Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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LTG Hal Moore Passes Away At Age 94

Retired Lieutenant General Hal Moore passes away at 94. In a report at Stars and Stripes, he died in his sleep at this home in Auburn, Alabama, just two days shy of his 95th birthday. He is famous for leading American soldiers in the first large scale engagements against the North Vietnamese that first saw the intensive use of the M16 rifle in the Battle of La Drang in 1965.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Calibur VR16 HPA

Another custom HPA gun from Airsoftjunkiez now available. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom Avalon Calibur Full Metal VR16  HPA Package gives you the option of choosing the HPA engine to use though the privcing does not yet include the accessories. It is configured at 320-390fps on 0.20g BBs and can spit out 20-33 BBs per second.

Gun Gamers Speedsim: On The VFC Avalon

The Gun Gamers on their SpeedSim Series on YouTube, talk about the VFC Avalon and how it fares to other comparable products from other airsoft manufacturers... "This week, E House and Andre take a look at the VFC Avalon, distributed by Elite Force, and answer the burning question: Is it as good as, or better than Krytac?  Watch to find out!

Charlie Mike Gear Custom Kydex Overview

Check out this video from Nugentgl for those looking for other suppliers of custom Kydex holsters... "Finally found a reasonably priced custom kydex company! I didn't break the bank getting a OWB holster that will accommodate a Glock 19 with suppressor sights AND threaded barrel..."

Red Army: Amoeba AM-016 Gameplay

Two gameplay videos from Red Army Airsoft showing the Ares Amoeba Airsoft AM-016 AEG in action with scopecam mounted... "Airsoft CQB gameplay at the site of the Delta Airsoft Club. We defended with the ARES Amoeba AM-016 AEG on which I mounted scopecam."

Robo-Airsoft: Copperhead 2.5 #3

There is still a part three in the AAR of Robo-Airsoft on the American Milsim Copperhead 2.5 that took place last year... "In this installment of PPT - I bring you part three of my regular gameplay collected at American Milsim's Copperhead 2.5. This event took place at the Playas Training and Research Center, in Playas, New Mexico, back in September.

Orbital ATK Sues H&K Over XM25 Project

Heckler & Koch got another legal headache to contend with and it is a big money lawsuit. In a report at, Orbital ATK is suing the Germany company for failing to honour a multi-million dollar contract to deliver 20 units of the XM25. ATK has partnered with Heckler & Koch in the development of the XM25 OICW or the combined kinetic-explosive weapon.

Airsoft Taiwan: HFC Mini Grenade Launcher

It looks the ZOXNA mini launcher has competition in the ultra-compact airsoft BB launcher systems. At Airsoft Taiwan right now is the gas-powered HFC HG138 Mini Grenade Launcher. It can be mounted on the underrail of pistols and rifles and has it's own underrail too in case you want to attach a laser there.

eHobby Asia: Umarex HK416 & Great Savings

eHobby Asia send in their list of products that they recommend to airsoft players this week and they are also offering savings on your purchases. For this week, they got products from Amoeba Airsoft, Umarex/VFC, Novritsch, Asura Dynamics, and 5.11 Tactical. Check the links below to learn more:

Latest Special Offers From Military1st

So what are the brands on special offer this week at It's a good list and you can get discounts of up to 20% off from the products they have on sale... "Discover this week's special offers at Military 1st online store! Up to 20% off selected items.

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