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KTW Tanegashima Review By Mach Sakai

Collectors of vintage-type airsoft guns should put their attention to this review by Mach Sakai. This review is about the KTWA Tanegshima an aircocking vintage-type airsoft gun that is based on the Japanese Tanegashima Matchlock. This gun was introduced in the 16th Century Japan (Sengoku Period) by the Portuguese and changed how warfare in Japan was conducted. It may not be practical for these days airsoft games, but as a collector's piece, it's nice to have one on display.

Robo Airsoft: Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf

Robo Airsoft gives us an overview of one of this personal backup weapons, the Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf Pistol... "On this edition of Robo-Reviews, you guys asked for it: My Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf. This is the first of my two, current, sidearms that you guys have been asking me to do a spotlight on.

AirSplat on Demand: LBX Armatus

Thor presents the low profile LBX Tactical Armatus Plate Carrier. This has a triple M4 Magazine Panel on the front, a removable elastic cummerband, reinforced drag handle and a fast clip front panel. This is now in stock at where you can order it for US$199.99.


Umarex MP7 GBB FDE At Mach 1 Airsoft

In stock right now at Mach 1 Airsoft is the fully licensed Umarex HK MP7 Gas Blowback. You can order it for CAD299.00... "The Umarex HK MP7 Gas Blowback FDE is a high quality, top of the line gun with a fiber reinforced polymer body, functioning cocking handle, and a gas-in-mag design. The real blowback simulates what it is like to shoot a firearm. The adjustable flip-up front metal sight allows for precision shooting.

Airsoft Surgeon JP Match Rifle

Here's the Airsoft Surgeon's take on a JP Enterprises Rifle. If you like it, prepare to shell out US$2780.00 to RedWolf Airsoft... "When it comes to custom aesthetics and performance, with a tactical balance between them, there is little that can surpass Airsoft Surgeon's creations. The JP Match Rifle is a custom piece of airsoft mastery is designed for the expert.

LCT Virtual AK & BB Shooting Target Box

Two videos from LCT Airsoft are now online which we believe you have already learned about previously. The first one is about the Virtual AK, which they meant to be the modularity of the base LCT Airsoft AK, especially the lower receiver and the various LCT AK parts are interchangeable from one model to another. The second is how to put together their BB Shooting Target Box which will help you clean up your BB mess by capturing the BBs when you shoot at paper target place at it.

BirnyX: Airsoft Geeks - Addicted to Airsoft

A new series from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Productions was just launched... "Welcome to our new series called Airsoft Geeks. In this first episode we will present the psychology counselling. We will meet two young men addicted to airsoft. They will share their experience with this dangerous addiction, tell us how their life looked like before and after the treatment and how they struggle their daily battles on the way to abstinence. The PTS EPM Magazine

Matt talks about the PTS 15-round EPM Magazine available right now on "The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) is a new take on the mid-capacity polymer mags for airsoft AEG's. Constructed from Dupont Zytel Polymer, this magazine is remarkably rugged and features a solid weight.

ASGI Daily Shocker: Classic Army MK17

Better grab this chance to get this Classic Army AEG at much a lower price at Airsoft GI... "The Classic Army MK17 will be going for only $134.99! Originally, $289.99, this amazing deal will be going live on Wednesday March 4th at 12:00am PST! Jump on this amazing deal while you can. Limited quantity available. Keep your eyes peeled to the GI Shockers Section."

Bolt Airsoft At IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015

Another booth to visit at the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015 is as they will be putting on display the Bolt Airsoft AEGs. Bolt airsoft is one of the three airsoft manufacturers that have their own electric blowback and recoil engine, called the BRSS or the Bolt Recoil Shock System. Find at Hall 7 Stand 401 this weekend.