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Hot Pre-Order News From UN Company

Already ready to go with your saved-up Christmas money? UN Company wants you to place it on this pre-order items from SOCOM Gear and Tokyo Marui. If you don't fancy them, then choose which airsoft pistol that suits your style... "Dear all, UN Company would like to share 2 great news in this Season of Joy, 1) our Pre-Order Items; and 2) Let’s Play In Your Own Style.


Gunfire E&L Airsoft Special Discount

Already ongong at Gunfire is their special offer on E&L Airsoft replicas, especially with the arrival of the E&L Version 2.0 which are much improved versions on already durable and good performing AK AEGs. They also got new deliveries of the WE Airsoft Europe Nuprol 4.0, chargers, and batteries. As for Element, they got back in stock some weapon sights and communications tools.

RedWolf's 12 Days of Christmas Deal

Act now and act quickly to take advantage of RedWolf Airsoft's 12 Days of Christmas Deal... "For the next 12 days leading up to Christmas, RedWolf will be offering one stunning deal per day with up to 50% Off our regular prices.  Each deal will be activated at 12am New York time each day, and will be valid for exactly 24 hours.

Let Tim from RedWolf TV tell you all about it here:

Free Money Or Gun, Price Drops & More

Free Money or Gun? Win an HK417? Price Drop of Valken V12 M4 Rifles? A Classic Army SCAR Spartan Kit? Win more from ASG? Limited Edition Ugly Shirts? That's a lot to think and grab at as they give you more deals and chances to win some nice products when you order something from them.

"**THIS OR THAT? - $100 OR GUN?**

Funker Tactical: 5.11 Tactical Contest

With the Ultimate Christmas Gun Video called the Ballistic Nutcracker now up, Funker Tactical are calling for entries for creative comments and win a prize from 5.11 Tactical... "You're gonna see a lot of Christmas Gun videos this year but this is the best! Presenting: Ballistic Nutcracker! A must see!

Watch the original version in High Definition here:

New ASGI Patch Package Going Live

Get set to have some Christmas spending money as Airsoft GI's will be giving away their Grand Prize today. Plus, they are giving 25% off discount for orders online and offline... "Grand Prize for the Spending Spree Mystery Package is a $1000 Airsoft GI Gift Certificate! This mystery package will be going live, Saturday the 13th. For $4.99 what have you got to lose?

LFS for KJ Works/ Tanio Koba V2 Nozzles

Good news for those who want to install the FGAirsoft Low Flow System on KJW/Tanio Koba Gas Blowbacks as they just released the version... "Hello! We are proud to present our new Low Flow System (LFS) for KJ Works / Tanio Koba V2 nozzles. Low Flow System (LFS): reduces velocity to 20, 30, or 40%:

UAC Product Prototype for TM M&P9

We get to see the prototype being developed by UAC for the Tokyo Marui M&P9 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Here's our video for new product prototype - TM M&P 9. Match Grade CNC steel trigger lever and hammer sear. They are re-designed and will solve the sluggish problem that the stock hammer sear have. Smooth the cocking and lower the friction of the hammer & sear. Give you a light and smooth trigger pull. We will do a trigger pull weight test in the next video."

Hyperdouraku at Shot Show Japan Winter 2014

Toi Gentaro reported for Hyperdouraku on the last Shot Show Japan 2014 event, the Winter Edution which took place from the 29th to the 30th of November 2014 at the Sun Bowl in Osaka. The anticipation of the release of the Tokyo Marui HK417 Early Variant NEG is high and it is prominently on display at the event with Itsuya giving it a close look. Hosted by the DSI Club, the Shot Show Japan series is a market like event for militaria collectors and enthusiasts.

Airsoft Shop Belgium Goes International

Airsoft Shop goes international, that's the latest news from Lucid Mind who is excited about this development... "Hey guys! Just to give you a little heads up! The awesome folks over at Airsoftshop Belgium opened up a new franchise in France, allowing them to ship out all of the cool stuff they have all over the world.

Go and check them out on