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Airsoft Meetup 2016 Highlight
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Krytac Trident AEGs Now At just sent in news that they received a delivery of Krytac Trident AEGs in Dark Earth colour... " has obtained an interesing delivery this week. The store has added to it's offfer replicas from well-known and liked KRYTAC company, the part of KRISS group. They key-features are excellent manufacture, solid construction, immaculate details and highest quality materials.

KRYTAC - Trident M4 CRB - Flat Dark Earth (€459.75)

Airsoftology: JAG Arms M4 Lineup

Airsoftology checks out the Jag Arms M4 line-up, which is basically the PHX-15 Series that were on display at the Jag Precision booth at the SHOT Show 2016... "A new brand emerges in airsoft, and this one is shaping up to bring all of the bells and whistles you're looking for in a M4."

DesertFox: JAG Precision E&L AKMS

DesertFox Airsoft gets his hands of the E&L Airsoft  AKMS Gen 2 AEG at the SHOT Show 2016. Carried by Jag Precision for the U.S. airsoft market, E&L Airsoft is known for their well made airsoft AEGs, which are mostly of the AK designs, as they are of the exact details of the real steel externally, and come with good internals.

Chris Costa's Japan Tour 2016 Loadout

Survival Game Fashion Snap (SG-FASHI0N-SNAP), the website that showcases the loadout and trends in survival game fashion in Japan (and has some great photos of male and female Japanese airsoft players) officially included Chris Costa in their database as he is on his Survival Game Japan Tour 2016.

ASGI Tactical Gear Heads Airsoftology Edition

It's Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology who appears in Airsoft GI's Tactical Gear Heads series. This series shows Airsoft GI crew and guests show and tell about their favourite loadouts. In this case find out what Jonathan Higgs always brings to the field.

Penn Yann Solid Steel Magnum Barrel

Penn Yan Tactical announces that the Solid Steel Magnum Airsoft Barrel has started production and will hit retailer shelves soon... "Its official. Production is underway for the Solid Stainless Steel single piece Magnum airsoft barrel. Penn Yan Tactical has been moving towards this day since Dobey's first concept barrel was made and tested back in 2012.

Random Trashy: HSP Multicam D3 Flatpack

Randomy Trashy reviews the Haley Strategic D3 Flatpack in Multicam. This is an expandable flatpack system that when empty lies really flatpack for easy storage. But when fully expanded, it can be up to 600 cubic inches of an assault pack. It can be integrated with the HSP D3CR and D3CR-H chest rigs and can also be used with MOLLE equipped plate carriers, vests, and other backpacks.

Shoei FG42 Type 1 & Type 2 Updates

Update sent in by Tomio on orders for the SHOEI FG42 Type 1 and production of the Type 2... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. It is mere information this time. Stock of FG42 Type 1 which started sale in November, last year was less than 30pcs today at the time. Once this stock is lost, while we are for a while, we cannot prepare this model. Those who consider the purchase of this model need to contact me a little early.

Airsoft Atlanta: Airsoft World Announcement

Airsoft Atlanta TV announce the creation of a new YouTube Channel. Called "Airsoft World" all the airsoft gameplays that will be uploaded on YouTube will have to be uploaded to this channel as they have copyrighted "Airsoft Gameplay". This way, Airsoft Atlanta gets the revenues from YouTube ads whilst they give your views through their "unique algorithm." Classic Army Scarab PDW

We are actually liking what is coming out of the Classic Army factory in Hong Kong as the company ramps up full production after a quiet period that many wondered what happened to the company. Well, they are now back with new products including the SCARAB PDW AEG that was on display at the SHOT Show 2016. Learn more about it in this video.