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Griffin Armament Low Profile RIGID Rail Kits

Griffin Armanent just announced their Low Profile RIGID Rail Kits for M-LOK. Now we wait PTS Syndicate when they will release their version for the airsoft market... "Griffin rail kits feature Low-Pro RIGID™ rails, a slim, low profile, ultralight, yet rigid M-LOK rail. Design objectives of this rail were to provide a slim, ultralight rail, with increased rigidity over similar weight and profile current market options.

S.A.I. M870 CO2 Shotgun At MoaiHobby

MoaiHobby finally got into their shelves the A.P.S. CAM 870 SAI Deluxe Match CO2-Shell Ejecting Shotgun. This comes with the Salient Arms International Markings, this has become a favourite for 3-Gun airsoft shooters. It's got the Magpul Polymer Stock with Grip and has a capacityof 6+1 shell cartridges.

SRU SCAR Bullpup & G17/18 Carbine Kits

Conversion kits to turn the SCAR-L GBB into a bullpup and the G17/G18 into carbines from Strike Recon Union (SRU) are available at Crawley Surplus UK and here is their video review of these kits... "Now this is something a little different! Dan gets his hands on some shiny bits of plastic all the way from Taiwan. But these aren't just any old shiny piece of plastic, these are SRU's brand new bullpup and carbine conversion kits."

Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 5 Gameplay Part 1

Now, we get to see the first part of the gameplay footage from Robo-Airsoft taken during the Americam Milsim Broken Home 5 event... "In this installment of PPT - we start up my regular gameplay series for Broken Home 5 with part one. In this edition - we pick up right at the start of the event, with Delta 6 moving forward toward our initial position to secure and hold.

Airsoft Fitness Tips From Storm Riders

A helpful video from the Storm Riders, giving some fitness tips to help you be in shape and stay in the game... "In this video Chris, S07, goes over some tips that will help you improve your own fitness for airsoft. These exercises can be done by anyone, at any fitness level, and will help strengthen your body to improve your performance, as well as to avoid injury on the field.

Booligan Airsoft: Cyclone Impact Grenade Demo

Just a short video showing Booligan Airsoft having fun with the Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade. The good part is the slow motion goodness showing the grenade releasing the BBs, how we wish it could be done with a camera with a realy crazy frame rate... "Classical music makes this video classy. My poor filming techniques make it less classy. Grenades are always fun though."

Unicorn Leah & Guests On Pew Pew Bunnies

Sex in Airsoft? Pretty sure that'll get your attention as Unicorn Leah starts with her "Controversial Topics" in airsoft on YouTube... "Sex sells. Is it necessary in airsoft? Airsoftology Jonathan, Tactical Mermaid, and Callsign Ironhorse sit down with Unicorn Leah to discuss the rise of Instagram 'airsoft models', gun bunnies, and provocative photos."

ASGI Krytac LVOA-C Product Spotlight

Airsoft GI puts the spotlight on the Krytac LVOA-C AEG which you can purchase either with free 10 midcap magazines or a US$40 Airsoft GI Gift Card... "The KRYTAC brand name is derived from the legendary sea creature, The Kraken. The Kraken was feared, and revered, for it's power and dominance in the sea. No other creature could match The Kraken in strength and speed. The spirit of The Kraken lives on in KRYTAC.

TFB On The FN PS90: Toy or Tool?

A favourite of airsoft players for CQB games, The Firearm Blog TV discusses the FN PS90 whether it is a toy to have fun with or a tool to do some serious work with... "The 5.7x28mm cartridge is certainly a divisive round. On one hand, you have people making ludicrously grandiose claims about its effectiveness, while others simply write it off as a gimmick or overpriced .22WMR from Belgium.

Stirling Airsoft Event: Operation Crucible

If you are missing out on the Stirling Airsoft Operation Red Kite to be held this month due to conflict schedules, there's another one coming up in August. Operation Crucible is set for the 13th to the 14th August 2016 at Caerwent FIBUA in Wales... "Ati has fallen. After what was left of the Chadian army withdrew from the area Azearian State fighters entered the city, raising flags over government buildings and declaring an Azearian stronghold in one of the most crucial areas of Chad.