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Helikon-Tex's Direct Action Goes Live

If you've been reading news posts here about products under the Direct Action brand which look similar to Helikon-Tex design, now here's more information. Direct Action is a separate brand arising from Helikon-Tex which will focus on all tactical gear. They're website is now officially up so find out more about the company...

ZEV Trilobite Slide For Echo1 Timberwolf

Jag Precision announce that they have in stock the full licensed ZEV Custom Trilobite Cut Slide... "The Socom Gear ZEV Custom Trilobite Cut Slide is made out of CNC aluminum and is about 25 grams lighter than the original version. This will allow your Echo1 Timberwolf/WE to feel a lot snappier while shooting which is a great bonus. It also comes with a steel outer barrel increasing its durability.'s BOTG "Ironclad" Part 1

First episode of the "Boots On The Ground" report of the American Milsim Operation Ironclad event held recently. "Boots On The Ground" is the AAR series of any major airsoft event that the guys attended and this episode covers the Direction Action Missions (DAM) assigned by American Milsim and is a constant feature in their milsim events.

Bob's Rebel Training Camp East Coast

East Coast players who haven't purchased their tickets for the East Coast of Bob The Axeman's Rebel Training Camp, time's running out so better get your slots quick... "Bob's Rebel Training Camp at XZone in Chesterfield, VA is this weekend! Have you purchased your game tickets? There are still a few spots available. You wouldn't want to miss this amazing event."

Military1st Sweepstake FB Promo Final Call!

It's the final day and your last chance to win some vouchers from as they celebrate their 100k Facebook Fans Milestone. Take the chance to win gear from them so login to your Facebook accounts now... "It's the last day of Military 1st Sweepstake: vouchers to spend in our online store wait for 3 lucky winners.

Go to & enter your details now!

Big Dragon KAC QDC Suppressors at YZH

YZH, which is based in Mainland China, sent in a product update which they announce that they have the replica KAC QDC Suppressors made by Big Dragon. CNC'd and made of aluminium and steel, these are available in black or dark earth colours, and lengths of 14cm or 16m. Interested resellers can contact them for pricing and bulk orders.

Big Dragon KAC QDC 14cm DE

Airsoftology: ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

It's the turn of Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology to give his take on the new Action Sport Games (ASG) CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG which has so far met expectations of those who have tested or bought this... "We take a look at the new EVO3 A1 Scorpion by ASG to see if this feat of engineering is a huge leap in airsoft technology, or just another pretty face in the crowd.

Intrigue Airsoft Elite Force HK45 Co2 Review

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft reviews the newly released HK45 CO2 Airsoft Pistol from Elite Force Guns. This is a non-blowback pistol and is an affordable one at an MSRP of US$54.99. It still a handy pistol but for those who don't dig non-blowback pistols, they're better off with the KWA HK45 GBB which is of course around US$145.00.

E&L Airsoft AK74 Review by Milsim West

Ready for a different way of doing an airsoft review? Then brace yourselves as Josh of Milsim West reviews the E&K Airsoft AK74 AEG which was provided by Airsoft Outlet Northwest. In a quick 1 minute and 34 second review, Josh basically talks about himself, how sucks at (watch the video) and how he likes the E&L AK74. Beat that.

Airsoft GI Gameplay: Blob Game

One thing to appreciate about the videos from the Airsoft GI crew is they suggest some game plays to give more variety and spice up airsoft games. This video shows us about the Blob Game which is total chaos for those who'll play this. This is right up to our alley... "Blob is an airsoft game mode where two teams face off with one another and results in total chaos and lots of fun.

Here's how it's played: