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LCT Airsoft

Red Army Club LCT AMD-65 Overview

Red Army Airsoft Club has been busy in recent days posting new reviews as well as after action reporta. Just this weekend, they sent us the link on the overview of LCT Airsoft version of the Hungarian AMD-65 AEG which was the launch product of LCT Airsoft in 2008. Also, together with which provided the review unit, they are giving this unit away to one lucky Russian fan on Facebook.

New Arrivals At WGC Shop This Week

The newly released LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez is now in stock at WGC Shop. Other new arrivals this week are the VFC HK417 AEG/GBB 16 Inch Recon Conversion Kit, Shooters Design CNC Slide & Barrel Set For Marui HK-45, and Stark Arms Match Co2 Blow Back Pistol. The Western Arms pistol special offer is still in effect and also a list of products back in stock are also included here.

Bolt PMCQ, TM M870 Breacher & More

Time for some weekly updates from eHobby Asia with some new releases. A small but looking good BOLT PMCQ with BRSS Recoil System is now available together with the newly released LCT PP-19 Bizon AEG and Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher. Also in stock are the CELCIUS STORM 4.8 Motor for CTW or Systema PTW, Hephaestus Type A Custom Gas Magazine for GHK AK GBB, and Light Grey LITEBUCK Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light. Click on the links below for more information:

Replacing AK Rear Sight with Rail Mount

Alexander of the Red Army Airsoft Club sent us their latest howto video which AK fans would want to watch as it allows them to mount a RIS rail mount on their AKs by replacing the rear sight. In this case the sample AEG shown in the video below is the LCT Airsoft AMD-65. This way, one can mount optics rather than be limited with the iron sight.

LCT VSS Vintorez Magazines Released

For owners of the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez and AS Val AEGs, they can now order spare magazines for these from airsoft retailers as LCT Airsoft just announced the release of two types of magazines. The first one is a 50-round mid/low capacity magazine which is dual chambered, and the other is the higher capacity 250-round magazine available in Brown and Black.

LCT VSS Vintorez Now On Pre-Order

LCT Airsoft just announced that they are taking pre-orders for their LCT VSS Vintorez AEG. Made of steel and a wooden stock, it comes with a 50-round magazine, and steel Side rail for mounting Russian optics on it. It has an all new angle motor mount for the Version 3 Gearbox. Interested resellers and distributors can now contact them for bulk orders.

Incoming! LCT LR16 Fixed Stock Series

With the official release of the LCT LR16-A3 and A3 AEGs, LCT Airsoft announced that they will follow up on these with their LR16 Fixed Stock Series. They will be releasing three more LR16 AEGs that will make their LR16 line-up having a total of 5 models. No details on build quality and internals, so we'll just need to wait for some further information from them.


SCDTV 's LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG Review

Finally, the review's been done and the video now online. SCDTV's review of the LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG can now be viewed so prepare for an almost half an hour going through the product... "LCT AS VAL, after months of goofing around Dudek and Adi managed to film the review, providing Irek with tons of gigabytes of files he could work on during his legen-wait for it- dary sleepless nights!

Ladies, here's SCDTV's LCT VAL review! A long one ;)."

LCT LR16A3 & LR16A4 AEGs Released

LCT Announce that they finally released their LC16 series which they first revealed early in July 2014. Not much details have been revealed by the company about the LR16A3 & LR16A4 AEGs apart from the photos. We could have hoped for more information such as build materials, features, etc., but it's up to the retailers to give info on these.

LCT Airsoft LR4 Series Coming Soon

A new line of M4 AEGs will soon be released by LCT Airsoft following in the heels of the LR16 AEG series. There are three lengths in the LCT Airsoft LR4 Series to choose from: 10-inch, 7-inch carbines and the CQB version. As for pricing and release date, there's no mention. Interested dealers can contact them for making early pre-orders of these.