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RWUK Blue Fox 2014 Taster Album

It looks like the RedWolf UK August Weekender, Operation Blue Fox, was a real blast. As the guys are stil resting before writing the full report, they are posting some teaser photos of the event. Operation Blue Fox was held last weekend, at the Lydd MOD Training Camp in Kent, where players had to take some role playing as this game is based on the real-life Operation Gothic Serpent, more popularly known as "Black Hawk Down."

Aluminium Nozzle w/ Adjust NPAS Set

Just right off from RA-Tech HQ is a new product for the WE M14 Gas Blowback Series. The RA-Tech Aluminium Nozzle with tool Adjust NPAS set for WE M14 GBB was designed for better fit with the hop-up rubber for an airtight seal. It is available right now at US$99.00 though you'll have to contact your retailer for the finaly pricing as this looks like an MSRP.


Gear Gallery: MARSOC Inspired Loadout

With MARSOC's Marine Raiders being the flavour of the month, Airsoft and Military News put together a gallery showing you the kit a Marine Raider would usually use... "Today we wanna highlight the elite unite from the U.S.M.C called MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) or Marine Raiders as they become re-named shortly (read more about it here) by Gen. James F. Amos Commander of the Marine Corps.


Thor has on his hands two 1:1 scale airsoft replicas of the Heckler & Koch MP5A2 and MP5K Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Guns made by Vega Force Company (VFC) under license from Umarex. Both are faithful to the original design, where it should be metal is metal and polymer is polymer. Both GBB SMGs are available at

Airsoft Obsessed at Fort Ord with BR-47

After their review of the Bolt Airsoft BR-47 BRSS, Dave of Airsoft Obsessed brings the AEG to a game at Fort Ord last July... "Continuing with his Fort Ord series from July 2014, AO Dave takes his new Bolt Airsoft BR-47 Recoil Shock System out on the field to tear it up. Bolt Airsoft rifles aren't your average electric blowback rifles, like the G&G & Ares versions. They are more in line with a Tokyo Marui RECOIL system or a KWA ERG (Electric Recoil Gun).

A Look Into The E&L AK74MN Internals

A continuation of their review of the E&L Airsot AK74MN AEG by ASTKilo23 as they go into the internals to find out if it's as good as the externals. You can watch the first part of video right below the internals review video... "Big thanks to the guys at Jag Precision for letting me check out one of the E&L AK line up! Today we are opening up the E&L AK74MN to see if the internals can live up to how amazing the externals are."

Airsoft GI: Airsoft Buggy Devastation

The Gamepod Combat Zone Buggy with its minigun, goes into action in Scenario 3 during Airsoft GI's Assault on Antioch event... "Assault On Antioch from Airsoft GI and Gamepod Combat Zone was an intense two day weekend of epic airsoft, raffle prizes, and fun. The event followed a post-apocalyptic storyline where the South Side led by Bob the Axe Man faced the North Side led by Milsim Junkie and Spartan117GW in a battle for survival.

Matt Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Whilst accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and doing it helps in the awareness campaign, donating is even much better as more resources can be poured into the research efforts to cure this problem Matt, does the challenge with donating to research... "Matt personally donates to ALS on top of a $2,000 donation from He would like to challenge the Airsoft Nation to donate along with him.

Booligan How To: GBB Pistol Maintenance

Booligan Airsoft has decided into Howto Videos to help fellow airsofters and he starts with the maintenance of a GBB pistol... "I'll be doing videos like this every now and then, showing some basic tips and tricks for properly maintaining your airsoft replicas. Today's video will show you some very basic GBB pistol maintenance including lube points, etc. We're using JRAK Industries' Murder Oil for this gun!"

Hyperdouraku 16th HOOHA Show Report 1

We all know that Itsuya was at the 16th Hooha Show in Taipei as she is becoming a regular guest to the event hosted by Combat King magazine. We never realised that Yas of Hyperdouraku joined her when she asked him if he's going. Now posted is the part 1 of the four-part report of his report and as always it's studded with nicely taken photos.