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G&G GM1903 A3 At Airsoft Megastore

The G&G M1903 A3 Bolt Action Rifle or the airsoft Springfield rifle is available right now at Airsoft Megastore... "nd now for something completely different: the G&G M1903 Springfield bolt action rifle uses C02 cartridges for consistent gas performance at up to 440 fps and has a badass real-wood body for all your WW1 or WW2 needs."

Airsoft Extreme: WE Airsoft SMG8 GBB

We get to spot the WE Airsoft SMG8 GBB which Airsoft Extreme announced to be available at their online store... "The WE SMG8 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun is built with solid metal internals with a lightweight polymer exterior. Using green gas as a propellant, this airsoft gun shoots hard, loud, and has a good amount of kick.

AirRattle: Umarex Walther PPQ TAC

The Two-Tone Umarex Walther PPQ TAC airsoft pistol is available right now at AirRattle... "The Walther PPQ Tactical from Elite Force/Umarex is the most realistic PPQ replica on the market. Similar to the PPQ Navy, this pistol can be used for airsoft or for training. The metal slide offers fantastic blowback along with the high strength lower frame. There are no shortage of trademarks on this gun to make it even more realistic.

Airsoft GI: BB Wars Red Alert Gameplay

One of the Battlefront events which are the small-scale actions in between the main events of the Airsoft GI BB Wars, the Red Alert Game Play video is now online... "This event was a smaller engagement in the larger war between Rebel Forces and the Empire. These battles will be happening all across the country in conjunction with the larger BB Wars Episodes and will have a direct impact on the final BB Wars battle at the end of this year.

VFC QRS Stock In Tan At WGC Shop

The tan version of the VFC QRS Stock is now available at WGC Shop... "Q.R.S is the first collapsible stock has multiple battery space. It not only supports multi type batteries, like bar-shapes, twin-types, but also storing tools such IR sticks, marker pens for executing missions. excuting. The Q.R.S is the best upgrade stock for AR style rifles. It will fit with any mil-spec buffer tubes.

Robo Murray Gets Interviewed By TWiA

This Week in Airsoft (TWiA) got hold of the most famous Canadian airsoft player these days and sat down with him for a interview via internet video. You can also click the link to hear the podcast edition... "Robo Murray shows us the the inner workings of the vast Robo empire, also we get his AAR on Op Copperhead."

Spartan117gw: HSP FlatPack w/ Travis Haley

Spartan117gw gives us a closer look at the newly released HSP D3 FlatPack during his visit to HSP... "Got to visit Haley Strategic in Scottsdale Arizona. I gotta say big thanks to Nathan, Travis, and the HSP team for welcoming us into their world. It was a great experience and talking to Travis was very mind opening. Be sure to check out their Channel, Site, and Social media! Also hit their showroom if you get the chance. It's awesome!"

AirsoftJunkiez Custom PolarStar NX In Stock

The AirsoftJunkiez Custom Polarstar NX HPA-powered airsoft DMR is back in stock. This is powered by the PolarStar FEV2 Gen3 in a custom VFC Airsoftjunkiez Body. The UBR stock has also been modified for airsoft to use the Fusion Engine FCU and the rifle comes with a Prowin Hop-Up and custom bucking. As for the rails it comes equipped with the MadBull Airsoft PWS 12-inch rails.

Mach Sakai: PTS FPG Complete Review

In this series of reviews from Mach Sakai, he reviews the PTS Syndicate Magpil FPG Complete. This means that the FPG comes with a pre-installed KWA Glock Pistol and a magazine, lessening the headache of buying a separate airsoft pistol to install. He finds the FPG quick to deploy with the carrying handle accessory easily removed. He finds a little bit difficult to aim with the sight and the magazine catch button easily accessed.

Free ASG .25 Devil Blaster w/ Echo1 ZB30

Be ready to go and support your mates with the Echo1 ZB30 as Mach1 Airsoft will be tossing into the package a free 3,000-round 0.25g bottle. The 3,000 rounds won't last long with the ZB30, but better with having no ammo at all... "With the purchase of the Echo 1 ZB30, receive a FREE Bottle of ASG Blaster Devil 0.25g 3000pcs! Get them while they last!

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