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Electric Blowback

BOLT B4A1: Best Electric Recoil Gun Ever?

Black Ops Airsoft reviews and takes down the second generation Bolt Airsoft B4A1 SOPMOD which they are very much impressed with... "The BOLT B4A1 SOPMOD is the second generation rifle in BOLT's electric recoil lineup. BOLT has taken a careful look at customer feedback on their first rifle and has addressed all known problems with this one. We're not saying the first one was bad, quite the contrary.

AK74 Blowback Rifles & More at Tiger111HK

The latest from Tiger111HK are the AK blowback rifles coming from WE and Jing Gong. The first one is the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback rifle and the next two AK blowbacks are the Jing Gong AKS74U and AK74 Blobwack AEGs giving you options on what type of airsoft blowback rifles to choose from. Also included in this update eAiming Mid-cap M16 magazines and the Bell Colt M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol:

APS Full Metal M4 Omega EBB ASR 108

New good-looking AEG made by Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting now available for US$154.00 at Airsoft Panda. This is an electric blowback AEG that comes kitted with a 9-inch Omega Rail-styple free float tactical rail, a Rebar Cutter Flash Hide, a silver oouter barrel, and a fill metal rear tube for battery storage.

Tokyo Marui New Gen SCAR-L CQB Black

The Tokyo Marui SCAR-L New Gen Electric Blowbacks seem to have been released in small quantities as they're often out of stock at almost every airsoft retailer. Even Echigoya Guns is no exception. But nevertheless, they have the coveted CQB version of the SCAR-L in back and they're selling it at US$594.00, almost a US$100 more expensive than the regular TM New Gen SCAR-L, and we wonder what's the difference.

APS Full Metal Mini Patriot M4

Another cute little devil and it comes with its own electric blowback. You can get this at for US$200.00... "The APS 'Mini Patriot' M4 is small, short, and versatile. The Mini Patriot is an ultimate weapon for CQB games due to its small design. The Mini Patriot has a full metal receiver, front RIS, Custom Mock Silencer, and Tube-style Stock that can accommodate a 8.4v battery.

Javelin Full Metal M4 CQB Electric Blowback

Javelin Works electric blowback AEGs have landed at To start this, they have the M4 CQB full metal blowback AEG which comes with Javelin markings. This is full metal, and each AEG has its own unique serial number. The clubfoot stock can contain 2 CR123A batteries. This can be bought for US$250.00 at their online store. Sounds like a good package on paper.


Top Japan Shell Ejecting M4A1 Official Trailer

Top Japan release their official trailer of their M4A1 Shell Ejecting M4A1 for your viewing pleasure. This will actually please milsim players and training groups as these is exactly what this product is being aimed at and will give competition to Systema and even Tokyo Marui in terms of realism which many milsim players and trainors would be looking into.

APS Full Metal M4A1 AEG with Electric Blowback

Another M4A1 airsoft electric gun which features a blowback function is available at Airsoft Panda. Made by Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting (APS) this is a full metal AEG with complete markings. This is made in Hong Kong, and comes with a hi-capacity magazine. You can get this from Airsoft Panda for US$152, shipping costs not yet included. Notice the club-foot stock in the photo and we wonder if this is standard in all their packages.

G&G Limited Edition Blowback M4 Full Length Carbine FF RAS

Newly added at last Good Friday... "This is a custom G&G M4 Carbine with Full Length Free Float RAS designed for use in various combat environments including MOUT and woodland areas. The internals are upgraded with a reinforced version 2 fully upgradeable G&G electric blowback gearbox. The CRANE type stock allows larger batteries to be used for more powerful high speed upgrades. This rifle is easy to customize with a free float aluminum RAS handguard and flat top receiver.

Airsoft GI G4-A2 Desert Knight Hog

Another custom gun from Airsoft GI and priced at US$225... "Never before have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio. The base gun is a special Combat Machine Blowback M4 with a crane stock that's wired to the back. The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI have fitted a Madbull outer barrel, Official License Noveske Flash Hider, and 7in URX Style Free Float RIS.