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WGC Shop

WGC DX Limited Edition MP5K PDW

WGC Shop wants you to look a this Limited Edition MP5K PDW Gas Blowback from Umarex. The better news about this is that it's part of their Year End Clearance Sale so better grab this as soon as you can if you want this before others beat you to it... "Check this out. Our Clearance Sale item WGC DX Limited Edition, UMA-GBB-MP5KPDW-W.

WGC Shop Year End Clearance Sale

We can't believe our eyes as we see some airsoft guns at 70% Off (some items at 80% off)! WGC Shop are really hellbent on clearing their inventory as they make space for new deliveries in preparation. Airsoft guns are discounted from 15% to 80% so better check now if an airsoft gun you've been wanting to buy can be ordered at a great discount. This is subject to supply availability and pre-orders are not included in this sale.

WGC Shop: WE Tactical G19 Series

Select the colour and combination you want with this new WE Tactical G19 GBB Series available at WGC Shop right now... "A New Pistol from Taiwan WE Tactical AKA WET. It is a kind of S style G19 which is already coming with Fiber optic sight, magwell and tactical modified G lower frame. We have couple combination for you to choose as: Black Slide / Gold Barrel, Black Slide / Silver Barrel and Silver slide/ Gold Barrel.

VFC HK416D AEG Tan At WGC Shop

The VFC HK416 10.5 Inch AEG Tan ASIA Edition is now in stock at WGC Shop. The photo shows it's a bit close to the H&K RAL8000 coating, though we may be wrong as VFC states it's tan rather than official RAL8000. This is a comprised of Aluminium Alloy, Steel and Fibre-reinforced Polymer. Initial muzzle velocity is 350-360fps on 0.2g BBs and its magazine has a capacity of 300 rounds. You can order this for US$386.00.

WGC Shop's FNX-45 Giveaway Winner

A French winner of the a product being sold by a French company. The Cybergun FNX-45 GBB Pistol Giveaway promo by WGC Shop has a winner and it's Antoine. He gets to own one of the most sought after GBB pistols for this year which is OEM by VFC for Cybergun. Now, he has to get one of those RMR mounts and Sights to complete the look.

Azimuth FNX-45 RMR Mount at WGC Shop

Check this Azimuth Steel RMR Mount for FNX-45 Tactical which is now in stock at WGC Shop... "This is a RMR adapter for the New Pistol Cybergun FNX-45 T. It contain 2 short screws, for mounting on the nozzle housing, and 2 long screws, for the installation of the RMR. This piece of steel is designed for the RMR and some replica.

WGC Shop: SRU, WE, APS & FNX-45 Promo

The WGC Shop FNX-45 Giveaway promo is still ongoing so better take your chance to win this sought after GBB Pistol from Cybergun. As for new release they have the WE M84 Gas Pistol, SRU SR-4S Gas Pistol, APS ASR115 12.5 Inch Key Mod Match Grade Blowback AEG, and the WE R5C GBB. Also check the long list of items back in stock to find the item you have been looking for.

"FNX-45 Tactical Giveaway event!

WGC Shop's FNX-45 GBB Pistol Giveaway

Tough to order the Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical Pistol as most Hong Kong retailers have it out of stock. But you might be able to get one for free by joining in this giveaway promo from WGC Shop. The RMR Sight seen in the photo below is not included in the prize... "Did you want a CyberGun FNX-45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol as a gift! Now you got the opportunity. Sign Up for our latest Giveaway event to win this beauty back home.

WGC Shop: KSC Vz61 & KWA MP7 FDE

Not a long list from WGC Shop today but surely is interesting for airsoft players who like small, compact and handy gas blowback airsoft guns. The KSC VZ-61 Heavy Weight Gas Blowback SMG Taiwan Version is now available together with the KWA MP7 GBB GBB in FDE. Apart from these, they now have available the High Speed Gear Woosatch-E Plate Carrier and 12.5 inch PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail.

WGC Shop: GHK M4 RAS & Taiwan SA G17

The shorter version of the GHK M4 RAS Gas Blowback Rifle is now in stock at WGC Shop. Also amongst the new items that just arrived at their online store is the limited edition Hephaestus HTs-14 Mount Base, Taiwan-SA G17 G4 Gas Pistol, and the G&P MOTS 12.5inch Full Keymod RAS for M4 / M16 AEG Series. Furthermore, check the long list of items that are back in stock.