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Violent Machine Shop LoPro Molle Mount

The Violent Little Machine Shop just made it easier for us to mount a GoPro Action Cam on a Molle Vest or any MOLLE gear... "The LoPro Molle Mount by Violent Little Machine Shop is the best way to tactically capture GoPro footage. Our all-aluminum mount lets you clip your GoPro into your kit, backpack, and anything that has 1" molle webbing.

Booligan Airsoft: Echo1 AEG Water Test

Find out what happens with Booligan Airsoft goes wet with an Echo1 AEG to give it a water test. Will the electronic become wet and prevent it from firing? Or will it perform admirably when wet?... "Traditional wisdom states that you should keep your airsoft guns nice and dry. Well, I'm not a traditionalist and have never been called wise, so let's get some airsoft guns wet and see what happens!"

5.11 Storm Grey: Color As A Weapon

Posted last week is 5.11 Tactical's new video commercial introducing their 5.11 Storm Grey as a new colour to their line up. Specifically designed for urban operations where grey may blend better than black... "5.11's Storm Grey collection was developed to blend into today's urban battleground. See the entire collection and learn more about storm grey."

Airsoft Surgeon VLTOR DX Version GBB-R

Another custom Gas Blowback rifle from the Airsoft Surgeon as he puts together a VLTOR DX Version and puts it online for anyone to order at RedWolf Airsoft... "Handcrafted by the master gun smith Airsoft Surgeon as known as Clarence Lai. Fully fine tuned and upgraded with incredibly reliable internals. Air seal parts are carefully reworked to perfection.

Evike: Rhino Flip-Up Tactical Sights

Now on pre-order at are the Rhino Flip-Up Tactical Sights made by APS. These can be used on both rifles and pistols  and fit Picatinny-style systems. These are fully adjustable for elevation, elevation, and allow for quick target acquisition. Made of Polymer, you can order these as a set (front and rear sights), or buy them separately according to your requirements.

Airsoft GI: The Echo1 Genesis Viktor AEG

Bob The Axeman gets his hands on the new Echo1 USA Genesis Viktor AEG which is now in stock at Airsoft GI... "Not another M4! Echo 1 has just released the new Genesis Viktor based on the Bizon/PP-19 design which is a small gun that packs a big punch! It comes shooting at 350 FPS out of the box and with its reliable 8mm gearbox is 11.1 LIPO READY!

Emerson G2 Combat Set In Kryptek Typhon

Trying to complete the Kryptek Family of Camo Patterns? announced that they have the Emerson Gear Generation 2 Combat Set in the Kryptek Typhon Pattern, which is good for urban ops. This is a complete set of combat shirt and trousers based on the Crye Precision Design and come with elbow and knee pads. Available from Small to XXL. You will need to consult the sizing chart before ordering one though.

ZTAC "Comtac IV" Style Headset Review

It's comms this time for Airsoftology as Jonathan Higgs reviews the ZTAC Comtac-IV Style Headset. Find out what he thinks about it in their latest YouTube episode... "Love tactical headsets but hate the 'sweaty ear syndrome' that comes along with it? ZTAC's Comtac IV headset kit may just be the breath of fresh air you need."

KRYTAC Trident LMG AEG Update

What's next in line in the Krytac Trident Family of AEGs will be released after the Trident M4 CRB? It's the Krytac Trident LMG! The company announced on facebook that they are now on the second phase of the Quality Control process for the Trident LMG, and it will be available to authorised airsoft retailers soon. Just a little bit more of waiting still.

Echo1 Sniper PSR Arriving Very Soon

Posted at the Echo1 Google+ Page is a teaser photo of their upcoming bolt action airsoft sniper rifle... "Check out our NEW bolt action sniper rifle! The PSR has around 480 fps and using VSR parts for endless uprgade options! Check with your local store to get yours this week! The Echo1USA Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) represents a new level of performance without breaking the wallet.