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Noriega Lawsuit Versus Activision Dismissed

If you remember the news we posted last July about Activision, the game publisher behind the Call of Duty Franchise? They were sued by former Panamanian Dictator, Manuel Noriega, for "misapproprating" his name and likeness for the video game. The dictator is seeking lost profits and damages from the Activision over the FPS video game. Noriega was a character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 FPS video game.

Hephaestus QD Holster for MP9 GBB

Whilst many are waiting for the nice and minimalist quick detach holster specifically made for the VFC/Umarex MP7 Gas Blowback SMG from Hephaestus, another one is in the works. What Hephaestus has been working on is a QD Holster for the MP9 GBBs, which mostly are from KWA/KSC. Will remind you the IPSC QD holsters, which means both MP7 and MP9 holster are designed from fast draws.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen Mac 11 Review

With the attention on airsoft machine pistols being on the KWA/KSC vz61 GBB SMG these days, Mach Sakai picks up another machine pistol that is a legend on its own: the Ingram Mac 11. He considers the Maruzen version being the epitome of the airsoft Mac 11: high quality finishing and he finds it stable when being fired. Together with the long magazine, which has to be purchased separately, is a pleasure to shoot with its fast cycle.

Op. Iron Clad Part 1: Light Machine Gun

See Bob The Axeman and Daniel in action in this part 1 of American Milsim's Operation Iron Clad on the Airsoft GI YouTube Channel... "Operation Ironclad brought to you by American Milsim was at Camp Shelby on the weekend of Sept. 20th where COST forces attempted to hold of the oncoming waves of UFS assault to attack and capture the town.

Bearsharktopus Morale Patches At Military1st

The Bearsharktopus which probably reached the shores of the British Isles on a Sharknado is available at in the form of the Maxpedition Bearsharktopus Patch... "Terrifying Bearsharktopus is one of those Halloween monsters you wouldn't want to meet. However this Maxpedition 3D morale patch won't do you any harm.

Get it now at"

IMI Holsters & New Arrivals At Gunfire

An assortment of IMI Holsters for pistols and magazines are available at Gunfire. Apart from these, we get word that Specna Arms are now into apparel called Specna Arms Uniform and they have their first tactical clothing out. Also back in stock are the GFC Energy Chargers and ACM weapons accessories. Click on the links below to learn more.

Pumpkin Carving With Pipers Precision Strafer

Got no time to carve a pumpkin and you're in a hurry to have one for halloween? No sweat if you have something like the Pipers Precision Strafer like what Austin has. It's been sometime now since we last saw the Strafer in action and in this video from Team Blacksheep, it does quick work of the pumpkin at 175 rounds/balls per second! Zombies beware of the Strafer.

ESS, LOWA, MadBull & More At

Checkout all these gear, airsoft stuff and protective gear that arrived at SpecShop this week... "SpecShop gets restocked again this month and introduces next novelties to their offer.  Since this week, SpecShop added LOWA brand to their portfolio - boots Z-6 and Z-8, being the descendants of well-known Zephyr model, used by different kinds of special forces.

30% Off, APS CAM870 AOW At AirSplat

The 30% Off Discount from also applies internationally and the new APS CAM870 AOW Shotgun is also in stock. But apart from those, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Pistol and the KTW Rifles are also available. Plus, find out what are the available high-end rental guns from their Warrior Rentals.

Webley Mk VI 6mm CO2 Revolver

For collectors and reenactors, CWI Airsoft might have something for you. They have in stock an CO2-powered airsoft version of the Webley MKVI Revolver. The Webley revolvers were used throughout the British Empire and the Commonwealth countries from 1887 to 1963. The Webley revolvers were used throughout the British Empire and the Commonwealth countries from 1887 to 1963.