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Tru-Spec Clearance Sale at WGC Shop

Anothe deal from WGC Shop as they announce their Tru-Spec Clearance Sale. Check out the tactical apparel available at great discounts as we see that some are at almost 50% such as the T.R.U. Combat Shirt. The Tactical Response Pants are part of the clearance sale as well. As for colours and camo patterns, you get a wide variety of choices.

WGC Top 50 AEG & GBB Clearance Sale

A long list of the AEGs are going on sale at WGC Shop and they made a fine selection of AEGs and Gas Blowback Rifles, putting together a Top 50 list. These are some of the better selling airsoft guns from G&P, VFC, WE Airsoft, DYTAC, Tokyo Marui, S&T, LCT, G&G, King Arms, and the affordable PTW clones from G&D, and CYMA. Also included in this list are some custom airsoft guns from WGC Shop too.

WGC: VORTEX Razor HD Gen II Riflescope

The VORTEX Razor HD Gen II Riflescope which is now available at WGC Shop is a serious optic to have on your airsoft rifle, given that it costs US$1,999.00. But it looks like it will be snapped up quickly too... "The Razor HD GEN II 1-6X24 Riflescope — VMR-2 Reticle.


WGC Shop announces the availability of the VFC Colt MK12 MOD1 DX Gas Blowback Rifle at their online store. This has fully-licensed markings with the new Lower Receiver that can accept real sized buffer tube/stock. It also comes with a steel hammer, new loading nozzle with adjustable gas output, and new hop chamber design that utilizes GBB pistol style hop packing. It also includes the OPS silencer.

Asura Dynamics 2DPS at WGC Shop

WGC Shop announce one of their new arrivals to be the Asura Dynamics 2DPS Weaponlight. This is based on the Zenitco 2DPS Klesh Weaponlight with the S designation indicating it to come with a strobe function. Such function is useful for disorientating the opposing force in CQB games, especially in dimly-lit game facilities.

VFC MK18 MOD1 GBB 2015 Quick Demo

WGC Shop posted a video of the new Vega Force Company MK18 Mod1 Gas Blowback 2015 version. This uses the VFC M4 GBB V2 System and uses the Daniel Defense RIS II and with Colt Markings. This is expected to be released this month and WGC Shop will be one the stockists of this GBB.

WGC Shop: Mechanix, VFC & More Arrivals

WGC Shop's new arrivals this week includes the 2015 version of the Mechanix Wear M-Pact 3 Gloves that comes with even better protection, the Ghost Holsters for different types of airsoft pistols, and the new PolarStar Jack. As for airsoft guns, they announce that the VFC MK18 MOD1 GBB is already available. Click of the links to learn more about these products.

WGC: VFC MP5A5 AEG Die Cast Version

Now in stock at WGC Shop is the fully-licensed VFC MP5A5 AEG Die Cast Version though it is not specified which part of the AEG is fully die-cast as the whole AEG is a combination of Metal Alloy, Reinforced plastic, and Steel though we hope it's the actual receiver of the SMG.

WGC Shop: VFC VR16 Saber GBB Rifles

WGC Shop start our week with the news that they have the new VFC VR16 Saber Gas Blowback Rifles in stock. These GBBs have a new receiver that accepts real-sizes buffer tubes/stocks. It also has a new steel hammer, new loading nozzle with adjustable gas output and new hop-up chamber that uses GBB Pistol-style hop packing.

WGC Shop: China-E G17 G4 GBB Pre-Order

Now on pre-order at WGC Shop is the China-E G17 G4 Gas Blowback Pistol which costs at an affordable price of US$62.00. This has realistic dimensions, rear sight base, recoil sprint, and magazine catch. A detailed look and takedown of this gas blowback pistol done by WGC Shop is shown below: