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Liberty Belles 2015 Calendar Available

With already almost 3/4s of the way into the year, we're now seeing 2015 calendars coming out. Milspec Monkey announced the availability of the Liberty Belles Calendar 2015 at their online store... "A quick glance at the world of special operations military forces from a bikini clad tactical perspective.


Take note that this video is about the VPower M14 EBR AEG from CYMA, which is basically an improvement over the first generation but still costs the same..."CYMA’s NEW VPower Series AEGs, available exclusively at Airsoft Megastore, feature a higher muzzle velocity (above 390 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs) than standard CYMA AEGs making them ideal for outdoor airsoft fields.

ASGI: VFC VR16 Series Overview

Find more about the VFC VR16 Series with this Airsoft GI overview video... "Check out the brand new VFC VR16 Series! This new line from VFC offers over 10 different models that will cover every players needs from SUPER CQB to long range outdoor sniping! These guns have seen some major new upgrades and a price drop compared to their older counterparts!

Evike RSW "Boots On The Ground" Part 2

We're loving the vista taken by as they continue with their "Boots On The Ground" report on Red Storm West by OLCMSS. In part 2 they talk about the mission of having to bring the discovered chemical weapon which was stored in suitcase. As they proceed to their mission objective to bring the suitcase, they have to cool down the chemical weapon using fire extinguishers along thwe way with the enemy in pursuit.

E&L Airsoft AKS74U Full Steel AEG

Augh! We may have to dole up some cash for another AKS74U AEG which we are having too many due to is being a handy and well-made, almost regardless of brand. But the E&L Airsoft AKS74U Full Steel AEG, already making a name for having durable and well-made AK AEGs, may just deserve the bucks you're going to throw at it. It's now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft.

RA-Tech M4 Forged Receiver Advisory

A quick advisory from RA-Tech regarding their M4 Forged Receivers for those who are using WE Airsoft Gas Magazine. Both the WE M4 Open Bolt Version Gas Magazine and the WE M4 20-round magazine will not fit the Forged Receiver. We don't know if there's a workaround or modding that will be required to make them fit, and if you know of one, drop us a note.

HKOTG TV: Angry Gun Wire Cutter Rail

We get another closer look at the LVOA-Style Wire Cutter Rail Design made for the airsoft market by Angry Gun. This is available in two lengths and can fit any AR-type AEG/GBB. Based on the Salient Arms International (SAI) design, Marck of Hong Kong Off The Grid TV (HKOTG TV) to visit the Angry Gun HQ to check it out, and he can't put it down, finding it a beautiful rail. Watch the video below to find out more:

Evike [The Gun Corner] Thompson M1A1

It's back to the past now with's The Gun Corner as they feature the King Arms Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Gun... "Shopping for a full metal gearbox and high quality Thompson? You had the choice of Marui & CYMA made. Shopping for a 400 FPS,  Full metal upper receiver, Licensed Thompson that is not $400 and low FPS designed for Japanese market? That limited your choice down to the CYMA and King Arms.

Echo1 Genesis Viktor vs The S&T Bizon

The battle of the Bizons. Team Blacksheep posted an online video about their comparison between the Echo1 Genesis Viktor and the the Smart Team (S&T) Bizon. Both of these AEGs are based on the PP-19 Bizon Design, with its unique tubular magazine. Both use the Version 3 gearbox that can be upgradeable but there are also some differences. Find out what these are by watching the video below:

New KeyMod Foregrips from SPEED Airsoft

More weapons accessories for the KeyMod Rail System with these different types of Speed Airsoft Foregrips... "SPEED Airsoft releases more airsoft accessories to support the KeyMod handguard rails for an exact fit and compatibility.  The new SPEED KeyMod Foregrips will direct-mount with no adapters to any KeyMod based airsoft handguard system.