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7 APCA Nominations Highlight

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Node Art of Fight: VR John Wick Simulator

If you have not tried the John Wick VR Simulator which has been in the market for sometime now, watch this video from NODE  in their "Art of Fight" series. As for those who are fans of the John Wick movie, just a little bit more of waiting til the John Wick 2 movie is released.

Diles46 At Abandoned Hospital w/ Jet Desertfox

Diles46 and Jet DesertFox explore an abandoned hospital when he was in California. Will they be able to encounter some paranormal activity? Watch the video... "Diles46 and Jet the Desert Fox explore a super creepy and run down Hospital at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California.

Polenar Tactical: SCAR Versus AK

Interesting comparison of the FN SCAR and the AK in this video from Polenar Tactical... "Hello everyone! We're back with a fresh new video filmed on a fresh new range. Today, Žiga tests out the FN SCAR, a rifle very hard to get in Slovenia, and compares it to what he knows best, the AK.

Let us know in the comments what you think!"

Airsoft GI: Amoeba Striker S1 Overview

The Amoeba AS-01 or the Striker SR Sniper Rifle is slowly being put in the shelves of airsoft retailers world wide with Europe and Asia already announcing availability. An ergonomic and modular airsoft sniper rifle, it has adjustable butt pads, replaceable finger grove front grip panel, replaceable cheek rest, and of course it is a bolt-action rifle. Airsoft GI will be having this in stock soon and here Josh gives us an overview.

Laylax Hi-Capa 5.1 Frame & Compensator

Now available at Laylax is a Crimson-coloured Lower Frame and Compensator for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol, the most customised airsoft pistol of all time. Made of Aluminium, the lower frame extends the pistol to 7 inches whils still allowing the 5.1 slide to fit and the compensator is vented with holes on three sides and over all these are lightweight and give exquisite balance to the pistol.

Mach Sakai: Barrel Refreshing Kit Review

Mach Sakai reviews the Barrel Refresher kit that is available at Frontier Japan if it does a better job cleaning the inner barrel than the using cleaning cloth and the cleaning rod that comes in the airsoft gun package. This kit uses a luxury cotton swab that is also used in medical care.

Joe Lau: 6 Reload 6 Drill Action Air

Nope, that is not a race pistol firing in full auto as it is not allowed in airsoft practical shooting. Famous airsoft practical shooter, Joe Lau of UAC (who also shoots real steel) shows the 6 Reload 6 Drill (6 consecutive shots, reload, 6 consecutive shots) that he does in under 3.69s and all Alphas. How to do that? It takes a lot of practice, so drill baby! Drill!

Case Retrieval Game At Op Ninja Fury

More videos are coming out from the Operation Ninja Fury hosted by Power Ops Airsoft in Atlanta and this video is from The Frog Airsoft showing a Case Retrieval gameplay... "One of the quicker games we played out at Power Ops Airsoft! The objective of the game was for either side to recovery the case set at the center and bring back to spawn.

Jordan of Tactical Paintz grabbed the case!"

Tokyo Marui SGR-12 & Delta HK416 Unveiled

Prior to the full opening of the 3rd Tokyo Marui Festival this weekend, the 26th and 27th of November, Hyperdouraku reports that the company have invited the media for the unveiling of new products that will be released next year. Oh boy, they did disappoint as Yas shows us at least two exciting products: the SGR-12 AES and the HK416 Delta Custom NEG.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom MG5 HPA Rifle

The latest in the custom HPA airsoft projects from Airsoftjunkiez is the Airsoftjunkiez MG5 HPA Package. Using a custom VFC body, the externaks are made of PTS Mega Arms 14-inch Wedge Lock, EPS Stock, Pistol Grip, and Battlecomp. Out of the box it has an initial muzzle velocity of 320-390 fps on 0.20g BBs with blue nozzle and an ROF of 20-33 BBs as configured.