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SCDTV: Tiger Tailor In PenCott Badlands

This is a first look at the Tiger Tailor Gear made by Leo Köhler in the PenCott Badlands Camouflage Pattern for Popular Airsoft readers. The photo sessions was done by SCDTV of Poland. Check out the photos at the SCDTV Facebook page to find out if the Badlands pattern is a good fit for the Polish countryside.

A&K M4A1 PTW Review by Red Army Club

The Systema PTW Clone, the A&K M4A1 PTW is reviewed by Red Army Airsoft Club. They find it has great accuracy outside of the box and just just like the original PTW, you can quickly change cylinders to fit the requirements of airsoft (and perhaps) training events. It is very close to original one in terms of dimensions and response time is quite decent. It's not you average priced A&K as it will cost more, and the buttpad also quickly wears out.

Matrix Airsoft RPG-7 with PMOG 2.4 Rounds

Booligan Airsoft still has another video with the Matrix RPG-7 Airsoft RPG OEM by Apple Airsoft. In August, he did a test with a modified KA 40mm Shell WITH prototype PMOG v2.3 chalk rounds. Now in this video he goes for the PMOG 2.4 Chalk and Pyro Round... "Loud explody things firing out my Matrix RPG-7?! Let's see how the new pyro rounds from PMOG Armories work!"

Military1st: Waterproof Jackets In Stock

The weather is getting wetter and colder here in the British Isles and airsoft players might want to keep themselves warm and dry with these Waterproof jackets available right at "Gear up for rainy days with Military 1st!

Airsoft Obsessed at Pistols Only Game

One of the fun things to do in an airsoft CQB is to go pistols only which you'll see more people moving and manoeuvering as they try to get a high percentage shot, which means a closer shot. In this pistols only game at CQB City, Airsoft Obsessed goes with the biggie, the fully-licensed KWA HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol, courtesy of

Dummy 5.56 Bullet Chain From G&G

For those looking for some dummy 5.56mm belts/chains, G&G Armament sent in news that they just released their version. The photo show the dummy bullets looking very polished and and might just reflect light. The belt/chain is around 50 pieces which should be enough to give your AEG a nasty Rambo look when you bring it to the field.'s Airsoftcon 2014 Photos

It looks like it was very much a well-attended event in Alhambra, California, as opened the gates to their Superstore to welcome all the well-wishers to the their Airsoftcon 2014. The event is a massive customer appreciation event for as without their customers, they wouldn't be where they are right now. Lots of happenings at the event with various airsoft and tactical brands, and even the Alhambra PD's Foundation having their booth their too.

WE Browning Hi-Power GBB Accuracy Test

Another WE Airsoft gas blowback, the WE Browning Hi-Power GBB Pistol, gets tested in this video by Mak Hobby... "Shooting the WE Browning Hi-Power Airsoft GBB with aluminum BBs (0.3g) and checking out the accuracy and grouping of this pistol in a target shooting session. The blowback of this gun is very good, but the trigger is sort of hard for a SAO gun."

Airsoft Atlanta HK45 CO2 Pistol Review

If you prefer CO2-powered airsoft guns and you want them a big, Airsoft Atlanta announced that they have new Umarex H&k45 CO2 Pistol in stock and here's a video to tell you more about it... "The new H&K HK45 Co2 Gas Gun from Umarex has a fixed metal slide and looks just like the real thing. A great back up gun for the field. The regulated Co2 output will keep you field legal.


Rebel Training Camp East Coast Trailer

Here's the trailer of Rebel Training Camp East Coast that was recently hosted by GI Tactical... "This game was the third spin off of the Tim vs Bob series. Players came out to Xzone in Chesterfield, VA to wage war with and against Bob “The Axe Man” Hildebrand. At Bob's Rebel Training Day Northern Resistance players got to play alongside Bob 'The Axe Man' from Airsoft GI, and got hands on training from distinguished military and law enforcement veterans with many years of combat training.