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WGC Shop: Free Delivery Alert!

Free Delivery Alert from WGC Shop and that if your country is in the list, then you are lucky that your order, if it meets the weight requirements according to WGC Shop, can be tracked and shipped to you for free... "FREE DELIVERY ALERT and let everybody know! We offer a trackable worldwide free delivery, terms and conditions as below...

WGC: Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB 2017 Edition

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the 2017 Edition Hephaestus Custom HTS-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup. Produced in cooperation with GHK Airsoft, it is made of aluminium and steel with the Hephaestus simulation recoil spring guide & spring. Out of the box it has an initial muzzle velocity of 360-390fps on 0.20g BBs and Top Gas.

Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB Clearance Sale

Grab one for yourself as when it is gone, it's gone! The Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB Rifle is on a clearance sale at the WGC Shop and that means you can get it a lower price... "Clearance Sale! Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB (Limited Edition) and it is available at the WGC Hong Kong Store/Showroom and the WGC Taiwan Warehouse."

WGC: Mafioso Kimber Ultra Carry II Black

The limited edition Mafioso Kimber Ultra Carry II Gas Blowback System is now available at WGC Shop. If you are interested in one better grab one quickly as this is a limited run with 50 units produced for worldwide customers. This is a CNC Full Steel GBB pistol based on the Marui System. This has an initial muzzle velocity of 220-240fps on Top Gas and 0.20gbb and will cost you US$1,167.00.

Northeast G Series HD DX Night Sights

In stock right now at WGC Shop is the Northeast HD DX Night Sight Set for Tokyo Marui & WE Airsoft G Series... "These night sights are self-illuminated in the dark, also helps you to aim fast, making the sight picture quicker in the day time. It's very well made, CNC machined with steel material and finished with QPQ process.

Snow Wolf M98B AEG At WGC Shop

Grab yourself a long one to snipe at the OPFOR and also use it on full-auto. WGC Shop posted an announcement on Facebook that they got in stock the Snow Wolf M98B AEG. This has an initial muzzle velocity of 390-410fps on 0.20g BBs (better check with your laws on full auto fps limits for airsoft, such as in the UK).

WGC Shop: Umarex G28 GBB Pre-Order

Here is your chance to own an Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle as WGC Shop are taking pre-orders with shipping options... "We are pre-ordering Umarex G28 GBB rifle! We also offer 2 shipping solutions. One is delivered from HK, so that you can combine shipping with other items. The other is delivered from Taiwan, you can get G28 GBB with lower price and lower postage with reasonably priced and reliable EMS service, which save you more!"

VFC H&K VP9 Grey & Tan At WGC Shop

WGC Shop posted product updates, announcing that the tan and grey versions of the Umarex/VFC H&K VP9 Gas Blowback Pistols are now in stock... "The VFC VP9 is authorized by Umarex, licensed from Heckler & Koch authorized.

ACETech AC6000 Chrono At WGC Shop

In stock right now at WGC Shop is the ACETech AC6000 Chronograph for use in airsoft which they sau is of high quality and accuracy. It can measure muzzle velocut from 90 feet per second to 1,200 feet per second and ROF range of 100-6000 RPM. The are ammo parameter settings with 5 memory slates and an IR sensor that has calculation functions.

KTW Type 38 Carbine At WGC Shop

World War II reenactors and airsoft collectors looking for the KTW Type 38 Rifle can go to WGC Shop to grab it right now before it is gone again. Based in Arisaka Type 38 bolt action rifle used by the Imperial Japanese Army from 1905 to 1945. This is made of wood and metal, with an initial muzzle velocity of 280-300fps on 0.20g BBs.