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APS ASK209 Tactical PMC AK74 Review

Another review from Airsoft Megastore which feautes the ASK209 PMC AK74 from APS... "Airsoft Megastore Reviews the APS ASK209 Tactical PMC AK-74! You haven't experience innovation until you get your hands on the ASK209 PMC AEG by APS. Unlike conventional AK-47 style AEGs, this AK airsoft rifle features a hybrid Version 3 gearbox that lets you use two batteries — at the same time.

Elite Force M4 CQC Competition Review

This video review from Airsoft Atlanta covers the Elite Force M4 CQC Competition AEG which is available at their online store... "The EF CQC rifle is designed for close quarter combat or indoor type gaming. This rifle features a short quadrail for accessories and a mock suppressor to give it the tactical look everyone wants. The front and rear flip sights allow you to run an optic without removing them.

KWA KMP9s Back in More Colours

More and more airsoft retailers in the USA are having the KWA KMP9s back in stock and Airsoft GI are proud to announce that they also have it in their shelves... "CQB is tough. However, with the right gun, it can be a lot easier. These two guns are designed to give you the tactical advantage. The KWA KMP9 & the M93R are perfect for players looking to get faster response, awesome rate of fire, and still maintain a small profile.

G&G World Cup Shoot Competition Japan

As part of their planned World Cup Shooting Competition for this year, G&G Armament just held the Japan leg of this world tournament. This is CQB set-up with players aiming for the best time as they shoot the various targets in the setup, comprised mainly of the G&G MET System. We don't know the schedule in other parts of the world, but we'll post these once we get them.

Epsilon Company: Hardcore Airsofter

A video sent in by Epsilon Company about a hardcore airsoft guy who got within 10 feet of the OPFOR by not being afraid to get dirty and wet... "This man's hardcoreness knows no bounds. We played a short airsoft game while filming for Milsim West's Darial Outpost. 3 Russians against a squad of NATO. Took them forever to find the 3rd Russian, The most hardcore airsofter ever."

ARC Airsoft Customer Appreciation Day

Here's a video of the recently held ARC Airsoft/Lancer Tactical Customer Appreciation Day... "Hi Everybody! This is the last game from our ARC Airsoft/ Lancer Tactical Customer appreciation game. This was an amazing day with players from all around the state and as far away from Nevada! A special thanks to our major sponsor for the event Lancer Tactical as well as 'Dead Bag'.

War Sport As New Costa Ludus Partner

Announced last Monday, 21 April, on their Facebook Page is the new Syndicated Partnership with War Sport... "Costa Ludus is very excited and proud to announce it's new Syndicate Partner: War Sport. Probably most known for the radical LVOA system they are certainly more than just that. War Sport was created to provide both superior quality Advanced Weapons Systems and to develop products for Low Visibility Operation / Applications for the modern war fighter.

"The Two of Us" and G&P 870 Shotguns

We just love it when EvikeTV goes for the MTV production. This time, it's Matt and Jet DesertFox having some fun with the G&P 870 Shotguns as they play, dance, and what have you with the "Just The Two of Us" of Grover Washington, Jr. in the background. As for the business side, check all these G&P 870 Shotguns available at the online store.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui 45 GBB Pistol

The Tokyo Marui HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft and here's Tim to tell you more about it... "It's smooth, sexy and a riot to shoot with near perfect ergonomics. Having Tokyo Marui in the name highlights its ability to shoot with precision and reliability despite its plastic construction.

NABV KWC Colt 1911A1 CO2 Pistol

Time to turn on your YouTube language captions again if you are not a Dutch speaker as this one's a video of the KWC Colt 1911A1 CO2 Pistol made by Airsoft in Nederland. This is the fully-licensed 100th Anniversary pistol and comes with authentic engraved trademarks. This is a CO2 blowback and gives an a real good kick. This is distributed by Cybergun as they have the rights the Colt trademark for the airsoft market.