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Classic Army

Classic Army Now At LandWarrior Airsoft

Landwarrior sent in news last night that they got a big batch of Classic Army AEGs available and ready for airsoft players to order... "LWA are now stocking Classic Army at unbelievable prices. Favourites such as the M249 series, Vietnam era M16 and XM177, SVD, AK, RPK and some of the more obscure modern German rifles not offered by other manufacturers. Rock solid airsoft rifles with great performance, What else could you want?

Airsoftology: CA90TR Tactics XT Review

Classic Army has good P90 AEGs before, will this CA90TR Tactics XT still has the quality of the old ones? Watch this video review by Airsoftology... "Some might say this little bullpup rifle has a face only a mother can love, and others may really dig its futuristic looks. But regardless of which camp you are in, you can't deny that this AEG's form definitely follows its function. Watch and see what Jonathan uncovers in this full review, then leave your thoughts below."

Aces Airsoft Classic Army Stoner LMG Review

Aces Airsoft reviews the other Stoner LMG airsoft gun in the market, the Classic Army Stoner LMG. This is a full metal AEG with a 8mm bearing gearbox and quick spring change system. It has an M249-style hop-up and six position stock. Battery is installed in the gas tube and comes with a 1,200 electric winding box magazine.

Classic Army Skirmish Line M4 Mag Test

Find out which magazines are compatible with the Classic Army Skirmish Line M4 AEG in this video... "Josh puts the Classic Army Skirmish Line M4 w/ Delta Rail to the test with an 11.1 lipo! He tested not only durability but compatibility with some of the most common mid caps in the market! Check it out and let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video!"

Classic Army Debrief: Broken Home 5 #1

Video from Classic Army USA with Greg as they talk about his experience during American Milsim's Broken Home 5 event. This is part 1 of the interview... "Josh talks to Greg from Black Wolf Company about his experiences at Broken Home 5!"

CA Easy Access Grip (As Seen On TV-Style)

Josh does a presentation of the Classic Army Easy Access Grip ala-"As See On TV"... "Josh does his best impression of the shamwow guy and gives you something everyone has been asking for. The Easy Access Grip is a product that not only players will love, but techs will love too! Check out the video and let us know in the comments below what you think of this product!"

Classic Army SP016M: Skirmish Line M4 RIS

Learn more about the SP016M, an entry level AEG from Classic Army... "The M4 RIS Nylon Fiber is one of Classic Army's entry level carbines. Utilizing Classic Army's nylon fiber allows for a lighter weight platform while ensuring playable durability in a cost efficient package.

Airsoftology: Classic Army M4 KM12 AEG

An affordable AEG from Classic Army with Nylon Fibre construction, KeyMod Rail, MOSFET, and Cranestrock, the Classic Army M4 KM12 AEG gets reviewed by Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "Classic Army is changing the Mid-Tier airsoft game with their KM12 M4... a MOSFET powered Keymod Railed Polymer M4 for under $200. But is there a catch? Watch and see."

Airsoftology: Classic Army ARS4 13" Review

Latest review by Airsoftology covers the Classic Arm ARS4 13" AEG... "Jonathan takes a look at Classic Army's flagship metal M4; the ARS4 13". But is it all just looks, or is there something under the hood that really pushes this M4 over the top? Watch and see for yourself."

Diles46: Classic Army CAKA1 Review

Diles46 of Intrigue Airsoft reviews the Classic Army AK-102 or CAKA1 AEG that comes with real wood and metal body... "Do ya like a nice airsoft ak47, ak74 or are ya more of an AKM type of guy? Classic Army has wrapped everything we love about the classic look of the AK47 with all the features of a modern AK! Solid Steel Body, REAL (nice) WOOD fore grip, tightbore barrel, 400 fps, 2 high cap mags and much more all for around $275USD. Do our best guess, this is a close replica of the AK-102.