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Dominator Int'l. DM870 Shotgun At MoaiHobby

The Dominator International DM870 Shotgun, a realistic operation airsoft shotgun, is available right now at MoaiHobby. This is realistic in operation with shell-ejecting features, and is mainly made of steel. This airsoft shotgun is capable of mixing and matching shell loads per-user preference with incredibly smooth, realistic action and internals.

Airsoft-Rus: WinGun Colt Peacemaker CO2

In stock at Airsoft-Rus, the Russian Airsoft retailer, are the WinGun Colt Single Action Peacemaker Airsoft Revolvers. powered by CO2, the revolver housing is made of Aluminium allow with plastic grips and available in Black, Silver, and Gun Metal. This is more known under the Umarex brand in other countries.

FN M4 & M16 “Military Collector" Series

Check this video from The Firearm Blog as they review the FN M4 and M16 rifles from the the "Military Collector" series... "In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews two of FN’s rifles from its much-hyped “Military Collector” series. The FN M4 and M16 are almost exact (semi-automatic) replicas of the M4 and M16 issued to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Code Red Headsets Signal 21 Speaker Mic

Find out more what makes the Signal 21 Speaker Mic from Code Red Headsets is one of the favourite things of Jonathan Higgs in this Airsoftology video... "This time it's a bit different, Jonathan's looking at an item that he's had at every game he's attended for the past 3 years; the Code Red Headsets Signal 21 Speaker Mic... and he's sharing why this piece of kit is one of his favorite things."

Laylax Official Shop Super Outlet Sale

If you have been eyeing something at Laylax such as upgrade parts, custom painted airsoft guns, and some cool tactical gear, take the chance now and save money. They are right now having a Super Outlet Sale which is taking place right now and will end at 1400H (GMT+9) on the 1st of November 2016.

Mtpcaas Official: Battle Belt Application

Mtpcaas Official's new video covers the use of Battle Belts in airsoft... "Hey guys thanks for joining me, this video is in light of our recent project and we now have our own callsign milsim battle belt available for purchase which will be reviewed, tested and prototyped in our next couple of videos, thank you all for watching, Enjoy!"

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight

Sightmark sights are now available at RedWolf Airsoft and one of these is the Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight... "The new Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec FMS (Fixed Mount- Standard) Reflex Sight seamlessly adapts to meet the requirements of any shooting environment.

Indian Creek Design Blast Forwarding Device

Indian Creek Design introduce their Blast Forwarding Device (BFD) muzzle brake. Made for real steel rifles, this product may just find a replica on airsoft rifles is players are interested... "Designed to fit over any 1in. or smaller outside diameter muzzle device, the BFD takes the exhaust from the muzzle device and directs it downrange after it has done its duty in reducing recoil. The high speed photo with the ICD BFD installed shows this quite clearly.

AONW: E&L Mag Problem Quick Fix

Having a problem a magazine stuck in the magwell of your E&L Airsoft AK AEG? Airsoft Outlet Northwest has a video of a fix for you to follow... "We love the E&L AK line from Jag Precision but having talked with many players new to the E&L ak something that comes up often is them improperly inserting the magazine and getting it stuck in the mag well, here is a quick fix that can send you on your way in no time!"

New Battle Belt Bridge From HSGI

New release from HSGI, the Battle Belt Bridge that is designed to help carry more gear with the Sure-Grip Belt... "This platform is designed to bridge the gap of your Sure-Grip® Padded Belt, increasing your PALS real estate by up to six columns of webbing. It includes an HSGI® Clip to secure one end to your battle belt and field-expedient, side-release buckles for easy attachment to the other end.  These buckles also enable the Bridge to be quickly disengaged.