The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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LCT Airsoft

Latest Bunny Custom: AMD65 GBB Rifle

Bunny Workshop latest custom work is an AM65 AEG fullly converted to the GHK GBB System. This has a vintage, weathered look, and they also made an embedded custom serial number to make it look more authentic. This is based on the LCT Airsoft AMD65 Kit that then had the GHK AK Gas Blowback System.

LCT Airsoft SR-3M 70rd Steel Mag Released

LCT Airsoft sent in news that their LCT SR-3M 70-round Mid-Cap Steel Magazines are now available. Those who have been waiting for these magazines can check with their favourite retailers when they are going to have these in stock... "Please be informed #PK-262 SR-3M 70rds Steel Magazine is available now. It can be fitted for LCT AS VAL AEG, VSS VINTOREZ AEG, SR-3M AEG & SR-3 AEG."

LCT Airsoft SR-3 AEG Preview by Gunfire

A preview by Gunfire on the LCT Airsoft SR-3 AEG which is now available at their online store... "Definitely one of the most hotly anticipated premier airsoft and this year. Replica assault rifle SR-3's acclaimed production of LCT. SR-3 is a compact variant of the famous rifle AS Val (Shaft), used by special forces and homeland security units of the Russian Federation. This is an excellent example of eastern weapons PDW class.

eHobby Asia : KA M1 Carbine CO2 GBB Rifle

The new King Arms M1 Carbine CO2 Gas Blowback Rifle is now at eHobby Asia and collectors and reenactors are keen on getting this airsoft GBB. Also at eHobby Asia are airsoft guns that arrived such as the LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr, VFC Colt MK12 MOD1 GBBR, and S&T T21 Flat Top EBB. For accessories, they have the Angry Gun SCAR ACR Stock Adoptor, Spear Arms CNC'd Steel Outer Barrel, and rhe Birchwood Casey Target Series. Click the links below the poster to learn more about these.

LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Prototype Photos

We get to see more photos of the prototype version of the LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz SMG. This is an AEG though we've been hearing other modders waiting to have their hands on it and see if they can have modified to take in an AK gas blowback system (most probably with the GHK). Release date of this has not been revealed yet.

GFC Shotguns, TMC & More New Arrivals

Another massive delivery of airsoft guns and and tactical gear at Gunfire. They now got the new LCT Airsoft M70 AB2A and shotguns from GFC Guns. Pyros from Russian maker TAGinn are now in stock and they also got upgrade stuff from Retro Arms. As for tactical gear, they got deliveries from TMC and Ultimate Tactical.


LCT Airsoft Release: PBS-4 Suppressor

Following on the heels of the release of the PBS-1, LCT Airsoft announce the release of the LCT Airsoft PBS-4 Suppressor. Made to work with the LCT Airsoft line of AEGs based on Eastern Bloc designs, it can also be compatible with other AEGs that have the same thread. Interested players can contact their favourite retailers when they will be having this in stock.

Maglite, TMC, LCT, & WE At Gunfire

A long list of stuff condensed into small thumbnails to show the number of products that have arrived at Gunfire this week. They now are stockists of flashlights from the renowned Maglite and new stock of tactical gear replicas from TMC. As for airsoft guns, they got a new batch from the Taiwanese airsoft manufaturers such as LCT Airsoft and WE Airsoft.


LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr AEG Released

Resellers and disributors can now contact LCT Airsoft to place bulk orders on the LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr AEG which was a follow through on the LCT Airsoft SR-3M. As mentioned before, the difference between the SR-3 and the SR-3M is that the SR-3 doesn't have a quick detachable suppressor, collapsible foregrip, and a different type of stock. Also the SR-3M has a redesigned handguard.

Marui, ARX160, LCT M70 & More At AirSplat

It's Friday and time for the weekend updates from They got a new delivery of Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Pistols so select which of these hot-selling airsoft pistols would you like to add your collection? For their Sunday Spotlight, they have the Elite Force ARX160 Electric Blowback. Other products they now have are the Beard x Bullets x Bacon T-Shirt and the LCT M70 AB2 Full Steel AEG.

Plus, don't forget their Clearance Sale. More details below: