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Milspec GHK G5 Upper Receiver Service

MilSpec Solutions, the premier provider of gas blowback products in the UK (you can also get AEGs from them) announced their new service for GHK G5 GBB owners over the Easter Weekend... "Due to popular demand Milspec now offers a service/repair package for the GHK G5.  With use these excellent guns will inevitably suffer damage or just need servicing.

B's Bad Decisions: The Girafflage AUG

King B, which we will call Booligan from now on, has got a new video for the Booligan's Bad Decisions. Fancy an AUG in Girafflage?... "I'm pretty sure the idea for this gun came as a result of a peyote fueled fever dream while at a zoo. Or it might have been a Toys R Us. I can never be sure. Either way, it's another one of my bad decisions."

More of these at Booligan Airsoft.

Banana Airsoft KWA KRISS Vector Review

It's time to open the language captions, if you can bear the YouTube translations to your own language. Banana Airsoft, a very active and fun group of airsoft enthusiasts and airsoft retailer based in the Catalonia area in Spain (who were in full force during the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2014 last month), review the KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG. They give it a short test and introduction for Spanish-language players who have not tried this GBB.

G&G Sponsors Dark Emergency II

Announced at the G&G Armament website is their sponsorship of Dark Emergency II. Said to be the biggest airsoft event in Germany. Scheduled to be held on the 23rd to the 25th of May, Dark Emergency is firstly an airsoft LARP event with military MilSim influences and secondly, has programmed events off the field. Its story is based on Hollywood blockbusters such as Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Shawn of the Dead, or Zombieland.

Streamlight The Siege LED Lantern

If you haven't heard about The Siege from Streamlight, it is multipurpose LED lighting system that you can use to illuminate an area or use it for signalling purposes. It's right now available at the NVG Store... "Rugged, cordless, alkaline battery-powered lantern provides 360° of soft, even light that illuminates a large area.

Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures

Flanker sent over a Kotaku story about the Marauder 1:18 models that raised its funding goals successfully at Kickstarter. Collectors of such now have something to add to their collections... "Over the last eight years, Marauder GR has worked to be a trusted and reliable source for support gear and accessories for use with 1:18 scale gaming figures.

AONW: TAGGIN Pyros, KWA MP9 & MP9 Mags

Airsoft Outlet Northwest posted a blog about the TAGGIN Airsoft Pyros the which you can use for your airsoft M203 grenade launcher and you can choose which type of projectile to use in accordance with your game site's rules. Also, they now have restocked on KWA MP9 and MP9R GBB SMGs... "We've just recently added TAGINN Airsoft Pyrotechnics to our lineup, and wanted to test both performance and safety, so we headed out to Camp R&R to check them out.

Unlimited Airsoft Shooting Match 2014

The 2014 C-More Cup or als known as the Unlimited 2014 Shooting Match, as reported by Hyperdouraku, was held last week, 6 April 2014. Organised by the JTSA (Japan Toy Gun Shooting Association), this year it has 5 divisions. Yas participated in the Standard Division last year and for this year, he went for the Open Division using the Glock 17 with the Freedom Art Slide that came with an Aimpoint T-1 microdot sight.

PTS Tyler Grey Training & DAS League

Two news items from PTS Syndicate which Hong Kong-based players would welcome as PTS Syndicate step up their activities in relation to their products and their DAS (Dynamic Action Sports). The first one is a training course with Tyler Grey scheduled in May... "Tyler Grey spent his military career training and deploying for a level of operational conditioning that can only be expected of the US Military Elite. He was recently featured on the cover of Japan's ARMS Magazine.

"The Fight Begins" By Xtreme Airsoft

Episode 1 of "The Fight Begins" short film by Xtreme Airsoft is now online... "This is a live action movie short NOT an actual airsoft game. This film was produced by Xtreme Airsoft LLC and airsoft replicas were used to simulate real firearms. We encourage all players who engage in an actual airsoft game to utilize proper protection including, but not limited to, full face and eye protection and other protective gear."