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Hong Kong Off The Grid (HKOTG) are the latest group to give us a review of the fully-licenced HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle from VFC. Visiting WGC Shop, Martin gives us an initial intro about the 417 with a brief comparison with the HK416. He then turns over the GBB to Marck to give test fire and disassemble the rifle to look at the internals comparing it to the 416 once again.

Airsoft Atlanta AGM MP44 AEG Review

Affordable AGM MP44 AEG gets reviewed by Airsoft Atlanta which has this in stock... "AGM MP44 AEG (Metal & Wood Version). A great MP-44 airsoft replica rifle, for all you WW2 German buffs. It's also a great firing airsoft gun overall, sure to raise plenty of hell at your next battle. This is the enhanced, newest version with real wood and metal (not the faux style). It uses a standard M4 hopup chamber, so you can tweak it to your heart's content.

AONW E&L AK-74N & AK-104 Review

Samples of the E&L Airsoft AEGs have now landed at Airsoft Outlet Northwest and quickly they made of a review of these... "E&L Airsoft is a newcomer to the AEG market, and airsoft in general, but they’ve set their course to make an impact. E&L Airsoft is committed to doing one thing, and doing it well. That thing is realistic Kalashnikov airsoft guns. NSRT "Chips N Dip" Episode 35

Episode 35 of the "Not So Round Table" (NSRT) Talk Show where Jet DesertFox is back to join Matt and George. His leg is fine as he says, if you remember that injury he had at one milsim event. An interesting question from Chips N Dip to start the episode "If you could get any famous war/action movie star to make an airsoft field or arena, who would it be, what would be in it, and why?"

Interesting question indeed, watch the whole episode below:

G&G Ground Zero NAF 2014 Free Giveaway

With the Ground Zero Weekender National Airsoft Festival in Ringwood just weeks away. G&G Armament announce that there will be some lucky players who will get a custom G&G cap and perhaps the T-418 premium AEG... "To all the players who attend The National Airsoft Festival 2014. The first 500 players who complete the registration form on G&G's official website before July 25th, 17:00p.m.

Too Cheaper To Be True & Op Black Shield

Marq sent in news about the new Airsoft GI Too Cheaper To Be True Mystery Box and you might just bag an SR-25 today. Also registration for the two-day Operation Black Shield that will take place this weekend is now on going so better get your slots now... "The Airsoft GI Too Cheaper Mystery Box will be going live on Thursday 07/17/2014 @ 5:00 PM PST. Grand prize of this mystery box will be the Knight's Armament SR-25 ER.

Evike [The Gun Corner] HK MP7 GBB

In this episode of the The Gun Corner, Matt talks about the licensed MP7 Rapid Deployment Hardkick GBB made by KWA which is in stock right now at "The detailed marking, performance and feel of this sub-machine Airsoft gun is simply amazing. H&K has officially granted a license to Umarex for the H&K MP7. Umarex USA has officially licensed the Heckler & Koch MP7 Personal Defense Weapon.

Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works M40A1 AIR

Hyperdouraku goes into a review session again and this time it's the newer version of the Tanaka Works M40A1 Air (Air Cocking Airsoft Sniper Rifle) whereas before they had the shell-ejecting version. This has a new bb-feeding system with the magazine having a capacity of 27-rounds and it also has a top Picatinny rail for mounting optics and the bolt handle has been designed not to hit the scope when it's flipped up.

E&L Airsoft AKM Gearbox Parts Review

Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep unboxes and takes down the E&L Airsoft AKM AEG to check the internals for this review and here is what he says... "In conclusion the E&L Airsoft AKM and any rifles they offer are going to make you satisfied and fulfill that perfect AK craving. The price point being lower than the once praised “Master Race AK’s” and offering more inside and out give you no choice but to own the E&L. Why would you spend more for less?

Military1st: Mechanix Wear Gloves in MultiCam

Take a pick of not only one, but three types of Mechanix Wear Gloves in the Multicam pattern available at But hurry as these are usually snapped up by customers quick as these are sought after... "Mechanix Wear gloves in MultiCam camo are available now from Military 1st online store. Get yours now before they gone!"