The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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eHobby Asia: KA M1 Carbine CO2 Demo

A video demo of the King Arms M1 Carbine CO2 GBB Rifle done by eHobby Asia was posted on Facebook and we uploaded a copy on YouTube. The King Arms M1 Carbine replica is a beautiful reproduction of this classic firearm. Made with real wood and aluminum alloy, the rifle looks and feels authentic. Adding to the realism is a Co2 powered gas recoil system which helps to imitate the bolt cycling action.

G&G CM16 SRS/ SRL/ SRXL Overview

Airsoft Station does an overview of the new G&G Combat Machines --- the SRS, SRL and SRXL AEGs in one video. You can also click the links below to find these in stock at their online store... "The latest addition to the G&G Combat Machine Line, the CM16 SR Series is packed with features at a very affordable price.

Gun Heaven Nagant M1895 Shoot Test

Reviewed previously by Neo035 who is the foremost reviewer of airsoft guns based on period guns, he test fires the Gun Heaven Nagant M1895 Revolver. This is a full metal airsoft revolver with adjustable hop-up and has an initial muzzle veloctiy of over 380fps with 0.2g BBs and is available right now at airsoft retailers.

If you missed the full review, we're including it here just right below the shoot test video:

Ares Airsoft 18th Hooha Show Day 1 Photos

Ares/Amoeba Airsoft were at the Taipei 18th Hooha Show which took place this weekend. The first day photos are now up showing a throng of visitors checking out their products on display at their booth. The Hooha show is a bi-annual event that is organised by Combat King Magazine in Taiwan.

Click here to see the photos on Facebook:

Kaos Kydex Holsters At Mach1 Airsoft

Mach1 Airsoft posted news about their line of Kaos Kydex Holsters last week and checking these out, you get a good range of holsters for various airsoft pistols. They have versions for the 1911, Beretta M92 Series, Glock Series, the XDM pistols, M&P, and more,. They are also available in Black and FDE colours.

SPEED Airsoft Fully Tunable HPA Triggers

SPEED Airsoft are releasing more products designed for HPA-powered airsoft guns with the latest being the HPA Tunable Triggers... "SPEED Airsoft releases a sneak peak of their new HPA triggers under development to be released soon, which are designed to work with Polarstar and Wolervine HPA conversion systems.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Army L85 AEG

The most affordable L85 Bullpup EBB Rifle in the market is available again at, the Army Armament L85 EBB... "The Army L85 is a full metal, steel stamped 7.5lb heavyweight electric blowback AEG that is built like a tank. Featuring a removable carry handle and front sight, the R85A1 is modular and ready to accept the proprietary British SUSAT sight (featured top right). The olive drab polymer furniture is durable and realistic. This L85 is not one to miss.

WGC: Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Black

For those who prefer the black version of the Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol, it's now in stock at WGC Shop. A big handgun, the FNH markings are all fully licensed. Package includes Gun, Magazine, Grip Insert, 16mm CW Thread Protector which is already installed, and Manual. Price is US$225.00.

Robo-Airsoft PTS EPF & EPG Review

Robo-Airsoft reviews the new Enhanced Polymer Foregrip and Pistol Grip from PTS Syndicate... "On this edition of Robo-Reviews, I take a look at the brand new Enhanced Polymer Foregrip - Short & Enhanced Polymer Grip for AEG accessories by PTS. I quickly go over the features, design, and their use - as well as my personal opinions of what make them great additions to any AEG."

Airsoft Grenadier: Cloud 9 Combat Thunderflash

The Airsoft Grenadier shows another Thunderflash pyro that is made by Cloud 9 Combat... "Awesome Thunderflash from Cloud 9 Combat. This pyro is twice as thick as it's competitors which makes it that bit better for throwing with distance and accuracy. This is a superb, easy to use, pyro which brings yet more options for Airsofters and Paintballers."