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Airsoft Meetup 2016 Highlight
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Airsoft Atlanta: Marui AA-12 AES Review

As they have promised, after receiving a shipment of these babies, Airsoft Atlanta gives us a review of the Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES... "For real this time, we have the all new Tokyo Marui AA-12 shotguns! This is a new AEG (electric!) airsoft shotgun that shoots three BBs per shot. Runs on a special magazine system, has 3x HopUp adjustment wheels, 3x inner barrels, and kicks tons of ass. Semi or full-auto electric airsoft shotgun!

eHobby Asia: Dytac Bravo Karbine AEGs

Available right now at eHobby Asia are the Dytac Bravo Karbine AEG Series. These are are high performance AEGs using the BR KeyMod System Handgguard and aluminium receivers. Available in Stealth and Standard versions, they have 8mm bearings, 6-position SOPMOD stock, high quality precision gearbox, and 300-rounds high capacity AEG magazine.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol

Find out more about this Desert Eagle CO2 Blowback Pistol made by Magnum Research/KWC as presented by Airsoft Station... "This Magnum Research licensed Desert Eagle .50 AE Full/Semi auto Gas Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol is as powerful as it is big.

Airsoft Mike: Contour Roam 3 HD Review

It is an action camera this time for Airsoft Mike. He reviews a product from Contour, the company that closed in 2013 but opened for business again in 2014... "Here I get my hands on the Contour Roam 3 Waterproof HD Action Camera! I also show a lens protector, and various mounts that you can use for airsoft!

Full Specifications:

New S&S SlingClip For KeyMod And M-LOK

S&S Precision just announced versions of their SlingClip for KeyMod and M-LOK... "Designed to fit most standard 1” slings, the SlingClip™’s sleek design offers versatility without bulkiness, effectively turning your single point sling into a two point sling with a simple flick of your thumb. The latest additions to the S&S Precision SlingClip™ are Keymod & M-LOK compatible. (PAT #: 8650794."

Arc'teryx xFunctional Pant AR Review

Tactical Distributors do a review of the Arc 'Teryx LEAF Xfunctinal Pant AR... "Cross-functional technical pair of trousers with a casual appearance. Ideal for low-viz operations and range work. The hardwearing NyCo blend fabric is durable and dries quickly. Articulation in the knees and crotch ensures that you won't be held back when you go to take a knee, drop into a squat, or lunge.

USAirsoft: VFC MP7 GBB Review Revisit

USAirsoft does another review of the VFC MP7 Gas Blowback SMG since the first review was not a glowing one and could have been caused by a faulty bolt. Will this change their mind?... "When we reviewed the VFC MP7, Scott was excited to see just how much it would kick the KWA version in the butt however after the video was finished and uploaded it had many loving their KWAs even more. It looked great but every other thing about it failed in every aspect buuuut... Was it really all VFCs fault?

ICS CXP-UK1 Captain Feature Video

For their 2016 offering, ICS have announced the ICS CXP-UK1 Captain that is part of their Transform4 family. The smallest amongst the ICS M4 CXP variants, this has a KeyMod handguard, Electric Blowback, T-Window Magazine, Spring Release Function, Steel Crown Flash Hider, Charging Handle, and Double-Sided Steel Sling Mount. Skyways Airsoft Mortar are not done yet with their videos of Skyways Airsoft products at the SHOT Show 2016. After the grenades, claymore mine, and dummy bomb pro, an airsoft mortar was also on display at their booth. This mortar is different from the Hakkotsu Mortar that they have available at their online store as this uses a water balloon as projectile.

Robo-Airsoft: 2016 NODs Footage Teaser

Airsoft gameplay footage from Robo-Airsoft and friends at Siege Airsoft... "A teaser video to highlight the NODs footage that myself and a few friends will be putting out over the course of the year. This video features a montage of footage we collected at Siege Airsoft's Low Light event from January 2016. We only got a tiny bit of footage - so just imagine the footage we'll collect over the course of the year. Get excited!