The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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How To Shoot Like A Marine: Long Distance

Video series from the III Marine Expeditionary Force that we recommend to everyone to watch. This video is Part 1 of "How to Shoot Like a Marine" and covers long range shooting... "In this episode Sgt. Alex Kesler, a scout sniper with III MEF, shares insider tips on how to shoot like a Marine."

Booligan: Echo1 KAA SR16E3 AEG Overview

Booligan Airsoft checks out the newly released airsoft carbine from Echo1 USA, the Knights Armament Airsoft SR16E3 AEG... "Echo 1 has recently released their Knight's Armament licensed SR16 models, so let's take a look at the long length tan model!"

Gunfire: ForceCore, PPS & Unboxing Promo

Another batch of deliveries this week at Gunfire. They got a fresh stock of AEGs from PPS Airsoft, Specna Arms, CYMA and they now have a version of the SR-3M from ForceCore called the FC-3M. For upgrades and replacement parts, they also got a good list of goodies from Element. They also have a promo where you do an unboxing video and if confirmed, you get a 5 euro voucher.

"Latest deliveries at Gunfire:

Laylax Lower Frame For New Gen M4 AEGs

We have posted news about the F-Factory MUR-1 for the new generation blowback and recoil AEGs from Tokyo Marui that will be made available in October 2015, but before that a lower receiver will be coming out ahead of it. Laylax also announced a series of lower receivers from F-Factory for the new gen AEGs will be coming out in September.

ClawGear Raider MK.IV Pant MC Review

RandomTrashy likes the experience he had with ClawGear trousers, just like our very own Masterchief did before when he reviewed a pair from them.  Here, he reviews the ClawGear Raider MK.IV Mission Pant... "I recently completed a 72-hr event on Copehill Down Military Facility. I was using the ClawGear trousers, genuinely one of the best trousers I have ever used, water repellent and took a real beating in the urban environment. Really very very impressed with them."

AMNB: Bolt M16A4 BRSS Heavy Review

The latest review at the Airsoft & Military News Blog covers the Bolt Airsoft M16A4 BRSS. John writes that... "The 3500g heavy Bolt M16A4 delivers around 382FPS and a rate of fire of roughly 700RPM with a 7.4V LiPo battery. The range and accuracy are very good even with the short barrel thanks to the great gearbox and the tight tolerances.

RWTV: KJ Works CZ P-09 Duty GBB Pistol

Tim gives a more intimate look at the fully-licensed KJ Works CZ-P09 Duty GBB Pistol as he reviews it in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "Over a year ago, Tim did a sneak preview of the KJ Works CZ P-09 GBB Pistol and mentioned that he would a more in depth review in the future. The future is now as there are now many different variants Tim wants to tell you about."

Airsoftology: S-Thunder Launcher And Shells

We are hearing more about the S-Thunder Airsoft Grenades and Launchers again, and Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology talks about these as potential sidearms for airsoft games... "Jonathan takes a close look at S-Thunder's Launcher and Mini-shells to see if they could very well be the new alternative sidearm for your next CQB match. And stay to the end to some video proof of the duo in action!"

Airsoft 'R Us Tactical Battle Machines Review

More on the Valken Tactical Battle Machines by Airsoft `R Us Tactical. After giving away early this month a Battle Machine for their anniversary, now they are doing a review on these AEGs. The Valken Battle Machines are the first complete AEG line from Valken Tactical under their own brand.

This IS Airsoft: Airsoft Nation Fort Ord

Next up on the's "This IS Airsoft" is their Airsoft Nation at Fort Ord in Northern California that took place last 18 July 2015. This is their customer appreciation event with portion of the proceeds going to Team Rubicon's Nepal Earthquake Relief Operation. Fort Ord is a former military barrack and is a favourite of airsoft players in California for MOUT airsoft operations.