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Classic Army

AirsoftTech23: CA Nemesis HEX Review

We got another video review of the new Classic Army Nemesis HEX AEG, an in-house design of Classic Army and available now at retailers in the USA. This review is done by AirsoftTech23... "Classic Army Nemesis HEX Review & Shooting Test! Chrono/Accuracy/Damage Test!: Let me know what you guys think about this Nemesis HEX! Personally, I think Classic Army did one hell of a job! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you haven't already, make sure to hit the Subscribe button! We're almost at 100K baby!"

Classic Army Nemesis Series Internals

We get to see the guts of the Classic Army Nemesis AEG Series in this episode of Airsoft GI Uncut after they gave their first impressions of the series in a previous video. Airsoft GI have the series in stock, with the exception of the Hex which is still on pre-order.. "Tech manager Spencer breaks down a Classic Army Nemesis M4 and takes a look at the internals!"

GI Tactical & D14 Operation Wildman

GI Tactical Texas and D14 are hosting the Operation Wildman event that is sponsored by Classic Army. This will take place on the 25th of June 2017 at D14 Airsoft Field in Sanger, Texas... "The Santa Verde Familia has taken over the small pueblo village of Sangera, using it to produce kilos upon kilos of illicit substances, and distributing them throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Hyperdouraku: Classic Army M132 Micro Gun

Hyperdouraku checks out the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun that was on display at the Hobby Shop Izumo booth during the Shot Show Japan 2017 Spring Edition that was held in Osaka. The Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is a smaller and more affordable version of the Classic Army Mini Gun and just like its big brother is a hybrid electric and gas airsoft gun.

New Brands At Gunfire's Spring Sale

We're now at the tail end of the Gunfire Spring Sale but they made the last part sweeter as they added more brandsto the mix so better check out what these specials are before they are gone and you will have to wait for new stock to come in... "As the Spring Sale is nearly over, we have something special just for you for that last weekend! 

CA M132 Micro Gun Coming To Gunfire

The much anticipated and more affordable airsoft M132, the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is soon to be available at Gunfore. Also check out the long list of items for their onling Spring Sale below... "M132 Micro-Gun soon in Gunfire! That long awaited news, which was exhibited at this year's IWA trade fair, is a compact light and handy version of the iconic Vulcan Minigun!

Classic Army M4 9mm Magazine Adapter

Spotted on is the Classic Army M4 9mm SMG 100-Round Magazine with Adapter. As the name states, this allows you use a 9mm airsoft magazine with an M4 AEG. Some sellers have the CA M4/M16 100-round SMG Magazine but sometimes the adapter is hard to find. This package comes with both the magazine and adapter and feeds an M4 AEG, which should be Marui-compatible, well.

USAirsoft: Classic Army EC2 Review

USAirsoft reviews the Classic Army M4 RIS EC2 AEG that can be found at Airsoft Station, the company providing the review unit. This AEG uses a nylon fibre body being a Sportline version thought it uses a tightbore 6.03mm inner barrel. Lipo ready, this has an initial muzzle velocity of 330-350fps on 0.20g BBs and quick spring change feature.

ASGI Uncut: CA Xtreme Nemesis Hex M4

In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, we get a closer look at the Classic Army Xtrme Nemesis Hex M4 Carbine courtesy of GI Michael... "The Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players of any caliber the ultimate tool to take down the opposition. Classic Army took the best parts of the SCARAB line and turned it into your enemy's worst nightmare.

Classic Army Micro Gun Pre-Order At UNC

UN Company are now taking pre-orders for the Classic Army M134 Micro Gun as they expect this to be in stock by the middle of this month. Made of reinforced polymer, this spits out 3,000 BBs per minute at an initial muzzle velocity of 400fps which needs to be downgraded for certain countries' legal limits. As for the price, it is US$680, shipping costs not included... "Classic Army M132 Microgun (Sport/Gas & Elect.) is pre-ordering in UN Company now.