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LCT Airsoft

Another LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz Sighting

With the release of LCT Airsoft's SR-3M AEG, they also posted photos about its older brother SR-3 before they posted news that their site will be undergoing maintenance. It's a not really a surprise that they will also be releasing their SR-3 Vikhr AEG too which is different from the SR-3M as you cannot install a suppressor, a different type of stock, and no collapsible foregrip.

Gunfire: LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG Preview

Gunfire gives us a preview of the LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG which the company announced is now ready for orders from resellers and distributors. This AEG has interchangeable parts with the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez and AS Val, making it part of the Russian arms airsoft collection (if you intend to have one). The preview is in Polish but you can turn on the language options to follow what's being said.

WGC Shop Weekend Product Updates

This is a nice list of products that have arrived at WGC Shop recently. If you have been looking for the VFC USMC M40A5 Sniper Rifle, the now have it, together with the LCT SR-3M Vikhr AE, Ares Airsoft's Amoeba "Not a Honey Badger" AM-013, and the PTS PDR-C Combo Set. For gas blowbacks they have the new Tokyo Marui USP Compact, KSC M4 RIS, and the KSC Makarov PM Full Metal System 7. Also in stock right now is the Nova Series 70s Custom Kit for the Tokyo Marui M1911 Series.

Gunfire: Official LCT Distributor In Poland

With the Gunfire bagging the distribution rights for LCT Airsoft in Poland, they want to celebrate this with having the newly released LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG in pre-order... "We are happy to announce that, in response to your high interest, Gunfire has become official distributor of LCT in Poland.  You can be sure that products from this brand will now be a constant point in our offer.

LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr Now Available

LCT Airsoft have announced that the LCT Airsoft SR-3M Vikhr AEG is now available. For interested buyers, all they have to do is wait for the retailers to announce stock availability of the AEG. If you are already owners of the LCT Airsoft AS Val ans VSS Vintorez AEGs, owning an SR-3M would be a good one as these AEGs have interchangeable parts.

LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Overview

Red Army Airsoft Club gives us an overview and their take on the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG. Just try to turn on your language captions if possible to follow in your own language. The Odinn "Razvedchik" Camo Suit which they recently reviewed is also seen in action in this video.

BOYI, Modify, LCT & More at Gunfire

As we go into our Easter break, if you have nowhere else to go but browse the internet and trying to avoid porn in observance of this week, why not visit Gunfire? It's a different kind of porn, mainly airsoft gun porn as they received delivery from LCT Airsoft and BOYI/DBoys. While at that, check also the other new arrivals from Condor Outdoor, G-Light, and Modify.

LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG On Pre-Order

Officially announced in February 2015 that this is about to go into production, LCT Airsoft have announced that they are now taking pre-orders from interested dealers and resellers for the LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG. The SR-3M is based on the best qualities of the SR-3, AS Val and VSS Vintorez, we expect that this version of LCT Airsoft shares some interchangeable parts and interals with the LCT Airsoft AS Val and VSS Vintorez AEGs.

Clarification From Red Army Airsoft Club

With the news report from Red Army Airsoft Club about a Vityaz AEG purportedly being developed by LCT Airsoft and also reported here, they got accused of incompetence of not getting their facts right. They posted a clarification that the whole thing was lost in translation, and their explanation is posted in a detailed manner.

LCT PP-19-01 Vityaz In The Works? (Updated)

Russian Airsoft news sites are talking about an upcoming LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz. According to the Red Army Airsoft Club, Airsoft4U spotted a photo about parts of an 9mm "AK" airsoft rifle to be produced by Lee Cheng Technology (LCT) as shown in the photo here. LCT is, in a way, known for producing Russian and former Eastern Bloc airsoft guns, and thus, creating a Vityaz airsoft gun, is welcome news.