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PolarStar Airsoft

Shoei MG42 w/ PolarStar Fusion Engine

Bingo Airsoftworks just has too many projects to count and here's the latest one, turning a finely made airsoft MG42 from SHOEI to be powered by the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine... "The Shoei MG-42 AEG is a relatively rare airsoft gun. It’s a high quality replica of the classic WWII German machine gun. Mike Alexander wanted to take his AEG powered MG-42 to the next level and so he sent it out to have a PolarStar Fusion Engine installed.

Guitar PolarStar Fusion Engine Project

Well, you can just put the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine into just about anything including this "Axe" which is the latest project announced by Bingo Airsoftworks in observance of the all-important date --- the 1st of April... "The guitar has been specially modified so it uses the strum bar as the trigger, so you can do extremely fast semi-auto fire by strumming up and down. The whammy bar is used to enable full auto mode.

PolarStar Fusion Engine FCU Issue

Something for PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine owners to be aware of, especially with the 11.1v Lipo Batteries as explained by Bingo Airsoftworks... "This short video demonstrates the problems you can have running your PolarStar Fusion Engine using an 11.1v lipo battery, with a high rate of fire. The FCU voltage regulator can overheat (the FCU gets hot to the touch) and it causes the solenoids to not trigger properly.

MP7 Fusion Engine Conversion Update

An update on the MP7 PolarStar conversion made by Bingo Airsoftworks. The interesting bit here is the use of 3D printed parts to create some parts for easier conversion... "I’ve made some updates to the original TM MP7 Fusion Engine conversion. Making use of more 3D printed parts allowed the conversion to be simplified and it helps keep all the solenoids in place, so they do not interfere with the sliding stock."

HSA: Custom Ares M110e Polarstar Review

A very nice looking custom sniper rifle gets a Q&A video from HotSpot Airsoft. The base gun is an Ares M110e AEG with its gearbox replaced with the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine to be able to take in the HPA as its power source. They kitted it out further with the KAC QD suppressor which acts as an extended barrel that can produce an extended range needed by an airsoft sniper. Check the full video as it also has some test firing portion.

Marui MP7 with PolarStar Fusion Engine

Another custom job finished by Bingo Airsoftworks as they show that the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine can also be installed in a smaller body such as that of the Tokyo Marui MP7... "I’ve had A LOT of requests to do an MP7 Fusion Engine conversion, but it’s such a small airsoft gun, I knew any implementation would be pretty extreme to have the Fusion Engine fit. There is only about 3.5″ of space in the MP7 where the gearbox resides.

FCU Install On M4/ M16 Series Buffer Tube

A new video guide for users of PolarStar Airsoft wanting to install a new FCU (Fire Control Unit) in the buffer tube of M4/M16 and similar platforms. In this case, they used an VFC HK416 for the demo. The FCU allows you to control the Rate of Fire and Burst Settings of the PolarStar Fusion Engine, and is separate from actually controlling the pressure, giving you even better control of your HPA-powered airsoft gun unlike before.

PolarStar Airsoft at Hudson Valley Airsoft

Some outdoor and indoor airsoft action with PolarStar Airsoft's guns at Hudson Valley Airsoft. Please be warned that there are flashing lights in this video... "PolarStar Airsoft sponsored the Hudson Valley Airsoft Expo held in December 2013 at The Paladin Center in Carmel, NY. This was an outstanding facility where HVA often holds events.

Bingo Airsoftworks Nerf Vulcan Xtreme

Before you laugh at this project, this probably is the first airsoft project that is dual powered with the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine, as a proof of concept on the possibilities of using more than one Fusion Engine on certain gun models (or even concept designs)... "It’s a Nerf Vulcan gun custom converted to use dual PolarStar Fusion Engines. It has all the features and function of a single Fusion Engine Nerf Vulcan, just twice as much BB slinging power!

MSK Team: Welcome To The Hostel

Tough CQB Action for The MSK Team as they to go up the stairs in an abandoned building in a "Welcome To The Hostel" game. Hamza in this video shows perhaps the first PolarStar airsoft gun in action on video in France as the U.S. based airsoft company continues to have its products purchased outsde of the US, especially the Fusion Engine Gearbox.