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Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Launcher

More mayhem stuff with stockpiling on the Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B Grenade Launcher. Available for US$449.99 it can utilise 40mm airsoft grenade such as those from Tanaka, Airsoft Surgeon, and Madbull. What is metal is CNC'd and the pistol grip is bakelite.­ It's also compatible with the real d­eal Russian RPG scopes which you'll need to buy separately. You can also shoot Nerf rockets with it for some airsoft party gigs. Price does not yet include shipping costs for this hefty package.

Package includes:

  • RPG-7B Grenade Launcher x 1
  • RPG-7 Rocket x 1

What is NOT included:

  • RPG Scope
  • Sling
  • Barrel Cover
  • AEG barrel and shotshell inside the rocket"