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Military1st: Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry

A good lighting solution for you when in the outdoors, the Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Latern is now available at "Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lantern features innovative expanding globe and folding legs to increase lighting area and decrease bulk, button-free control surface, and various hanging options.

Bodgeups: CQB Player Tries Sniper Rifle

Bodgeups Airsoft features Will, who is a CQB player, to try an airsoft sniper rifle during the National Airsoft Festival 2016... "Here's Will. He runs the Hype Airsoft youtube channel. He's never fired an Airsoft Sniper rifle in his life. Luckily, I was there to capture the moment on film for him :-D

Please check out Will's content!"

Airsoftology: E&L Quality Budget AK?

Jonathan Higgs talks about the Spartan Delta Series for those looking for an E&L Airsoft-quality AK AEG but are on tight budgets in this Airsoftology review... "E&L has held their place among the best AKs in airsoft since they hit the market a few years back... but the price can be discouraging for those of us on a budget. But what if you could get that same E&L quality for less money? Well, the Spartan Delta Series could be the answer; but does the quality hold up?"

ASG Bren 805 A2 Tan At Airsoft World

Now in stock at Airsoft World is the ASG CZ Bren 805 A2 in Tan colour. This is the more compact Bren 805 with adjustable folding stock that can be used for close quarter battles. No tools are required when moving the stock to access the battery compartment and doing a quick spring change to adjust FPS.

Mach Sakai: Umarex G36CV AEG Review

Mach Sakai reviews the fully licensed Umarex G36CV AEG in Dark Earth. With a synthetic body, it has an integrated sight and flat top rail which can also be used as a carry handle. Disassembly does not require tools and this looks either a non-EBB version or the EBB feature has been disabled. Mach Sakai puts it through the range to test performance and accuracy.

Gas Blowback Central Hi-Capa Grip Tape

The Gun Gamers check out the Hi-Capa Grip Tape from Gas Blowback Central and here are their impressions in this video... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre were kindly given the opportunity to check out the upcoming Gas Blowback Central Hi Capa grip tapes! Thanks to Adam from GBB Central for the opportunity to look at these, and we look forward to running them more.

M84 Silicone Battery Case At EB Airsoft

In stock at EB Airsoft right now is a Silicone Battery Case in the form of an M84 stun grenade. If you want to bring a powerbank that you can use in the field and will not make out of place then you can bring this. It can be used with two 16580 rechargeable batteries which are not included in the case.

Beat Down Boogie At Dragon Con 2016

From St. Petersburg where they attended the Starcon 2016, the Beat Down Boogie crew are now back in the USA, showing up at the Dragon Con 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Dragon Con took place last 2-5 September 2016 in the Peachtree Center area and for this year, it drew an attendance of over 77,000.

USAirsoft: Top 5 Speedsoft Builds

Speedsofters can check these Top 5 Speedsoft Builds according to USAirsoft... "It's time for a surprise countdown that some might be cringing at just by the sight of the title but wait, hear them out because these players have a statement to make, or a few statements to make. From California, Florida, New York, and even Denmark we took in some of the most competitive builds to date for a stereotype, myth busting show but is it enough to give these players a chance on your field?

ASG CZ P-09 Duty GBB Pistol Review

Tactical Shirts Airsoft España does a review of this pistol, just click on the language caption to follow the video review as it is done in the Spanish language... "Review of the P-09 Duty by KJW rebranded by ASG. It is an airsoft gun with a spectacular performance and unique appearance."