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Spartan117gw: PTS RM4 ERG Scout w/ CMR

What Spartan117gw is holding in his "The Armory" episode is a nice looking piece of kit from PTS Syndicate. The airsoft rifle he has on his hands is the PTS RM4 ERG Scout which is the AEG with blowback and recoil system. Whilst that AEG is already available in the market, this version has the CMR rail system Centurion Arms as PTS Syndicate got the licence to product one for the airsoft market.

Echo1 Shop Now Shipping Worldwide

Echo1 USA Online Store are now accepting and shipping orders for spare and upgrade parts worldwide. Using the USPS service, they will be able to ship to anyone in the world. When enquired if they can also ship complete airsoft guns, they said they can as long as the country destination allows personal importation of airsoft guns.

AMS: DBoys MK12 Recon "Recce" Rifle

Airsoft Megastore announce they've got exclusive dibs on this Full Metal DBoys MK12 Recon Recce Rifle (sounds redundant, isn't it?) which you can now order online from them... "While the MK12 SPR conventionally comes with an M16 stock, this NEW DBoys MK12 Recce Rifle is equipped with a crane stock configuration.

Howto: ARES EFCS Electronic Programmer

With the EFCS gearbox from Ares/Amoeba airsoft freely available to buy separately to use in your own version 2 AEG projects, you will need the Ares Amoeba EFCS Electronic Programmer in order to configure the EFCS to change the firing mode system and also for Lipoly Battery protection. Here's a video how to use it, making it easy to configure the gearbox rather than relying on trigger pull.

Daniel Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in airsoft has now claimed Daniel of Airsoft GI to accept the challenge. Watch the video to find out who he challenges after doing it... "Recently Dan was called out for the Ice Bucket Challenge by Bob The Axe Man. He gladly accepted and nominated a few more people to follow in my footsteps. Let see if they have the stones...

BBs4Breakfast Airsoft News Episode 1

A new YouTube Channel called BBs4Breakfast Airsoft News just had its first episode online... "This is a new video series we're going to be starting. We cover all types of news from the airsoft community and we share it all with you. There have been many other attempts at doing such videos, but all have been sub-par...until now! Check it out and leave us some feedback!"

Asymmetric Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP)

Many of us can relate to the problem that Asymmetric Technologies are trying to answer with their Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP) when stabilizing the rifle whilst wearing a vest... "FROM ASYMMETRIC TECHNOLOGIES comes the Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP) - a fully integrated, lightweight, wearable individual rifleman weapon stabilization system that assists a shooter to maintain a stable, repeatable and precise firing position with minimal effort. [The Gun Corner] BO AK74 are expecting a delivery of custom built airsoft guns from BO Manufacture making them the source of the nicely made BO Manufacture and BO Dynamics custom guns in the USA. In this episode of The Gun Corner, Matt talks about the BO AK74 which looks like the BO Manufacture FSB.13 without the Noveske Steel Flash Suppressor installed and its still looks good without it.

DesertFox Airsoft MFG Venom Review

It's the turn of DesertFox Airsoft to review the MFG Venom (Muzzle Flash Generator) from Incentive Designs which is based in the United Kingdom... "My review of the Incentive Designs MFG Venom. Here's what I think in a nutshell; Cool novelty. Best used with GBBR for added 'realism.' Alternative to a tracer unit, but the most tracer units have internal batteries while the MFG Venom has an external battery. Price tag of roughly 219.00 USD is a bit high for me."

Ares-Amoeba Upgraded EFCS Gearbox

Now you can purchase the Ares/Amoeba Airsoft Upgraded EFCS Gearbox to install in your version 2 AEG body to give you the option of getting to use their programmable gearbox for your airsoft gun projects... "Dear friends: Our upgraded EFCS Gearbox for Ares / Amoeba series airsoft AEG rifles can be sold separately, product details are as following: