The RWA KG-9 AEG Review

A gun more seen in movies such as "Big Trouble In Little China" than in real life, Dom reviews the RWA KG-9 AEG.

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PolarStar Airsoft

SPEED Airsoft Fully Tunable HPA Triggers

SPEED Airsoft are releasing more products designed for HPA-powered airsoft guns with the latest being the HPA Tunable Triggers... "SPEED Airsoft releases a sneak peak of their new HPA triggers under development to be released soon, which are designed to work with Polarstar and Wolervine HPA conversion systems.

Limited Edition Custom PolarStar M27

Another custom work by Planet Airsoft, installing a PolarStar Fusion Engine into a Limited Edition Elite Force M27 AEG. Apart from a new engine, the flash hider, pistol grip, and angled foregrip are also installed separate from the default M27 kit... "Here is a quick overview on my Elite Force Limited Edition M27 Polarstar. Please subscribe if you enjoy the video."

Evike [The Gun Corner]: PolarStar Jack

On pre-order right now at is the PolarStar Airsoft Jack and Matt tells you more about what magic this device can do for your airsoft gun... "The JACK™ system was designed to answer the demand for an affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG's. The system is a drop-in cylinder replacement that is universally compatible with a wide range of gearbox versions that have center-line nozzles.

PolarStar Jack Engine Review & Install Guide

Nashville Airsoft got the new PolarStar Airsoft Jack, and created a video showing you how to install it. In this case, the base gun is the Elite Force 416 CQB... "Check out the newest engine from PolarStar! The new JACK engine reviewed and installed by Travis from Nashville Airsoft."

MilsimJunkie at UKAU Airsoft Field

A new video from MilsimJunkie shows him in a game at UKAU's field last 7 June 2015. UKAU's field is located along E. Stockton Blvd, just off Sacramento, California and is a 10-acre field with multiple buildings, structures, and bunkers. He goes to action using a custom PolarStar Airsoft rifle.

Airsoft 'R Us Tactical: Meet Jack!

Airsoft 'R Us Tactical wants you to meet The Jack, the V2 M4/M16 Conversion Kit Airsoft and is the newest product in the HPA airsoft line of products from PolarStar Airsoft... "Meet Jack!Meet JACK! Not the Jack of the Sparrows, but rather the JACK of the Polar Star! ;-) You see what we did there?"

Jag Precision: PolarStar "JACK" Is Here

Jag Precision sent in an announcement that the PolarStar Airsoft "The Jack" is now in stock and ready to be delivered... "The JACK™ system was designed to answer the demand for an affordable, high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) conversion for AEG's.

Marui MP7 PolarStar JACK Conversion

One of the first instances that we see the new PolarStar Jack used in a conversion project by Bingo Airsoftworks, with the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG used for this project... "This video is a sneak peek at the TM MP7 PolarStar JACK conversion. It is a complete drop in kit that doesn't require the MP7 to be disassembled. It maintains full capability (safe, semi, full auto) and the ejection port cover is still functional.

PStar Limited Edition EMG PR-15 V2 Gen3 are now taking pre-orders of this product from PolarStar Airsoft. Buy one and donate to charity too... "The PolarStar Silver Ver.2 Fusion Engine offers all the same performance and reliability of the original fusion engine but comes pre-upgraded with with a red low flow poppet for increased efficiency and stability. Also included in the pre-upgraded Ver.2 Fusion Engine silver is the Silver M4 nozzle giving the user an FPS of 445 to 515 FPS depending on barrel length and PSI.

S2 Lightning Banjo for PStar Fusion Engine

Airsoftjunkiez now have in stock the Lightning Banjo from S2 Airsoft designed to help the PolarStar Fusion Engine more efficient in air use... "The Lightning Banjo is an upgrade part for the Fusion Engine that dramatically improves the efficiency of the FE platform by 25 to 90% more shots! Works with V2 Gen 3 and also V2 Gen2/ and Gen 1 but will require modification.