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Battle Lakes Open Day 02 August 2015

If you missed the last Battle Lakes Open Day for this month, here's your next chance to experience it so mark your calendars. Visit the Zed Adventures Battle Lakes Open Day event page on Facebook to learn more... "The next Battle Lakes event is LIVE! RDX Tactical is onsite with all your consumer needs, and we have a full stock of Pyro!"

Airsoftology Mondays: Dogs, Frats & Beards

Another interesting Airsoftology Mondays episode where Jonathan Higgs tries to answer all the questions that were sent in by his viewers. Just read the topics, dogs, frat houses, and beards... "In this show we're answering your questions on airsoft frat houses, helmet benefits, beard shaming and dogs on the airsoft field."

Evike: Phantom Gear Operator Chest Rig

This episode of's "The Locker" shows the affordable Phantom Gear Operator Load Bearing High Speed Chest Rig that is available right now at their online store. This Chest Rig is made from 1000 Denier Cordura fabric and it has heavy weight MOLLE webbing for modular attachments, addjustable shoulder and waist straps, padded shoulders and mesh back for improved comfort, and heavy duty drag handle.

LWA: Bolt Airsoft BR-47 PMC High Cycle

The Bolt Airsoft AEGs are available right now at Landwarrior Airsoft and one of the interesting BR-47 they have in stock is the Bolt BR47 PMC High Cycle AEG. This is made of the ABS and steel and comes with a 600 round AK Magazine. It is a compact AEG making it useful for CQB games. Since it is a high-cycle AEG it is said to fire around 23-32 BBs per second using an 11.1v Lipo Battery.

Coming Soon: Wolverine Airsoft Inferno

Wolverine Airsoft are about to release another HPA airsoft product, called the Inferno, and here's some rough information... "While this does not tell you everything, here is a little more about the Inferno. A system which gives you ALL the options when it comes to upgrades and compatibility! More to come on the very exciting Spartan Technology, the latest innovation from Wolverine Airsoft. Stay Tuned!"

Merlin's Airsoft News: ASG M60E4 Preview

Still another video from Merlin's Airsoft News showing us a preview of the Action Sport Games (ASG) M60E4/MK43 AEG during the SS Airsoft Anniversary. As most have probably known by now that this is based on the U.S. Ordnance M60E4/MK43 and comes with a bipod, 4000 round box magazine, dummy cartridge belt, and adjustable hop-up system. Bob of ASG explains the product more in the video.

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa Op Pathfinder Trailer

Americans travelled all the way to Croatia to join in the Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa's Operation Pathfinder and here's a trailer of the video the took at the event, courtesy of Dan Altman... "Cormac and I traveled from Texas to Croatia to attended Adriatic Airsoft's Operation Pathfinder milsim event which took place on the island of Mrcara. The AO consisted of an abandoned Yugoslav naval base, containing bunkers and a network of tunnels on a rugged island.

ASGI BB Wars: Scorched Earth Gameplay

Here is the gameplay video of the Airsoft GI BB Wars Battlefront: Scorched Earth gameplay... "After their defeat at Delta 14, Imperial troops have been fighting a stubborn rearguard action, slowing the rebel advance whenever and wherever they can. At the same time, Rebel troops have begun reinforcing their positions at Delta 14 so that they can quickly move supplies up to the front lines and continue pushing Imperial troops out of the former state of Texas.

The Rogue Gentleman Camo Dress Suit

It's Friday and it's time to Paaarrtttteeee!!! For the ultimate geardo, what else is better in dressing in style and impress the ladies (and gents) at the club with The Rogue Gentleman Camo Dress Suit from Shinesty? Come on, admit it! You like to don this on and make your team mates turn green in envy.

Besides, no one beats Shinesty for the most outlandish clothing collection in the world.

More Hot Summer Specials At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia just made shopping at their online store even sweeter. They already have an ongoing Pre-Summer Sale with 10% off the price of everything they have in stock and they added two more. The first one is that they are having up to 40% Off Close Out Deal on selected 5.11 Tactical Items. Now for the second one, you better take note of this as this only a 2-day offer --- from the 25th to the 26th of July, it's 20% off Mechanix Wear products.