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Lancer Tactical Advanced Recon Carbine Review

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology reviews the Lancer Tactical Advanced Recon Carbine (ARC) AEG. Part of the "Elite" line from Lancer Tactical, this is an AEG that is made by Lonex for Lancer Tactical. A full metal AEG, it has a rail system to attach weapon accessories and the battery is housed in the stock.

ICS Airsoft MGL Grenade Launcher Review

AirsoftReviews HD takes on the ICS MGL Grenade Launcher, probably the best airsoft grenade launcher in the market, for a review... "In this episode we review the ICS MGL, an ultimate 6 grenade launcher that can fire automatically all the shells in seconds! That beast can accomodate up to 6 shells of different sizes (bb capacity). Just load 40mm shells of your choise, aim and fire! The hole airsoft gun is made of polymer durable plastic, with a total weight of 2.100 g (non-loaded).

TFB: DSG Arms Kydex Holsters Review

Pete reviews the Kydex Holsters made by DSG Arms for The Firearm Blog... "Buying a holster for a friend or a family member is akin to picking out a special sweater as a Christmas present – everyone has their own tastes, body styles and requirements. It’s best to buy a gift card and write a meaningful note rather than risk getting them something that will never leave the bottom drawer.

Which Side Should They Be In Op. Wildman?

Help these Airsoft GI guys choose their side for Operation Wildman. The event is hosted by GI Tactical Texas, which is the Texas branch of Airsoft GI and it will be held at the D14 Airsoft field in Sanger and that is where GI Tactical Texas is located too. This event is sponsored by Classic Army and will take place on the 25th of June 2017.

Night Vision For Airsoft Worth It?

The BB Warrior touches the topic of Night Vision in airsoft and if players get a return of their investment or not in purchasing one... "Night vision in airsoft can be a very useful tool, however a good unit will run you a few thousand dollars. Today we'll be discussing reasons the monetary investment may or may not be worth it to you."

Zed Adventures Battle Lakes Video

Lee Fields got this video of Battle Lakes, one of the airsoft sites being managed by Zed Adventures based in the United Kingdom... "A video I shot for my company Zed Adventures at our Battle Lakes Airsoft site. Mixture of scripted action scenes and footage shot during a game day. It was a hell of a lot of fun to make and edit."

SBA Safety Advice To SRS Pull Bolt Users

For Silverback Airsoft SRS users, they will need to read this safety warning that the company issued... "Unlike traditional spring bolt action airsoft guns using the 90° sear system from Maruzen or the 45° sear system from Marui, the SRS is using a 'circular sear' system due to 'bullpup reasons' (and lack of space). The interface between the piston sear and the piston end is a circular surface.

Evike: G&P Transformer System Sneak Peek gives us a preview of the upcoming G&P Transformer System which is an interesting innovation by the Hong Kong-based airsoft company. This system shows a quick detach frontend system for easier transport in a small bag and an M249 hop-up unit. We dig the easy disassembly so you can stashed it a small backpack. More information to follow soon.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 AEG

With another G3 AEG coming up from a certain airsoft manufacturer in Taiwan, Tim of RedWolf Airsoft TV unearths a more classic AEG in the form the of the Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 AEG in this "Blast from the Past" episode of RWTV... "We always manage to get our hands on one of these relics and now it’s time for a true icon to show its face once more."

Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier At Military1st

The Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier is available right now at the online store... "The Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier comes with front document pocket and Loop ID panel, adjustable shoulder straps with detachable shoulder pads with guides, easy access plate pockets, front and rear MOLLE webbing and removable buckle for attachments.