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UFPRO Professional's Insight Part 1

A series of videos called "The Professional's Insight" to be released one at a time by UFPRO, starting with High Altitude Infiltration... "Follow an elite team of soldiers deployed behind enemy lines performing a hostage rescue operation. Discover their tactical procedures and the gear used when operating in enemy’s territory."

AirSplat On Demand: Tokyo Marui M92F

Thor reviews the Tokyo Marui M92F Military Model Gas Blowback Pistol in this episode of AirSplat On Demand. This has an ergonomic grip and many consider this to be a reliable gas blowback pistol that they order this a preferred secondary. You can order this for US$149.99 at the AirSplat online store.

ICS M1 Garand 8mm Gold Overview

Booligan Airsoft gives us a closer look a the Golden M1 Garand from ICS... "Who loves gold? I love gold! I also love M1 Garands, so when ICS launched a gold 8mm limited edition Garand, I knew I needed to check it out. So check it out we shall!  Full review will be in issue #8 of Airsoft Insider Magazine!"

Mach Sakai: TM SOCOM MK23 Review

Mach Sakai reviews what probably is the most popular non-blowback gas pistol -- the Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23. This is a kit that would make anyone happy as it comes with its own suppressor and LAM unit. It is a massive gun which can be used for airsoft skirmishes, a bit heavy and its weakness is that trigger pull is heavy according to him. Since it is almost silent, you can use this as a primary in CQB games.

New Modify APS-2/ Type 96 Aluminium Piston

Here's the latest from Modify-Tech as we wait for the release of their XTC AEG. This one's their Aluminium Piston for the APS-2/Type 96 series. Now lighter and more compatible, this is made of Aircraft Aluminium Body, Teflon Ring, and Stainless Steel Tail. Interested dealers can now contact them for bulk orders.

ASGI BB Wars Episode 1: Rebel Victory

The Imperial Forces have been dealt a big defeat in Texas as the Rebel forces led by Bob The Axeman advanced at the D14 Airsoft in the Airsoft GI BB Wars Episode One: A New Dawn last 29 March 2015. Full report will come in very soon... "Rebel Victory at BB Wars Episode 1: A New Dawn at D14! Special thanks to our sponsors, KWA Performance Industries, Inc. Jag Precision, & Bioval."

Denial Wins COD World Championship `15

The Guardian reports about the Denial eSports winning the Call of Duty World Championships 2015, bagging the top prize of US$400,000, which is part of the total prize of US$1 million available for gaming teams to win.... "Denial have won the 2015 Call of Duty world championship, beating Team Revenge by three matches to two in an engrossing final.

G&G L85A1 & L85 AFV AEG Review

A review from Hyperdouraku on the G&G Armament L85A1 and AFV AEGs comes with an interesting trivia why there is no Japanese airsoft company offering an L85 airsoft version these days. It is whispered in Japanese airsoft circles that there is a jinx for those who offered an airsoft L85, they go bankrupt. So most stuck with the FAMAS or Steyr when making Bullpup airsoft guns. The only L85A1 and AFV that we can find are those offered by companies outside Japan such as G&G Armament.

eHobby: 5.11 Deal Last Call & KSC Makarov

It's the final call for the 5.11 Tactical Good Deal promo at eHobby Asia so better hurry to get more for your budget. They also announce that the KSC Makarov PM GBB Pistol is now in stock, after a long wait. Find more new products from LED Lenser, Snow Wolf, Hartford, G&P, and BCM in this news update:

Condor Recon Chest Rig Kryptek Mandrake

Condor Recon Chest Rig in genuine Kryptek Mandrake camo available now at the online store. It is also available in other colours and camo patterns... "Condor Recon Chest Rig features 3 built in stacker/Kangaroo type mag pouches and open-top mag pouch on each side.