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E&L AK-104 AEG Instructional Overview

An overview of the E&L Airsoft AK-104 AEG by AirRattle... "E&L focuses on aesthetic perfection with all airsoft rifles they manufacture. The AK-104 is no exception. An exact 1:1 replica all the way down to the details, this AK-104 is an immaculate signature of E&L's professional work and its quality is unmatched in the airsoft market.

Jag Precision Wind Horse Airsoft Visit

Whilst attending events, Jag Precision makes it a point to visit the airsoft stores near the vicinity and present them to you to learn more about them as part of their support your local store campaign... "Tang stopped bythe only airsoft store in Las Vegas to check it out. Lots of great products to support the local players. Stop by and check it out!"

Chi In Nature: WELL L96 Shooting Review

Another Chi In Nature Shooting Test review with the use of .30 aluminium BBs... "WELL L96 Airsoft sniper rifle, with upgraded spring kit installed, testing out the accuracy of the rifle while zeroing my scope to 25 ft distance, bag rested shooting. The gun seems to jam a bit with the 0.30g aluminum BBs, so we are still finding which BB work the best for this gun!"

Airsoft Surgeon ADT-21 Tactical Sniper

In recent days, the Airsoft Surgeon has put his attention in churning out custom airsoft guns, like this ADT-21 Sniper Rifle now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon has stepped out of the IPSC Pistols world and has created another masterpiece! Airsoft Surgeon's ADT-21 Gas Sniper Rifle and when I say custom, I mean that there was no way to put most of these parts together by hand.

DesertFox Faded Giant 3: Corridor Conflict

For airsoft milsimers and those who are into CQB games, this video from DesertFox Airsoft is an interesting one. Taken during the American Milsim Fade Giant 3, Jet DesertFox shows us the difficulties of going room to room along a long corridor and the tactics and movements used to dealing with such an scenario where anyone can jump on them as they pushed on.

MP5 Claw Mount to Picatinny Adapter

Airsoft3D sent in news about what they say is the First MP5 Claw Mount to Picatinny Adapter, via 3D Printing... "The MP5 is probably one of the most famous and desired SMG. Therefore its airsoft replica is also extremely popular. But one of the biggest incompatibilities between a MP5 and other guns is its infamous claw mount. Once you get a claw mount scope, you're pretty much stuck using it only on your MP5.

Deliveries At Gunfire This Weekend

Another batch of deliveries to replenish the warehouse of Gunfire. They have Lipoly batteries from ElectroRiver; and Tornado and AirsoftPro Upgrade parts. WE-Nuprol Holsters are now in stock which can take the newly arrived WE Airsoft GBB Pistols and perhaps those from WELL as well (pun intended). GFC Tactical Shotguns and AEGs are now available to order too, so click the links below to learn more about them:

AirSplat SHOT Show 2015 In Spanish: ASG

Spanish version of the's coverage of the SHOT Show 2015 in cooperation with AirsoftBB... "SHOT Show 2015 ASG Booth - Spanish Coverage by AirsoftBB. AirSplat flew in guest visitor AirsoftBB all the way from ARGENTINA to attend SHOT Show 2015! AirsoftBB helped us cover the event with awesome videos, pictures, and blogs."

The First E&L Glock 17 Gen 4 GBB Review

Alexander of the Red Army Airsoft Club sent us what is probably the first review of the E&L Airsoft Glock 17 Gen. 4 GBB Pistol. This product was announced last year by E&L Airsoft but not much attention was devoted it since most have been going over the glowing reports of the E&K Airsoft AK Series which are really good in durability and reliability.

Valor Gear To Launch In Europe

Lucid Mind breaks news of a new tactical gear brand that will be soon available in Europe... "Hey fellow airsoft fanatics! Just received word that VALOR GEAR is about to hit the European shelves. As a new tactical brand, they are not trying to be the next best thing, they rather want to supply as much quality as possible, for a correct and affordable price.