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PolarStar Airsoft

Airsoftjunkiez: PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA Engine

This new video from Airsoftjunkiez talks about the F1, the latest release from PolarStar Airsoft... "Polarstar's Brand new F1 unit and the differences between the Jack and F1. The Polarstar F1 will also adopt Offset nozzles in the future allowing for installation into Version 6 and Version 7 gearboxes."

BAD MAC 10 JACK Gearbox Installation

Announced early this week, here now is the video showing installation of the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit... "This video demonstrates how to install the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit. The kit is designed for TM MAC-10 and JG MAC-10 AEP airsoft guns."

Airsoftjunkiez Custom PolarStar Jack Reaper

Another custom HPA-powered airsoft rifle now available from AirsoftjJunkiez, the Custom PolarStar Jack Reaper that uses the Wirecutter Rail System. You can also change the HPA engine if you want to... "New! Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA Reaper - starting from $789.99. Your choice of engines: PS Jack, PS Fusion Engine or Wolverine Inferno.

PolarStar Airsoft F1 At Jag Precision

It's now at Jag Precision, the PolarStar  Airsoft F1 HPA Engine and they are now taking orders from resellers... "The F1 is a high performance, universal HPA (High Pressure Air) drop-in cylinder designed to fit virtually any AEG gearbox. It is available as both a Centerline version, which will work with most common gearbox types, but it is also available in an Offset version to work with those unique gearboxes such the V6 and V7.

BAD MAC 10 JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit

Bingo Airsoft Designs posted on Facebook their latest custom HPA project... "After much delay the ‪Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC 10 PolarStar JACK gearbox replacement kit will be available by the end of this week. I had to completely redesign the FCU and battery storage so it will all fit properly. Installation video will be available by the end of the week also. Time to have some dual wielding HPA fun!

3-Pound PolarStar Airsoft Gun Build

With his YouTube Channel now having 30k subscribers and over 3.5 million cumulative video views, Alecmac111, shows off his latest build, a lightweight airsoft rifle. Built with PolarStar Airsoft as the engine to power this airsoft rifle, he claims that it is the lightest PolarSat build ever. Watch the video below to find out how he was able to achieve such lightweight airsoft rifle.

PolarStar Airsoft F1 Now In Production

PolarStar Airsoft's answer to Wolverine Airsoft's SMP, the F1 Drop-in HPA Engine is now in production. Whilst similar to the SMP it uses a separate nozzle and poppet and can be dropped to any AEG gearbox as there is the centerline and offset versions... "Yes, that's right! The long awaited F1's are finally in production and are slated to be released in March.

PolarStar Jack G&G CM16 RED SR XL

Another custom HPA airsoft package from Airsoftjunkiez, the Limited Edition Polarstar Jack G&G CM16 RED SR XL uses the PolarStar Jack HPA engine with G&G's CM16 RED SR-XL AEG body... "The Combat Machine receiver is designed for ambidextrous operations including the mag release and charging handle to make it more convenient for left handed shooters. The series also include KeyMod Flip-up Rear and Front Sights.

PolarStar Jack WRC By Airsoftjunkiez

Another custom work from Airsoftjunkiez, releasing their Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar Jack WRC. This uses the PolarStar Jack version 2 installed in a custom VFC body. The hanguard is the G&P Wirecutter DFE 12-inch rails and the rear is a Madbull Ultra Stock. At the frontend is the PTS Battlecomp Muzzle. This has a 6.03 353mm inner barrel and Prowin Hopup and Bucking.

AirsoftDB SHOT Show 2016: PolarStar Airsoft

AirsoftDB caught up with Ben from PolarStar Airsoft at the SHOT Show 2016 so they can get information on what is in store from the company this year... "Ben from PolarStar Airsoft is talking about some of their new products and also some upcoming projects, in G&G Armaments booth at SHOT Show 2016."