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WGC Shop: UFC TAR-21 Metal Flat Top Rail

We've received emails before from our readers asking where to get a Flat Top Rail for thei TAR-21 airsoft guns and now we can give them a definite answer. WGC Shop announce that they have the UFC Metal Flat Top Rail System for TAR-21 AEGs. With an all black anodized finish, this is a one piece consecutive full length top rail conversion kit so you can attach weapons accessories on top of the TAR-21.

Evike: Avengers MOLLE Tactical Assault Vest

Matt talks about the Avengers MOLLE Tactical Assault Vest that allows you to load up with more magazines than usual. Tan and OD Green are now available at the store with the black version on pre-order with an expected release in September 2015... "The Avengers MOLLE Tactical Assault Vest has everything you need for an effective basic loadout.

Diles46 S&T PP-19 Bizon AEG Review

Diles 46 of Intrigue Airsoft gets to be the latest reviewer to get do a video review of the S&T PP-19 Bizon AEG. This compatible with Version 3 AK Gearboxes, has a high torque motor, and of course, the unique horizontal magazine installed underneath the front and also acts as a handguard... "This is the S&T PP-19 Bizon Automatic Electric Gun. It is a very odd looking but great shooting airsoft gun that will set you apart from the M4 crowd."

Hephaestus Recoil Power Kit for PTS Masada

Hephaestus Airsoft released a video on their new Recoil Power Kit for the PTS/KWA Masada Gas Blowback Rifle which is coming soon. This kit increases the weight of the bolt carrier by ~25% and it has a dual-spring design for sharp and fast recoil. With this kit, user will experience an increase in kick and enhanced shooting experience without sacrificing the rate of fire and gas efficiency.

KWC Desert Eagle CO2 Back At AirRattle

The KWC Desert Eagle 50AE CO2 Blowback Pistol is now back in stock at AirRattle... "This Officially Licensed Desert Eagle .50AE gun is designed perfectly down to the last detail. This .50AE feels exactly like the real one when holding it. The gun construction is unbreakable with every detail worked out to the bone.

JJ Battle Spot "Ruins" Indoor Site Review

Hyperdouraku visits the a new indoor field in Chiba prefecture that surely that looks like a lot of investments have been poured into it. The JJ Battles Spot "Ruins" is the second airsoft game facility that will be opened by JJ Battle Spot, the first one was opened last November 2014. In this review, Yas was allowed to check out the place in a pre-openiong event, and sees that the venue is an assortment of stuff that combines Indiana Jones and Aliens in one indoor CQB facility.

Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler On eBay

This is what Spartan117gw forgot to include as his main vehicle for his Jurassic World Special Containment Unit Short Film. But if you have serious cash for this special Triumph Scramble made for the Jurassic World Movie then better try to outbid those who want this for themselves. We are soooo digging the Military Matte Green colour of bike...

Advanced Airsoft: M249 With Hydra Hip Fire

Advanced Airsoft posted this video showing their M249 customised with the Wolverine Airsoft Hydra being fired from the hip... "Inspired by the KAC chainsaw I ended up trying a new variation on the beloved m249. First time out shooting the Hip Fire M249, love how comfortable and light weight it feels in this configuration."

Airsoft GI's KWA MKV GBB Overview

Airsoft GI gave us a sneak peek before and now give us an overview of upcoming KWA MKV Makarov Gas Blowback Pistol which they are now taking pre-orders for... "Introducing KWA's newest release for 2015, the KWA MKV Makarov. If you are looking for a pistol to complement your Russian load out, look no further. This pistol was the standard issue sidearm for Soviet military and law enforcement units for 40 years, right up until the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Zippo Canvas Bag In Stock At Military1st have in stock a canvas bag from the world-famous lighter manufacturer... "New limited edition brown Zippo Canvas Bag is available now at Military 1st! Zippo Canvas Bag comes with Zippo branding on the lid, large main compartment with internal security pocket, two open top external pockets at the front and on each end, and adjustable soft webbing shoulder strap with leather shoulder pad.