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UFPRO Professional's Insight Part 2

UFPRO have released the second part of The Professional´s Insight which is a series of videos following an elite team that was inserted behind enemy lines to conduct a hostage rescue operation. The second part is about setting up a covert op as the team gets into position following their HALO insertion. Find out more about the gear used in the mission in the video.

Nuprol Partners with BO Manufacture

Rossco Tucker sends in news about the partnership they've struck up with BO Manufacture of France... "Nuprol is proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with our friends BO Manufacture and will be sole distributers for all BO products in the United Kingdom.

HKOTG TV: VFC Salient Arms Glock 17

Finally, a new video from Hong Kong Off The Grid (HKOTG) TV with Martin showing us the new Vega Force Company (VFC) Salien Arms Glock 17 GBB Pistol. Take note that the HKOTG Crew is in Taiwan to check this pistol out as Martin explains that cannot be sold in Hong Kong. Find out more by watching the video below:

Border War 7 Op: Skylance Trailer

GsPAirsoft post their trailer of Border War 7 Op: Skylance Trailer, one the biggest events in the world that took place this weekend in the Czech Republic. We'll be expecting more photos and videos from the European Airsoft Media very soon and it looks like it's not a wet event this time.

Suppressed XCR in Carbine Match

Another range time video from Team Blacksheep as they exchange their airsoft guns for real steel ones. In this video Brian Holt hits the course with a suppressed Robinson XCR Carbine... "Running the Robinson Armament XCR with a SureFire suppressor in a recent carbine match. Regular 556 ammo and no need for ear pro. The XCR is a great rifle that is easy to control and use just like an AR15."

Another "Adventures of 200" Gameplay

Another Adventures of 200 Airsoft Gameplay by the Red Army Airsoft Club. This variant of their gameplay is called the "The Pursuit Of Money" where players are given bundles of money that they will need to retrieve from each other. As for the airsoft weaponry, only pistol airsoft guns allowed such as the CYMA Glock and the WE Glock 18c. There is an M&P9 GBB too, but if you will call it as a machine pistol, then it is a pistol and can be used in the game.

eHobby Asia Seasonal Sale & New Items

eHobby Asia are having their Seasonal Sale with up to 30% off the regular price of items. Apart from that they have some new and restock airsoft guns such as the G&P M249 AEG, Umarex UMP GBB, the new Marui Samurai Edge Biohazard Revelations 2 - Barry Burton Model Ver II, Webley WG Mark VI 6mm BB CO2 Revolver, and the Knights's Armament Airsoft (Madbull) URX4. As for tactical gear and accessories now available now are the EDGE Overlord Tactical Eyewear Kit, Hazard 4 Combat Skin Diver I.D.

Shoei MG42 AEG & FG42 Type 1 Part II

Tomio sends in the latest update from Shoei for those waiting to get their hands on their MG42 AEG Version and also about their latest iteration of the FG42 Type 1 Model Gun... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. We contributed a new video of the FG42 T1 model gun to You Tube. Please enjoy!

AirRattle: King Arms SIG 516 PDW Overview

In this episode of the AirRattle Instructional Overview Series, they take the little brother from the King Arms SIG 516 Series, the King Arms SIG 516 PDW AEG which is right now available at their online store... "If you are looking for a solid CQB gun, then the SIG 516 is for you. With a full RIS system, it can support any accessories you want to add.

Gun Heaven M93R Tactical Folding Stock

If you are looking for a cheaper tactical folding stock for your airsoft M93R pistol, then you might want to consider this Gun Heaven M93R Tactical Folding Stock. This is made by TMC Gear and it's available right now at EB Airsoft for US$29.99, free shipping included. According to EB Airsoft, this can fit all M93R GBB pistols on the market and it's full metal.