The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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Airsoft Hampshire At Brit-Tac Copehill 2015

In-game footage from Airsoft Hampshire of Brit-Tac's Operation: Pandora's Wrath 2015 that took place last 31 July to 02 August 2015 at the Copehill Down FIBUA Village in Wiltshire. This event is about Task Force Black Alpha going in to save the world from the Black Sarin "Pandora Project" WMD of Syria and Iran that can destroy half the Western World.

OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bag (KGB)

Gotta dig this new product from OC Tactical designed to make you look tacticool even while carrying groceries from supermaket or loads of new guns and gear from your local and friendly airsoft retailer... "This is not your Mama's grocery bag, Cowboy! The OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bag (KGB) is approximately 15 x 15 x 7.5 inches in size and built to be equally at home lugging groceries home from the store or ammo and gear to the range.

Video: Milsim Casualty System Guide

Sławek Jabłoński sent in this interesting video posted Grupa Desantowa and made by Huntfield of Poland that Milsim event organisers might want to implement. This is a "Milsim Casualty Guide" that shows how hits are determined including medic roles, medevac and bleedout. They also included a wound sheet that you can download and print out.

RWTV: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gold Match

Tim of RedWolf Airsoft TV, which now does 4K, takes a closer look at the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match GBB Pistol, probably the best Tokyo Marui Pistol until the next best thing comes out from the venerable Japanese airsoft company... "Tim is a big fan of the original Hi Capa 5.1 so he had high expectations when it came to the Gold Match edition.

G&G CM16 SR KeyMod Series M4 Review

Here's the review from Airsoft Atlanta covering the KeyMod Series of the G&G Armament Combat Machine Series released for 2015... "A review of the new airsoft gun from G&G "Combat Machine" SR SERIES. These value packed AEGs feature a full metal Keymod rail system, beefed up polymer lower receiver, factory installed MOSFET unit w/fuse, removable flip sights, custom pistol grip, and more!

Hakugen Earth Dokodemo Icenon Cooler

We hope we understood this right. If you are having a hard time fending off the summer heat and want to keep yourself cool, Hyperdouraku just found the right product for you. Called the Hakugen Earth Dokodemo Icenon, it's a spray bottle that gives the cooling effect of mist to cool you down. All you have to do is spray yourself whenever you need to cool down, especially under the sweltering heat when playing airsoft or if you're on your summer travels.

ASGI's G&G CM16 SRS Internals Overview

Previously, we've watched an overview of the G&G Armament CM16 SRS AEG as presented by Bob "The Axeman" Hildebrand of Airsoft GI, now it's the turn of Marq to give us an overview of its internals. Check the video below to find out if you will be impressed by its guts... "Check out Marq's internal breakdown of G&G's newest release, the G&G Combat Machine SRS!"

Crye Precision AVS 1000 Assault Pack

The Crye Precision AVS 1000 Pack, first shown during the SHOT Show 2015 in January is now in stock at OPTactical... "The AVS™ 1000 Pack is a streamlined, lightweight assault pack designed to provide the user with a variety of access and attachment options. It can be configured as a standalone pack, a rear plate bag replacement, or attached directly to the plate carrier (virtually any vest) to allow quick access without redundant pack straps.

Wolverine Airsoft Real Sword SVD Hydra Kit

Wolverine Airsoft announced this week of another AEG that can be kitted out with the Hydra. In this video, the Real Sword SVD AEG is the latest AEG that can use the Hydra, giving you some serious HPA-powered Dragunov sniping platform. The Real Sword SVD is a good choice for those who prefer using the SVD as their airsoft sniper rifle, problem is that it's not always in stock at airsoft shops all over.

Angry Gun SCAR Rail Extension Pre-Order

Bunny Workshop are now taking pre-orders for the recently announced Angry Gun SCAR Extension Rail System that they are expecting to be available in September 2015... "Color is Flat Dark Earth (FDE), come with 16 inch outer barrel extension adapter, Short Rail Section x 2pcs, and Long Rail Section x 1pc. This made for the for the WE SCAR Family."