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Impact Force Custom H&K MP7A1 GBB

Another custom airsoft gun from Impact Force equipped with the TNT APS-X System. The Impact Force Custom H&K MP7A1 GBB has the KWA MP7A1 Gas Blowback in Dark Earth colour as base gun comes equipped accessories to make you ready for your next CQB game:


RWTV: Umarex H&K VP9 GBB Pistol

Another Heckler & Koch pistol will be released in an airsoft version soon. Tim Selby of RedWolf Airsoft takes a look at the Umarexc VP9 Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC when he visited the Umarex booth during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016... "It looks like Umarex have something awesome in store for us. Another collaboration with VFC leaves people highly anticipating this particular GBB pistol. Is it all it's cracked up to be?"

Airsoftology: USMC H&K M27 IAR Review

A review of the USMC H&K M27 IAR from Elite Force/Umarex by Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology... "Jonathan takes a look at the M27 IAR from Elite Force/Umarex to see if this really is the outdoor game powerhouse it appears to be. Plus, we show you what's new under the hood for the 2015 model, and why it matters."

Mach Sakai: Marui H&K G3 SAS HC

Mach Sakai gets his hands on one of higher ROF AEGs coming from the Tokyo Marui High Cycle (HC) Custom Airsoft Gun line --- the Tokyo Marui H&K G3 SAS HC AEG. This is a 25-shots per second AEG that is powered by a standard 8.4 NiMH battery. This has a ultra high speed electric motor capable of giving that high cyle rate. Mach Sakai finds it a bit front heavy, but it is easy to shoot. He recommends it for airsoft games and shooting a high cycle AEG is always a joy.

VFC HK MP7 Navy GBB At Airsoft Atlanta

For those waiting for the VFC H&K MP7 Navy GBB SMG, follow the link here as it will lead you to Airsoft Atlanta as they announce it's availability... "Now available at Airsoft Atlanta - The brand new VFC MP7 'Navy Style' realistic gas gun is in stock!  This beast of a gun is available at the Airsoft Atlanta store, shipping now.  It's very impressive and a blast to shoot (the recoil is pretty nice, close to a real gun).

Airsoft GI: H&K UMP & IWI Uzi Overview

Find out more about these blowback airsoft machine pistols in this video by Airsoft GI... "Check out these two great gas blow back sub machine guns from Elite Force! The IWI Uzi is a classic sub machine guns that have been around for decades utilized that military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. This gun features a VERY hard blowback powered by CO2 and is perfect for the CQB player looking for absolute realism.

Airsoft Atlanta HK UMP 45 Elite AEG Review

In stock at Airsoft Atlanta and as of this writing at a special version is the elite version of the Umarex UMP AEG... "The H&K UMP Elite AEG (Licensed by Umarex, OEM by Ares) is a great choice for those looking for a SMG. The UMP features an ambidextrous safety/fire selector and magazine release. The stock also folds to the side for a more CQB friendly play style. The magazine features fake shells on the side to emulate a fully loaded magazine.

Elite Force H&K MP5K AEG Review

Angus of Deathcore Airsoft is finally back again with another review. And he has another MP5 from the lineup of Elite Force Guns and it's the MP5K version. As always, fitting in a stick battery is always a chore when loading it at the front end area... "Today we have the video review of the Elite Force H&K MP5K Airsoft AEG.

Easter Product News from Gunfire

Still more products and offers to consider this week as Gunfire sent in news about offers such as the limited edition E&L Airsoft PMC-D in which there are only 50 pieces; the Specna Arms models in half tan; Heckler & Koch airsoft replicas; and a good list of new airsoft guns and parts. Check them out below and click the links to learn more:

H&K M27 Gameplay & Epic Meet Up

Jet DesertFox gets to try Spartan117gw's M27 IAR AEG at SC Viper when they had a meetup with some of the airsoft celebrities in the USA... "Game play footage from March 2014's Epic Airsoft Meet Up with Milsim Junkie, Levelcap, Spartan117GW, Callsign Hollywood and Adella Relentless. In the video I am using Greg Wong's (Spartan117GW) Elite Force M27 IAR."