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Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle HPA Build Project

Check out how the Brain Exploder converted a Snow Wolf Barrett M82 Airsoft Sniper Rifle to being an HPA-powered one with the Protech MKII HPA Drop-in Kit. This is a two-part video... "So the guys at Protech Airsoft reached out to me to help spread the word about their new product the MkII HPA Drop In Kit. This replaces the internals of a gearbox for an air powered system. I am not a huge fan of external source guns for me there has to a justification, either recoil or performance.

Cybergun FN 57 GBB At RedWolf Airsoft

Now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft is the Cybergun FN 57 Regular GBB Pistol which you can order for US$125.00... "Cybergun are to come out with another Five-Seven Gas blowback pistol which is based on the real steel FN Herstal semi-automatic pistol. This particular version does not come with a CO2 magazine like the previous version but this one just feels just as good once it comes to shooting.

More King Arms BRO Limited Edition Photos

King Arms do another teaser as they release more photos of the upcoming King Arms Black Rain Ordnance Limited Edition Airsoft Rifle. The photos below show more of the front end of the rifle such as the muzzle brake, outer barrel, and the handguard. No details yet regarding pricing and release date.

AMNB: Border War 8 Op. Sheriff Hunter

One of the first videos from Border War 8 Milsim event comes from Airsoft & Military News Blog... "Some parts of the Airsoft & MilSim Team joined the Border War MilSim Event with the Austrian Team ASVT in 2016 and hunted down the Sheriff for some extra money." Helikon, Bolle & Action-Army

A quick update from as they got a delivery from Helikon-Tex, Action-Army and Bolle. For those looking for tactical clothing, the Helikon-Tex line is extensive to meet the loadout you want. For upgrade parts especially for VSR-10 owners, Action-Army of Taiwan has those. For eye protection, Bolle is a well-known brand amongst airsoft players in Europe.

Direwolf Airsoft: New England Airsoft Expo

Footage from Direwolf Airsoft of the New England Airsoft Expo and their gameplay at Ground Zero Airsoft... "Hey guys, sorry for all of the delays. We've been behind on our videos for a bit, but we've still been up to plenty on our facebook page. Either way, here are some scenes from some open play and our time at the Airsoft Expo where we raffled a 416."

Airsoft World: Valken V12 Ultra Sopmod

Available right now at Airsoft World are the Valken V12 Series including the Ultra SOPMOD... "The V-12 ULTRA Series is the ultimate in durability and versatility, with it’s reinforced Aluminum Alloy Body and rock solid buffer tube mounting system that was designed with the hardcore player in mind. Rigorously tested in some of the harshest game environments the ULTRA Series passed with flying colors!

Airsoft Atlanta: Elite Force 4" CO2 Revolver

Now in stock at Airsoft Atlanta is a CO2-powered Revolver from Elite Force... "Elite Force 4 Inch Revolver (CO2) - Grey color. This all metal Elite Force made gas revolver is pretty great, for a revolver! We're quite impressed with its solid build quality for an airsoft revolver. Very reliable, hard shooting, and a lot of fun! Fully functional revolver, with rotating cylinders and all that.

Booligan Airsoft Week In Review 4/17/16

It's the second episode of Booligan Airsoft's Weekend In Review covering the week of 17 April 2016... "Lots of new stuff to talk about in this week in review video including a Wolverine HPA conversion on my SR47, more work on the Mosin, 4 new pistols from Palco, and an update on my high speed build."

DesertFox Counter-Sniper At SC Village

We see that Jet DesertFox has been doing more sniper roles lately ever since he teamed up with Novritsch when the latter visited the U.S. Here is a gameplay video of him doing counter-sniper at SC Village... "In this video I'm counter-sniping Novritsch and a few other players at SC Village/SC Viper in Corona, California. The gun I am using is the Action Sport Games M40A3."