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Classic Army

Classic Army Micro Gun At Power Ops

See that Classic Army Micro Gun in action at Power Ops in this video taken by Airsoft Atlanta... "Gameplay footage from the Classic Army USA event at Power Ops this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. Check it out, along with mini Mini-Gun footage in a live game! That HPA powered Mini-Gun just decimates the battlefield:"

Classic Army Nemesis AEGs at Airsoft Atlanta

The first batch of the Classic Army Nemesis AEG Series are now available at Airsoft Atlanta. Already wired for Deans connector, what they have in stock are the CA110M Nemesis Hex, CA111M Nemesis ME-10, and the CA113M Nemesis ME-14 AEG. Click on the links below to learn more about these.

Classic Army CA110M Nemesis HEX AEG

Airsoft GI: Classic Army M132 Micro Gun

Many are waiting for this, as it is a more affordable mini-gun. Airsoft GI presents the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun and they are now taking pre-orders with an EYA of the end of May 2015. As for the price, it is US$699.99... "Classic Army is a leading manufacturer of Airsoft products, setting standards for the entire industry. Classic Army produced the first full metal production M4 and MP5 AEGs.

Evike [The Gun Corner] CA M132 Micro Gun are now taking pre-orders of the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun and they feature it for this episode of their "The Gun Corner" series... "It is finally here, the moment we have all been dreaming about and waiting for. Never before done in the history of Airsoft, a fully functional Minigun style heavy weapon for under one thousand dollars.

CA MK22 Commando Review & Gameplay

DLdirectors does a review on the Classic Army MK22 Commando as well as bringing it to the field for some gameplay footage... "So I do realize its been a week or two since the last airsoft Game play video and I do want to apologize as I was in Alaska, but I am Back At it with another brand new air soft video.

Classic Army UMC AEG At Airsoft Extreme

For those who are looking for the Classic Army UMC AEG, you can find some in stock at Airsoft Extreme right now... "An oldie but a goodie. We dug up a small quantity of these oldies but goodies in our warehouse. Small, compact, super robust AEGs featuring a very sturdy nylon reinforced body, folding stock, adjust sights...easily able to handle Lipo batteries. Priced to move! Get one before they're gone!"

Airsoftology: Classic Army M24 LTR Review

Is there a difference between the old and well received Classic Army M24 Sniper Rifle and this new Classic Army M24 LTR? Find out in this video review by Airsoftology... "Remember the original Classic Army M24?  Yeah... we do too.  Well,  the M24 LTR isn't even the same rifle, and Jonathan covers all of the changes to this VSR-10 compatible rifle to show you what's changed and if it's worth the budget price point."

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2017: Classic Army

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft also spots the Classic Army Baby M134 Minigun as he went around the exhibit floor of the IWA Outdoor Classics... "Sensations and more sensations :-) Bruce take a look at the new compact Minigun of Classic Army. Lighter, smaller and is operated with a complete Std Greengas can. A true BB syringe :-) Also i take a look to big boy M134 from Classic Army."

IWA 2017: CA Baby M134 & Nemesis AEG

Ever wanted to own an airsoft M134 minigun but it's too heavy or too long for your? You are now in luck, provided you've got the budget, as Classic Army will be releasing a Baby M134 Minigun that is already self-contained making it portable enough that you can easily bring mayhem on the field. Also shown in this video is their new Nemesis AEG line that has 6 models.

Callsign Icy: Classic Army M4 RIS Review

Callsign Icy explaisn why the Classic Army M4 RIS AEG is the best airsoft gun for the price in this quick review... "Today I’m going to be overviewing the BEST airsoft gun for the price! Yes I said THE BEST gun for the price! This is the Classic Army M4 RIS, yes this is the only name it has, I know not very specific."