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Singaporean Charged For Airsoft Gun Posession

A 26-year old Singaporean may face at least six strokes of the cane and a jail sentence between 5 and 14 years if found guilty for posession of an airsoft gun. According to Channel News Asia, Yang Ziyi was arrested last Sunday outside a 7-Eleven store carrying a Desert Eagle airsoft pistol in violation of the Arms Offences Act on unlawful possession or carrying of firearms.

WE SCAR-H GBB Rifle Review by BWS

ThisIan reviews the latest gas blowback rifle release from WE Airsoft, the WE SCAR Heavy Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle which is available at Bunny Workshop. This is available with th default SCAR stock or the Crane Stock version. Tghis is an open-bolt gas blowback rifle with an initial muzzle velocity of around 380fps. It also comes with a 30-round gas magazine.

Booligan: Lancer Tactical Elite MMC Preview

We get another second look at the upcoming Lancer Tactical Elite MMC AEG as Booligan Airsoft gives us a preview of this AEG OEM'd by Lonex... "Lancer Tactical has primarily pushed out extremely inexpensive AEGs with iffy bodies and passable internals, but with their new Lonex manufactured Elite Multi Mission Carbine launch, have they upped their game? Check out my first look video and find out!"

WGC: VFC MP5A5 AEG Die Cast Version

Now in stock at WGC Shop is the fully-licensed VFC MP5A5 AEG Die Cast Version though it is not specified which part of the AEG is fully die-cast as the whole AEG is a combination of Metal Alloy, Reinforced plastic, and Steel though we hope it's the actual receiver of the SMG.

Swiss Eye Avenue Now At Military1st

These shatterproof sunglasses from Swiss Eyewear are fashionable enough to wear off the field though we do not recommend them for actual in-game use as they are not fully sealed. Still they offer good protection if a stray BB gets into the safe zone. Available in different frame colours and tints at right now.., "Swiss Eye Avenue Sunglasses are available now at Military 1st!

SKDTac: TacRack For Glock In Stock

In stock right now at SKDTac is the TacRack for the Glock Series that helps racking the pistol slide easier ans faster... "TacRack replaces the existing the 'Rear Slide End Cap' original part on Semi-Auto striker fire guns and makes racking the slide, reloading, or clearing malfunctions easier with either one or two hands.


AOD: APS CAM870 AOW CO2 Shotgun

A variant of the APS CAM870 CO2 Shotgun is now available at, and it's a sawed-off version. The APS CAM870 AOW (Any Other Weapon) CO2 Sawed-Off Shotgun is a very much a skirmishable airsoft gun with one of the most realistic operaiton in the airsoft market. With a smaller profile, it can be concealed in a trenchcoat and good for CQB games. Watch Thor show his Hollywood action moves in this AirSplat On Demand episode.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: The Echo 1 GAT

On this episode of the's "The Gun Corner", Matt talks about the new Echo1 General Assault Tool (GAT) Airsoft AEG Sub Machine Gun. A small and lightweight airsoft machine pistol, this is a good CQB weapon and as a movie prop. You can purchase this for US$160.00 at the online store.


Marushin CZ75 Dual MAXI Ver2 Review

Shell-ejecting blowback goodness this time from Mach Sakai as he reviews the Marushin CZ75 Dual MAXI Version 2 airsoft pistol. This airsoft pistol has a polymer body and frame, which means that it is light to hold. Since it's shell-ejecting, BBs will need to loaded into the shells before putting them in the magazine and loading the pistol.

Merlin's Report On MSW Raid On Rostov

A compelling read at Merlin's Airsoft News as he reports in the Milsim West Raid On Rostov. Find out if NATO triumphed or the Russians were able to defend Rostov... "Our story begins in Rostov, where a Russian force that numbered roughly around 100 were tasked with defending a factory in which nuclear materials were being stored (come to find out later that it was actually a munitions factory). NATO forces loaded airplanes on a tarmac in temperatures of 90 degrees even after the sun had set.