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Battlefield 1 German Airsoft Cosplay Loadout

For all those airsoft players who are gamers or fans of the Battlefield 1 FPS video game, here is a video from Airsoft GI on the German Loadout. AlexRead26 shows you the kit he put together for a World War 1 German Loadout impression that should be good for some BF1 fan film or a Cosplay event.

Specna Arms Red & Chaos Grey Series

Find our more about the new Red and Chaos Grey series of Specna Arms AEGs at Gunfire and determine which suits your airsoft shooting needs... "New series of replicas from Specna Arms already available.

TM HK416 Delta Custom Handguard Takedown

A video from Laylax showing you how to remove the handguard of the new Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom New Generation AEG. They caution you to take good care when removing the handguard with a tool as there is a possibility of scratching it. Hopefully, they also show a total takedown down to the gearbox in the next video they release.

DesertFox: Revelations 7 - Give Us Your Pants!

There is still more footage from DesertFox Airsoft from Revelations 7 hosted by Ballahack Airsoft. This is an "open world" airsoft event where anything goes without breaking the most basic rules in airsoft. Players can form and break alliances just to survive and for this episode it is an akward situation being asked to give up your trousers. Check out that railmounted DSLR! Just hope the lens does not get hit by BBs.

Poi159's Op Frostbite Gameplay Video

How does it feel to play under a snow blizzard? Here's Poi159's video footage during an airsoft game he went to... "A blizzard rolled into the middle of an airsoft game. I got to experience a whiteout airsoft game. Visibility was very low. There wasn't a lot of kills for this game but it was a cool experience to go through.

Arc’teryx Announce Their iPhone App

Do online shopping for Arc'teryx products anytime, anywhere as they launched their Arc'teryx iPhone App. Apart from shopping you can learn more about their products and even customise how you want to receive information from them... "Shop, search and explore from anywhere. Streamlined and easy to use, the Arc'teryx app is the quickest way to connect with Arc'teryx on your phone.


Marui Biohazard "Thor's Hammer" Revealed

Well, the Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES will be having a bigger brother this summer and this bigger brother will be part of the "Not A Hero" DLC for Biohazard/Resident Evil 7 as collaboration between Tokyo Marui and CAPCOM. Called the "Thor's Hammer" this AES, the third in the AES line since the release of the Marui AA-12 AES, is also known as the "Albert. W. Model 02", a follow-up with the release of the Samurai Edge Albert. W. Model 01 Gas Blowback Pistol.

Airsoft Atlanta: Valken Alloy Series MK3 AEG

The Valken M4 Metal Alloy MK3 AEG, part of the Valken Tactical Alloy Series, is now in stock at Airsoft Atlanta in combo package... "The Valken Alloy Series M4 MK3 AEG Black is an all metal airsoft gun with SHS gearbox guts newly made in 2017. We really like this gun! It's a solid airsoft design that most airsofters desire in an out-of-the-box base configuration.

RWTV: Airsoftology's Top Gun Picks

It's the turn of Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs (the man with the very cute face as seen in the photo) to be the guest of RWTV for this episode in which Marck West asks him his top 5 airsoft gun picks. Jonathan picks the following: Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops, Marui M870 Breacher, VFC HK416 AEG, VFC Avalon Saber Carbine, and the Marui VSR-10. All of these available at the Redwolf Airsoft online store.

AI XL Burst Grenade First Look By ZShot

ZShot announce that they finally have the new Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Sound Grenade available to deliver to their retailers and this is their first look video... "It's finally out! The Airsoft Innovations XL Burst 'Distraction Device'. Infinitely reusable and inexpensive to reload, this is going to be your perfect airsoft companion when you are getting ready to pull a Solid Snake!

As always, have fun, be safe, and love the game."