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An Interview w/ Hugo Brugière Of Cybergun

Airsoft Junior got this video of their interview with Cybergun's Hugo Brugière... "Hello to all friends of the ball! We meet for a new video, and this time it's for the interview of Vice President cybergun Hugo Brugière. I hope this video please, do not hesitate to tell me what you think.

Good luck to all!"

Safariland Model 086 At RedWolf Airsoft

With more and more airsoft shotgun users, especially those who are into 3-Gun Nation Airsoft,  demand for shotgun accessories grows. At RedWolf Airsoft is the Safariland Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder that can hold 8 shotgun shells... "The model 086 is designed with a carrier system that holds (8) shot shells and adds agility with its unique retaining plates.

Airsoft GI: The Krytac Alpha AEG Series

Now on pre-order at Airsoft GI are the Krytac Alpha AEG Series. Expected to arrive by the middle of June 2016, these AEGs, which for now are the SDP and CRB variants come with a redesigned gearbox, Aluminum Alloy Receivers, MOSFET, and Sorbothane Pad Installed for Longevity and Performance. Bob tells you more about these below:

Fox Airsoft: Why Use A Smart Charger?

Another video from Fox Airsoft featuring the use of smart chargers for charging batteries. Shown in the video is the Tenergy Smart Charger for NiMH and NiCad batteries which they have in stock. This can safely charge the batteries at a faster rate and can lengthen the life of the battery pack.

5.11 Tactical Reveal The Operator Axe

Not exactly something that you can use in an airsoft game, but it is sure is nice to have this Operator Axe from 5.11 Tactical... "Co-developed with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, this axe performs multiple functions including hammer, pry bar, wrench, metal cutter, bearded axe to name a few. This is one bad axe."

Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer Now Online

Respawn Entertainment has released the teaser trailer for the upcoming Titanfall 2 video game that will now come with a single player campaign mode as the original Titanfall game started as a online multiplayer game only... "Be among the first to discover Titanfall 2.

From Respawn Entertainment, the studio that brought you the award-winning Titanfall, comes Titanfall 2.

Border War 8: The Warchief Photos #1

Whilst we are still recovering from the recently concluded Border War 8: The Warchief, we are posting an initial batch of photos taken from the event as we know many of you are waiting for these. These photos are mainly a combination of our own photos and also magnificent photos of Jan from the Border War Crew. We'll be posting batches of photos until we finish our After Action Report.

RWTV: The Division Guns In Airsoft

Tim Selby RWTV looks into the guns in play in Tom Clancy's Division that have airsoft versions... "As most of you are aware, Tom Clancy’s: The Division is a very popular game played on both console and the computer. The reason why we love it so much is because there is a vast selection of guns to choose from. In this video, we toy with a new idea to introducing gaming and Airsoft reviews in one package.

Jag Precision: E&L Gen 2 AK AEG Series

Jag Precision has a new video showing the E&K Airsoft Generation 2 AK Series... "We now have the Generation 2 E&L AK lineup at JAG Precision. The latest version improves on the already robust platform and adds numerous internal upgrades that the players have been asking for. For you hardcore AK fans in the US, the E&L Generation 2 will satisfy your desire for the most realistic feeling AK like no other brand can."

Wolverine BOLT VSR Sniper HPA System

Airsoft Atlanta announce that the Wolverine BOLT VSR Sniper HPA System will be arriving at their store this summer... "COMING SOON - JULY 2016 ETA - The Wolverine BOLT VSR Sniper HPA System. Convert your VSR-10 (or clone) airsoft sniper rifle to use an external air HPA tank. By adjusting your regulator, you can decrease or increase your sniper rifle's FPS to whatever you want! This is seriously an awesome product from Wolverine.