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OGO: TCA Broken Dragon II AAR

One Grunt's Opinion (OGO) posts his After Action Report (AAR) video of the Third Coast Airsoft Broken Dagger II event last Thursday. The event took place last 9-11 June 2017 at the University Park, Illinois and supported by Airsoftjunkiez... "Sorry for the crappy audio.

SoCal Tactical Airsoft At Wildlands Opening

The Southern California Tactical Airsoft group were at the Wildlands Airsoft Park Grand Opening as well and here is their footage of the event... "Every Summer has an official kick off event, well in California this was that event, over 20 vendors and nearly 200 players on each team, this was hands down the best event of the year so far, great job by everyone involved." LCT LC-3 At TWAAA Camo Fest gives us a closer look at the upcoming LC-3 AEG that is being produced by LCT Airsoft. Based on the G3 weapon design, this AEG is expected to be released in July 2017. Video was taken during the TWAAA International Camo Festival 2017 in Taiwan... "At the consumer fair TWAAA Int'l Camo Festival 2017 the manufacturer LCT showed their upcoming LC-3 series (G3) which will be released in July (2017)."

Gun Gamers SpeedSim: Hi-Capa Maintenance

The Hi-Capa pistol is the most bought and customised airsoft pistol, especially that it is the preferred pistol by competitive shooters. In this video of Gun Gamers SpeeSim Series, they show you how to clean and maintain this pistol to ensure that it performs as required... "This week on SpeedSim, Andre talks to you about how he cleans and maintains his Hi Capas after each game. Enjoy!"

GI Spencer's Top 3 Outdoor Guns

It's the turn of Spencer to talk about his picks for the top 3 outdoor guns in this Airsoft GI Uncut Video. One is an affordable AEG from G&G Armament and the other two are from Elite Force Guns. Watch the video below to find out what these AEGs are and if they are what you need for your next airsoft gun shopping spree.

"The Worst Airsoft Injury I've Seen Yet"

Is there an injury you have seen in airsoft that's really bad that you'd rather not talk about it? In this episode of Airsoftology's Q&A Mondays, Jonathan Higgs talks about what is the worst injury he had seen yet plus other topics such as gas blowbacks and downgrading an AEG power.

"Tippmann Mail Call

0'20 Magazine N12 Issue Now Out

The latest edition of 0'20 Magazine is now out. It's packed tons of articles with 6 airsoft gun reviews including the KJ Works KP13, the APS Black Hornet, and much more. The English Edition is on the 12th Issue, Spanish 56th Issue, French 26th Issue, and the Taiwan Issue on its 21st. So check out your nearest airsoft shop and get your free copy now or read it online.

Evike Airsoft Nation Texas Player Video

Happyfamily1004 got this footage of Airsoft Nation Customer Appreciation Game 2017 that took place in Texas... "Robert-Andre and Super D went and played in the evike operation airsoft nation fan appreciation game at temple airsoft. In this video you see some game footage, Matt Evike, Jet DesertFox, patches and more. Robert-Andre and Super D were in Task Force Charlie (tan team). Robert-Andre's Ares Amoeba AM-014 was provided by Redwolf Airsoft."

Airsoft Megastore: Best M4 Under US$125?

Muhl talks about the entry level Lancer Tactical M4 Gen 2 AEGs available at Airsoft Megastore... "These new M4s from Lancer Tactical are replacing their current entry level line up. These rifles have a much more durable body that the original Lancer Tactical line up. The internals have also taken a big leap forward from the original Gen 1s!


New Haley Strategic WML & WMLX

Travis Haley shares information about the new WML and WMLX weaponlights from Inforce. You can choose between the 400 lumens to 800 lumens penetrating light with the WMLX 400/800 allowing you to choose between 400 and 800 lumens at the flick of a switch. These lights have the Momentary Only Activation System which is a momentary only digital pressure pad with its angled activation button is comfortable to operate without interference of wires or tape switches.