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VSS Vintorez

King Arms Vintorez, VAL & SR-3M Midcaps

King Arms sent in news early today about the new Mid-Capacity Magazines designed for the King Arms VSS Vintorez and AS Val AEGs. Now a revelation here is that it looks like they have a King Arms SR-3M AEG in the works too. You can select between the 120-round midcap or the 90-round version.

King Arms Mid-Cap short for VSS/AS VAL/SR-3M (KA-MAG-70)

LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Overview

Red Army Airsoft Club gives us an overview and their take on the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG. Just try to turn on your language captions if possible to follow in your own language. The Odinn "Razvedchik" Camo Suit which they recently reviewed is also seen in action in this video.

Booligan's G&G GSS AEG Overview

Booligan Airsoft got a review unit of the G&G Armament's GSS AEG (airsoft replica of the VSS Vintorez) and give us a preview before he does the full review... "G&G's version of the VSS Vintorez has been eagerly anticipated for a while now, so let's take a look at it! This classically designed gun features some pretty damn high tech features.

RWTV: GSS Vintorez MOSFET Master

Tim goes over this airsoft VSS Vintorez that can rival a Transformers Autobot and it's called the G&G GSS Vintorez which is available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Working alongside the Gearbox of the GSS Vintorez from G&G, is a very clever mosfet system. So clever in fact that you have to pull the charging handle back for it to actually shoot.

Echo1 Red Star IGOR AEG Review

Angus has a new review covering the Echo1 Red Star IGOR AEG provided by Airsoft Station. This is the Echo1 version of the VSS Vintorez... "We have the video review of the ECHO 1 Red Star IGOR Airsoft AEG, this model having the false wood stock. Overall, this is a really unique AEG that combines a carbine length with a sort of sniper style.

AY VSS Vintorez at Airsoft Megastore

Check this airsoft version of the VSS Vintorez AEG which you can now order from Airsoft Megastore... "The AK47 and SVD airsoft guns are the most popular Russian airsoft rifles players bring to the field. If you can’t decide which one is for you, the VSS Vintorez AEG by AY is your answer. This rifle is a replica of the one issued to Spetsnaz forces and has a knurled mock suppressor that covers of the entire length of the outer barrel.

Airsoft3D VSS to MP7 Magazine Adapter

If you have existing MP7 AEG Magazines, you can finally put them to use on the VSS Vintorez AEGs with this Airsoft3D VSS to MP7 Magazine Adapter... "Airsoft3D has successfully designed a VSS Vintorez magwell converter for the MP7 AEG magazine. With this adapter, airsoft players can use MP7 magazines with the VSS Vintorez airsoft gun. Airsoft VSS Vintorez has been released over four to six months ago.

LCT VSS Vintorez Now On Pre-Order

LCT Airsoft just announced that they are taking pre-orders for their LCT VSS Vintorez AEG. Made of steel and a wooden stock, it comes with a 50-round magazine, and steel Side rail for mounting Russian optics on it. It has an all new angle motor mount for the Version 3 Gearbox. Interested resellers and distributors can now contact them for bulk orders.

More On LCT Airsoft's VSS Vintorez AEG

The last time we heard about concrete news about the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG almost three months ago and we expected it to be released for this summer season. Well, it's still a "coming soon" thing as they sent us a new image of the product. The LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG comes with a 9mm bearing gearbox, real wood stock, and other features similar to the LCT AS Val. Interested dealers can contact them for their allocation and pricing.

RWTV: King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG

It's the turn of Tim of RWTV to do a review on the King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG... "The King Arms VSS has been around a while now as we heavily anticipate the upcoming release of G&G and LCT's version. A review was bound to take place and in the future, Tim will do a side by side between all 3 once they are in RedWolf's possession!"