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6 APCA Nominations Highlight
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GoShield GoPro Protector Shield

If you think that the waterproof case that goes your GoPro is not enough protection in airsoft games, then you want to support the GoShield Project by Robert Calvert which is now raising funds on Kickstarter... "This product is designed for Airsofters who use GoPro cameras to record gameplay videos while they are out on the field. This product will save the lens and waterproof case of the GoPro should a bb happen to come in contact with it.

Team Blacksheep: MSW TKO - Sunday Morning

Another video taken from the Milsim West The Kazakh Offensive event and this time it's from Team Blacksheep... "Sunday morning and the Russians wake us up again. My BFA is full of carbon and dirt from select fire use and no cleaning and results in bolt action use."

New Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade

Airsoft Atlanta got their hands on the new Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Airsoft Grenade and here's their review of the product... "A review of the brand new AI Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade. A revolutionary new airsoft grenade design that's easy on the budget and more effective on the field. Utilizing the highest quality polymer compounds, it can withstand many uses of abuse on the battlefield.

Notable features are:

LCT Vityaz & More Arrivals At Gunfire

It's time to check out what Gunfire got for us this week and the list looks good enough to deplete your Christmas budget quickly. They now finally have in stock the LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz AEG and a batch of airsoft guns from Cybergun. Other deliveries are upgrade parts from Modify, tactical lights from  Olight, magazines from Hex Mag, tactical gear from FMA and Pentagon, and finally eye protection from Wiley-X. Click the links below to learn more about these.

Shoei FG42 Type 1 Model Gun Update

An update to Shoei customers who have been waiting for the Shoei FG42 Type Model 1 Gun... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. I had not contacted you for a long time. (The customer who already did reservation/purchase of FG42 Type 1 is excluded.) Because, we needed very long time for manufacture of FG42 Type 1.

And in order to give priority to the shipment customers who have reserved ahead, we did not do other promotional activities.

eHobby Asia: 5.11 Xmas Sale & Giveaway

As Christmas is approaching, vendors are giving more chances for you to stretch that Christmas budget and eHobby Asia got one ready for you. They have a 5.11 Tactical Christmas Sale & Giveaway Promo with items at 10% off. And depending on the amount you spend at their online store, you get a free gift for every purchase.

WE At Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2016

The first trade fair next fair for 2016 where you will find exhibitors from the airsoft industry will be at the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and WE Airsoft are inviting you to visit their booth during the fair... "During 11-14 January 2016, we will be exhibiting at the 'HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair', Asia's biggest toys event with nearly 2,000 exhibitors.

We cordially invite you to visit us.

Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier Review

Check this review of the Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier as done by the Airsoft & Military News Blog... "The Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier, shotrt 'APC' is available in the sizes small/medium/ and large/extra large. In additiomn, the cummerbund, is available in the sizes small, medium/large, extra large. This allows the user to perfectly adjust the plate carrier to their body dimensions."

You Can't Skip This Ad PARODY: Call Your Hit

Anoter "You Can't Skip This Ad Parody" from Airsoft GI as they build up for their Black Friday and CyberMonday Sales starting later this week... "Make sure to join us for our Black Friday Sale at our California, Texas, and Virginia retail stores. There will be raffles, doorbusters, discounts, MAP drops, and more! If you can't make it in person, then look out for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales on our website at and!"

Impact Force Army G17 w/ APS-X System Black

Impact Force CQB also announce another version of their Impact Force Custom Army G17 GBB with the APSX-System. Previously, the first version was released with the Olive Drab version, and for those who prefer black, this second one comes in that colour. It will cost you HKD2,988 or around US$285.00 to get this.