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RWTV: IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 Part 1

Here's the first part of the coverage of RedWolf Airsoft TV of the recently held IWA Outdoor Classics 2015... "This is a documentary style video where Tim takes you on a journey to Nuremberg, Germany, giving you an idea of what Tim has to do on his trip. This is one part of many so keep an eye out for the cool products he gets to see!"

Airsoft Taiwan PPS M870 Shotgun Preview

The latest offering in the airsoft shotgun segment, the PPS M870 is now available at Airsoft Taiwan and here's a preview video they made... "AST preview video! The PPS M870 available now and we test the material, FPS, and try to operate it tactically. The recharge way is very unique, and watch this video, you will find out the answer.

G&G/Army L85 HPA Gearbox Replacement Kit

Bingo Airsoftworks shows how to install this kit they made for the L85 AEG... "This video demonstrates how to install the G&G/Army HPA Engine gearbox replacement kit. The kit allows you to easily upgrade your G&G or Army L85 to use an HPA engine such as the PolarStar Fusion Engine or the Wolverine SMP Engine. The video shows how to remove the AEG gearbox and install the kit, for both the Fusion Engine and the SMP versions."

Muhl's KWA AKG-74M With TWI B10 Rail

We get to hear again from Muhl's Customs as he posts a new video on his new project, the custom KWA AKG-74M Gas Blowback Rifle fitted with the TWI B10 Railed Handguard. The B10 is based on the Zenitco B10, made by Zenit and specialised in making weapons accessories for the AK family.

Ares VZ58 Coming to RedWolf Airsoft

OB writes on HTIS Media about the Ares Airsoft VZ58 AEGs which will be available in two versions and soon to be in stock at RedWolf Airsoft UK... "For those of you who were at IWA not too long ago you may have noticed two AK look-a-likes on display in the Redwolf booth. However, upon closer inspection these are actually the VZ58 by Ares. The VZ58 may look very much like an AK at first glance, however the real steel version actually share no parts with the Soviet AK-47.

ICS CXP-APE EBB Official Video

Revealed in January of this year, ICS is proud to present one of their new AEG offerings for 2015... "The ICS CXP-APE is a great new rifle in 2015. Born for all-terrain combat, the whole new body is distinguishable from an AR. It has a mdern one-piece aluminium upper receiver, 5-sided keymod system handguard, and an Electric Blow Back System.

Betio Bastards Airsoft Team Season 2014

A good compilation of event videos where the Betio Bastards airsoft team participated in 2014 via the YouTube link that Red Army Airsoft Club furnished us. See the Russian airsoft team go into action at various milsim events held in and out of Yekaterinburg which many of you are familiar with as we have posted about them here.

G&G Mascot Design Contest Update

We hear from G&G Armament regarding their G&G Mascot Design Contest which they announced last year. The first update is that they have extended the contest, with the deadline on the 9th of September 2015. The second update is that they upped the ante to motivate those with graphic design or drawing skills with prizes now up to US$15,000.00 with winners in each of the three categories winning US$5,000.

PenCott Camo In Netflix's "House of Cards"

Warning SPOILER ALERT for those who are following the "House of Cards" series on Netflix. In what is a continuing hits for Hyde Definitions' PenCott Camo patterns now getting serious attention from different gear makers, now it gets another high profile series apart from the Halo Nightfall --- being featured in Season 3 in "House of Cards". Press release below:

Airsoft GI AK Triple Threat Review

We've all watched the Airsoft GI One Minute Reviews, but what if they review three airsoft guns? Then we get a three minute review! Har! Har! Har!... "Bantha Bill gives us three reviews of three awesome AK variants available at Airsoft GI! Check all of them out as well as all the other products at