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LCT PP-19-01 Compared To Real Vityaz

The Russians are keen to compare the recently released LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 AEG to the real Vityaz firearm to find out how faithful the company was in making the airsoft replica to the real thing. The Red Army Airoft Club made a fully detailed comparison is done with photos of the real firearm also shown.

BB Wars Counterattack Gameplay #1

Find out if the Rebel Forces under the Axeman were able to repel the counterattack by the Imperial Forces when they took some territory from them during their recent offensive in this part 1 of the gameplay video. The counterattack was planned to get into the heart of Rebel-controlled territory in Southern California. The BB Wars is an event series organised by Airsoft GI.

Impact Force M&P9 APS-X Costa Style

Another custom airsoft pistol from Impact Force CQB with the APS-X System in the form of the Impact Force Custom CyberGun M&P9 Costa Style with the APS-X System in Black and Tan... "The real M&P is initially intended for law enforcement agencies only, though long available in the commercial market.

Airsoftology PDT Next Gen Headgear Review

PDT have updated their protective gear to meet the rigors of Airsoft Milsim events and Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology does a review on their next generation head/face protection gear... "Is this the face protection that airsoft needs...or is it the face protection that airsoft deserves. We review the PDT Next Gen Headgear to see if it checks off all the boxes to take the premium airsoft face-pro crown."

Wolverine Airsoft "What The Tech?!" Ep. 3

If you have not yet familiar with Wolverine Airsoft's Evolution Series which is a completely modular product line, Rich will explain in this episode of "What The Tech?!" series... "Rich explains the three stages of Evolution Kits and which one you will need depending on your setup."

Tactical Tailor 3 Day+ Assault Pack Review

Tang of Jag Precision does a review of the Tactical Tailor Three Day Plus Assault Pack in this video by Team Blacksheep. This backpack is designed to do more than the usual 3-Day Backpack but is not designed to be a full rucksack. Tang explains how he uses this backpack as others may configure/use it differently.

EEA: Halt The EU Attack On Airsoft!

It's really urgent the airsoft players, airsoft communities, and airsoft associations all over the European Union start moving to give their feedback/opposition on the proposal of the European Commission to reclassify replicas, airsoft guns included, as Category C weapons requiring owners to register their airsoft guns or face penalties.

eHobby Asia: Mugen Fire Custom KeyMod Rail

Following up on their Chainsaw Zombie Killer Kit, Mugen Fire Custom now release their own KeyMod rail system that is now available at eHobby Asia. The Mugen Fire Custom Hard Quality KeyMod Rail is available in three different lengths (13.4, 10.5, 7) and can be made to fit AR AEGs, GBBs and the PTWs.


PTS Enhanced PTW Gearbox Unveiled

PTS Syndicate announce their PTS Ehanced PTW Gearbox specifically designed for the Systema PTW... "The PTS Enhanced Systema PTW Gearbox is designed to ensure smooth and reliable performance even when placed under high internal stress, while reducing the overall package dimensions.

Bunny Workshop Xmas Sale 2015 Is Now On!

Whilst everybody's after Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Bunny Workshop are jumping the gun on the Christmas shopping season as they announce that their Christmas Sale has already begun. Head off immediately to their Christmas Sales Section to check out what items they have on sale. Offer is good whilst supplies last.