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Airsoft Atlanta HK UMP 45 Elite AEG Review

In stock at Airsoft Atlanta and as of this writing at a special version is the elite version of the Umarex UMP AEG... "The H&K UMP Elite AEG (Licensed by Umarex, OEM by Ares) is a great choice for those looking for a SMG. The UMP features an ambidextrous safety/fire selector and magazine release. The stock also folds to the side for a more CQB friendly play style. The magazine features fake shells on the side to emulate a fully loaded magazine.

Elite Force H&K MP5K AEG Review

Angus of Deathcore Airsoft is finally back again with another review. And he has another MP5 from the lineup of Elite Force Guns and it's the MP5K version. As always, fitting in a stick battery is always a chore when loading it at the front end area... "Today we have the video review of the Elite Force H&K MP5K Airsoft AEG.

Easter Product News from Gunfire

Still more products and offers to consider this week as Gunfire sent in news about offers such as the limited edition E&L Airsoft PMC-D in which there are only 50 pieces; the Specna Arms models in half tan; Heckler & Koch airsoft replicas; and a good list of new airsoft guns and parts. Check them out below and click the links to learn more:

H&K M27 Gameplay & Epic Meet Up

Jet DesertFox gets to try Spartan117gw's M27 IAR AEG at SC Viper when they had a meetup with some of the airsoft celebrities in the USA... "Game play footage from March 2014's Epic Airsoft Meet Up with Milsim Junkie, Levelcap, Spartan117GW, Callsign Hollywood and Adella Relentless. In the video I am using Greg Wong's (Spartan117GW) Elite Force M27 IAR."

Elite Force UMP 110 Round Mag Box Set

Get good value for your AEG magazines when you buy them in box sets, especially the low-cap and midcap sets. In this case it is the H&K UMP Elite Force 110-Round Magazine Box Set (5-Pack) which is available at Airsoft Atlanta which you can order for US$89.99 making you ready for that game that requires midcaps.


TFB: KRISS Vector vs. H&K UMP Part 3

We are on third part on the KRISS Vector vs. UMP story where they test the recoil of both .45 SMGS after being tested by two police departments in Texas... "For this portion we we decided to try and quantify the recoil reduction of the Vector versus its main competitor, the HK UMP (in this case a converted HK USC SBR was used, however it is identical except for the roll marks)."


Fatal of Hobbytron is back with her review if this big pistol which is now available at their online store... "The KWA H&K MK23 US SOCOM FPS-340 Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is one of the top Airsoft guns around and it is easy to see why! The H&K MK23 Gas Blowback is a high quality, top of the line pistol with a full metal construction body, realistic working slide and a gas-in-mag design.

Limited Edition H&K M27 by VFC

Another chance to be one of the owners of the Limited Edition H&K M27 GBB made by VFC to be distributed Elite Force Guns and will release to dealers in October 2013. Now wonder the Santa get-up, it's going to be an early Christmas for Heckler & Koch fans... "2262042 -The limited edition HK M27 by VFC will be shipping to authorized Elite Force Dealers October 2013. Only 500 units available. Level Cap will be releasing gameplay footage videos in the next few weeks.

H&K MP5 A4 AEG Now At Airsoft Atlanta

Just announced by Airsoft Atlanta is the availability of the H&K MP5 A4 AEG by VFC. As many would know, this is a fully licensed AEG by Umarex and comes with the Heckler and Koch trades. But apart from the cosmetic features, this AEG comes with the three round burst option unlike previous MP5 AEGs which do not have this feature save for those from Systema and ICS. Price is US$304.99.

Umarex H&K SL9 At Godfather Airsoft

The biggest of the Heckler & Koch's G36 family is now hitting the retailers. The H&K SL9 (or more known as the SL9SD) is a version of the SL8 which fires the 7.62mm round as compared to the SL8 which is a sporting rifle and fires either the 5.56 NATO or the .223 Remington. In case of airsoft it fires the 6mm just like most airsoft guns. The photo above shows it unboxed at the Umarex HQ in Fort Smith, Arkansas.