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Classic Army

WGC Shop: CA25 Series, G&P Dark Earth & More

It's Thursday and it's a WGC Shop product update day here. They have sent news that they have a restock of the following popular products such as the G&P M14 DMR in Dark Earth, the G&P M.P PTS Battle Airsoft Rifle with Masterkey also in Dark Earth, and the Classic Army CA25 Series. As for the new arrivals, they now have the Alien Airsoft MK18 MOD1 DX AEG in Field Dark Earth, the WGC DX Limited Edition VFC MP5K PDW GBB, and the G&D DTW MAX3S M4 Key Mod AEG.

CA FN SCAR-L Sportline AEG Review

The Classic Army sportline series are coming back in stock at Airsoft Atlanta reviews the SCAR-L Sportline series... "The Classic Army FN SCAR-L Sportline AEG in black is a great airsoft option for those that want to use the VERY common M4 style magazines but don't want another M4. This rifle is fully licensed by FN and is very solid right out of the box.

Hyperdouraku On The CA Stoner LMG

With the release of the Classic Army KAC Stoner LMG, which follows in the steps of the Ares Airsoft Stoner LMG, Hyperdouraku was able to get one from Hong Kong. Finding it to be 4.8kg in weight and he finds a rigid full metal receiver and the finishing good. It has a link belt to show a dummy 5.56mm ammo feed. Firing at full auto, it feeds and fires good but its ballistic performance tends to fall somewhat but for airsoft games, it performs good enough.

The Return of Classic Army M4 Series

Classic Army is slowly trying to retake its big presence in the airsoft market after a period of being relatively quiet for reasons we don't really know why. For this year, Airsoftology wants to find out what they have on offer for you... "2014: The year of Classic Army's return to the North American market... With a price drop on the M4 series, they are off to a good start.

CA Krebs AK47 KC-89 Quick Review

Haha! This quick review of the Classic Army AK47 KC89 AEG or the Krebs Custom done by Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft just made our day. In this short review, there are appearances by some known airsoft personalities such as Spartan Leah, Jet DesertFox, and Chris Bast of Warfighter. Actually we lost focus on the actual review, anticipating who will show up next in the background.

The Classic Army Vulcan Preview Video

Christophe Lefebvre of Lucid Mind and of the French Language Airsoft Channel, Airsoft TV, will be doing a review on the hard to find Classic Army Vulcan (yes, we get pestered by some emails where they can get one if they have the budget). It's a short video preview so expect more some destructive awesomeness with this big multi-barreled airsoft gun.

Classic Army FN P90 Sportline AEG Review

Airsoft Atlanta reviews another Sportline AEG from Classic Army which they also now have in stock... "The Classic Army FN P90 RDS Sportline AEG with built in red dot sight. Pretty much everything you need in a CQB gun. Comes with a 300 round hi capacity magazine, mini 8.4v 1100 mah nimh battery and a trickle charger. Gun will only take mini sized batteries. A great airsoft gun from Classic Army!


Airsoft Atlanta FN M249 MKII Review

Now again in stock at Airsoft Atlanta, the Classic Army FN M249 MKII gets an in-house review... "Airsoft Atlanta's review of the gigantic FN M249 MKII 'MINIMI/SAW' AEG gun. A fully licensed FN M249 airsoft gun that kicks so much butt! Equip this with the optional 2400 round box magazine for some serious fun on the battlefield."

Classic Army 2014 Colt M4 Carbine AEG

Classic Army update their M4 Line-Up and coming back with the Colt Trademark perhaps with a new licensing agreement with Cybergun. What is shown in the video is the Classic Army Colt M4 Carbine, 2014 Spartan Version which Alex show a standard configuration 2014 M4 AEG where he shows that this is a rear-wired AEG with a Crane Stock. Also, the version 2 gearbox gets an update such as 9mm bearings and steel selector plate... "Alex of Spartan Imports provides a quick look at the new 2014 Pro-Line M4 by Classic Army.

CA M134-A2 Vulcan Minigun at eHobbyAsia

Well, it's back in stock for those who want their 2014 airsoft with the ability to mow down whatever stands in their way. The Classic ArmY Vulcan M134-A2 Minigun is now available again at eHobby Asia for US$2,500.00... "Unlike anything you have seen in the Airsoft world before, the Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 6 Barrel Airsoft Gatling Gun is ready to rule the world!