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4,000 BBs Blasted Out Of An Air Cannon

Beyond the press got this video showing how 4,000 airsoft BBs got blasted out of an air cannon all at once. Something no sane airsoft player would want to be in front of during airsoft games... "Our ultimate weapon of mass destruction for airsoft games. Thanks for Atom Airsoft for delivering all the ammunition that we used."

IWA Outdoor Classics 2017: Valken Tactical

Josh of Valken Tactical shows the latest in their Battle Machine Family during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 as they release more premium AEGs called the Alloy Series which means that their new AEGs will be using metal. Also, he goes over their Valken uniform called the Tango series and the uniform on display uses the Tiger Stripes camo.

TFB: WWII Squad Tactics Live Fire

A cool project by The Firearm Blog as they attempt to reenact squad tactics of a U.S. Paratrooper squad with live firing... "On January 28th, TFB TV undertook a daunting task. We wanted to try and recreate an organizationally correct U.S. Army Paratrooper squad, with the same small arms and live ammunition that squad would have used in 1944. Recreating World War II small arms has been done through reenactments and in the film industry, but these only involve blanks.

RWTV's IWA Outdoor Classics 2107 Recap

A memorable IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 for the airsoft community indeed. During the event, the RedWolf Airsoft booth was a hub of activity with visitors and clients visiting them to make deals or find out what they had to offer. Marck does a recap of the event and it is interesting to listen to what he has to say about what happened.

Handgun Grip Trainer By Prohands Tactical

Interesting product that is designed to give you a strong grip on your pistol, the Prohands Tactical Handgun Grip Trainer is available at their store or on "We believe that your entire hand, wrist and forearm should be measurably stronger than necessary to operate your handgun. This will allow you to relax your hand and control the weapon with confidence. If your hand is stressed and strained, you will not be operating within your confidence zone.

"The Best Underrated Airsoft Gun?"

Interesting topic that Jonathan Higgs touches on for this episode of Airsoftology Q&A Mondays and probably you are already thinking which is what you think the best underrated airsoft gun even before you click on the play button. For the list of topics for this video, see below:

Umarex Airsoft Products For 2017

So what's in store for airsofters from Umarex for 2017? Here is a video showing their product offerings such as the Walter PPQ RAL8000 Springer, Walther P99 HME Kit Springer, a Beretta ARX160 Pistol, H&K MP5 A3 Sportsline, the gas powered H&K HK416 A5 and more. Watch the video below to see the full lineup.

Armorer Works Pistols At WGC Shop

WGC Shop got a big delivery of Armorer Works Gas Blowback Pistols and spare magazines that you can order and this is  along list of airsoft pistols for you to go over and decide which one to purchase... "Plenty of competition ready gas blowback pistols with extra-ordinary exterior design! Let me present Armorer Works! Full range just got in stock at WGC!

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui MP5K HC

Mach Sakai reviews the Tokyo Marui MP5k High Cycle Custom for this episode. Whilst at first glance it looks like the other TM MP5K, but when you open it up, it comes with the EG3000 HC Motor which goes 30,000 rpm, giving a rate of fire of 25 rounds per second without doing any upgrades. It comes with a 220-round high capacity magazine as well and it is a joy shooting this in full auto.

Tactical Rifleman: How To Shoot Moving Targets

How to shoot at moving targets. Here's a howto video from Tactical Rifleman and this aspect covers real steel shooting... "In this video Raj, from Tier-1 Group, takes us through shooting moving targets. He covers the two techniques of Tracking and Ambush.  Both techniques work well and each have advantages and disadvantages.