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PolarStar Airsoft

Airsoftjunkiez Custom PolarStar SL9 DMR

A look at another custom HPA-powered airsoft gun by Airsoftjunkiez, the Airsoftjunkiez Custom PolarStar SL9 DMR. Dropping in a PolarStar Fusion Engine FEV3G3, the base gun is a 2013 H&K SL9 AEG. This is a big hitter at 520-630fps using Red Nozzle on 0.20g BBs. As for ROF, ti can spit out 20-33 BBs per second as configured by Airsoftjunkiez.

Amped Airsoft: How To Polarstar Mini FCU

Amped Airsoft shows you how to use the PolarStar Airsoft Mini FCU in this episode of their "Pleb to Pro" howto series... "Pleb to Pro: How to Series is a series of instructional videos from Amped Airsoft helping players from all walks of the game with questions they have regarding Airsoft! Stay tuned for more helpful info!

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Krytac LMG F1

When you order a custom gun from Airsoftjunkiez, you are given an option on what HPA engine you want installed. In this case of the Airsoftjunkiez Custom Krytac LMG F1, this is kitted with the PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA engine. This comes with the 3,500 round box magazine, and MadBull Airsoft Red Bucking.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom MK18 PolarStar Jack

A video from Airsoftjunkiez showing their Airsoftjunkiez Custom MK18 PolarStar Jack Build. Custom built for you when you order, this video shows you the various components they used to produce this build... "Airsoftjunkiez MK18 build has all the internal upgrades needed to give you the best range and consistency."

Junkiez Humvee With Custom PStar M1919A1

We spotted this photo taken by Matthew Lerner and shared by Airsoft Junkiez on their Facebook page. Of course, this comes with a plug to visit their online store... "For all of the guys that have been to the Third Coast Airsoft events, you've most likely seen the Junkiez Humvee. On top is the Custom M1919A1 powered by the new version of the Polarstar Jacks getting ready to rek sum fools.

Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar F1 Installation

Airsoftjunkiez has this video showing how to install the PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA Engine... "Polarstar F1 Installation in a GG CM18 Mod1. Installation is identical to the Polarstar jack system. Other cylinder replacement systems are very similar if not identical installation preceedures such as Wolverine Airsofts SMP and Inferno System for V2 gearboxes."

A&K MK43/M60 Jack Upgraded Box Mag

Need an airsoft machine gun that can lay down an effective suppressive fire for your team? Check out this one from Airsoftjunkiez and it can fire 45 rounds per second... "A&K Mk43 M60 Polarstar Jack upgraded custom box mag at shooting 45 RPS! Contact us today about Custom Work! The largest Selection of Custom HPA Guns."

Polarstar F1 Drop-In HPA Engine Overview

Amped Airsoft gives us an overview of the PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA Engine which they now have in stock... "Matt and Anthony are in the studio today to bring you guys a quick overview of the brand new Polarstar F1 HPA drop-in engine! Polarstar has always lead the charge on quality in the HPA market, so we're happy to bring this awesome new contender to the table.

Airsoftjunkiez: PolarStar Airsoft F1 HPA Engine

This new video from Airsoftjunkiez talks about the F1, the latest release from PolarStar Airsoft... "Polarstar's Brand new F1 unit and the differences between the Jack and F1. The Polarstar F1 will also adopt Offset nozzles in the future allowing for installation into Version 6 and Version 7 gearboxes."

BAD MAC 10 JACK Gearbox Installation

Announced early this week, here now is the video showing installation of the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit... "This video demonstrates how to install the Bingo Airsoft Designs MAC-10 Polarstar JACK Gearbox Replacement Kit. The kit is designed for TM MAC-10 and JG MAC-10 AEP airsoft guns."