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Military1st: Surplus BW Combat Backpack

A 65-liter backpack at such an affordable price? That's hard to resist for geardos who want to carry a lot, so check these backpacks at "Available now at Military 1st is Surplus BW Combat Backpack. Surplus BW Combat Backpack is a low-cost variant of the original German Bundeswehr combat backpack, with 65 litres capacity, large main compartment with inner sleeve pocket, separate bottom compartment, 2 side packets & 2 additional top cover pockets.

Adidas Tactical Boots Now at

Adidas Tactical footwear can now be ordered from Wheter you want you the GSG-9.2 in use by SWAT and Special operations people due to being an tough all-season pair of boots; to the GSG-9.3 Desert Low boots which are ma from rugged CORDURA nylon and split-suede leather; or to the GSG-9.7with a full grain black leather and CORDURA upper, a cushioned ADIPRENE heel and a grippy TRAXION outsole.

BirnyX Crazy Airsoft Review: Shotgun

Perhaps you are already one of the fans in the growing fanbase of BirnyX, which is the Johnny Deadline Productions YouTube Channel. When they are crazy, they are really crazy in a good way. They are probably the funniest guys amongs the airsoft YouTube Channels. Don't believe us? Well watch a new episode of their Crazy Airsoft Review on Shotguns.

KWA RM4 ERG CQB: Quick Look

In this new video from Ev8 Group, Adella Relentless attends a private game organised by KWA USA and she gets to lay her hands on the ERG units made by the company. She and Iron Man took the ERGS, with her handling the CQB version, to find out how they perform especially with their electric blowback and rifle recoil features.

King Arms Airsoft M203 Shorty Review

We're glad to see Angus of Deathcore Airsoft back with a new video review which covers the short version of the King Arms M203 Grenade Launcher... "Put pretty simply, this is a solid grenade launcher similar to many others in function and design. Constructed of metal, this launcher features full COLT trademarks engraved into the side, as well as a metal firing pin to launch BBs out of airsoft M203 shells.

Evike "Not So Round Table" Talk Show Ep. 22

Interesting opening in's Not So Round Table Talk Show (NSRT) as Matt and George were discussing ideas of creating a "Shade's Mind" video series which you will need imagination as Shades doesn't utter a word at all in all the videos he's in. Anyway, watch the two answer the questions sent in by their viewers in NSRT episode 22 titled "Tactical Sandwich."

Exoskel For Going Over Obstacles

Following a link at Soldier Systems Daily, this interesting product made for Outdoors, Firemen, and LE/MIL can be something useful for airsoft players as it helps in going over obstacles... "Exoskel™ Designed for times when proper climbing technique is out, replaced by the necessity for speed, low profile scrambling and maximum stability.

Bunny Hunt at Gunfire. Up to 40% OFF!

The Easter Sale from Gunfire has started with their Bunny Hunt Promo has started yesterday late afternoon and you can get up to 40% off in this sale promo... "Time to start the bunny hunt! Get yourself some gear for 40% less!  First come - first served! Don't forget to check out our latest shipments. The special offer starts April 15th at 4 p.m. and ends April 21st at 11:59 p.m. (CET).

Additionally, all orders exceeding 69 EUR are shipped for FREE!"

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt - Kilt Off

Got your 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt? Why not send a photo of yourself in action with it just like what they did in this Kilt-Off? Looks awesome, innit? So go ahead and get into the action and put one over Scruffy and Dave as long as you do it safely... "The Tactical Duty Kilt is BACK! Scruffy Wallace and Dave Rhoden try to one-up each other in a #kiltoff. Share pictures and videos of your TDK in action. Keep it safe, keep it clean and send it in."

SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 Teaser Photos

The teaser photos of the SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec PLR-16 would make you believe that it is a rifle or an SMG but in really, the PLR-16 is a pistol made by Kel-Tec. The real deal Kel-Tec PLR-16 (Pistol, Long Range) is a semi-automatic pistol that can take in 5.56 STANAG magazines. We don't know if the the SOCOM Gear version will just be semi only. But we'll know soon when it gets released, including pricing.