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PolarStar Airsoft

You Can Fit The Fusion Engine In...

With the competition in the area of HPA systems for airsoft getting more exciting with the entry of Wolverine Airsoft with their SMP and Valken with their V12, PolarStar Airsoft would need to up their game. Are they ahead of the competition or not? The poster they posted on Facebook shows that they are... "How many rifle series can you drop a Fusion Engine into? It may be more than you think."

Two New Videos From Bingo Airsoftworks

Last week, Bingo Airsoftworks put online two videos covering two competing gearbox drop-in kits to convert AEGs into HPA-powered airsoft guns. The first one is the G&G M14 PolarStar Fusion Engine Breakdown and the second is the G&P Mk23 Stoner 63 Wolverine SMP Conversion Breakdown. Interesting on how they were able to fit these in these two types of airsoft guns which are not version 2 or version 3 types.

Homemade PolarStar M134D Airsoft Minigun

This is just sweet! What you will be watching will be the world's first airsoft M134D Minigun that has been equipped with the PolarStar Fusion Engine, Ian Clements, who worked on this project for a year a half, gives us a full walkthrough of the minigun, pointing out the details of his project. He then gives us the first test fire of the minigun, and it was successful.

RAP4 M1919 Fusion Engine Conversion

Bingo Airsoftworks posted a preview of their lates project --- converting a RAP4 M1919 to use the PolarStar Airsoft Conversion Engine... "RAP4 M1919 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion. Extensive retrofitting requiring the removal of all the paintball internals (except for the trigger) and rebuilding for the Fusion Engine. Custom 3D printed hopup block and Fusion Engine mounts, as well as the box mag cutout coverups and BB feed mechanism.

PolarStar M60 Series Fusion Engine Released

To save you of doing all that mod to fit in a PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine into the M60 AEGs, especially those made by A&K, PolarStar Airsoft announced this week that they have released a fusion engine just for the M60. As we have always said the PolarStar Fusion Engine can be utilised best with airsoft support weapons. We hope they release for the M249 too.

Viva Arms M1919 with PolarStar Fusion Engine

Bingo Airsoftworks went to work on something big for their latest PolarStar Fusion Engine Conversion project and they chose the Viva Arms M1919 Browning... "The Browning M1919 is classic machine gun widely used throughout the early to mid 20th century, but it’s not so common as an airsoft gun. Although there are several airsoft models available, you don’t typically see these on the field, generally due to their size and weight.

PolarStar Patriot Edition Pre-Order

Jag Precision announce that they are now taking pre-orders of the PolarStar Airsoft Patriot Edition Fusion Engine... "PolarStar Airsoft is honored to announce the release of our "Patriot Edition" Fusion Engine ™. This Limited Edition Engine has Received A Makeover with an anodized patriotic Red, White and blue Finish Laser etched along with an Unique Markings and Serial Number.

PolarStar Airsoft Broken Home III Video

PolarStar Airsoft had a strong presence during the American Milsim Broken Home III held last month. We have watched various footages of airsoft guns fitted with their Fusion Engine in action and now here is their own official video. The Top Gun Theme is in full force here with the Top Gun Anthem and Danger Zone as the background music. Reminds us of using the same music when playing the Top Gun video game.

PolaStar EPAR PR-15 with PTS EPM Mag

Spartan117gw is going around with the PTS Syndicate EPM Mid-cap magazine and having it tested with various airsoft guns and brands to find out if it is compatible and will be able to feed well. The latest is the PolarStar Airsoft EPAR-15 which has different power source which his HPA, and a different gearbox internals with the Fusion Engine. Did it feed with no hiccupsl? Watch the video below:

M2 Fusion Engine Conversion Assembly

More videos from Bingo Airsoftworks on their M2 Browning with the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine installed. Previously, they provided a demo video of the M2 being fired and this time they show the disassembly and assembly of the big gun. One of the best uses of the Fusion Engine is for airsoft support weapons as far as we are concerned.