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Classic Army

Airsoft GI: Classic Army New Products

Airsoft GI announce two Classic Army airsoft guns available at their online store. The first one is the CA M24 LTR Sniper Rifle and we wonder if it is the same as the much well received CA M24 airsoft sniper rifle before. The second one is the CA M4 Vehicle Crewman Weapon (VCW) AEG. Check them out in the video below:

ASGI Uncut: Why You Should Buy Classic Army

In this episode of Airsoft GI's Uncut series, the guys from Classic Army tell you why you should buy their airsoft guns... "Cisco and Josh from Classic Army compare the Lancer Tactical M4 SPR and the Classic Army KM10 M4. Both are great guns for the beginner to intermediate player. With all of the internal features that are included with the Classic Army. I think we all know who the winner is."

ASGI Xmas Sale & Noveske Giveaway

Christmas Sale is on Airsoft GI and they are giving a Noveske M4 AEG tomorrow... "In celebration of this Joyous Winter Festivus™, we've got another gift to drop beneath your tree! We're giving away a FREE SOCOM Gear Full Metal Noveske M4 - as see in this here video - and all you have to do is like the video, and tell us in the comments section below what the best Holiday gift you've ever received is. Winner announced on Monday!"

CA Lightweight Build: Skeletonized Lower

We continue with the Booligan Airsoft's Classic Army Airsoft Lightweight Build project, as he tries to trim off weight from a Classic Army AEG and he goes for the lower receiver this time... "Know what has mass? Matter. So let's remove some matter from the Classic Army lower receiver to make it lighter."

Airsplat/CA Lightweight AR Project Intro

Booligan Airsoft has a new project where he does a Lightweight AR using the Classic Army Skirmish Line AEG that was provided by Here is his introduction to his project.. "Putting together a pretty quick project build on that Classic Army USA "Skirmish" line gun I received from Airsplat recently. Here's your introduction to it!"

Airsoftology: Classic Army Scarab AEG

It's the turn of Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology to review the Classic Army Scarab AEG, an AEG which is designed in-house at Classic Army... "Jonathan gets a look at the built-from-the-ground-up AEG from Classic Army; the Scarab, to see what this fresh new AEG is hiding inside (hint; it's a programmable MOSFET with burst mode)."

Classic Army M4 VCW Video Overview

Classic Army got a new AEG for use for vehicle-borne airsofting and they call it the "VCW"... "The Classic Army Vehicle Crew Weapon or "VCW" is a full metal M4 with an impressive amount of features. It has a 7.5-inch CQB barrel surrounded by a 7" CNC machined free float rail system with for a realistic look. The monolithic profile of the rail system gives you plenty of rail real estate to accessorize with optics, lights, lasers, forward grips, and more.

Booligan: Classic Army USA CA110 Project

So what is the result of putting ICS and PTS parts into a Classic Army USA CA11 AEG? Watch Booligan Airsoft tell you more about his project for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "Building interesting guns is what I do best! This Classic Army USA CA110 based gun makes for a drop dead sexy long range shooting platform, especially with the addition of some parts from PTS and ICS!"

New Classic Army Minigun Spotted

For those going to the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas in January 2017, here is something for you to check out. Classic Army have posted on their Facebook Page two photos of their upcoming updated M134 minigun. We all hope that the price is lower for it, but we doubt it. Something for those with money to burn to acquire when it gets released.

Airsoft Megastore: CA Real Wood Shotgun

Check out the Classic Army Airsoft CA870 Police Spring Shotgun that Ross is featuring in this Airsoft Megastore Video and it has real wood... "If you’re looking for an airsoft shotgun, you should spend some time looking at the new Classic Army CA870. This gun is built like a tank, with all metal parts and REAL WOOD stock and pump action. That is extremely hard to find in airsoft shotguns these days, and priced affordably, Classic Army did a really nice job on this shotgun."