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PolarStar Airsoft

AirSplat's "In With The New" & More!

Not a long list of announcements from for this Easter Weekend but check with their "Out With the Old and In With the New" promo as they celebrate their site relaunch and you can get up to 50% off products at their online store. Also check the custol PolarStar Airsoft builds, Lion Claws Rock-A-Hoola, and upcoming Blue Force Gear products.

Top 5 Most Unique PolarStar Builds

Another "Top 5" video from USAirsoft on PolarStar Airsoft builds... "Today we take a look at some one of a kind PolarStar builds with this latest countdown, The Top 5 Most Unique PolarStar Builds. It seems that this countdown is pretty much a clash between Airsoft Custom Denmark and Bingo Airsoft Works but who will make it to number 1?"

G&G/Army L85 HPA Gearbox Replacement Kit

Bingo Airsoftworks shows how to install this kit they made for the L85 AEG... "This video demonstrates how to install the G&G/Army HPA Engine gearbox replacement kit. The kit allows you to easily upgrade your G&G or Army L85 to use an HPA engine such as the PolarStar Fusion Engine or the Wolverine SMP Engine. The video shows how to remove the AEG gearbox and install the kit, for both the Fusion Engine and the SMP versions."

PolarStar Airsoft M1919 Ready for Orders

If you have been longing for a PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine powering a big bad gun, your prayers have been answered but you'll need to act quickly as only 25 of these PolarStar M1919s have been made... "The long anticipated M1919 is now available for order from PolarStar! There are only 25 of these all steel beauties in existence and each one is made right here in the USA."

SHOT Show 2015: Elite Force & Polarstar

More Airsoft GI SHOT Show 2015 reports from the floor covering new stuff from Elite Force and PolarStar Airsoft... "Elite Force and Polarstar are coming out with some awesome stuff in 2015! Starting with the already released MP7 Navy! It's a 1:1 replica GBB OEMed by VFC that offers added features such as low profile sights and multi-position retractable stock. Also being released this year are two new pistols in black/tan two tone.

RA-Tech At The SHOT Show 2015

More SHOT Show 2015 photos, this time coming RA-Tech as they visited the show and other partners in the U.S. They have photos also taken with JRAK and ATEi at the SHOT Show as well. Plus bonus videos showing the RA-TECH NPAS aluminum nozzle for VFC AR series and the PolarStar Fusion Engine. They also visited and Epower Sports after the show.

PolarStar Custom Airsoft Nerf Stampede

US Airsoft shows to us this Bingo Airsoftworks project in which a Nerf Stampede was converted into an airsoft gun with the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "When we see Nerf as airsofters we may laugh a bit or think they're fun to shot random things in your home with our siblings or kids but Bingo at Bingo Airsoftworks made it possible through good handy work and 3-D printing to bring both Nerf and Airsoft together with the help of Polarstar fusion."

Airsoft Atlanta EF Polarstar Custom Rifles

Now at Airsoft Atlanta are custom HPA-powered Elite Force PolarStar Rifles. This means that instead of buying the PolarStar Fusion Engine drop-in kit for your AEG receiver, you can purchase a complete PolaStar-powered airsoft gun provided  by Elite Force. For now, they have the HK416C and 4CRL in stock. Below is the video review:

PolarStar Airsoft Tour By DesertFox

This is a treat to those who use PolarStar Airsoft products and those who are interested in the company generally. DesertFox Airsoft gives us a tour of the PolarStar factory where you get to see where they make all those Fusion Engine. PolarStar is a company which has a roots in actual metal fabrication even before airsoft and it does have an interesting history. Watch the video to find out what they made for the U.S. military before...

PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle Review

The Airsoft Obsessed Crew had a review posted at the Airsoft Insider Magazine Blog. Written by Tom Harris with photos by Walter Sidas and Dave Baks, this review is about the PolarStar PAKS-74UN Rifle... "The PolarStar PAKS-74UN is one sexy Russian lady. Personally, I’d place her right up in the ranks with Xenia Onatopp, Famke Janssen’s character from the movie Goldeneye: super-classy, super-sexy and super-deadly. The definitive femme fatale.