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Brain Exploder's New GoPro Hero 5 Mounts

Apart from airsoft gameplays and airsoft gun customisation, the Brain Exploder also makes mounts for Action Cams that can go worth with gear and accessories used in airsoft using 3D printing. He updates his mounts for the Boonie HAT and NVG with the release of the new GoPro Hero 5...

G&G Armament PDW15 Series Now Available

G&G Armament proudly announce the release of their PDW15 CQB/AR Series... "The long awaited PDW Series is now available. We are excited to launch our new performance AEG. What makes our PDW Series stand out from the rest?

FFA: Valken Thunder B Grenade Review

Femme Fatale Airsoft goes loud with a review of the Valken Thunder B Shocker Sound CO2 Grenade for airsoft games... "Anyone who has played Airsoft with me knows I love using Pyrotechnics in game, whether it is a Solid state BFG such as the TRMR or the SWAT VTG, TAG round or a disposable bang, sometimes they are the difference between gaining entry to a tricky to access room or a stalemate, the difference between winning and losing. 2016 Blooper Reel Part 3

Not impressed by the first two blooper reels of 2016 from as they greet the new year? Don't you worry as they still got another reel, making it the third reel from all the bloopers the hosts made in 2016. Find out which is the funniest scene yet, and it you're not yet impressed, it looks like there's another reel coming up.

Garmin Fenix 5 Series Hands On Video

We know a good number of airsoft players who prefer using the Garmin Multisport GPS watch for fitness and adventure and with the upcoming the Garmin Fenix 5, it keeps up with the competition with the inclusion of hear rate technology. The DC Rainmaker gives us a hands on look at its features... "Here's everything you need to know about the new Garmin Fenix 5 series. Including the Fenix 5S and Fenix 5 X."

Airsoft CamMan: Airsoft Gun Failure

How does it feel if all the guns you want to use fail? Worse than miserable, I suppose. Find out how the Airsoft CamMan felt when it happened to him... "I was having a bad day with my guns. First up, my ASG Scorpion Evo stops feeding, the my TM HiCapa stops working. I borrow Skull Sugar's WE Bulldog PX4 Compact and that stops working on me.

Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB Review

Kazuya Kaneko, the Gunsmith Baton Shop Manager, is back at Hyperdouraku for a guest review. In this case, he reviews the limited edition Hephaestus AMD-65 Gas Blowback Rifle, the only GBB of this variant in the market. Designed in cooperation with GHK Airsoft, itself a popular source of gas blowback rifles, this is based on the Hungarian variant of the AK.

Bunny Review: Amoeba Striker AS01

The Bunny Reviews have been on overdrive lately and here it their review of the Amoeba Striker AS01 Sniper Rifle that is available at the Bunny Workshop online store... "Ares Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle (Black) is an Airsoft 6mm BB Sniper Rifle designed by ARES as the ultimate starter Entry Range Rifle. The Rifle is constructed with a Polymer Body, Stock and Magazine with an Alloy Rail, Barrel, Trigger System, Internals and Rail.

New Special Offers From Military1st

It's Monday and it's time to learn about the new offers from this week where they are offering items with prices slashed from 15% to 20% Off. Products on offer are from the following brands: Flyye Industries, Helikon-Tex, Highlander, Klean Kanteen, Magnum Boots, Maxpedition, and Swiss Eye... "See this week's special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items. Limited time only - while stocks last!

Diles46: Playing OPFOR Care Under Fire

Diles46 went up to take an OPFOR role for the Care Under Fire training by Milsim Mechanix during American Milsim's Faded Giant 5... "We were allowed to play the OPFOR role for the American Milsim/Milsim Mechanix 'Guardian Mission' during the recent event at GTI for Faded Giant. It is always fun playing the bad guy in airsoft but also rewarding to be able to help out a great simulation course that hopefully benefits others."