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King Arms Black Rain Ordnance Series #2

In Part 2 of the King Arms Black Rain Ordnance video series, Sarah Hong shows us the various accessories that come with the AEG. She gives us a closer look at pistol grip panels which according to her, the operator can configure the pistol grip for maximum comfort. Also the gearbox was shown with the MOSFET and quick spring change system.

Airsoft CamMan: M12 Sidewinder Review

The Airsoft CamMan looks impressed with this M12 Sidewinder speedloader from Odin Innovations as he review it on this video... "The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder is a new style of speed loader that makes loading those mid-cap magazines less of a chore and more of a pleasure."

DesertFox: MSW COTS Part 1 - Ambushed

DesertFox Airsoft has first part of this Milsim West Clash On The Steppes video on YouTube... "Part 1 of Milsim West's 65 hour airsoft game, Clash on the Steppes, held in Centerville, Washington. This game takes place on a vast stretch of woods, open grass land and rocky cliffs. In this series I play as the lesser known faction to the Milsim West games; The Militia. Militia is an entry level faction for anyone looking to get into MSW games.

Modify XTC-G1 Quick Spring Change System

Tang of Jag Precision shows a fine feature of the Modify-Tech XTC-G1 AEG, its Quick Spring Change System... "On today's video we show you how easy it is to swap springs on the Modify XTC-G1 Carbine. The quick change system allows you to swap springs without completely disassembling the gun like other brands. All you need is a simple tool."

Evike: Angel Custom Light Saber Tracer Unit

Unfortunately, you cannot do any Jedi light saber fights with it, but still the Angel Custom 200mm x 32mm "Light Saber" Advanced Tracer System is nicely named and you can get two version at "The Angel Custom 'Light Saber' advanced tracer unit is Angel Customs entry into the field of Airsoft tracer technology.

ESS, Combat ID & Mechanix At

Products from familiar brands for tactical gear have arrived at Mechanix Wear and ESS don't need much introduction as most airsoft players are familiar with what they offer. Combat ID is the company to go to get patches with the IFF/IR indicator. Find out more about these below:

"The store has obtained the delivery of ESS ballistic spectacles, eyeshields an goggles.

USAirsoft: Top 7 Airsoft Sniper Builds

USAirsoft does a remake of their top list of airsoft sniper builds, further breaking it to the top 7 bolt action airsoft sniper builds. Watch the video to find what made to their list.. "Top 7 Airsoft Sniper Builds (Remake) - Bolt Actions ONLY Airsoft Countdown.

Sniper-AS: SRU SR BUP P1 GBB Review

Dennis from the German airsoft retailer, Sniper Airsoft Supply, checks out the SRU SR BUP P1 Gas Blowback Rifle... "The SRU SR BUP P1 GBB is based on the WE MK16 MOD0, but has all the advantages of the Bullpup design with its shorter overall length, though the inner barrel has the same length. Have fun with the video. If there are any questions, requests or suggestions, just send us an email."

VFC, Leatherman & Mechanix At Gunfire

A shorter list this time from Gunfire as we go into the weekend. They got deliveries such as the VFC Avalon and VR16 AEGs for airsoft guns, multitools from the famous Leatherman, and the gloves from Mechanix Wear. Find out more about this by clicking on the links below:


DesertFox Airsoft MSW COTS Trailer

DesertFox Airsoft has the trailer of the Milsim West Clash On The Steppes event online. This event which took place last 27-30 May 2016 and is a 65-hour non-stop milsim event... "The epic trailer to Milsim West Clash on the Steppes, a 65 hour non-stop airsoft game. Full videos series coming soon!"