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Marui, ARX160, LCT M70 & More At AirSplat

It's Friday and time for the weekend updates from They got a new delivery of Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Pistols so select which of these hot-selling airsoft pistols would you like to add your collection? For their Sunday Spotlight, they have the Elite Force ARX160 Electric Blowback. Other products they now have are the Beard x Bullets x Bacon T-Shirt and the LCT M70 AB2 Full Steel AEG.

Plus, don't forget their Clearance Sale. More details below:

Legion Guns: LCT TX-M Carbine Review

Legion Guns give us a quick review of the LCT Airsoft TX-M AEG which is now available at their online store. This is a full metal AEG with only the ABS Grip being non-metal part externally. It comes with high-capacity polymer AEG magazine and a 4 position buttstock. To follow the review, please do turn on the language captions is this is done in Russian.

Booligan: LCT Zastava M70 AB2 Preview

Booligan Airsoft gives us a preview of the LCT Airsoft Zastava AEG which will be reviewed for Airsoft Insider Magazine... "LCT is world renowned as being one of the highest quality manufacturers of AK type AEGs, so let's check out one of their more oddball models, the M70 AB2, available at!

We'll be giving this gun a full review in the next issue of Airsoft Insider magazine!"

AirSplat On Demand: LCT M70 AB2 AEG

The LCT Airsoft M70 AB2 AEG, also known as the Zastava, is now hitting the shelves of airsoft shops in the U.S. and has it in stock. This is full steel AEG with a Real Wood Handguard and underfolding stock. Thor talks about this AEG, which can easily be mistaken for an AK, on AirSplat On Demand.

LCT Airsoft SR-3M ‘Vikhr’ AEG Review

The new LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG gets the scrutiny it deserves from Airsoft & Military News... "For many Com-Block fans and reenactors, the SR-3M is a long awaited model as it is something special and has never been out on the market before. The ergonomics are a bit unusual and may not be suitable for every player out there. The tight battery space makes it hard to find matching LiPos and will certainly add another point on the shopping list for many."

Incoming! LCT Airsoft Vityaz & PBS-4

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Russian airsoft players last March 2015, we have learned about plans by LCT Airsoft to manufacture the PP-19-01 Vityaz SMG. Now, LCT Airsoft are officially confirming the sighting with their announcement of the LCT Airsoft PP-19-01 Vityaz AEG. No details yet on its planned release and features of the AEG.

Gunfire: Vulcan, SR-3M, & Wiley X Arrivals

For this weekend, you can visit Gunfire's online store to check out the new arrivals. They have a good stock of bags from Wisport, optics from Theta Optics, and eyewear from Wiley X. You have already learned about the LCT Airsoft SR-3M which was reviewed by SCDTV and it's also now in stock. For emergency lighting, the Vulcan survival candles are also available.

Vulcan Survival Candles

LCT Airsoft PBS-1 Suppressor Coming Soon

Some good news for owners of LCT Airsof AK AEG variants and compatible AEGs, the company announced that they are releasing an LCT PBS-1 Suppressor which is originally designed for the AK-47, AKM, and AKMS. We don't know about the details yet as they lazily sent in an image with no additional text to go with it, so as always, stay tuned.

Gunfire: LCT SR-3M Review by SCDTV

Online right now at the Gunfire YouTube Channel is the review of the LCT Airsoft SR-3M AEG done by SCDTV. This is now on pre-order for European airsoft players. According to Gunfire, it is made of Steel and Nylon, with an initial muzzle velocity of 410fps. As for pricing, it is €397.18.

LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr AEG Coming Soon

We're pretty much sure you're not surprised with this announcement ever since LCT Airsoft announced the LCT SR-3M AEG. The LCT Airsoft SR-3 Vikhr AEG will soon be released to airsoft retailers and distributors worldwide soon. The difference between the SR-3 and the SR-3M is that the SR-3 doesn't have a quick detachable suppressor, collapsible foregrip, and a different type of stock. Also the SR-3M has a redesigned handguard.