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New Enola Gaye Large Overall Sizes

Rental requirements for new airsoft or paintball players to have the proper clothing in the field, Enola Gaye has the US Woodland Overalls which should be more than enough to get the new players going besides their markers or airsoft guns... "Enola Gaye make the best overalls in the business; if you’re looking to kit up your field with gear that’s gonna last then come on board.

Helikon-Tex CPU In PenCott At Military1st

Hyde Defintion PenCott camouflage patterns in GreenZone and Badlands now are being used by Helikon-Tex for the CPU series of tactical clothing which you can order right now from Military1st... "New Helikon-Tex CPU shirts & trousers in PenCott Greenzone & Badlands camouflage patterns are available now at Military 1st online store at"

Volk Tactical Combat Uniform Announced

Just announced by the Japanese Company, Volk Tactical, is their Volk Tactical Combat Uniform which they are selling for JPY33,000 (around US$334 at rates as of this writing) and available in Khaki and Grey Colours. Sizes available are small, medium, larget but confirm with them first the sizing which is most probably Asian/Japanese sizing. The material is Ripstop 100% Cotton for the Shirt and for the Trousers is Ripstp 5% Polyerethane and 100% Cotton. A Knee pad is already built-in.

Helikon Defender Shirts Now at Military1st

Whether you are walking in the high street, in the outdoors, or doing tactcal training, or even  skirmishing at an airsoft game site, this new version of the Helikon Tex Defender Shirts that are available at can easily make you fit in... "The new version of Helikon Defender Shirt is available now in Black, Olive, Coyote, Khaki & Steel colours. Visit for details & prices.

PTS Syndicate Gunsmith Shirt Announced

Gunsmiths or those who love tinkering with their airsoft guns may want to order this shirt ... "As part of our evolving Tactical Lifestyle Product Series, PTS is proud to announce the release of the new PTS Gunsmith Shirt. The Gunsmith Shirt is a unisex premium grade garment with work-shirt style tailoring, in dark grey with subtle PTS accents.

Strike Kryptic Cobra & Gunslinger T-Shirts

Strike Industries released two more shirts in their Apparel collection with the Kryptic Cobra and Gunslinger. As denoted by their shirt names the Kryptic Cobra sports a Cobra Design whilst the Gunslinger shows an AR-15. Both shirts have the 2nd Amendment (in the US Constitution as the right to bear arms) written at the back.


ASGI Tru-Spec Xtreme Multicam Combat Shirt

It's tactical clothing this time as Airsoft GI features the Tru-Spec Xtreme Combat Shirt in Multicam... "The Tru-Spec Xtreme Combat Shirt is the perfect combination of the protection of a highly durable BDU top and the comfort and lightweight feeling of a long sleeve base layer.

5.11 Tactical Flex-Tac Stryke Pants

Next up on this episode from The Locker is the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants which are now in stock at and available in different colours and sizes... "5.11's most popular tactical pant, Stryke Pant w/Flex-Tac , is made to be exceptionally flexible and breathable.

Helikon-Tex SFU Trousers Back in Stock

The popular SFU Trousers from Helikon-Tex are again back in stock at "We're happy to announce that popular Helikon SPU trousers in Olive Drab, Coyote and Khaki colours are back in stock at Military 1st. Made of durable Ripstop fabric, with 9 roomy pockets and double-reinforced seat and knees, these quality pants are perfect for work, play, and everyday wear. For more details & to buy visit the Helikon-Tex SFU Trousers Page.

SCD East Asia Supply Uniform Set Review

Przemek of SCD reviews a classic and beloved camo pattern... "The reviewed Tiger Stripe uniform from East Asia Suply is a perfect reproduction of the famous camouflage in a fairly desirable and rare shade of Gold. It is well tailored, well-fitted and looks even better. This is another interesting and worth a look uniform. The other set Worth noticing is the one from Moore.