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Airsoft Meetup 2016 Highlight
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New Laylax Corporate Presentation Video

Laylax takes us inside their factory to show us the different methods and processes that their products undergo. Laylax has a line-up of custom and upgrade parts made for airsoft guns. Find out the machinery and coating techniques they use that prove that they are one of the top airsoft upgrade parts maker in the market.

PolarStar Jack WRC By Airsoftjunkiez

Another custom work from Airsoftjunkiez, releasing their Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar Jack WRC. This uses the PolarStar Jack version 2 installed in a custom VFC body. The hanguard is the G&P Wirecutter DFE 12-inch rails and the rear is a Madbull Ultra Stock. At the frontend is the PTS Battlecomp Muzzle. This has a 6.03 353mm inner barrel and Prowin Hopup and Bucking.

Red Army: Medved Russian HPA Drop In Kit

Another Russian-made HPA Drop-In Kit as reported by the Red Army Airsoft Club. In this video, the kit is demonstrated how it will be used in an airsoft rifle. The system is similar to the HPA system made by Mancraft of Poland, which is called the PDiK or the Pneumatic Drop-In Kit and used for DMR-type of airsoft guns.

Question & Answer With Novritsch Ep. 3

Episode 3 of Question and Answers with Novritsch is online. Novritsch answers questions sent in by his over half a million followers on YouTube, and probably now is the most popular airsoft player in the world given his YouTube views and following. He is also the most known airsoft sniper nowadays. Find out in this video which big event in airsoft he will attend this year and more.

Do Airsoft Silencers Make A Difference?

Lion Airsoft does a quick comparison to find out if airsoft suppressors/silencers work with PolarStar-equipped airsoft guns. The test done shows a non-"suppressed" one, a suppressed one but without foam, and the last one a suppressed one with foam... "In these shooting tests we will be testing to see if airsoft silencers actually make a difference for your Polarstars."

Ice Cold Combat With TM AKS74U NEG

Last Stand Gamers have a CQB gameplay video taken last the weekend even with the temperature dropping to freezing... "More CQB gameplay at an old abandoned military base. With snow on the ground and temperatures dipping into the negative, making for some intense but slippery CQB action. This time I am running my ruthless backup gun configured exactly like its GHK brother with micro RMR Red dot.

Gear Info:

Airsoft Surgeon Magpul AK Version I

What do you think of the Airsoft Surgeon's latest project? RedWolf Airsoft now has the Airsoft Surgeon Magpul AK Version I in stock and it will dent your bank account to the tune of US$2,116.00... "Firing the GHK AK is an experience in itself.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Classic Army AK Series

With more and more Classic Army AEGs, whether new or old, coming back online, gives us another look of the Classic Army AK Series. Even before the new airsoft manufacturers offered fine AK AEGs, Classic Army was ahead, with some of the finest AK AEGS in the market, full metal, and with real wood offering that they were considered premium. Find more about the series in this episode of the "The Gun Corner".

WE Airsoft Double Barrel Pistol Series

As WE Airsoft celebrate the Chinese New Year, they sent in news about their new pistol series and a distribution partner for parts... "The team at WE would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! As we celebrate the Year of the Monkey on 8 February 2016, WE Airsoft is excited to announce a new distributor KYAIRSOFT to our global distribution network specialising in WE parts.

Helikon Gunfighter Jacket In Camogrom

The Camogrom version of the Gunfighter Jacket made by Helikon is available at, check this out and other camo patterns and colours... "This Helikon Gunfighter Jacket in Camogrom camouflage is a part of Military 1st broad range of tactical soft shells and one of our most popular windblockers.