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Maple Leaf

KWA AKR-74M ERG & Maple Leaf Parts

For this week's product update from Airsoft GI, they finally have in stock the AK that has KWA's ERG or electric recoil technology in the form of the KWA AKR-74M ERG. This is also has a cut-off system when the mag empties. They also announced a big delivery of Maple Leaf products, which is good news for those looking for the Maple Leaf Hop-Up Bucking.

AST Maple Leaf New Hop-Up Bucking Debut

It looks like the Maple Leaf had a burst of inspiration from the Transformers. The result? New hop-up buckings that are named after the Autobots and the Decepticons. No demo yet of these products but here is a video from Airsoft Taiwan giving a quick peek at these products.

RA-Tech Maple Leaf Tornado Valve Test

A new video from RA-Tech posted on YouTube showing a test of the Maple Leaf Tornado Valve made for gas blowbacks. In all honesty, what got our attention is that LVOA gas blowback rifle in field dark earth colour and the all metal construction really gives it a good metallic sound. Watch the video below to find out how good the valve is.

AST: Maple Leaf Tornado Valve Debut

Latest video from Airsoft Taiwan is about the debut of the Maple Leaf Tornado Valve. With their test, the Tornado Valve uses half the energy as compared to the original gas valve for the M4 gas magazine. This means better gas efficiency and that can translate into more rounds per gas fill.

Product Updates from RA-Tech & AST

You all know about the RA-Tech Custom AAC GBB Kit which have been annouced previously and shown above with Tyler Grey using it for s CQB course. Now they have released a retractable stock version which was based on the idea of a customer. As for Airsoft Taiwan, they have in stock the Maple Leaf Cylinder & Trigger Upgrade set made for the VSR-10 and compatible airsoft sniper rifles.

AST Maple Leaf Hot Sellers & ESD Brand

More news from Airsoft Taiwan as they announced good prices that you can't resist with one of their Hot Selling Brands, Maple Leaf. Check their website on the prices of the Hybrid Hop-Up Rubber Set, Hop-Up Rubbers for GBBs and AEGs, Polycarbonate Piston, and upgrade parts for Air-cocking series. Also, they announce a new brand called ESD which has a hop-up set for KSC/KWA.

Maple Leaf Hop Up Restock & New Items

Lots of new items have landed at Airsoft Atlanta ranging from replacement lenses, to patches, and these good lead of Hop Ups from Maple Leaf. Click here to go to their New Products Section... "Maple Leaf hop up products are in stock! Very high quality hop up units, tensioners, etc from Taiwan. Also in stock: UK Flag PVC patches; and the Swiss Arms Cronograph."

Valken SLP QD AirRig for SLP Tanks

A very short product update from Airsoft Extreme for the weekend. With the PolarStar Fusion Engine being installed in many custom airsoft guns Airsoft Extreme has receive a stock of the Valken SLP QD Air Rig for SLP Tanks to easily connect the engine to the tank. Also in sotck is the new Maple Leaf Rubber Hop-Up for the KSC Gas Blowbacks.

San Diego Reopening & KRISS Vector FDE

Time for the weekend updates from Airsoft Extreme. Perhaps you may have heard it earlier this week that AEX will be reopening their San Diego store will be reopening at a new location tomorrow, 16th of November with details shown in the image above. They also are now taking pre-orders of the KWA KRISS Vector GBB in FDE and have in stock items from GoPro, their own AEX brand, TMC, Maple Leaf, and SKDTac. More of these below.

Airsoft Taiwan & RA-Tech Videos

Time to grab some popcorn, beer, or soda again as you are in for a good list of YouTube videos from Airsoft Taiwan  and RA-Tech showing tests, upgrades, howtos, and product presentations. The products covered here are gas blowbacks from KWA, G&G Armament, GHK, and the upgrade parts from Maple Leaf and RA-Tech. Some may have already been posted previously, but here they are again just to give you some form of entertainment if you're not busy surfing porn sites.