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Kitfox Firearm Coloring Book At Noveske

Want some peace and quiet away from your computer, the airsoft field or the range but still be able to go over firearms? The coloring book is the way to go with the KitFox Firearm Coloring Book which is available at the Noveske website. This is a 27-page coloring book of illustrated firearms and if coloring books are therapeutic then this might give you some sense of calm during your me-time moments.

ASGI Xmas Sale & Noveske Giveaway

Christmas Sale is on Airsoft GI and they are giving a Noveske M4 AEG tomorrow... "In celebration of this Joyous Winter Festivus™, we've got another gift to drop beneath your tree! We're giving away a FREE SOCOM Gear Full Metal Noveske M4 - as see in this here video - and all you have to do is like the video, and tell us in the comments section below what the best Holiday gift you've ever received is. Winner announced on Monday!"

SOCOM Gear Noveske Gen3 NSR N4 AEG

Now on pre-order at Jag Precision is the SOCOM Gear Noveske Gen3 NSR N4 that will be available in black and tan colours... "The SOCOM Gear Full Metal M4 Noveske 10.5" AEG is an excellent high end CQB AEG. The pistol grip is thinner to emulate a real gun's pistol grip.

Angry Gun CNC Noveske Receiver Kit

Angry Gun dropped us a message that they have finally released their CNC Gen III Receiver Kit for the WE Airsoft Gas Blowback AR. It comes with fully licensed Noveske trades via ISGK which has the right to license Noveske to the airsoft market apart from other brands. The material is 6051 billet aluminium and interested resellers can contact them for bulk orders.

Noveske Gen III NSR N4 AEG Released

Noveske Rifleworks fans can look forward to getting another AEG from SOCOM Gear with the release of the Noveske Gen III NSR N4 AEG... "The SOCOM Gear Full Metal M4 Noveske 10.5-in. AEG is an excellent high end CQB AEG. The pistol grip is thinner to emulate a real gun's pistol grip.

MadBull Barrel Nut For NSR, MFR & RISII

Here's the latest release from MadBull Airsoft, Barrel nuts for different types of airsoft guns... "Madbull's service to our customers is our top priority, we proudly announce our barrel nuts for replacement service. We offer these parts for Noveske NSR, Daniel Defense MFR and Daniel Defense RIS II (M4A1/MK18). Now available on our Madbull website and distributors' channel.

SG-RWA Noveske PTW Lower Receiver

More choices from Systema PTW owners on what to slap on their PTWs as their  lower receiver with this item at RedWolf Airsoft... "OEM-ed by Prime, Socom gear have come out with a beautiful CNC 6061 aluminum lower receiver for Systema PTW M4 series, CNC Aluminium proccessed with realistic and fully licensed Noveske Gen 2. trademark engravings on it.

MadBull Noveske KX3 Sound Amplifier Review

A review from Booligan Airsoft on one of the popular Noveske items from MadBull Airsoft... "Jag Precision sent this over in the big mystery box they sent over a few weeks ago, so today, we're throwing it on my custom Echo 1 M8A3! I very much prefer this over the Element unit that I've previously used as it weighs about 1/3 as much."

Jag Precision VFC Build Parts 2 to 4

In Booligan Airsoft's project of making a custom VFC E-Series M4A1, he first started with MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock. In the next three episodes of the project, he puts on the Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard, Echo1 QD Sling Mount, and the MadBull Noveske NSR 11" Rail. Watch the three videos to find out how the VFC E-Series M4A1 is transforming:

Big Dragon Noveske 13.5" NSR Rails

Available at the YZH for wholesales are new Big Dragon Aluminium 13.5 Inch Noveske Railed Handguards. These are based on the Noveske NSR Keymod Handguard which has the KeyMod Modular Direct Attachment System. Available in Black and Tan versions, interested sellers or distributors can contact YZH for bulk orders.