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Classic Army

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Classic Army AK Series

With more and more Classic Army AEGs, whether new or old, coming back online, gives us another look of the Classic Army AK Series. Even before the new airsoft manufacturers offered fine AK AEGs, Classic Army was ahead, with some of the finest AK AEGS in the market, full metal, and with real wood offering that they were considered premium. Find more about the series in this episode of the "The Gun Corner".

Airsoft GI: Classic Army ISSC MK22

Airsoft GI now has the Classic Army ISSC MK22 in stock and they say it's already pre-upgraded for good CQB performance... "The Classic Army ISSC MK22 Commando is an officially licensed Airsoft version of the ISSC MK22 rifle. This Skirmish Line AEG features a durable yet lightweight nylon fiber body and a folding stock which is both adjustable in length and in cheek rest position. Classic Army Scarab PDW

We are actually liking what is coming out of the Classic Army factory in Hong Kong as the company ramps up full production after a quiet period that many wondered what happened to the company. Well, they are now back with new products including the SCARAB PDW AEG that was on display at the SHOT Show 2016. Learn more about it in this video. Classic Army Skirmish Line

Next on the list of airsoft companies for the TV crew to visit at the SHOT Show 2016 is Classic Army. In this video, they talk about the Skirmish Line Series of the company and this is bannered by the ISSC MK22 AEG. The Skirmish Line are Nylon Fibre AEGs, making them lightweight. Other models in theSkirmish line are KeyMod ARs, Delta Rail ARs  and AKs.

Airsoft Atlanta: Classic Army 870 Shotguns

Classic Army are now producing metal M870 airsoft shotguns as shown here by Airsoft Atlanta during the SHOT Show 2016... "Brand new Classic Army Metal 870 Shotguns that are Spring Powered for airsoft. Single shot per pump, these are solid, and very realistic for the avid player. The wood is actual real wood! An exciting new product from Classic Army this year."

Airsoft GI SHOT Show 2016 Mystery Box

It's SHOT Show week and Airsoft GI have a Mystery Box for you. Find you what you may just receive with the ASGI SHOT Show Mystery Box. Also, selected airsoft guns will be made available at reduced prices so find out what these are too... "Shot Show 2016 is just around the corner and this mystery box will be featuring the Classic Army M134 Minigun to serve as the grand prize. This Mystery Box will be going live on Tuesday 01/16/2016 at 12:00PM PST for $179.99.

Classic Army SCAR-L Sportline Overview

We're seeing more Classic Army products back on store shelves and Jooks67 gives us an overview of the Classic Army SCAR-L Tan Sportline Edition... "Hi all! This is a quick overview of the Classic Army Scar we got from Toronto Airsoft's Double Happiness Mystery Box event. We are in Canada and we do not need mandatory orange tips on barrels."

Booligan's Classic Army ISSC MK22 Overview

An overview of the Classic Army ISSC MK22 by Booligan Airsoft with the full review on the next issue of Airsoft Insider Magazine... "Classic Army USA recently released their ISSC MK22 replica in Flat Dark Earth, and I was able to check it out! This gun will be getting a full write up in issue #11 of Airsoft Insider Magazine."

DesertFox Christmas Mini-Gun Massacre

Another video to see the Classic Army M134-A2 in action again. DesertFox Airsoft brings it to Mr. Paintball for some Christams jingle bells... "Christmas 2015 Classic Army mini-gun action at Mr. Paintball in San Diego, California. Special thanks to Josh from Classic Army for letting me shoot the mini-gun. As well as Jose from Team Omega Force for the use of his truck and Team Therapist for putting the game on."

Classic Army M249 MKII At Mach1 Airsoft

We're seeing a comeback of Classic Army products in the market and in Canada, Mach1 Airsoft now got in their shelves the Classic Army M249 Mark II AEG... "The Classic Army M249 Mark II is the quintessential combat light machine gun.