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RPK GBB Coming Soon from GHK

There have been requests for a Gas Blowback version of the RPK for sometime now, and finally these requests will be granted. GHK Airsoft, already known for their gas blowback airsoft guns, especially gas blowback AKs, will soon be releasing the GHK RPK GBB. The photos show full metal and wood materials used throughout. Though we are hoping for a gas drum magazine which is nowhere seen in the photos.


In stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft, the VFC HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle is considered to be the best sounding GBBR by Tim of RWTV... "Yes, it sounds amazing. This is something VFC have done right as well as many other aspects. The kick is brutal, carrying it around will make you feel like you’re working out and did we already mention the kick?

SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 Released

Better check with your favourite airsoft retailer as the SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 GBB is now available... "Inspired by the Keltec, SOCOM Gear proudly present the Socom Gear Keltec PLR-16! The licensed Keltec custom PLR-16 is a Green gas (recommend) /CO2 operated GBB rifle with three different setups. The polymer handguard is included.

Amoeba AM-013 & KWA AKG-74SU Pre-Order

Be of the first to grab these two AEGs when they arrived at Airsoft Outlet Northwest by the end of the month... "We have two new guns available for pre-order! Both of these will be shipping this week, on October 28th and October 31st. The Ares Amoeba AM-013 is the new 'Honey Badger' like airsoft gun. These feature a tightbore barrel, programmable MOSFET, flip sights, as well as other features.

G&G Flag and PVC Patches Released

It's patches this time as part of the latest releases from G&G Armament as they have been releasing accessories and gear in the past days. The first batch of patches are national/country patches representing over 13 nations. Check below if your country is covered. The second batch are PVC patches bearing the G&G Armament logo. All have velcro backing so easier to put on gear which have velcro bases.

Bandit Airsoft October 2014 Newsletter

Bandit, one of the more well known women in airsoft who is based in Hong Kong, has finally realised her dream of putting up her own online airsoft business back. Aptly named Bandit Airsoft, she's slowly building up her business again and with more suppliers ever. She also launched her Bandit Airsoft Newsletter and this is the first issue.

Airsoft Atlanta KWA KZ61 GBB Review

Soon to be in stock at Airsoft Atlanta, here is their review of the KWA Skorpion KZ61 Gas Blowback Airsoft Machine Pistol... "KWA's newest CQB monster - the KWA Scorpion KZ61 gas blowback airsoft gun. A full metal gas sub-machinegun with folding metal wire stock. Gun shoots at a very high rate of fire! Beware."

AOD: Marui Pistols, Tanio Koba & Nine Ball

An assortment of Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Pistols in this AirSplat On Demand episode. All of these pistols are already familiar to most of you and if you are in the market for any of these, then you order from Also in this episode are some of the sweet accessories and upgrade parts from Tanio Koba and Nine Ball. Links are provide below the video to their product pages.

Airsoft GI Guns And Gear Mystery Box

Anothery Mystery Box this Saturday and tomorrow WE SCAR variants will be offered at big discounts... "The new Guns and Gear Mystery Box will be going live on Saturday Oct 25th. One of the top grand prizes include an LBT 6094A Plate Carrier. Also contained in this Mystery Box is the Magpul PTS RM4, E&L AK74U, and the FNX-45 Gas Blow Back Pistol. Be sure to use the Airsoft GI Coupon Codes to help you save on your next order.

Airsoft Innovations Zombie Green Grenades

There is a demand for Green Grenades for Halloween and Airsoft Innovations has obliged... "Due to popular request, we've released a GREEN version of our famous Tornado Impact Grenade for Halloween & Black Friday. The Tornado Impact Grenade explodes on impact!