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SOCOM Gear Barrett M107 Ver 2 Review

BB2K Airsoft sent us a link of his review of the SOCOM Gear Barrett M107 C02-powered, shell ejecting sniper rifle... "Here's my review of the Socom Gear M82A1 Version2. I bought this Airsoft at 'Kotte & Zeller' for €1,349. This airsoft version is a licensed replica of the Barrett M82A1 in scale 1:1. It has 80% steel parts, a weight of 12KG and all the original markings.

AirSplat On Demand: ASG M60E4 Mk43

The ASG M60E4 Mk43 Commando LMG Airsoft AEG gets featured in this episode of AirSplat On Demand... "This is the Commando version of the U.S. Ordnance licensed M60E4/Mk43. This version has the same great features and performance as the standard M60E4/Mk43 (item 16989). This version however, has a front rail so you can customize your supportweapon to individually suit your needs.

Airsoftology: PTS Syndicate Magpul ERG

Jonathan Higgs takes a look athe blowback and recoil AEG from PTS Syndicate in this Airsoftology video... "Looking for a realistic airsoft gun that can hang in all seasons, doesn't take gas and still has the recoil you crave? Well, the Magpul RM4 Electric Recoil Gun from PTS Syndicate may be the perfect AEG for you!"

OddysAirsoft: Umarex HK45 GBB Pistol

The gas blowback version of the HK45 airsoft pistol from Umarex made by the KWA is featured in this video from OddysAirsoft... "The classic Heckler & Koch large calibre airsoft gun with Polymer body and metal slide, and with full HK trademarks this makes for a truly outstanding replica in both weight and feel. With Gas-Blowback-function of the metal slide, incl. second back-handle for replacement."

Airsoft GI: Krytac LMG Rampage

Watch Daniel as he takes the support role with the Krytac LMG at SC Village in this Airsoft GI video... "Daniel takes his new Limited Edition Krytac LMG to SC Village for the weekend and lays down some heavy fire! The Krytac LMG is one of the lightest and most effective LMG's on the airsoft market today offering great maneuverability and also takes normal AEG M4 magazines too. Internally it is extremely well built and can easily handle an 11.1v lipo.

RA Challenge DIY Pack for GHK M4

Whilst doing production for the RA Forged Receiver for the GHK M4 GBB Series, RA-Tech decided to make it even more challenging. They added a version called RA Challenge DIY Pack for the GHK M4 so it's a kit that comes with upgrade parts to do your own upgrade... "Upgrading requires necessary assembly skill & technique, consult expertise if needed."

Mad Max: Fury Road Theatrical Teaser

Now we get to see a longer teaser from the makers of Mad Max: Fury Road as we await its release next year. Some airsoft events organisers are looking forward to this movie as they want to plan some Mad Max-themed airsoft games and this can provide more ideas. Tom Hardy is the lead actor for this movie this time around with the original Mad Max, Mel Gibson, making an apperance.

Press release right below the video:

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui HK416D Review

Mach Sakai reviews one of the more sought after new generation blowback and recoil AEGs from Tokyo Marui, the HK416D. In this review, he finds it that you can do rapud fire even at close range with performance and accuracy is high even with the recoil effect. It is also not heavy so you can carry it for long durations especially for airsoft skirmishes.

Evike [The Gun Corner] KWA M1911A1

The KWA M1911A1 Gas Blowback Pistol gets featured in the "The Gun Corner" of "The history of the Colt Gov’t M1911 Pistol began in early 1900s, when famous designer John M. Browning began to develop semi-automatic pistols for Colt Company. In 1906-1907 the U.S. Army announced trials to replace its service revolvers with a new, semi-automatic pistol.

Airsoftology: Tactical Aluminum Foregrip

For those who have a good collection of foregrips, here is another one from Airsoft Speak presented by Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "Could this be the best combination of a handstop and angled foregrip yet? We take a look at the Tactical Aluminum Foregrip from Airsoft Peak to find out."