Airsoft Meetup At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

Mingle with the airsoft industry and media during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

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LCT Airsoft

WGC Shop: LCT Airsoft G3 Prototype

WGC Shop posts a photo and videos of the upcoming LCT G3 AEG which was on display at the 21st Hooha Show organised by Combat King Monthly Magazine. This is a prototype version and not much information has been revealed with the exception that it is expected to be released in Summer 2017.

LCT Airsoft To Attend IWA 2017

LCT Airsoft will be having their presence again at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 and they are will be having their booth at Hall 7, booth 7-315 to be exact, where they can finally join other exhibitors in the airsoft industry. If you want to drop by, feel free to do so as they are inviting visitors to check their products out come 3-6 March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

USAirsoft: LCT RPD AEG With RWTV Marck

USAirsoft caught up with Marck of RedWolf Airsoft TV with the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG at the SHOT Show 2017... "You may have seen the teasers on social media recently but now our dreams have come true, this is the LCT RPD and thanks to Mark of RedWolf TV we can get a quick overview of this awesome new piece. Straight and quick to the point lets see what LCT has to offer."

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG At WGC Shop

If you have been looking for the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG, you can visit the WGC Shop online store where they have in stock. This big AEG has full steel stamping including the gear set, with wood handguard, grip and fixed stock, and CNC'd aluminium hop-up chamber. This also comes with a FET, quick spring change feature, and electric winding drum magazine.

LCK47 & LCK47S Global Limited Coming Soon

A quick video from LCT Airsoft showing their LCK47 & LCK47S AEGs and if our understanding is correct, will be on a limited release globally. The video shows the craftsmanship they are putting into the AEG, giving notice to another maker high quality AK AEGs that they are very much in the ball game and can produce finely detailed AK AEGs.

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG At RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft announce the availability of the newly released LCT Airsoft RPD AEG Machine Gun at their online store and it went out of stock quickly... "The RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemet Degtyarova - Degtyarov Light MG) was one of the first weapons designed to fire a new, intermediate cartridge 7.62x39mm.

Gunfire: LCT Airsoft STK-74 AEG

Video from Gunfire features the LCT Airsoft STK-74 AEG which they have available at their online store... "STK-74 by LCT is a replica made of top quality components with great attention to detail. What is more, it is made almost entirely of steel (with exception of few minor parts). Almost perfect fitting and high culture of work is just what LCT has taught us to expect. Interesting part is a new kind of collapsible stock. More details in the video!"

LCT Airsoft RPD 20 Metre Shooting Test

Another video released by LCT Airsoft on their RPD AEG. The video shows a quick overview of the features, a chrono test, and the actual shooting test at 20 metres. Just recently released, the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG has a 9mm bearing Gearbox, Quick Spring Change, 6.02 inner barrel, steel gear set, FET wire assembly design, and a 2,800 round auto winding drum magazine.


Two Russian-designed light machine guns, the RPD and the RPK have airsoft versions as made by LCT Airsoft. Now, for those not familiar with these guns, LCT Airsoft have provided a video showing the differences of these in different languages. But you can also scroll down below the video to check the specs of each of airsoft gun.

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG Takedown Video

A quick video LCT Airsoft which we hope would be followed up with a slower and more instruction laden scenes. This covers the new LCT Airsoft RPD AEG where it shows how to load the electric-winding drum magazine followed by a full disassembly and putting back together of the AEG. The LCT Airsoft RPD AEG is now on pre-order at authorised airsoft retailers.