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Bingo Airsoft Designs Concept Airsoft Gun

From building custom HPA-powered Airsoft Guns, Bingo Airsoftworks are now going into making their own airsoft gun designs and here's a prototype of their initial design and it does not need magazines... "Bingo Airsoftworks is very excited to present the first look at the Bingo Airsoft Designs LLC Prototype/Concept Airsoft gun.

WGC Shop: VFC USMC M40A5 Pre-Order

For those who are waiting for this rifle, time to start placing orders as WGC Shop announced that they are taking pre-orders for the VFC USMC M40A5 Gas Sniper Deluxe Limited Edition. Set for release by the end of this month, this has a CNC'd Steel Muzzle Break, Aluminium Machined Tapered Barrel, fires at around 1.7joules, and comes a 14 round magazine. Price for this airsoft sniper rifle? It's US$420.00. 6MM Proshop AA16 E3

Matt talks about the 6MM Proshop AA16 E3 available on in this episode of "The Gun Corner. This AEG is available in black and tan colours  with prices at US$199 for the Black and US$215 for the Tan version... "Crafted from the experts at 6mmProShop, this performance competition AEG is fully loaded and ready to go.

KWA ATP GBB Pistol Now at Moaihobby

Moaihobby are stocking up on some of the popular products in the airsoft market, including the KWA Adaptive Training Pistol GBB (ATP) and its corresponding gas magazine... "The Adaptive Training Pistol, or ATP, is KWA’s first originally designed training pistol unique to the airsoft market. It was designed to resemble the fit and feel of familiar duty weapons currently used by law enforcement and select military groups.

ASGI Echo1 XCR RDC Blitz Sale

Get ready for another Blitz Sale from Airsoft GI happening today... "Tuesday, 03/24/2015, the well known and versatile Echo 1 XCR-RDC will be going for sale for only $185.99!!! Originally $400, this is something you don't want to miss. OEM'd by VFC, a company well known for producing high performance and top of the line quality internal components right out of the box. This will be going live at 00:00 PST.

UF PRO Striker XT Shirt Flecktarn

More photos of the UF PRO Striker XT Combat Shirt in Flecktarn posted on Facebook. We hope to get to see their line when we find time to visit their booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 this weekend... "A few exclusive shots of the new Striker XT Combat Shirt in Flecktarn. If you are attending this year IWA exhibition make sure to drop by our booth 315 in hall 9 and see the new Flecktarn BDU for yourself."

Battle Jeep Burns In Russian Airsoft Game

Today's airsoft news from Mother Russia. Red Army Airsoft sent to us this link about a Battle Jeep owned by the Moscow-based Alabama Airsoft Team burning whilst used in airsoft game. This unfortunate incident, which according to Aleksander, seemed to have been caused by an oil leak and a spark ignited engulfing in flames the poor vehicle which was used as a support gun vehicle in the game.

Ares Airsoft Amoeba Line at Moaihobby

Looking for Amoeba AEGs from Ares Airsoft? Moaihobby announce that they have the full line of Amoeba Airsoft AEGs including the AM-013 AEG "Not A Honey Badger" as shown in the photo above. From the full carbine to the pistol versions to the weapons accessories, if you want Amoeba, Moaihobby has it.

PTS Battlecomp 51.0 Flash Hider Available

Another release from PTS Syndicate this week with the Battlecomp 51.0 Flash Hider available in CW and CCW versions... "The PTS Battlecomp 51.0 Flash Hider is the latest release and is designed to integrate with AAC 51T-compatible silencers. The PTS airsoft replica is available in clockwise and counterclockwise 14mm threading and is compatible with the PTS AAC M4-2000 replica mock silencers.


Protect The Tower Custom AK Gameplay

You've watched the Airsoft Megastore AK Loadout Challenge where Ross, Jon, and Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs showed their AK AEGs that they built using the AMS Gun Builder. Now watch them bring the guns to action... "With Airsoftology Jonathan, Ross and Jon from Airsoft Megastore, AMS took three of our new custom AKs from our Gun Builder to SC Viper for some field testing. The guns were built how each player wanted to run their gun and gear.