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H&K M27 Gameplay & Epic Meet Up

Jet DesertFox gets to try Spartan117gw's M27 IAR AEG at SC Viper when they had a meetup with some of the airsoft celebrities in the USA... "Game play footage from March 2014's Epic Airsoft Meet Up with Milsim Junkie, Levelcap, Spartan117GW, Callsign Hollywood and Adella Relentless. In the video I am using Greg Wong's (Spartan117GW) Elite Force M27 IAR."

Airsoft Nederland: VFC M27 IAR Review

One of the best signs that airsoft is now normal in the Netherlands ever since it became legal, airsoft reviews coming from the airsofters in the country. In this review, new Airsoft channel Airsoft Nederland, reviews the Vega Force Company M27 IAR, a fully licensed airsoft rifle from Heckler & Koch via Umarex and one of the hot selling items from VFC and Umarex.

ARES M110 & VFC HK M27 IAR Reviews

Whilst many of us were on our Christmas break, Greg Wong aka "Spartan117gw" was busy finishing and uploading two video reviews for us to watch once we get back to our normal YouTube surfing for some cool airsoft reviews. He first reviews the VFC HK USMC M27 IAR Rifle which he released on Christmas Day then followed by the review on the Ares Airsoft M110 Rifle on Boxing Day.

[The Gun Corner] HK M27 By Umarex

The Limited Edition Umarex M27 IAR is now available at and here's Matt to talk all about it and Asian Shades to do the firing demo... "The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a lightweight, magazine-fed 5.56mm weapon used by the United States Marine Corps. It is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman's maneuverability and displacement speed, and it is based on the HK416.

ASGI: H&K M27 IAR Limited Edition

The Limited Edition USMC M27 IAR made for Umarex/Elite Force by VFC is presented here by Bob the Axeman of Airsoft GI as they now have it in stock... "Elite Force products are designed for the serious airsoft player who engages in tactical milsim missions and demands top performance from their equipment. These extreme airsoft rifles will let you engage your enemy on your terms and come out ahead in any skirmish you may find yourself in.

Limited Edition H&K M27 Now Shipping

Remember the Limited Edition H&K M27 IAR that was announced August? It was supposed to be delivered to dealers last October but there some minor delay and as of the 1st of November, they were able to deliver 250 units to retailers of the 500 units that comprise the limited production run. If you want to have one of these, better contact your nearest airsoft retailer asap.

This Week's Product News from WGC Shop

It's Thursday, and it's the time where we get some product updates from WGC Shop as they announced the availability of Umarex / VFC M27 IAR GBB (ASIA EDITION / WGC Custom), GHK G5 Carbine Kit in Black, the Marksman Rail System for the KWA KRISS VECTOR Gas Blowback SMG, and a special offer on the G&D DTW M733 AEG. Also in this update are products that are back in stock again.

Airsoft Odyssey: Umarex M27 IAR Review

Yosser posted his latest review last Saturday... "Umarex and their HK licence just exude quality all the way through so I was a little surprised that the supplied hi-cap wind-up magazine supplied rather let it down. The tabs on the bottom of the mag needed closing over more to help make it easier to wind it up – details you expect to be right when you pay more than £400 for an AEG. Other AEG’s have come with HK branded magazines – why not this?

Update on the VFC M27 IAR AEG

A heads-up from Vega Force Company as they sent in an update about the upcoming VFC/Elite Force HK-USMC M27 IAR AEG version. The product will be released this week  is already released in Asia and above is the initial portrait image. According to Shen, a full 5-page product brochure will be be available for download when the product is being delivered to all the distributors.

Airsoft GI Custom M27 IAR

The M27 IAR that you in the video is not the version made by VFC, but instead it's a custom job done by the Airsoft GI techs... "Josh and Daniel take a look at the latest creation from the Airsoft GI tech department. Josh, being a real steel enthusiast, sheds some light to the origins real version while the airsoft version, being OEM by VFC is an amazing reproduction that not only is beautiful externally, but also performs great out of the box."