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Airsoft Atlanta Airsoft Shotguns Video

It's airsoft shotguns galore in this Airsoft Atlanta video. Take your pick of shotguns, whether the cheaper springers or gas powered ones... "Airsoft Atlanta reviews three different types of popular airsoft shotguns: Double Eagle single-shot; UTG triple-shot; Tokyo Marui M870 3-shot/6-shot gas shotgun.

AirSplat On Demand: ASG TAC6 SL CO2

The affordable ASG Tac6 rifle is now in stock at and here's Thor to tell you more about it in this episode of AirSplat On Demand... "The TAC-6 rifle is a light weight, CO2 powered Airsoft rifle with an ergonomic pistol grip that holds the BB’s in a stick type magazine allowing a fast reload. The rifles feature a full-length picatinny styled top rail for optics and accessories.

RA-Tech Custom M4 & CZ-P09 Duty GBB

Two videos from RA-Tech were also posted over the weekend. The first one is the RA-TECH Custom GBB with SVOBODA Stock which you have probably watched previously with the video from Airsoft Taiwan. The second one is the RA TECH Custom KJ CZ P09 Debut for those who have been keen on getting this GBB pistol that is licensed by Action Sport Games (ASG).

How to Fix A Broken AEG Trigger Post

Another Tech Tip from AirRattle for AEG owners... "Trigger posts will not last forever, especially if your gearbox is not a "reinforced" style gearbox. If the post breaks your only options are to replace the entire gearbox shell, or try to modify it. This video will show you step by step how to add a screw to act like a trigger post.

If you have the tools and the time, it is a quick and easy fix!"

AS 2-Tone Sporting AR Luxury w/ ACOG

Airsoft Surgeon just released a custom rifle that's probably out of reach by most in us as it will put a big, big hole in our pockets, empty our bank accounts, and perhaps ruin households. But if you have US$3269.00, you might as well treat yourself to one of these Airsoft Surgeon Two-Tone Sporting AR Luxury Version w/ ACOG rifles available at RedWolf Airsoft...

Tac-TV MOH Warfighter Weapon Balance

The second in the series from Vickers Tactical TAC-TV where Larry Vickers gives us an insight on weapons used in Medal of Honor Warfighter video game and this time it's about weapons balance... "Larry goes inside the Medal of Honor Warfighter design Studio to meet Dan Moditch, A Senior Designer on the Game They Talk about balancing the Effects and the capabilities of of A Given Weapons system, on the Game."

BMPs In Action In Dark Emergency 3

Oh man! We should have been there and we love big bad vehicles and explosions! Airsoft Keks shows how the these armoured infantry fighting vehicles were put into action during Dark Emergency 3... "Real tanks in an airsoft game? The German airsoft game 'Dark Emergency 3' made ​​this possible. Players, who booked the tank option, drove with two BMPs in the game where real explosions waited for them about during event."

Custom T21 GBB & More At eHobby Asia

As they have announced last week, eHobby Asia now have in stock the newly released Hephaestus Custom Project T or their limited edition TAR-21 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle. Other airsoft guns that have arrived are the ICX CXP Transform 4, ICS CXP15 RIS, and the Umarex/Stark Arms PPQ M2 Navy Duty Kit. Gun accessories that arrived are the Holosun HS401ARA INFINITI Red Dot Sight with Red Laser, GunsModify Aluminum CNC Blow Back Housing and the GHK Aluminum Keymod MOD1 for GHK M4 GBB.

G&G GC4 G26 A1 AEG Released

G&G Armament sent in news today about the release of the G&G GC4 G26 A1 AEG which is available in black and desert tan... "The GC4 G26 A1 features high quality internals and a unique, ultra-cool deesign. The full metal upper and lower receiver set are made for unparelleled durability. The top rail runs along the entire length of the upper receiver and handguard, giving you ample space to add any optic you may need. The sight is actually also part of the rail.

KJW CZ-P09 Duty Series at UN Company

The news for the week from UN Company is about the KJ Works CZ-P09 Blowback Series which is now available at their online store right now. Fully licensed from Action Sport Games (ASG), you can select power source of either Gas or CO2 and colours (Black or Two-Tone Black/Tan). Price range is US$80 to US$115.00 depending on what model you fancy.