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eHobby: Avalon M4 Calibur Carbine DX

Premium AEG under VFC's Avalon brand, the Avalon M4 Calibur DX is now in stock at eHobby Asia... "TheAvalon (VFC) M4 Calibur Carbine DX AEG, the newest kid on the block, comes with full metal Receiver and high quality engravings. The extendable QRS stock allows you to adjust the length of rifle to fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity QRS magazine.

eHobby: Avalon M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG

eHobby Asia announce the availability of the Avalon (VFC) M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG in black colour at their online store... "The Avalon (VFC) M4 Saber Carbine DX AEG (Black), comes with a full metal Receiver and high quality engravings. With an extendable QRS stock it allows you to adjust the length of the rifle that fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity QRS magazine.

VFC Colt Mk18 MOD1 TAN GBB Review

The VFC Colt MK18 Mod1 Gas Blowback Rifle is available in Japan, and configured to meet the local laws. This is fully licensed from Colt and also uses a fully licensed Daniel Defense rail system, SOPMOD Stock. In a review by Hyperdouraku, he finds the build close to the real thing, especially the texture but does he find it as a good performer in airsoft games, where it really matters?

Team Blacksheep: VFC Price Drop & Deals

Team Blacksheep point out where to get some great deals on VFC airsoft guns... "Are you looking for a great deal on a VFC SCAR? Well as of recently we were researching the trends and sales for the VFC SCAR rifles being the Light or Heavy and we found all the info for you to click and buy from the cheapest location online!"

Read the full story here.

"Why Are VFC SCAR Rifles Cheap?"

Team Blacksheep writes about the VFC SCAR Airsoft Rifles now cheaper than before... "As of lately the VegaForceCompany or VFC SCAR rifles have been talked about and posted on every website about their great new price. This is good and all for us players but why are the rifles just now getting cheaper and not years ago when most of them were bought?"

ASGI: VFC VR16 Avalon Saber Overview

Soon to be available at their store, Airsoft GI gives us an overview of the new VFC VR16 Avalon Saber AEG and it comes in a new colour too... "These all new VFC VR16's have a ton of features built in that you will love right out of the box. Long Version will be $360.00 and the short version will be $340.00.


RWTV On The Umarex H&K VP-9 Pistol

In this video Marck of RedWolf Airsoft TV goes over the Umarex H&K VP-9 Gas Blowback Pistol OEM by VFC. It will be in stock very soon at RedWolf Airsoft and find out if he thinks it is a solid hype or a solid gas blowback pistol just like the real deal volks pistole in the video below:

ASGI: VFC VR16 Avalon Calibur Overview

More videos from Airsoft GI showing the new editions from the VFC VR16 Avalon Series. For this video, the VR16 Avalon Calibur Carbine AEG which sports the new colour for the VR16 Avalon that make you think about the RAL8000. Black is available right now whilst this new colour series will be released next year.

Umarex/VFC G36 GBBs At WGC Shop

The newly released 2016 editions of the Umarex/VFC G36 Gas Blowback Rifles are now at WGC Shop... "The new ass-kicking Umarex G36 GBBs made by VFC were just released in two variants, one is the carbine length with rail handguard, Umarex / VFC G36 KSK GBB ( DX / 2016 Gen.2 ). The other is commando, compact length also with rail handguard, Umarex / VFC G36 TAC GBB ( DX / 2016 Gen.2 ).


RedWolf: VFC Colt MK12 MOD 1 STD

RedWolf Airsoft recommends the VFC Colt MK12 Mod 1 Fixed Stock (STD) AEG for those who are looking into do an airsoft version of the SPR used by Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Lutrell in the Lone Survivor film... "VFC have done it again they have made another fantastic AEG, here we have the VFC Colt MK12 MOD 1 Fix Stock (STD). 1:1 Scale like the real steel variant you'll be impressed just by holding this monster in your hands.