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2015 Guns and Girls Wall Calendar

Another to add to your collection of 2015 calendars featuring girls with guns. The 2015 Guns and Girls Wall Calendar can now be ordered from Patriot Personal Defense for US$19.95... "The 2015 GUNS AND GIRLS wall calendar brings you beautiful pin up models paired up with today’s popular weapons. This 16 month large format calendar is 17 x 28 when hung up and a perfect gift for any Armed Service Member, Police Officer or Shooting Enthusiast.

A Statement from Mr. Frog Lee of APS

Last week, we got information from Hong Kong airsoft players spotting Mr. Frog, the Sales and Marketing Director of APS Concept/Airsoft in the media videos and photos trying to remove the barricades by Pro Democracy activists in Mong Kok. Mong Kok is an area where many airsoft businesses are located in Hong Kong. He was set upon by the protesters to prevent him from dismantling the barricade but the police were able to separate him from the protesters.

RedWolf UK: SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16

RedWolf Airsoft UK sent in news that the SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 GBB is coming soon to their store. Interested customers and resellers can contact them to be one of the first to have this on their hands and they can order this for a retail price of £229.95... "Inspired by the Keltec, SOCOM Gear proudly present the Socom Gear Keltec PLR-16! The licensed Keltec custom PLR-16 is a Green gas (recommend) /CO2 operated GBB rifle with three different setups.

Latest Crazy Airsoft Review: MP5

Crazy Monday for you? Let's make it crazier with this new Crazy Airsoft Review from BirnyX/Johny Deadline Picture Production... "Another funny airsoft review for crazy airsofters. The MP5 gun is our favorite weapon. So small you can hide it behind the ear. And still big enough to be respected. Some consider it as the best CQB weapon. The Heckler & Koch MP5 excels at room clearing, the most important function in hostage rescue.

KSC VZ61 GBB Overview by RA-Tech

With the announcement of the KWA KZ61 GBB, we're definitely sure that a KSC version, which is usually for the Japanese market, will be following right behind. Sure enough, there is one and is in the competent hands of RA-Tech's people. In this 2-part video, they give us a walkthrough of the GBB, including firing and chrono, and also a look at the internals.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt Back At Military1st

If you ran out of luck getting one of the 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilts in the previous batch release, here's your chance to get one as just announced that they're back in stock. Better grab one before others beat you to it and you can select from various colours and the Multicam camo pattern... "5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is available now at Military 1st online store!

Kabuto 4th Anniversary Promo Offers

It's been sometime since we last heard from Kabuto, the online Japan-based retailer specialist in unique operator's gear, such as those used in Afghanistan. Tomo just surprised us with this news, celebrating their 4th anniversary and have offerings to their customers... "Dear Sir: Today I have a news of KABUTO discount sale. We celebrate our 4th anniversary, so we decided to discount some items in this announcement.

Gunfire & SCDTV VFC M27 IAR Review

The SCDTV guys tell it as they see in this review of the VFC/Umarex M27 IAR AEG done with the support of Gunfire... "The M27 is The one when it comes to M27 IAR. No other competitors out there gives UMAREX licenced, VFC produced AEG. We all know that VFC is great as far as externals are concerned, and not so great with internals which, unless upgraded, are...shit actually :D

IRT Defender II Tactical Vest Review

In stock right now at Bunny Workshop, here is their review of the IRT Defender II Tactical Vest, which is a replica of the FORT vest... "If you are looking for an FORT replica or something different from ordinary tactical vests, I strongly recommend this Defender II MOLLE vest given that it is the highest qulity replica out in the market and does not fall short compared to the real one.

ASGI TGH: Zombie Apocalypse Loadout

With the coming Airsoft GI Bob's Zombie Extravaganza, Bob talks about his loadout for zombie killing... "Bob is gearing up for his Zombie AXEtravaganza game at Gamepod in Antioch, CA on Oct. 25th sponsored by Elite Force and Umarex! It will be a day of fast-paced, frantic, movie-style, zombie games that will make you want to change your underwear.