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LCT Airsoft

AO "My Two Cents": LCT PP-19 Vityaz

In the second episode of the "My Two Cents" Series of Airsoft Obsessed, Dave Baks goes over the LCT Airsoft PP-19 Vityaz AEG. An AEG based on the 9mm PP-19 Vityaz used by Russian special operations forces this is a handy AEG to use for CQB games and it has the look and the feel of the real steel version.

LCT Airsoft AK Dummy Bolt Assembly

Russky Airsoft Workshop, a dealer of LCT Airsoft products, produced a video showing upi the LCT Airsoft AK Dummy Bolt Assembly and install it on your LCT AK AEG... "A short overview and an installation guide for LCTairsoft AK dummy bolt assembly. This is the one to bring more realism to your airsoft AK AEG."

LCT Airsoft SR-3 & SR-3M Rail+Handguard

For owners of the LCT Airsoft SR-3 and SR-3M AEGs wanting to mount more weapons accessoriesm here is good news. The company announced that they will be releasing very soon Railed Handguard for these AEGs. This is an Aluminium CNC Rail + Handguard so if you want one, better ask your retailer when they will be having this in stock.

LCT Airsoft PKP "Pecheneg" Coming Soon

LCT Airsoft posted on Facebook illustrations of what will be one of their offerings for 2017, the PKP "LCT Airsoft PKP "Pecheneg" AEG. Not much information was revealed so we'll just write about what we know about the PKP real steel which is a modernised version of the PKP. It is said to be more accurate with the design changes they made of it and it is in current use by the Russian Spetsnaz and other units.

LCT AK Dummy Bolt Kit & Folding Grip

Three new product releases from LCT Airsoft last week. The first one, the AK Dummy Bolt Kit is available in Long and Short Versions. The second one, which was announced early this month is the 3-Position Folding Grip which can be adjusted for comfort of the user. Photos of these products below:

AK Dummy Bolt Kit (Long/Short)

New LCT PK-283 3 Position Folding Grip

LCT Airsoft has news that they released their PK-283 3-Position Folding Grip this week. It can be mounted on a Picatinny rail-equipped AEG, it has a adjustable grip angles: Parallel, 45 degrees and 90-degrees. Interested resellers can now contact them for bulk orders. More photos of the PK-283 below:

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG Prototype Photos

For Russian weapons design fans, here is another to look forward to from LCT Airsoft in 2016 --- an RPD AEG! They sent in these photos which they also posted at their Facebook Page are photos of the prototype, including the drum magazine and bipod. We don't know the capacity of the drum magazine, and no information was provided.

All LCT Airsoft AK Parts & Accessories

LCT Airsoft sent in a posted showing all the weapons accessories and parts that they have produced that can be made to fit their different AK AEGs. This means there is now worry for an LCT Airsoft AK owner to purchase an AK part made by LCT as he/she can reuse it for another LCT Airsoft AK model. Check the parts you will need as shown below:

LCT Vityaz Compared To Real Steel Vityaz

With the LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz AEG now in the Russia, Red Army Airsoft Club takes one unit from Airsoft-Rus to compare it with the real thing. Is it faithful to the real steel in terms of materials used, ergonomics, magazines to pouches. It is a good review, if you can get subtitles in English with your YouTube player.

LCT Releases LCK74 Plum Color Magazine

LCT Airsoft just released a magazine series designed for different playing requirements. The LCT Airsoft LCK74 Plum Magazine is available in high-capacity, mid-capacity, and low capacity version. Check with your favourite retailer is to actual retail price and availability soon.