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"Is Pokemon Go Ruining Airsoft?"

A good question from VIPAirsoft. But it should not be really a problem if you require players to get a Pokemon character loadout and that will give them even better motivation to play... "Probably not, but it makes a funny video. If you play Pokemon Go, we have a Pokestop right outside our arena, and may drop lures from time to time for our players."

eHobby Asia: A&K M4 Diamond AEG & More

Fancy the look of this A&K M4 Diamond AEG available at eHobby Asia? It looks unique and will only cost you US$215.00... "This Rifle by A&K is ideal for the serious skirmisher as its multiple weaver rails allow for a variety of attachments to suit the shooters need. This rifle shoots at around 300 FPS for laser flat trajectories and incredibly accurate shooting.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: A&K M24 Sniper Rifle

Next up to be featured on the "The Gun Corner" is the A&K M24 Sniper Rifle... "The A&K M24 brings custom build features to an out of the box, long range dominator. The A&K M24 snipe rifle features a textured injection molded polymer chassis, aluminum alloy barrel and receiver and a 20mm rail for mounting optics of your choice.

DesertFox Airsoft Op: Civil War Gameplay

Gameplay footage of the Operation Civil War from the perspective of DesertFox Airsoft as he goes against Matt of "In this video I'm playing at Code Red Airsoft Park in Perris, California for the G&G Armament/ OP: Civil War. This game pits Evike Matt and his green team called The Fighting Cats against my tan team called The Wild Hog Squad.

Helikon CPU Hats In Stock At Military1st

Available in different camo patterns and colours, the Helikon Tex CPU Hats is now in stock at "Helikon CPU Hat comes with a narrow and adjustable brim, elastic band sewn around the crown, mesh tunnels for improved air circulation, soft inner sweatband for comfort and adjustable chin strap for secure fit.

DYTAC AEGs w/ Pro-Win Hop-Up Chambers

Latest news from DYTAC is about their choice of the Pro-Win Hop-Up Chamber that will be the standard hop-up chamber for present and future AR-type airsoft guns from the company... "Dynamic Tactical ('DYTAC') is pleased to announce all current and future AEG AR15 products will be eligible for Pro-Win hop up chamber upgrade.

Avatar Grenade Now On Indiegogo

Many of you have already heard about the customisable Avatar Grenade and now it's nearing reality as it is now on Indiegogo for crowdfunding so they can proceed with production... "Hi Everybody! We are proud to finally launch pre-orders through an INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign for our product: the AVATAR GRENADE. A revolutionary patented airsoft grenade which has the following features:

Classic Army Now At LandWarrior Airsoft

Landwarrior sent in news last night that they got a big batch of Classic Army AEGs available and ready for airsoft players to order... "LWA are now stocking Classic Army at unbelievable prices. Favourites such as the M249 series, Vietnam era M16 and XM177, SVD, AK, RPK and some of the more obscure modern German rifles not offered by other manufacturers. Rock solid airsoft rifles with great performance, What else could you want?

ASG & Baofeng Arrivals At

Arrivals from two brands at this week. For those looking for programmable radio sets to use in the field, they now have the Baofeng radios, which are widely used by airsoft players who need PMR and FRS capabilities. As for airsoft guns, the Devil AEGs from ASG are now available to order.

" has obtained delivery from Baofeng company.

Airsoft GI Double Tap Mystery Box

Try your luck on getting a Classic Army Minigun on Airsoft GI's Double Tap Mystery Box that will go live on Thursday, the 28th of July. Also, don't forget that there are chances of saving more when ordering at their store as they still have 20% Off Sale Coupon Code. More on these below:

"Double Tap Mystery: