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WGC Shop: VFC VR635 GBB Available

WGC Shop announce that they have the VFC VR635 DX Gas Blowback Rifle in stock at their online store... "The new VFC VR635 GBB comes with V-mag, the best VFC AR15 GBB magazine, and advanced internal parts to upgrade its durability and reliability."

Vortex SPARC Red Dot At WGC Shop

WGC Shop announce that they have in stock the Vortex SPARC Red Dot Sight at their online store... "Simple—Fast—Effective—Point and Shoot. When you boil it down, those are the advantages of a red dot sight. And that’s what the SPARC AR delivers - all in a durable, lightweight, compact, and ultra-clean package.

Armorer Works Pistols At WGC Shop

WGC Shop got a big delivery of Armorer Works Gas Blowback Pistols and spare magazines that you can order and this is  along list of airsoft pistols for you to go over and decide which one to purchase... "Plenty of competition ready gas blowback pistols with extra-ordinary exterior design! Let me present Armorer Works! Full range just got in stock at WGC!

WGC Shop: Samurai Edge Special Color Variation

If you are looking for the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Gas Blowback Pistol Special Color Variation outside of Japan. You can look for it at WGC Shop as they are carrying it. But you have to hurry as this runs of out stock quickly. This version was release for the 20th anniversary of the Biohazard/Resident Evil video game.

Red Dot Sights In Stock At WGC Shop

Looking for a Red Dot Sight that will look good on your airsoft rifle or pistol? WGC Shop posted on Facebook that they have a good number of red dot sights in stock, with more than 40 kinds. That's a lot but will one or two meet what you need? Find out more... "There are more than 40 airsoft red dot sight items in WGC Shop, check it out!"

Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical At WGC Shop

The recently released gas blowback pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical GBB, is available right now at WGC Shop. It comes with a suppressor made of aluminuim and it has a fully ambidextrous operation. It also includes a grip back strap and a safety and decocking system.

WGC Shop: LCT Airsoft G3 Prototype

WGC Shop posts a photo and videos of the upcoming LCT G3 AEG which was on display at the 21st Hooha Show organised by Combat King Monthly Magazine. This is a prototype version and not much information has been revealed with the exception that it is expected to be released in Summer 2017.

WGC Shop: King Arms M79 Grenade Launchers

WGC Shop have in stock the King Arms M79 Grenade Launchers. The Thumper, as the M79 is affectionately called, is one of the early grenade launchers.The King Arms version has the standard and the sawed-off versions and both can be ordered from WGC Shop but hurry up as they are low in stock.

NOVA KB Style LAPD SWAT Conversion Kit

WGC Shop got a delivery of pistol kits and one of these is the Nova KB Style LAPD SWAT Conversion Kit for the Tokyo Marui 1911 GBB.  This is a CNC machined aluminium kit with a full rail lower frame design and a chequered grip pattern. It has CNC'd aluminium outer barrel and front and rear sights.

Hephaestus Extended AK Gas Mag At WGC

The newly released Hephaestus Custom 60 Rds Gas Magazine for GHK AK Series (Extended Type A) is now in stock at WGC Shop. This is a custom-made extended gas magazine for the GHK AK GBB series with a fiber-reinforced nylon shell and an enlarged gas tank for higher capacity. The magazine can be loaded up to 60 6mm BBs.