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Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB At WGC Shop

Better place your orders if you have been waiting for this. The Hephaestus Airsoft AMD-65 Gas Blowback Rifle is now available at WGC Shop and this GBB is a collaborative project with GHK Airsoft... "Limited number of the awesome Hephaestus X GHK airsoft AMD-65 GBB arrived at show room, don't hesitate!"

KWA ERG AK74M Gearbox Exterior Photos

WGC Shop shared some photos showing the exterior of the KWA ERG AKR74M Gearbox which was taken by famed upgrade parts maker, Tot Magicbox of Taiwan. The KWA ERG AKR74M, which is in stock at the WGC Shop online store has simulated recoil and auto-cut off when the magazine empties (ERG AK magazines only). Muzzle velocity is around 390-410fps on 0.20g BBs.

WGC Shop: Umarex HK417 Benghazi Edition

WGC Shop announce that they now have in stock the Umarex/VFC HK417 GRS 16 Inches (Benghazi Edition) based on the rifle used in the "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" movie... "The 16in barrel on 9in rail HK417 AEG/GBB configuration, aka Benghazi movie or patrol Edition, are just released."

VFC High & Mid QMags Now At WGC Shop

Now available at WGC Shop is the QMag from VFC. Made for the VFC QRS AEG series, this magazine comes in Mid (120 rounds) and High (300 round) capacities. Made of Polymer it has a low profile portion that fits both M4 and HK416 mag wells. It diamond-hexagon shaped reinforcement ribs, rough texture for improved grip, and an enlarged floor plate for easy extraction from pouches.

WGC Shop: KJ Works M4 CQB GBB V3

WGC Shop now has in stock the third version of the KJ Works M4 CQB Gas Blowback Rifle... "KJ Works M4 CQB GBB V3 is compatible with aftermarket furniture kit, with strong kick and high performance, it is your best M4 GBB choice for summer."

WGC: VFC NSHG 416 Handguard Set

Now available at WGC Shop is the VFC NSHG 416 Handguard Set. Made of aerospace grade aluminium allow the material used is the same as that of the real. It has a realistic cross slot rail screw, slimline aluminium barrel nut and it's a full scale version made for the airsoft market.

G&P Gun-089L AEG At WGC Shop

Now in stock at WGC Shop is the G&P Gun-089L AEG. Fully licensed by Salient Arms International, this has the SAI tapered metal body, 8mm bearing gearbox, and long railed  SAI QD System For Tool-less Rail Changes. It also has a SAI 14.75" Tapered Outer Barrel a CW 556K Flashider and Madbull Fully Licensed Strike Industries Grip.

WGC: Bravo Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock

WGC Shop posted news about the upcoming Bravo Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock being produced by Crusader Tech. The stock has a high-strength polymer body, with steel positioning latch and bilateral QD sling. This is designed to fit a Mil-Spec receiver buffer tube it can be used for  AR/M4 Gas Blowbacks or AEGs.

WGC: Azimuth R007 Shockproof Reflex Sight

WGC Show now have in stock the Azimuth R007 Shockproof Reflex Sight. With its Shockproof design for blowback rifles & pistols makes it a reliable optic to use for airsoft games. The base is compatible with factory RMR mounts so is easy to mount especially on pistols that already use RMR mounts. Magnification is 1x with a red 5.0 MOA Dot reticle pattern.


Limited edition VFC M4A1 SOPMOD Block II AEGs now available at WGC Shop... "VFC M4A1 SOPMOD Block II AEG is finally arrived!! We have the long fat rail , the Marine Raider/ Ranger one and FPS one now. They are all in limited number, just don't let it gone!"