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New Videos & Reviews from SCDTV

This is a massive update from the SCDTV guys which you highly recommend to keep reading on as they have videos and reviews of custom airsoft guns and tactical gear. Most of them are in Polish but they will try to provide English subs soon. The MG Garden series continues with a good list of custom airsoft guns made by MG, a buddy of theirs.

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Latest Videos and Reviews from SCDTV

Better get the coffee maker start brewing so you can get cup before sitting down and go through this list of videos, written reviews, and photo galleries sent in by the guys from SCDTV. This list is a bunch of alphabets and names that you would be interested to watch, read, and flip through: Umarex, LCT Airsoft, Custom Gun, Leo Köhler, SAGear, Wisport, GTG, and Jaba. Perhaps something in the coffee of the SCDTV team just made them do all this stuff.

Mach Sakai's LCT PP-19 Bizon Review

Mach Sakai reviews the LCT PP-19 Bizon AEG for accuracy, 160-round magazine change and ease of use. He finds that magazine change does not go smoothly initially as it requires getting used to and the sights are easy to adjust for better target acquisition. It has good response when fired though you can get tired with its heavy weight. Shooting left or right handed is almost friendly according to him with accuracy being quite good.

New Parts For The LCT M4 Series

LCT Airsoft just released some new parts and accessories for owners of the LCT Airsoft M4 AEG Series. Mainly these are extenal enhancements such as the LR4 Fore Handguards available in 10 and 7-inch lengths, the L4 Steel Outer Barrels and the M4 Rail Covers available in black and tan. Check with your retailers when they are going to have these in stock.

LCT Zastava M70 AB2 Coming Soon

Not a surprise here as LCT Airsoft have released two accessories for the Zastava M70 AB2 Assault Rifle ahead of the actual airsoft rifle. Now, they announce that they will be soon be releasing the LCT M70 AB2 AEG. Here's what Zastava Arms say about their creation... "The Assault rifle M70 AB2 designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle is used by armed forces in the whole world for more than 40 years since it first appeared.

LCT Releases Bio & Extreme Precision BBs

It's ammo this time for this week's product announcement from LCT Airsoft. They have both BioBB and Extreme Precision BBs. For those who prefer Biodegradable BBs, they have the BioBB and for those who want accuracy can opt for the Extreme Precision BBs. Both are available in 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30g weights at 5.95 +/− 0.015mm in diameter. They will come in 1 kilogram bags.

Gunfire: Tokyo Marui, LCT & KJW Restock

Not a long list this time from Gunfire as we go into the weekend, but still some interesting items that airsoft customers are waiting for. They can take their pick of the Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistols such as the Biohazard Samurai Edge Standard Mod, or the exotic LCT Airsoft trio comprised of the PP-19 Bizon, AS Val, and VSS Vintorez. And if you want more pistols, check a good line of gas blowback pistols from KJ Works back in stock.

New LCT PK-244 M70 AB2 Flash Hider

Last weekend, we have posted news about the PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip from LCT Airsoft, and now another news for the Zastava M70 AB2 Rifle is released from the same company, the LCT Airsoft PK-244 M70 ABS Flash Hider. We wonder if they are going to release an version of the Zastava M70 AB2 with all these announcements.

PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip from LCT Airsoft

New release from LCT Airsoft is the PK-234 M70 AB2 Grip. This means that this is a pistol grip made for the Serbian Zastava M-70 which is modified version of the AK-47 and AKM rifles. The variant in the photo is the M-70AB2 which has a stamped receivver and underfolding stock. There are several AK AEGs from LCT Airsoft that have underfolding stocks.

LCT PK-240 to 243 AK Parts Available

Well, that was quick. LCT Airsoft sent notice early this week about the coming weapons accessories for their AK series. Now they are available for AK fans out there to order. Two are flash hiders whilst the other is their Side Mount Rail to mount optics for AKs that are not equipped with rail systems. Interested? Contact your nearest retailer for pricing and availability.

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