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LCT Airsoft

BB2K Airsoft: LCT M60 vs. A&K M60

BB2K Airsoft compares M60 AEGs in this video review made by LCT Airsoft and A&K? Which one wins? Watch the video to find out... "An M60 MG is areal cool gun. Two Airsoft manufacturers have thought the same and so the A&K M60 and M60 LCT already exist quite a while. Both are very different in the selling price! What other differences are there? I show you in this video."

Russian Black CQB Loadout w/ LCT Vityaz

Another Russian Loadout by Spetsgruppa DM in their Black CQB loadout with the LCT Airsoft PP19-01 Vityaz AEG... "The 6th Russian airsoft loadout video from our series is finally online after some delay! We are a Belgian airsoft team and the loadouts we review are based on the FSB and MVD. We're not a reenactment group. Our loadout vary from the real deal, so take this into account."

AO Fort Ord Gameplay With LCT Vityaz

Find out how does the LCT Airsoft PP19-01 Vityaz AEG perform in this gameplay at Fort Ord with Dave Baks of Airsoft Obsessed and friends... "Gameplay footage from Fort Ord Airsoft field in Monterey California. Dave, Ross and Charlie are all running the new PP-19 from LCT."

Hyperdouraku: LCT Airsoft STK-74 AEG

Another guest submitted story to Hyperdouraku by Gunsmith Baton and this one covers the LCT Airsoft STK-74 AEG. Released last 20 May 2016, it is sold as complete AEG and the receiver and stock are also sold separately for those who are interes in these parts. The Version 3 Gearbox has 9mm bearing and the AEG package comes with a 130-round magazine.

Read more about it here (in Japanese).

LCT M60 VN Steel Limited Edition Review

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft gets a biggie for a review, the LCT Airsoft M60 VN Steel Limited Edition... "The M60 of LCT! A tidbit for every collector and Vietnam Reenactor. The phosphate steel body, rubber handguard / stock, original markings and the Proud weight of 11KG make this M60 Airsoft probably the best M60 airsoftmodell to buy. LCT Airsoft has produced the M60 2013-2015 in a worldwide limited edition of only 200 pieces." AEGs From LCT Airsoft carries the full product line of LCT Airsoft. The Taiwan-based companies is well known for its AK line of AEGs, and other Sovier or Russian weapon designs made for the airsoft market. But not much known is that they also carry AR-type AEGs called their LR-4 AEGs. Matt talks more about these AEGs in the video below:

LCT PK-299 AK-9 Tactical Lower Handguard

LCT Airsoft Announce the LCT PK-299 or the AK-9 Tactical Lower Handguard. Made of Nylon and Steel this shows a look that is based on the 100 AK series. It comes with a side and bottom rails for installing weapons accessories such as weapon lights and a foregrip. Check the list below for compatibility:

RWTV: Is The LCT PP19-01 An MP5 Beater?

Marck checks out the airsoft version of the 9mm Vityaz, the LCT Airsoft PP19-01 AEG, in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "This episode of Redwolf TV Marck takes a look at the LCT Airsoft PP01-01 or the Vityaz-SN. Can this new comer from Russia challenge the venerable H&K MP5?"

AO "My Two Cents": LCT PP-19 Vityaz

In the second episode of the "My Two Cents" Series of Airsoft Obsessed, Dave Baks goes over the LCT Airsoft PP-19 Vityaz AEG. An AEG based on the 9mm PP-19 Vityaz used by Russian special operations forces this is a handy AEG to use for CQB games and it has the look and the feel of the real steel version.

LCT Airsoft AK Dummy Bolt Assembly

Russky Airsoft Workshop, a dealer of LCT Airsoft products, produced a video showing upi the LCT Airsoft AK Dummy Bolt Assembly and install it on your LCT AK AEG... "A short overview and an installation guide for LCTairsoft AK dummy bolt assembly. This is the one to bring more realism to your airsoft AK AEG."