shop is having Halloween sale now! From October 24th to 31st, all items in stock 10% off (some new products not included)."

Kinetic Concealment CompRail Combo

Another way to mount optics on your pistol is to use its under rail with a product like the Kinetic Concealment CompRail Combo which already comes with an RDS... "This is a combo kit that includes one RD-01 Red Laser Dot Sight and one CompRail System. This combo kit is designed for the 3-Gun Shooter or anyone wanting to do some handgun target practice. The kit fits all 1911 pistols with rail, Sig 250, Smith and Wesson M&P Full and Compact, and Beretta 92 and 96.

Marui L96 Sniper Rifle Tuning Guide

A useful video from Novritsch for those who want to improve their airsoft sniper rifle's performance. In this case he posts a tuning guide for the Tokyo Marui L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle... "A turorial on how to intall tuning parts into a L96 AWS Airsoft Sniper by Toyko Marui.

Find out more about Novritsch Tuningkits here."

TFB: Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

Lever action shotguns are fun to use for us but not exactly popular for many shotgun users nowadays. Here is one that has a good history for The Firearm Blog to feature in their TFBTV channel, the Chipappa 1887 T-Series... "Lever action shotguns were not popular for a long period of time, and even John Browning suggest that Winchester opt for a pump action in lieu of a lever design. However employer trumped employee and thus the 1887 was born.

WGC Shop Announce Their Big Sale

It's another chance to get more for your money when ordering for airsoft guns and tactical gear at WGC Shop. All items are at least at 10% off with items that are priced at US$300 and US$500 are discounted at 15% and 20% respectively. Better hurry up before other shoppers get the items you want ahead of you... " DISCOUNT INCOMING! WGC presents the best discount campaign ever!