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Battle Lakes Open Series: Fury Lakes Day 2

Got some Mad Max-inspired clothing that you can use for an airsoft game? Here's your chance to wear them at the Battle Lakes Open Series: Fury Lakes Day 2... "Part 2 of our Mad Max inspired 3 part series! The weather is looking overcast, but dry! Get your gas guns out and make some noise! Or your firehawk AEGs, they're pretty loud too!

Children's Day Sale 2015 At Gunfire

With Children's Day in Poland on the 1st of June, Gunfire are having a headstart of having the sale to observe the day starting today... "We believe Children's Day should last much longer, so we decided to fix that. Today we are launching Children's Day Sale with up to 30% discount for selected products!"

Bunny Custom Heckler & Koch USC GBB

Bunny Workshop just came up with a civilian version of the H&K UMP GBB. The civilian version is called the H&K USC and is marketed to the U.S. civilian firearms market where it is offered a semi-automatic, blowback carbine. The Bunny Custom H&K USC GBB is based on the VFC H&K UMP GBB with the fixed stock custom made and extended steel barrel. Looking at the photos, it looks like it still retains the full-auto mode.

AirSplat At The 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show

Whilst many of us waited for reports from the Tokyo Marui exhibit area during the 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show, was there to see first hand the upcoming products from the company including the AA-12 AES. They have a video on YouTube showing the test firing of the product that just got the whole airsoft world talking as everyone was surprised by the announcement:

AEX: Lancer Tactical PEQ Battery/Laser Units

A good selection of Lancer Tactical PEQ Boxes that either are laser units or battery boxes are available at Airsoft Extreme... "New PEQ Battery/Laser units have arrived from Lancer Tactical. With many different features and color options to choose from, Lancer tactical has the right PEQ unit for you!"

VLMS Imperial Express Card Morale Patches

The Force is now with the Violent Little Machine Shop, having released this new Star Wars-themed patches... "The Imperial Express Star Wars Morale patches by Violent Little Machine Shop -Don't leave the star system without it! Incredible detail in this 4-patch set. Includes C-3PO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtrooper TK-421...a beautiful Star Wars themed set of patches that is sure to be the showpiece in your collection.

ICS L85/L86 HPA Engine Gearbox Kit

Bingo Airsoftworks just made putting an HPA Engine on your ICS L85/L86 AEG easier with this replacement kit they released... "The Bingo Airsoftworks ICS L85/L86 HPA Engine Gearbox Replacement Kit is now available. The HPA kit allows you to easily upgrade your ICS L85 to use the Wolverine SMP (it will also work with the PolarStar F1 and Wolverine Hydra, when available). The kit includes everything needed to convert your L85.

LCT Airsoft PBS-1 Suppressor Coming Soon

Some good news for owners of LCT Airsof AK AEG variants and compatible AEGs, the company announced that they are releasing an LCT PBS-1 Suppressor which is originally designed for the AK-47, AKM, and AKMS. We don't know about the details yet as they lazily sent in an image with no additional text to go with it, so as always, stay tuned.

Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES Promo Video

Our infatuation with the Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES continues as the company continues to release information about the product, albeit in Japanese. In the previous videos you have seen about the AA-12 on display at the 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show, there was a video being looped in the background. We requested if they can be post this on their YouTube channel and indeed it is now up for everyone around the world to watch.

Gunfire: LCT SR-3M Review by SCDTV

Online right now at the Gunfire YouTube Channel is the review of the LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG done by SCDTV. This is now on pre-order for European airsoft players. According to Gunfire, it is made of Steel and Nylon, with an initial muzzle velocity of 410fps. As for pricing, it is €397.18.