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New Marui AEGs In Stock At Firesupport

Firesupport New Marui AEGs 26 Dec 2011

It's now time to blow whatever Christmas money you've received over the weekend. Too bad, airsoft are not part of the great bargains post-Christmas day, but if you have enough budget, Firesupport has the new Tokyo Marui G36C Custom Recoil and the black and FDE versions of the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L CQC with the blowback and recoil. So click on the links below:

Marui G36C (RECOIL) CUSTOM AEG Airsoft Gun with recoil

Marui SCAR-L CQC (FLAT DARK EARTH) AEG Airsoft Gun with recoil

Marui SCAR-L CQC (BLACK) AEG Airsoft Gun with recoil