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WGC Shop

New Product Arrivals at WGC Shop

WGC Shop got a shipment of new products from Asura Dynamics and Puff Dino Trade this week. The Asura Dynamics DT4-K is a suppressor that comes with an extended inner barrel for those who want to spruce up their AKs. The Puff Dino Camo Paints are available in Dark Tan, Forest Green, Flat Black, Camouflage Green, and Desert for your custom paint jobs.

LCT M70 AB2 AEG at WGC Shop

Those who are waiting for the airsoft Zastava, wait no more. WGC Shop announced that they now got a delivery of the LCT Airsoft M70 AB2 AEG, price is US$400.00, shipping costs not included... "LCT M70AB2 AEG ~ LCT-AEG-M70AB2 is available in our shop now. Package includes: AEG and Magazine."

VFC Quick Response System At WGC Shop

The VFC Quick Response System (QRS) Stock is now available at WGC Shop... "The Advanced industial design with user module construction ready for future QRS system expansions It has pptional QD sling mount design, M1913 under rail for additional equipments, and made with nylon fiber with extra heavy duty sling slot.

Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver. II

WGC Shop are anticipating the release of the Tokyo Marui Limited Edition Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver.II Gas Blowback Pistol. This pistol was designed by Tokyo Marui in cooperation with CAPCOM which is part of the Biohazard/Resident Evil Revelations 2 video game. For those who have been collecting these Samurai Edge GBBs from Tokyo Marui, this one will not disappoint and they better reserve theirs as this is a limited edition.

WGC Shop: WE Makarov GBB Silver

Latest news from WGC Shop is the arrival of the WE Airsoft Makarov Gas Blowback Pistol in Silver. This comes with a suppressor that acts as an inner barrel extension. WGC Shop gives us a closer look at the pistol with chrono tests of the pistol with and without the inner barrel extension.

"WE Makarov Gas Blowback Pistol (Silver) is available in our shop now:

Crusader M4 Accessories at WGC Shop

Now in stock at WGC Shop are the new M4 Weapons Accessories from Crusader Tech. Each product is available in Black, Red, and Gold and these are namely the Crusader M4 Ambidextrous Tactical Charging Handle Latch, Crusader M4 Extended Magazine Release, and the Crusader Rotatable Tactical Sling Swivels.

Crusader M4 Ambidextrous Tactical Charging Handle Latch

GHK G5 Chinese New Year Promo

The Chinese will soon formally welcome the Year of the Wooden Sheep as they prepare for big festivities to greet the Chinese New Year on the 19th of February 2015. WGC Shop posted a promo from GHK Airsoft offering a free extra magazine when purchasing the GHK G5 Gas Blowback Rifle. Promo is now ongoing until the 23rd of February, subject to supply availability.

WGC Shop: BladeTech Holster For M&P9

Something to make M&P9 pistol owners as WGC Shop announce the availability of the BladeTech M&P9 Holsters at their online store. Tokyo Marui M&P9 GBB Pistol owners can rest easy as it's going to fit theirs... "BladeTech Holster For M&P9. The ASR Belt Loop & Paddle are '3' position adjustable for either Straight Drop, FBI Cant or Muzzle Forward.

WGC Shop: APS ASR-116 EBB Release

WGC Shop announce the release of the APS ASR-116 AEG which comes with the KeyMod Rail System... "New Release From APS, As a S- Style AEG ~ AS116 AEG. This gun standard comes with a 12.5” Low Profile Adapt Hand Guard using KeyMod System and EBB system with reinforced Titanium coated Recoil Plate.

WGC Shop: Super Short APS 870 Soon

The APS CAM870 Shell-ejecting shotgun gets shorter again as WGC Shop gives us a sneak preview on this... "A new APS 870 will be available soon in our shop. Called the 870 Any Other Weapon AKA Super-Short, just like the previous model, this package contains: Gun, Shell x2, Wad x50, Paper Seal x50, CO2 Charger,  Manual, Shell Catcher."