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Gas Blowback

WGC Shop: VFC VR635 GBB Available

WGC Shop announce that they have the VFC VR635 DX Gas Blowback Rifle in stock at their online store... "The new VFC VR635 GBB comes with V-mag, the best VFC AR15 GBB magazine, and advanced internal parts to upgrade its durability and reliability."

Cybergun FNS-9 GBB At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop got a new arrival and it is the fully licensed FNS-9 Gas Blowback Pistol from Cybergun... "The licensed FNS-9 pistol features a pre-loaded striker mechanism and a manual safety, hence combining fast and accurate shooting and optimal safety. Additionally, the well thought out design of the FNS-9 results in a stable, highly ergonomic and ambidextrous pistol that is easy to operate.

PTS Mega Arms MML Maten GBBR Teaser

Another teaser from PTS Syndicate giving us a glimpse on their upcoming PTS Mega Arms MML Maten Gas Blowback Rifle that is expected to be released next month... "Check out the teaser of the Mega GBB hitting next month. With outstanding recoil you won't want to miss this."

Spartan Gas Pistols At Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta got a bunch of Spartan Gas Pistols in the form of the Hi-Capa, MEU and M9 handguns and OEM by KJ Works... "A review of the Spartan line of gas blowback airsoft pistols, Co2 and green gas variants.  The 1911 MEU, HiCapa, and M9 (w/suppressor) all test fired and reviewed here.

BB2K Airsoft At IWA 2017: Cybergun

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft visits the Cybergun booth to look into the products they have on displaty such as the SCAR-H, P90, FN2000, the Gas Blowback Thompson, and the even the Sig Sauer X-Five Gas Blowback Pisto which might not be available soon of Sig Sauer wins in their case against the French airsoft company... "I look at the Cybergun Area for you a bit more closely. In addition to the SCAR-H, the P90, F2000, I could also look at the SIG SAUER X-Five GBB Pistol.

Secutor To Release Gladius 17 In April

Secutor Arms sent in news yesterday that their Gladius 17 Pistol Series will be released next month. The design is familiar to Glock fans and will be available in four different colour schemes... "Secutor announces the new GLADIUS 17 series, the series composed of 4 models will be available in April in the market."

WE God of War GBB At eHobby Asia

The WE God of War Gas Blowback Pistol, which many of you will think as based on the Walther P99 Handgun, is available right now at eHobby Asia. This has a metal slide and a polymer frame with an anti-slip texture grip. It has a white dot front/rear site, 22-round gas magazine and 2 interchangeable backstrap.

RWA B.A.D. 556 Conversion Kit Available

RedWolf Airsoft announce that the RWA B.A.D. 556 Conversion Kit for Tokyo Marui M4 GBBR is now available to order and it is on a limited run, so grab yours now before it goes out of stock and it will be quick... "Introducing the brand new RWA BAD556 Conversion Kit for Marui MWS GBB!

Hephaestus Railed Gas Tubes For GHK AKs

This video from RogueSystem087 was posted last December and shows the various railed gas tubes for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifles. Made by Hephaestus Airsoft, the company usually cooperates with GHK for upgrades or unique airsoft projects. There are three versions made for the AMD65, AKS74U and AKM/AK105/AKS74 GBBs.

Custom M16A2 GBB Carbine Test

Ken 927 got this fully customised M16A2 Gas Blowback Carbine. If our translation is correct this is Western Arms GBB system transformation with the GHK Magazine, and G&P parts. The magazine and gas were placed inside a refrigerator at -3 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes. Watch the video how the rifle kicks if it is to your satisfaction.