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Galac-Tac Online Store Finally Opens

Now, there is a proper store to cater to those who have been wanting the Mandalorian-inspired suit and helmet designed by Ryan B. Flowers. The Galac-Tac Online Store is now open and you can order the armour and helmets available or you can have some custom work. We wonder if the store accepts Galactic Credit Standard.

Click here to visit the Galac-Tac store.

Airsoft GI Code Red 2.0 Sneak Peek

Airsoft GI gives us a sneak peek at the new Code Red Airsoft Park 2.0 which is located in Perris California. We don't know if it's finally open, but definitely it will be ready for the BB Wars Episode 3: Counterattack which is scheduled on the 4th of October 2015. Tickets for this event are now on sale at the Airsoft GI website.

Halo 5: Guardians Blue Team Opening Cinematic

Latest trailer from Halo 5 Guardians as Microsoft Studios prepares for its release a month from now... "Watch the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians Second mission - "Blue Team". Led by the legendary Master Chief, Blue Team boards a derelict Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) research facility to ensure its contents don't fall into the hands of a renegade faction of Covenant zealots.

AirRattle: Echo1 M1918 SLR On Sale

AirRattle are having sale of the Echo1 Ohio Ordnance Works M1918 SLR right now until the midnight of Monday... "The Officially Licensed M1918 SLR is a full metal WWII squad automatic airsoft AEG replica. The Echo1 M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle replica is an extremely well built and highly functional AEG that is perfect for players, collectors and reenactors.

BB Wars Episode 3 & New Product Arrivals

Better get your mouse and fingers busy browsing Airsoft GI's online store as they have a lot of restocked and new products available for you. Also, BB Wars Episode 3 tickets are now on sale... "Thousands of NEW and RESTOCKED products have been added to New custom rifles in addition to a plethora of tactical gear! Every single order over $60 will receive a FREE GI Gift Card to use on your next order.

Helikon PenCott Line Now On posts news that you can now order Helikon-Tex's PenCott Camo Line on the world's largest online shopping site, "More good news for our fans in North America – you can now purchase Helikon-Tex’s uniforms, smocks and hats in PenCott® camouflage patterns on – and shipping is FREE!

Tornado CNC Ver. 2 Gearbox Shell At Gunfire

Latest product announcement from Gunfire is about the new Version 2 Gearbox Shell from Tornado... "Tornado's offer has just been enriched with something new! Durable v2 gearbox case made entirely from high quality aluminium by CNC machines. It has system of quick spring exchange and dedicated spring guide!"

HiCap Cleaning Tips And HPA Tanks

A bunch of interesting topics for Airsoftology Mondays and get to know of a personal airsoft information from Jonathan Higgs as he hosts this weekly show... "This week Jonathan tackles your questions on HiCap Cleaning, flying with a HPA tank, his favorite time of the airsoft year and much more.

Krytac-Laylax Team Up For Japan Market

Krytac just bagged an important partner as they expand their reach worldwide. They announced yesterday that they have partnered with Laylax to be their exclusive distributor for the Japanese airsoft market and it is a very strategic move. Laylax is one of the biggest names in the Japanese retailer market carrying different airsoft guns and gear that Japanese airsoft players want. This partnership assures Krytac of a good position in Japan. Press release below:

WGC Shop: GSG-14 EBB Quick Demo

WGC Shop posted on their Facebook Page a demo of the GSG-14 AEG. Soon to be available at their online store, the GSG-14 is made by German Airsoft Guns and is an electric blowback rifle with features that make you think it is a Heckler & Koch Rifle. This is an affordable AEG and is available in black and tan colours.