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Classic Army

Classic Army CA083M 13" KeyMod Teaser

A quick teaser video of one of the Classic Army Advanced Series AEGs, the CA083M 13" KeyMod AEG... "The Classic Army M4 ARS4-10 is an M4 with a 13in. free float keymod rail and an 14.5in. outer barrel. The monolithic profile rail system has a standard picatinny configuration on the top rail, allowing for fitting of standard railed mounted scopes or other accessories. The gun features an ergonomic grip, flip up front and rear sights, and a retractable crane stock, and a sling adaptor plate.

Classic Army USA Events Update

Classic Army USA will be at the certain events in the following months. Watch Josh tell you what these are and when they will take place... "Josh gives you the rundown on what events are coming up that Classic Army USA and friends are attending in the upcoming months!"

Airsoftology: Classic Army CA870 Shotguns

Check out the variants of the Classic Army CA870 Airsoft Shotguns that Jonathan Higgs features in this Airsoftology review... "A full metal airsoft shotgun that shoots like a sniper rifle? Yep, Classic Army has delivered the holy grail of scatterguns.. but is there a catch???"

Classic Army Advance Rifle Series AEGs

Josh of Classic Army USA gives us a roundup of the Classic Army Advance Rifle Series... "Looking for a new full metal AEG but can't figure out which one to choose? Look no further than the new ARS AEGs from Classic Army. Join Josh as he gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about these new M4 platforms"

Airsoftology: Classic Army M4 RIS Pistol

We see more Classic Army products becomong available in the USA, such as this Classic Army M4 RIS Pistol that Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology reviews in this video... "Jonathan looks at an interesting offering from Classic Army, their M4 RIS Pistol, to see if this compact CQB sidearm/primary can steal the submachine gun title from the fabled MP5. Watch and see what he discovers, and then decide for yourself."

Classic Army Stoner LMG Review & Chat

A recording of the livecast done by Spartan Six Airsoft, and it was a livestream review of the Classic Army Stoner LMG AEG, the other airsoft LMG in the market today. Apart from the review, they had a live chat to answer questions sent in by those who watched the broadcast. Quality of the video leaves much to be desired though.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: CA M134-A2 Minigun

The Classic Army M134-A2 Minigun is back at and you can get it at a reduced price. Learn more about as it gets featured in "The Gun Corner"... "The Classic Army M1234-A2 minigun is the culmination of over a decade of research and development. Developed in collaboration with Pipers Precision the Classic Army M123-A2 minigun is the next evolution of Airsoft heavy weapons. The classic army M123-A2 features a unique firing system, not seen in any other product on the market today.

Diles46: Classic Army S013W Shotgun

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft looks into the affordable Classic Army S013W Shotgun in this video... "Classic Army is throwing some serious velocity and beautiful replication at ya with the new 870 Series of spring, pump shotguns. These airsoft guns are an awesome deal at $100, making them cheap and affordable. Lots of fun!

Evike [The Gun Corner]: CA Scarab PDW

In this episode of the's "The Gun Corner" Matt with Josh of Classic Army USA goes over the Classic Army Scarab PDW AEG. This AEG is designed from the ground up by Classic Army, and is one of the two in-house designs that we have seen from the Hong Kong-based airsoft manufacturer. This AEG will be available at soon.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Classic Army Delta 10

The Classic Army Delta 10 M4 Polymer AEG, available in black or tan versions, can now be found at and here is their video feature... "The M4 Delta 10 is Classic Army's entry level railed carbine. Utilizing Classic Army's nylon fiber allows for a lighter weight platform while ensuring playable durability in a cost efficient package.