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PolarStar Airsoft

Code Red, Condor 15%, PStar JACK & More

For the weekend, we have a recap of announcements from In the past days, we have watched and heard about products they have such as the Code Red Headsets Battle Zero Bone Conduction Headsets and the Voodoo Tactical Pens. They also announce that they will soon be having the new PolarStar Jack in stock next month, that the "Inwithnew" promo is US$100 Off the AY M4ES Baby AEG and the Condor 15% Off promo ends on Monday, the 1st of June.

Gen. Kim's PStar LMG Loadout & Gameplay

General Kim of Airsoft GI shows us the loadout that he used in the Red Alert game of the Airsoft GI BB Wars Event Series. He has built a Classic Army M249 that has been kitted with the PolarStar Airsoft M249 Fusion Engine to replace the AEG gearbox and have an HPA-powered airsoft support weapon. He also discusses the rest of this loadout.

AirsoftJunkiez Custom PolarStar NX In Stock

The AirsoftJunkiez Custom Polarstar NX HPA-powered airsoft DMR is back in stock. This is powered by the PolarStar FEV2 Gen3 in a custom VFC Airsoftjunkiez Body. The UBR stock has also been modified for airsoft to use the Fusion Engine FCU and the rifle comes with a Prowin Hop-Up and custom bucking. As for the rails it comes equipped with the MadBull Airsoft PWS 12-inch rails.

Airsoft GI: PolarStar Jack First Look

The more affordable Cylinder Drop-In Kit from PolarStar Airsoft, the "Jack" is featured by Airsoft GI to give us a closer look of this new HPA-kit for AEGs... "Introducing the PolarStar “JACK”, a drop in HPA system for rifles that won’t break the bank. The JACK (code named Simple Jack) was conceived during the same time as the F1 engine, to be a high quality, yet affordable option for those who wanted to get into the world of HPA.

BCM Added To Airsoft GI's Product Lineup

Airsoft GI have added Bravo Company USA (BCM) products now and taking pre-orders for the PolarStar Airsoft JACK drop-in Cylinder HPA Replacement... "Real firearm components have been an excellent addition to certain airsoft guns to replicate the real gun counterpart. This is an excellent choice when using an airsoft gun to train in the comfort of your own home.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom PolarStar Mk18

A serious looking custom HPA-airsoft gun work using the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine just went online at AirsoftJunkiez... "Ready to clear the rooms in style? Get your Airsoftjunkiez Polarstar Mk18 build today. Full metal and completely upgraded for one Fantastic price. $889.99"

PolarStar MP7 SMG Silent Custom Review

Another sponsored review by the The Airsoft Gear Guide reviews the Silent Custom MP7 PolarStar SMG which saw action during the recent Lion Claws Operation Lightning Strike in Maryland. It costs US$699.99 at the AirSplat online store and comes with a Cytac Hard Transport Carry Case.

PolarStar Airsoft Announces The "Jack"

PolarStar Airsoft announces a more affordable version of their HPA-powered system. Called the "Jack", this is not a complete drop-in gearbox replacement but is rather a drop-in cylinder replacement that they say will be compatible with a good range of AEG gearbox versions. This is not a replacement of their F1 product and both will be produced alongside each other.

AirSplat's "In With The New" & More!

Not a long list of announcements from for this Easter Weekend but check with their "Out With the Old and In With the New" promo as they celebrate their site relaunch and you can get up to 50% off products at their online store. Also check the custol PolarStar Airsoft builds, Lion Claws Rock-A-Hoola, and upcoming Blue Force Gear products.

Top 5 Most Unique PolarStar Builds

Another "Top 5" video from USAirsoft on PolarStar Airsoft builds... "Today we take a look at some one of a kind PolarStar builds with this latest countdown, The Top 5 Most Unique PolarStar Builds. It seems that this countdown is pretty much a clash between Airsoft Custom Denmark and Bingo Airsoft Works but who will make it to number 1?"