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New Balance AOR2 Combat Shirt

Now this is a surprise, spotting a combat shirt under the New Balance brand and findin it in Hong Kong rather than in the US. It's tacticool looking one using AOR2 camo which should please Navy SEAL fans. It might be available soon at Toy Soldier's website so better contact them even before it appears as it's a limited run. But who knows? It might also appear at U.S. retailers, if they get lucky to have one.

Toy Soldier Replica AOR2 Set

With the AOR2 pattern being the rage among airsoft players, Toy Soldier HK has a replica AOR2 BDU set which are made with real Crye 50/50 AOR2 ripstop fabric. However, this set cannot be shipped immediately as your requirements will be made upon placing an order or what we call "made to order" and it will take around 3 weeks to make your order. If you are not in a hurry and willing to wait, then here's an AOR2 set that you can look forward to.