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PolarStar Airsoft

AirsoftDB SHOT Show 2016: PolarStar Airsoft

AirsoftDB caught up with Ben from PolarStar Airsoft at the SHOT Show 2016 so they can get information on what is in store from the company this year... "Ben from PolarStar Airsoft is talking about some of their new products and also some upcoming projects, in G&G Armaments booth at SHOT Show 2016."

Airsoftjunkiez Custom PolarStar Jack MFR

Airsoftjunkiez have a new Daniel Defense MFR Rifle kitted out with a PolarStar Jack V2 HPA Engine. The Airsoftjunkiez MFR PolarStar Jack has a custom VFC body, 12-inch MFR Rails, VFC QRS Stock, Sound Amplifier, 6.03 tight bore barrel, and Prowin Hopup and Bucking. You can also select your own rig to power this custom HPA airsoft rifle.

PolarStar Jack G&G CM16 Predator Polymer

A somewhat more affordable custom airsoft gun from Airsoftjunkiez with the Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar Jack G&G CM16 Predator Polymer Package... "Looking to freshen up that new gear with a great HPA gun? Check out the New Predator by GG Armament installed with a Polarstar Jack $549.99. Other configurations available as well."

Epic Tower Defense With PolarStar Galil

Our first time to see an airsoft Galil rifle equipped with a PolarStar Airsoft HPA engine in action. This video was made by AirsoftWarfareHD as he does a tower defence with it... "A cool clip I captured of a tower defense with a guy who was using a Polarstar Galil, I especially liked how you can see the BBs flying through the air."

PolarStar Jack G&G CM16 Predator Package

Some goodies from Airsoftjunkiez if you want to have a fun-filled HPA-powered airsoft Chrismas as they have packages for you. One of these is the Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar Jack G&G CM16 Predator (Polymer) which you can get at US$549.99. Depending on your budget, you also have an option to select your Air Rig and SLP tanks to use with it.

Deathcore Airsoft w/ Polarstar L86 & M4

Angus goes to the field at the Frontier Fortress Airsoft armed with a PolarStar L86 and M4 in this episode of Deathcore Airsoft... "Airsoft video footage from a skirmish held at Frontier Fortress Paintball Field in Williamstown, NJ on November 14th, 2015."

PolarStar Jack With Wolverine Bluetooth FCU

Good news for PolarStar Jack users who want to use the Wolverine Airsot Bluetooth FCU and vice versa. AirsoftJunkiez put up a video showing that they can work together. For HPA airsoft users, this gives them more options in using different HPA brands rather than be locked in to one brand.

BAD MP7 PolarStar JACK Drop-In Kit

Bingo Airsoft Designs (BAD) announce that the BAD MP7 PolarStar Jack Drop-in Kit is now available to order... "The MP7 JACK Drop In Kit is now available. The drop in kit will work with the TM MP7 AEP and the Well R4 MP7 AEP. The kit will NOT work with any of the GBB MP7 airsoft guns or the Umarex MP7 AEG airsoft gun.

Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar Jack MK18

Another PolarStar Jack goodness from AirsoftJunkiez. Whilst this is another AirsoftJunkiez PolarStar Jack Mk18, this is cheaper than the previous 2-tone version they released in August 2015. It will cost you US$839.99 and you can choose among the options to put together a full airsoft HPA rig.

Airsoftology's PolarStar Airsoft Factory Tour

Take a look inside PolarStar Airsoft's factory as Airsoftology gives a guided tour... "Ever wanted to know how the 100% USA made Polarstar products are made? Well, Jonathan walks you through their factory to show you the entire process in just under 4 mins... plus stay to the end for a sneak peek of their latest innovation!"