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Airsoft Megastore: The Bang Bang Rule

Airsoft Megastore pose the question on the airsoft Bang Rule and are soliciting your answers... "We recently went to an event that allowed the 'Bang! Bang!' rule. Watch the video and let us know what you guys think about the rule. Does it help? Should it be allowed at Milsim events? What do you think?"

Gun Gamers: Blackhawk Omnivore Holster

The much awaited Blackhawk! Omnivore Holster is already in the market and it is what you call an almost universal holster that is compatible with pistols that have weaponlights. Gun Gamer's E House give his thoughts on this product... "Today, E House gives his thoughts on the Blackhawk Omnivore holster, and discusses why it may be a good solution for a many-hangun light-bearing holster."

Lancer Tactical LT28 M24 Sniper Rifle

Learn more about budget LT28 Sniper Rifle from Lancer Tactical... "The Lancer Tactical M24 Spring Sniper Rifle (LT-28)! This metal entry level airsoft sniper rifle has a long inner barrel, metal construction, and sturdy polymer stock. This sniper rifle is not too heavy or long and is easy to use on the airsoft field! Available now at your favorite Airsoft retailer for a Lancer Tactical budget friendly price!"

PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Overview

Amped Airsoft's Amped Overwiew series go over the PTS Mega Arms Wedge Lock Rail System designed for airsoft rifles for this episode... "For this episode of Amped Overviews, Matt is in the Amped Media office since our studio is a wreck right now, bringing you guys an overview of the new PTS Mega Arms Licensed Wedge Lock Rail! PTS is always at the top of the game bringing you guys weapon accessories, and they didn't disappoint on this rail at all!

Maruzen P99 NBB & GBB Pistol Comparison

Maruzen got two Walther P99 airsoft pistols in the market, the fixed slide, non-blowback one, and the gas blowback version. Mach Sakai goes into the specifications, appearance, distinguishing characteristics of these pistols as based on the actual Walther P99 and comparison on the performance of the NBB and GBB.

BirnyX's "That Feeling When" Compilation

Another round of funny airsoft, courtesy of BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production... "This is "that feeling when" airsoft vines compilation based mostly on the true stories. We selected some funny moments from airsoft games and battles. Probably you met already airsofters who shot each other even though they were in the same team. Or you experienced a bad day, when everybody hit you, even your girlfriend did.

Kalashnikov Concern Registers AK-47 Shape

In the continuing effort of Kalashnikov Concern to protect their intellectual property, they have now registered and granted exclusive rights for the 3D shape of their most popular weapon, the AK-47, according to Izvestia. This has been the plan of the company for several years now and have finally got the rights.

24 Hour MilSim Game Camping Gear

We continue with the Milsim Series from Airsoft GI, helpful for those who are getting into milsim to prepare and for this two-part episode, it is all about camping gear. Just remember that this is for a 24-hour milsim event so you don't need to bring the whole house. Enjoy the train in the background.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Cybergun P90 GBB

Matt talks about the Cybergun FNH P90 Gas Blowback PDW that is available in black and tan at the online store... "The FN Licensed Airsoft P90 accurately replicates the great handling and ergonomics of the real P90 with its fully ambidextrous control layout and comfortable grip. Just like the actual P90, the FN Licensed Airsoft replica consists of a durable reinforced polymer frame with metal barrel and upper assembly.

RWTV: Albert.W. Model 01 Pistol

Tim Selby does a full episode for RedWolf Airsoft TV, covering the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01 Gas Blowback Pistol made for Resident Evil: Biohazard 7 video game... "As Mark is currently on holiday, Tim took it upon himself to take a closer look at the GBB pistol that featured one of the scariest sequels of the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7. Does this replica have a place on the field, or is it just another pistol you will keep it home locked away inside its case?"