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Classic Army

Classic Army 2014 Colt M4 Carbine AEG

Classic Army update their M4 Line-Up and coming back with the Colt Trademark perhaps with a new licensing agreement with Cybergun. What is shown in the video is the Classic Army Colt M4 Carbine, 2014 Spartan Version which Alex show a standard configuration 2014 M4 AEG where he shows that this is a rear-wired AEG with a Crane Stock. Also, the version 2 gearbox gets an update such as 9mm bearings and steel selector plate... "Alex of Spartan Imports provides a quick look at the new 2014 Pro-Line M4 by Classic Army.

CA M134-A2 Vulcan Minigun at eHobbyAsia

Well, it's back in stock for those who want their 2014 airsoft with the ability to mow down whatever stands in their way. The Classic ArmY Vulcan M134-A2 Minigun is now available again at eHobby Asia for US$2,500.00... "Unlike anything you have seen in the Airsoft world before, the Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 6 Barrel Airsoft Gatling Gun is ready to rule the world!

New Classic Army Sportline Review

Spartan117gw goes back to the brand where he first started with airsoft --- Classic Army. The company has been so quiet lately but there is activity at the company as they revamped their Sportline Series. The Sportline Series M15A4 basically started the more affordable AEGs by the bigger airsoft companies as a counter to ACM products that are undercutting their sales at the lower budget segments.

CA M15A4 RIS AEG Internals Update

For those who are avid users of the Sportline M15A4 Series from Classic Army, which is their entry level AEG offering, Airsoft GI created this video to show to us an update in the internals for their new batches... "In this Episode Marq takes you through the new gearbox from Classic Army. Their sportline models received an over haul to the gear box which will greatly increase the performance and durability."

Black Ops Airsoft CA LWRC EBB Spotlight

A customer spotlight at Black Ops Airsoft as they pimp his Classic Army Electric Blowback LWRC... "Joe, a customer of ours, stopped by the shop today to get some tech work done to his Airsoft guns. He was kind enough to let us do a little bit of filming on his Classic Army LWRCs so we can show you guys the work we did on them.

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eHobby Asia Weekly Product News

For this week's product news from eHobby Asia, they announce that they have all the airsoft publications available, especially those magazines coming from East Asia where you get some fantastic stories about products and events, as long as you understand the languages.

ASGI Classic Army M15A4 SPR AEG

Bob's back in this Airsoft GI video, holding the Classic Army M15A4 SPR... "If you are looking for a great rifle to bring to the airsoft battlefield, Classic Army has a great addition. The M15A4 SPR is a full metal AEG, with a custom Rail System that allows the shooter to move their rail systems up and down the length of the barrel, so you can choose optics and lasers at your own preference. Additionally, the stock can fit 9.6v batteries, ensuring that you can play all day!

CA Price Drop, APSO Demo & More

It's earlier in the week this time for Airsoft Extreme to send their announcements as they prepare for the 4th of July Celebrations. They announce a price drop on Classic Army products, a reminder of their Independence Day Sale, the APSO Practical Shooting Demonstration, and new stocks from KWA, CYMA, and A&K. More of these below:

ASGI Classic Army M249 MK2 Review

Airsoft GI goes back to a well-received Classic Army AEG to give it a review... "Classic Army has continued to make high quality AEGs, and the M249 is no exception. Perfect for anyone looking to have an amazing looking gun coupled with extra realism, this gun preforms just exactly as you would hope. With almost 20 rounds per second and clocking in at just under 400 fps, be sure to check it out on our website!"

AONW Classic Army Summer Blowout Sale

It must a good weekend for airsoft players as there are summer sales ongoing. Airsoft Outlet Northwest are having theirs but mainly on Classic Army stuff... "Summer's here, and that means great airsoft guns at great prices. Classic Army AEGs are some of the best quality electric airsoft guns, and now's your chance to pick one up at unbelievable prices! Pick up a new weapon, or finally upgrade to that high-end AEG you've always wanted!