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Player's Must Have: The Condiment Gun

A must have for any sane airsoft player who'll be camping out for a weekend airsoft event --- The Condiment Gun available at Think Geek. Heck! Squirt the OPFOR with it if they don't call their hits. Probably would be banned by California State Senator Kevin De Leon (SB 199 Fame) since it may not have the proper coloration... "If you want to see a hamburger or hot dog really shake in its buns just point this Condiment Gun in its direction.

PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle Review

The Airsoft Obsessed Crew had a review posted at the Airsoft Insider Magazine Blog. Written by Tom Harris with photos by Walter Sidas and Dave Baks, this review is about the PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle... "The PolarStar PAKS-74UN is one sexy Russian lady. Personally, I’d place her right up in the ranks with Xenia Onatopp, Famke Janssen’s character from the movie Goldeneye: super-classy, super-sexy and super-deadly. The definitive femme fatale.'s BOTG "Ironclad" Trailer

In what probably is our favourite name for a milsim event, "Ironclad" surely sounds nice in the ears for the serious airsoft operator. Held over the weekend (19-21 September 2014) at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the AO is the largest reserve component training site which should be big enough for an event like those being organised by American Milsim.

ASGI Bob's Zombie AXEtravaganza Game

And the race is on for having the best halloween-themed airsoft event next month. Airsoft GI fires the first shot with their Bob 'The Axe Man's' Zombie AXEtravaganza Game... "No one knows where the outbreak started. No one knows how many people are infected. All we know is that we are running out of places to hide.

Direct Action Dragon Egg Kryptek Mandrake

More on the Dragon Egg Backpacks from Direct Action which now have in stock... "Direct Action Dragon Egg Backpacks in new camo patterns including Kryptek Mandrake camouflage are available now at Military 1st online store. Made of durable & water resistant 500D Cordura material, Direct Action Dragon Egg backpack is a low profile tactical EDC pack, perfect for police, military and security personnel as well as hunting, hiking or trekking enthusiasts.

APS-X Hi-Capa Hop-Up Overview Part 1

A Hop-Up System that will be in stock very soon in Hong Kong gets scrutinied by Knuckles GSM. The APS-X WE/Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa System looks like it's going to be in demand by users of these gas blowback pistols... "Got this from Impact Force CQB, thanks to them and UAC Alvan for sending this to me, sorry it took so long to do a video on it, got caught up with life.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Game Show 2014

Some of you were waiting for the report on the Tokyo Game Show 2014 and here is Hyperdouraku on the dot. The Tokyo Game Show 2014 shows some of the upcoming first person shooter and role playing video games and with many airsoft players also active video gamers, this is a must attend event. Tokyo Marui and CAPCOM partnered to have the shooting range for the Resident Evil/Biohazard Revelations 2 Game which featured the Samurai Edge and Sentinel Nine GBB pistol series.

US Palm 150rd Midcap Mag & Battle Grip

Licensed US Palm AK30 magazine and battler grip from PTS Syndicate gets the attention of Booligan who eagerly installed them right away on an AK AEG. So far the AK looks pretty good with such enhancements... "The AK platform doesn't get that much aftermarket love, so when something cool like these US Palm parts come out, I have to jump on them!"

AMS: King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1

You can order this sought after airsoft sniper rifle made by King Arms at Airsoft Megastore. Find out more about it in this video... "The King Arms fully licensed Blaser R93 LRS1 bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifles features one of the most unique and futuristic designs available on the airsoft market!

AirSplat Birthday Bash Event 27 September

If you've got nothing to do on Saturday and you're in or near the locations mentioned, then why not save the date and join in their anniversary celebrations? You might go home with a big prize... "You're Invited! EPIC AirSplat Airsoft Birthday Bash with CAKE! Join us on Saturday, September 27 @ 9AM-4PM. We will be celebrating AirSplat's 15 years in business, 2 year store anniversary for Seattle, and 1 year store anniversary for Los Angeles!