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VSS Vintorez

LCT VSS Vintorez Now On Pre-Order

LCT Airsoft just announced that they are taking pre-orders for their LCT VSS Vintorez AEG. Made of steel and a wooden stock, it comes with a 50-round magazine, and steel Side rail for mounting Russian optics on it. It has an all new angle motor mount for the Version 3 Gearbox. Interested resellers and distributors can now contact them for bulk orders.

More On LCT Airsoft's VSS Vintorez AEG

The last time we heard about concrete news about the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG almost three months ago and we expected it to be released for this summer season. Well, it's still a "coming soon" thing as they sent us a new image of the product. The LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG comes with a 9mm bearing gearbox, real wood stock, and other features similar to the LCT AS Val. Interested dealers can contact them for their allocation and pricing.

RWTV: King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG

It's the turn of Tim of RWTV to do a review on the King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG... "The King Arms VSS has been around a while now as we heavily anticipate the upcoming release of G&G and LCT's version. A review was bound to take place and in the future, Tim will do a side by side between all 3 once they are in RedWolf's possession!"

King Arms Basic Rail for VSS, VAL & SR3-M

King Arms announce the availability of the King Arms Basic Rail for VSS, VAL & SR3-M. Interested resellers can get in touch of them now on placing bulk orders and pricing... "Basic Rail is designed for installation of addition equipment for weapons include grenade launcher, tactical light, laser pointer, bipod, etc. Compatible with VSS, AS VAL or SR3-M."

LCT PP-19 Bizon AEG, VSS & VAL Parts

Owners of LCT Airsoft AS Val and VSS Vintorez AEGs can now look forward to getting replacement parts for the rifle as the company announced that they have released parts this week. These cover pistol grips, handguard, and high capacity magazines. And soon we get another choice for a PP-19 Bizon airsoft gun as they will be releasing their own vesion too.

Airsoft 3D VSS Barrel Picatinny Rails

Airsoft players now get an option to mount optics with this rail mounts made for the outer barrel by Airsoft 3D... "The VSS Vintorez has just arrived on the airsoft scene. Being a Russian sniper rifle replica, there are no Picatinny weaver mounts for its mock silencer. Therefore, unlike other airsoft sniper rifles on the market, it is difficult to attach a bipod or other Picatinny based accessories on it.

LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez Coming Soon

No surprise here as we have been expecting further announcements of the VSS Vintorez AEG offering from LCT Airsoft after they released their AS Val AEG version. The LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG comes with a 9mm bearing gearbox, real wood stock, and other features similar to the LCT AS Val. Interested dealers can contact them for their allocation and pricing.

AY AS Val & VSS Vintorez at

Well, that didn't take long as ACM makers get up to speed to make their offerings of the AS Val and VSS Vintorez AEGs that are more affordable than the recently released ones from the known airsoft brands in Hong Kong and Taiwan. now have in stock "AY" versions of such AEGs with the AY VSS Vintorez available in wood-like stock and black versions.

G&G GSS AEG Is Now Available

News that was just in early today, G&G Armament have announced that the G&G GSS AEG is now released. The GSS is their version of the VSS Vintorez. This comes with 250-round magazine, 8mm bearing gearbox, an inner barrel length of 430mm. Please do check with your nearest G&G retailer when thet are going to have this in stock.

LCT 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter Demo

Daphne of LCT Airsoft sent a link of a video showing installation of the LCT Airsoft PK-227 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter. This allows you to install rail mounted weapons accessories such as a tactical light or a foregrip. You can use two or three in combination to mount the accessories and you'll just need to adjust them to the left or right so that one accessory does not get in the way of the other. This will be available by the end of April 2014.