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Haley Strategic G-Code INCOG Eclipse Holster

Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) announce a new series of holsters made in partnership with G-Code... "INCOG series holsters are joint development projects between Haley Strategic Partners and G-Code Holsters.  The INCOG ECLIPSE is a mission specific evolution of the INCOG IWB concept.

AMS: Best Budget AEGs Under $110

Airsoft Megastore gives some tips on good budget AEGs for those who want to make their dollars go a long way this Christmas... "Looking to just get into airsoft, pick up a loner gun, or maybe are buying a Christmas present? Today we wanted to show you three guns all under $110, that are great guns for the prices. These aren't the top line performers, but for the price, that are a great solution. Be sure to check them out at Airsoft Megastore!

WGC DX Limited Edition MP5K PDW

WGC Shop wants you to look a this Limited Edition MP5K PDW Gas Blowback from Umarex. The better news about this is that it's part of their Year End Clearance Sale so better grab this as soon as you can if you want this before others beat you to it... "Check this out. Our Clearance Sale item WGC DX Limited Edition, UMA-GBB-MP5KPDW-W.

DesertFox: Airsoft 300 Evike Matticus

Apart from the Airsoft Unicorn, another rare airsoft creature was captured on video by Desertfox Airsoft. This is a rare breed that came from the far distant land of fighting for the glory of Sparta. He is Evike Matticus as he fought and led other warriors at the event that took place last weekend called The Slaydies Face Off.

Strike Industries AK Enhanced Pistol Grip

Strike Industries released two enhanced pistol grips and one is made for the AK... "An upgrade for AK-pattern pistol grip, Strike Industries introduces the AK-EPG (AK Enhanced Pistol-Grip). With an aggressive SI texture and optional finger bump (sold separately) for positive weapon control it’s designed to improve ergonomics and performance.

Upgrade Kit for WE TT-33 GBB

Here's something to make your WE Airsoft TT-33 Tokarev Gas Blowback Pistol look even better. EB Airsoft now have in stock this upgrade kit for the WE TT-33 GBB which is a full steel outer barrel  with the slide, lower frame, outer barrel, and compensator being aluminium. Price for this kit is US$370.00 and will be shipped from Taiwan.

Evike [The Gun Corner] KWA KZ61 Skorpion

This episode of the's "The Gun Corner", Matt talks about a small gas blowback SMG from the KWA that really stings, the KWA KZ61 Skorpion GBB SMG which you can order from their store for US$189.95... "Development of the vz. 61 Škorpion was initiated in the late 1950s, with the intent to provide various non-infantry units with a lightweight, personal defense weapon that brought more firepower than the standard pistol.

Mach Sakai: TM G36C Light PRO Review

We get a real review on one of the Light Pro AEGs from Tokyo Marui. Mach Sakai reviews the Tokyo Marui G36 Light PRO which is actually designed for minors. The difference between the Light PRO and the "BOYS" series is that the former is a full 1:1 scale replicas. The G36 Light PRO is powered by 5 AA Batteries that are stored in the handguard and price is also at the really affordable range as compared to other Tokyo Marui airsoft guns.

AI Zombie Green Grenade In Action

As announced a month ago, Airsoft Innovations released their Zombie Green Tornado Impact Grenade. Watch it in action against a zombie attack, which of course is caused by watching episodes of the Walking Dead non-stop... "The Tornado Impact Grenade explodes - you guessed it - on impact!

RedWolf USA at Faded Giant 3 Part 2

Rob and Tim reach Government Training Institute (GTI), Barnwell, SC, setup shop and went on interviewing people at the event in this part of two of RedWolf Airsoft TV's visit to American Milsim's Faded Giant 3... "RWTV makes its way to America to join RedWolf USA's Rob on a Cross Country Road Trip to American Milsim’s Faded Giant 3. The first part to many more as Tim documents the trip, interviews people of interest and explores the game site itself."