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How To Use A Baofeng Radio For Airsoft

Another Tyrant Queen does a howto video for the Tyrant Kings Milsim YouTube Channel. In this video, she shows how to use a Baofeng Radio that is now the go to radio for airsoft and milsim games as it is affordable and programmable... "Tyrant Queen Lauren shows us the basics of programming a Baofeng UV5R for Airsoft purposes."

Walking Dead Airsoft: Radio Communication

Walking Dead Airsoft posts a video about the importance of comms in winning a battle... "Radio communication is key to winning the battle. Two teams work together to push for the flag. Using radios we communicate and coordinate to overpower the opposing forces. Radio setup: TRI AN/PRC-152 + Speaker box."

Baofeng UV-82 Radio Video Review

It's good to see someone doing a review on comms that can be used for airsoft. Room Service Airsoft does a good one with the Baofeng UV-82... "The Baofeng UV-5R is the most common radio I see at airsoft/milsim events. I would like to submit that the UV-82 is the best radio for our purposes. It's price is nearly identical to the UV-5R and you get one MAJOR upgrade: a second broadcast button.

Monda FCS Full Metal Jacket PRC-148

Monda International sent us this link of their FCS PRC-148 Radio which is in the final phase of design prior to full production. The radio case is full CNC'd Aluminium which should make those who prefer their devices to be encase in metal happy. There is no mention if this version will be FRS or PMR or both but right now they are taking pre-orders of these as there two models coming out:

Code Red CQB Headset Review

Dave Baks sends in news about the latest Airsoft Obsessed review... "Code Red has come out with a radio headset geared specifically for the airsoft enthusiast, the Close Quarters Battle CQB-M6. The CQB-M6 is a behind the head style headset meaning the support/adjustment arm runs along the back of your head rather than straight over the top like many headsets are."

Read the full review at Airsoft Obsessed.

Public Enemy: TRI PRC-152 Radios

With a new set of Harris AN/PRC-152 replicas hitting the airsoft market, Public Enemy have made a video showing the TRI PRC-152, how it works and what accessories that can be attached to it. Also in the video, they also have a Toy Soldier modified TRI PRC-152 replica that can handle the Mil-Spec handheld mike to it. Watch the video to learn more.

Hat tip to Public Enemy.

Weatherproof, Dustproof PRC-152 Replica

YZH announced that a new Troy product is coming out. This time it's a PRC-152 radio which is dustproof, weatherproof, and shockproof which may surprise a lot of us looking for a cheaper but durable replica. It has the 6-pin connector and equipped with a large capacity lithium battery and also designed specifically for the original Kenwood connector.

Interested dealers can contact YZH in placing orders.

More Baofeng Dual Band Radios At Get Reload

More choices for you folks on a low cost dual band radio available at Get Reload. You can check more of the specs are their product pages... "The BaoFeng UV-3R Plus dual band radio is 100% new, factory packed and never been used. It is a micro-miniature multiband FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability.

TYT TH-2R UHF 400-480MHz Radio

It's about radios this time from Get Reload as they have in stock this 2-way UHF Radio which has a frequency setting of 400-480Mhz which means you can adjust your frequencies that will fit the free-radio license in your respective areas. Not sure yet on the headset-pins on this if you can use Kenwood, Motorola, or ICOM type of pins.

KWA KRISS Vector GBB Pre-Order & More News

Better start saving up as the much anticipated KWA KRISS Vector GBB is now on pre-order with Airsoft GI having it priced at US$385.00. No definite ETA yet, but if you want to get first in line, then place your order as soon as you can. Other news in this update are items from KWA, King Arms, Classic Army, and Midlands. Also included is their video of what happened during the 16 June sale.