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WGC: VFC VR16 Saber VSBR Pre-Order

WGC Shop sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders for the VFC VR16 Saber VSBR Compact Gas Blowback Rifle. This looks very handy for CQB games which VFC states that it has hard recoil smooth fire, upgraded fire control system, and high performance magazine.

WGC Shop: GSG-14 EBB Quick Demo

WGC Shop posted on their Facebook Page a demo of the GSG-14 AEG. Soon to be available at their online store, the GSG-14 is made by German Airsoft Guns and is an electric blowback rifle with features that make you think it is a Heckler & Koch Rifle. This is an affordable AEG and is available in black and tan colours.

New GHK M4 MOD1 & MOD2 GBB Rifles

WGC Shop announce that they have in stock two new gas blowback rifles from GHK Airsoft. Both rifles come with a new hop-up syste, ver 6.0 hammer and stable bolt lock. The main receiver is made of aluminium die casting and the stock is said to be stronger. Inner Barrel is 6.03 for a more precision shooting and they come with the KeyMod Rail System.

WGC: Angry Gun SCAR Rail Extension

One of the new arrivals at WGC Shop this week is the Angry Gun SCAR Extension Rail System WE version. It will give you more rails to mount your weapons accessories and also will make your SCAR rifle look even more tactical with the KeyMod look. An FDE version is also available and the WE SCAR-H seen in the photo is not included in the package.

King Arms M1A1 Para CO2 at WGC Shop

For those who have been looking where the King Arms MA1A Paratrooper CO2 Blowback Rifle is, you can head off right now at WGC Shop as it is in stock at the moment and stocks getting depleted a bit quickly. Reenactors as well as collectors have been looking for this version and this comes with a real wood finish and realistic blowback action. As for the price, it's US$396.00, shipping costs not included.

Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match At WGC Shop

The Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match GBB Pistol has been released and now reached the shores of Hong Kong and at WGC Shop right now. Easily recognizable with the Gold Accents it has a powerful blowback, acrylic front site, long slide stop, and the slide neing lighter this time for better working operation speed.

WGC Shop HK416 Photo Contest Winners

WGC Shop just announced the winners of their HK416 Photo Contest... "Congrats! All the winners are from Poland! Thanks for your entering dear participants, WGC will keep having photo contests with various themes in the future. And the contest app will be issued in the following contests, in order to reduce the opportunity that dishonor entrants try to nick the prizes.

What we know is the next theme of photo contest is AK, get your baby ready for it.

WGC: Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Black

For those who prefer the black version of the Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol, it's now in stock at WGC Shop. A big handgun, the FNH markings are all fully licensed. Package includes Gun, Magazine, Grip Insert, 16mm CW Thread Protector which is already installed, and Manual. Price is US$225.00.

WGC Shop: VFC HK417 16" GBB Rifle

WGC Shop posted photos of the newly released VFC Heckler & Koch HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle on their Facebook Page. Fully licensed to use the H&K trades by Umarex, this is a 16-inch gas blowback rifle that can be utilised as a DMR in milsim events. No pricing yet, and many hope the GBB version of the G28 will be available soon.

Taiwan Custom PPQ M2 GBB Quick Demo

Here's a quick demo from WGC Shop of the Taiwan Custom PPQ-M2 Steel Gas Blowback Pistol. This is based on the Umarex/Stark Arms Walther PPQ M2 full-licensed gas blowback pistol and comes with a custom steel slide and outer barrel. Initial muzzle velocity is at 300-320fps using Green or Top Gas and 0.20g BBs.