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RedWolf Airsoft Russia At War Game VI

With all that heavy armour used in this event, it's hard to beat the Russians when organising airsoft events that involve such monster vehicles. RedWolf Airsoft Russia were at the War Game VI event where hundreds if not thousands of players showed up and got ready to battle it out under wet and muddy conditions.

PTS Masada GBBR Press Conference

With the news going around today, PTS Syndicate held a conference in Hong Kong for the soon to be released PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle. No mention where it was held, but the audience at the press conference got to hold and test fire the GBB Rifle. We'll be seeing more videos of this before it gets officially released next month.

Echo1 Timberwolf GBB On Sale At AMS

Airsoft Megastore have put the Echo1 LoneWolf TimberWolf Gas Blowback Pistol at a reduced price. You can also get spare magazines, including the 50-round version at a lower price too... "Want a great sidearm? The Echo 1 Timberwolf on sale as is a 50 round extended mag, so you can OWN your next pistol game with ease!"

Highlander Dublin Backpack At Military1st

Available now at is the Highlander Dublin Backpack which is affordable and good for hiking and travel... "The Highlander Dublin is a compact 20L backpack with a single main compartment, large front pocket & 2 side mesh pouches, padded back & adjustable shoulder straps. Made of XTP 600D fabric it's ideal for light travel, hiking & everyday use.

Top 5 Coolest Gas Gun Pistols Episode 3

A third episode of the USAirsoft's Top 5 Coolest Gas Gun Pistols is on YouTube... "Scott and Helbent dive into a new episode of the Gas Gun Association's Top 5 Coolest Pistols that were submitted over a weeks time but this time you get to decide what countdown comes next! Also you get to see for yourself just how much these avid airsofters pay to put their one of a kind pistols together."

New BirnyX Video: Airsoft vs Nerf

Latest from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production is about the Airsoft versus Nerf and it's cute... "Every little airsofter dreams of playing with the old airsoft veterans. Being under 18, you just have to forget about it. You can play with Nerf only. But still, there is a option (in your dream), which is Airsoft vs Nerf.

Mach Sakai: Marushin Nambu Type 14

Something for World War II weapons collectors to consider if they haven't have this in their collections yet. Mach Sakai reviews the Japanese Imperial Army Nambu Type 14 airsoft pistol Late Version. This fires like the real steel version where you pull back the cocking bolt and fire in single action mode. As compared to Nambu Type 14 Early Version, the trigger has been enlarged to accomodate shooters with gloves. Mach Sakai finds the Marushin version quite accurate and with good trigger pull.

PTS Masada GBBR Coming In June 2015

The PTS Syndicate Masada Gas Blowback Rifle, OEM by KWA will be available next month... "The PTS Masada GBBR is right around the corner. Available this June! The PTS Masada AEG Handguards are fully compatible with the new PTS Masada GBBR and the PTS Masada AEG Stocks are compatible with the new PTS Masada GBBR."

Larry Vickers: BCM Gunfighter 1911

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical takes a look at the new BCM Gunfighter 1911 which is designed by Wilson Combat in this episode of TAC-TV. We hope someone makes a version of this for airsoft... "Larry meets up with Mike, Mr. Guns and Gear himself, to talk about the Bravo Company Gunfighter 1911 built by Wilson Combat. They'll both share their impressions of shooting a well-made custom 1911."

AOD: Code Red Battle Zero Headset

This episode of AirSplat On Demand is all about the Code Red Battle Zero Bone Conduction Airsoft Headset which is available right now at The Bone Conduction Sensors use Jaw Vibrations to transmit and receive sounds which is of course connected to the radio that is used with it. You can use for Motorola, Baoefeng and Kenwood radios with this, just check the plug compatibility.