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"Best BB Weight For Your Airsoft Pistol?"

So what is the best BB weight for your airsoft pistol to get the farthest and most accurate shot? That is what Jonathan Higgs will talk about in this episode of Airsoftology Q&A Mondays. Also in this episode are about his new home, airsoft body protection for a medical issue, and whcih SCAR deals to get.

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: G&G RK74 T AEG

The G&G Armament RK74 Tactical AEG is in stock at Gunfire and here is what they say about it... "RK74-T is the newest offer from G&G Armament for all AK type replica lovers. Modified, ergonomic config with KeyMod handguard, RIS mounting rails and adjustable stock. Replica can shoot in 3-round burst mode, thanks to awesome ETU electronic unit!"

Mach Sakai: ASG CZ 75D Pistol Review

The Action Sport Games (ASG) CZ 75 Gas Blowback Pistol has been available for some years now. It is a full metal pistol that has a 22-round capacity and can be used with CO2 or Green Gas. Mach Sakai reviews the pistol in this video, testing for accuracy and range.

M57 "The Clacker" Replica At EB Airsoft

Available at EB Airsoft is the Anli M57 Firing Device Replica. The M57, known as "The Clacker" is a firing device for the M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine. But in the case of the Anli replica, it is firing device in a sense is that it is lighter which probably use butane. It costs US$25.95 with free shipping and fuel is not included.

Mancraft PDiK SVD Conversion Kit Review

Bassabu de Oscuria goes over the Mancraft PDiK Conversion Kit for the spring powered SVD airsoft rifle so it can be HPA-powered... "Opening, review and testing of Mancraft´s PDiK conversion kit to adapt a sping SVD Dragunov to the use of HPA or CO2."

King Arms Facebook Christmas Event

A chance to win a Predator Tactical Iron Shrike GBB Pistol from King Arms by participating in their Facebook Christmas Event.... "The Predator Tactical Iron Shrike by King Arms. Metal slide and frame with CNC engraved lettering and logos. One piece chrome outer barrel with . 45ACP marking. Chrome hammer and trigger. Stainless steel spring guide and spring guide rod. Metal beavertail grip safety. Glossy black metal magwell. Metal front sight and rear sight and adjustable Hop-Up.

A&K M60 & GoPro Hero 5 Airsoft Debut

The Brain Exploder brings his new GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera for an airsoft gameplay and bringing the A&K M60 Support Weapon along... "Today I am using what I have dubbed my 61/60 load out the primary being my A&K Mk43 a variant of the M60 and on my hip is the VZ61 by KWA. I am also joined by some cool dudes Dickbutt Airsoft and Storm Airsoft.

In this round of play we attempt to deliver the bomb hidden somewhere in the middle of the field."

WGC Shop: PPS-RWG M870 Gas Shotgun

Available at WGC Shop right now is the PPS-RWG M870 Gas Shotgun. Made of alloy and plastic, it has capacity of 6+1 shells with each shell containing 3 6mm BBs. This is a pump action shotgun that is recommended to be powered with either 134a Gas which can give 250-280fps or Green Gas for 300-350fps initial muzzle velocity.

Booligan: GBB Pistol CO2/HPA Conversion

Power your Gas Blowback Pistol with CO2 or HPA with the Advanced Novelty Tech Co2/Hpa Conversion Kit Fire which can be good for target practice. Booligan Airsoft tells more about this in this video... "If you have a CO2 powered replica like this Colt 1911 Rail Gun, you can now set it up for external HPA or CO2 use using this drop-in product!"

RedWolf Cyber Monday Deals Ends Today

It's Tuesday but you can still get more for your money at RedWolf Airsoft as their Cyber Monday Deals are still in effect so grab your chance before it's over... "RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Cyber Monday Deal on top of the Black Friday Sale and Super Holiday Sale!

This promotion starts now till November 29th 11:59pm Hawaiian Time! Over 20 items are at least 50% OFF!