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LCT Airsoft

Hephaestus AKS74U/ AKMSU Mount Base

For users of the GHK or LCT Airsoft AKS74U or AKMSU Series can look forward to having this mount based designed by Hephaestus. The Mount Base for GHK/LCT AKS-74U/AKMSU Series will allow them to mount compact RMR-type dot sights or perhaps other quick reflex compact sights (check with them first) without the need for tools or drilling holes on the side to side to install a scope mount.

New LCT 130-Round & LCKM Magazines

For this week's news from LCT Airsoft, they have released a good list of mid-capacity magazines and one LCKM high-capacity (700 round) magazine which you can use for their AEGs. Interested dealers can contact them now for bulk orders... "Dear Sirs: LCT release various 130rounds Magazine and LCKM Magazine:

LCT Airsoft M70AB2 AEG Released

Interested dealers, resellers, and customers can now place their orders for the LCT Airsoft M70AB2 AEG, which is LCT Airsoft's take on the Zastava M-70. The M-70 is manufactured the Yugoslavia (now in Serbia) with the design based on modified AK-47 and AKM rifles for the Yugoslav People's Army.



Another custom work Taiwan NO13 ZNTC style tactical kit and stock. Called the NO13 Taiwan ZNTC Style LCT AK105 AEG this is custom gun has the LCT Airsoft AK-105 as the base body and kitted out with all the Zenitco replicas to make look like a PMC airsoft gun including the side mount for optics and full rail system to mount other weapons accessories. Price is US$732.25 with free shipping from Taiwan.

LCT Airsoft's AK Modular System Video

LCT Airsoft sent in this video link showing the modular components of their products that can be interchangeably used or used with their various AK AEGs... "Please note this video we mean 'Modular', rather than 'Customized'. It means that LCT has many AK modular parts that can be interchanged, so if you buy those parts, you can make your own original style AK."


Here's a custom AEG called the Taiwan NO13 ZNTC Style LCT AK74U AEG that is kitted out with Taiwan NO13 Zenitco-style tactical kit and stock. This is a limited edition custom AEG with the based body being an LCT Airsoft AK74U AEG. EB Airsoft is selling this baby and for interested buyers, this will be shipped out from Taiwan. Price is US$672.55 shipping already included.

SCDTV's LCT Airsoft M16A4 AEG Review

The SCDTV crew got another AEG made by LCT Airsoft and for those who like their ARs long, they can check this LCT Airsoft M16A4 AEG... "Yeah! LCT's another great AR15 platform AEG! We've been testing it since August 2016 and we can say that it's one of the most reliable AEGs so far in a standard type 2 gearbox."

LCT Airsoft & NPO-AEG AS Val Comparison

Last 19 December, the Red Army Airsoft Club posted a video showing a comparison of two high quality AS Val AEGs in the market today. Turn on your language captions since the review is done in the Russian language as Alexander gives a 10-minute video of the LCT Airsoft and NPO-AEG AS Val AEG comparison.

New Videos & Reviews from SCDTV

This is a massive update from the SCDTV guys which you highly recommend to keep reading on as they have videos and reviews of custom airsoft guns and tactical gear. Most of them are in Polish but they will try to provide English subs soon. The MG Garden series continues with a good list of custom airsoft guns made by MG, a buddy of theirs.

"Hi guys,

Latest Videos and Reviews from SCDTV

Better get the coffee maker start brewing so you can get cup before sitting down and go through this list of videos, written reviews, and photo galleries sent in by the guys from SCDTV. This list is a bunch of alphabets and names that you would be interested to watch, read, and flip through: Umarex, LCT Airsoft, Custom Gun, Leo Köhler, SAGear, Wisport, GTG, and Jaba. Perhaps something in the coffee of the SCDTV team just made them do all this stuff.