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Python Thermal Mask Release Date Announced

Alessio Bua of Nexo Group has a video about the release date of the Python Thermal Mask and it will be available for interested resellers and airsoft players from the 10th of November. The Python Thermal Mask, apart from its thermal imaging capabilities provides eye protection, and communications with an app that can be used for team coordination.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: PTS Mega Arms CQB

On pre-order now from PTS Syndicate, features the PTS Mega Arms MKM CQB Gas Blowback Rifle with Spartan117gw explaining more about this GBB rifle. Fully licensed by Mega Arms, this uses the KWA gas blowback system with the receiver made of Aluminium making it lighter and still durable. It comes with a 9-inch KeyMod Rail and a 10.5inch CQB length barrel.

RWTV: Amoeba AS-01 Sniper Rifle

We now get to have a first look of the latest sniper rifle offering under the Amoeba brand of Ares Airsoft, the Amoeba AS-01 Sniper Rifle, courtesy of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "The Amoeba AS-01 sniper rifle looks to be your entry point into the world of sniping. With its sleek looks, can it indeed be the only sniper rifle you will ever need?

Pre-orders coming soon! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms!"

Obliterator Hexcam Viral Mod1 MK7 Set

Damn! A camo with a name that's sure to make the OPFOR's knees quake in their knees, the Obliterator Hexcam Viral Mod1 MK7 Combat Uniform Set is now at eHobby Asia... "The MK7 is a versatile camouflage that focuse on the ability to look different according to ambient light and color in jungle environments.

ICS: M3 Charging Handle Problem Fix

Are you experiencing problems with the ICS M3 Grease Gun Charging Handle? The main issue here is that the cover does not go back when you pull the charging handle to expose the hop-up for you to adjust it. Here is a video from ICS Class on how to fix it and it is pretty much straightforward.

ASGI Liveshow: Navy SEAL Kevin Vance

Two video links to YouTube were sent in by Airsoft GI this week. The first one should get you interested as it is a Liveshow episode with Navy SEAL Kevin Vance who is an actor and military advisor in some famous movies such as "Suicide Squad". In the second video, they show their S-Hop System which can give you better results than your regular hop-up. Watch them below:

"ASGI LIVESHOW w/ Navy SEAL Kevin Vance:

Hyperdouraku: ICS CXP-UK1 Captain Review

One of the more compact ICS Airsoft AEGs in the market, the ICS CXP-UK1 Captain AEG gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku. This is one of the latest AEGs that uses the Transform4 split gearbox with electric blowback feature. It also has a KeyMod rail and is available in black and tan versions.

Find out what Yas thinks about it here and below is the video overview:

PPS M9A1 40MM Bazooka At Landwarrior

The M9A1 40MM Airsoft Bazooka made by PPS Technology LTD is now available at LandWarrior Airsoft... "LWA now have in stock the rather unique, and awesome looking PPS M9A1 40mm Bazooka! This full metal replica uses standard Airsoft 40mm gas grenades (one included), and even splits in two and links together like the real thing! There are a limited number in stock right now, but be sure to see more on their way soon! KWA AKR-74M ERG

We're seeing videos from AirSplat On Demand again as they transitioned to new owners. For this video, they feature the KWA AKR-74m with the Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) System, making it the KWA the second company to offer recoil AK AEGs in the airsoft market. This is now in stock at the AirSplat online store.

Brain Exploder: Camo Is Unnecessary

Second video from the Brain Exploder of the Operation Civil War gameplay that took place last June and he was a sniper in the game, using the Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle... "Part two of a long hot day at Code Red Airsoft Park using the Silverback DesertTech SRS A1. The plan was to wait for the enemies to walk into our trap so I found a spot that the enemy team seemed to ignore.