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Magpul Core Gloves Now At WGC Shop

WGC Shop announce that they have the Magpul Core Gloves available at their online store. You can choose amongst different types of Magpul Core Gloves for roles you want to use with them: Technical, Rancher, Breach, FR Breach, and Patrol. These are available in black and tan colours.

WGC Shop: AngryGun Coast Guard Rail System

This is a nice looking rail system from Angry Gun, and you can find it right now at the WGC Shop online store. The AngryGun Coast Guard Rail System for AR/M4 AEGs is a low profile free float railed handguard. Machined aluminium construction it has modular rail sections included. As for the price, it is US$110.00.

GHK AR 10.5" GBB (WGC Edition 003)

The GHK AR 10.5" Gas Blowback Rifle WGC Edition 003 is now available at WGC Shop, where else? This has a B5 retractable stock, finger guard, a shock-proof T-1 Style Red Dot Sight, and a Mini XTC Flash Hider. As for the price, you can have it for US$489.00.


VFC AEG Restock At WGC Shop

Some of the old but popular AEGs are back in stock again at WGC Shop as they are set to reopen their shop after finishing their relocation. The AEGs back in stock are fully licensed Colt and Knights Armament Company AEGs... "Dear VFC enthusiasts, we just get restocked VFC AEG/GBB hits, they are...

E&L AK74M Gen 2 AEG At WGC Shop

The E&L AK-74M A Gen.2 AEG is available at WGC Shop and you can order it at a reduced price of US$321.30, down from the previous price of US$378.00... "Here's the modernized AK74M AEG manufactured by E&L. There're badass-looking flash hider and light weight rail handguard, these kits brign your Russian class AK74M into next level.

WGC Custom APS M870 Deluxe Match Shotgun

WGC Shop gave even more TLC to the already popular APS M870 Deluxe Match CO2 Shotgun and you can order it right now for US$580.00...

NE Airsoft AK Sling Adaptors At WGC Shop

WGC Shop posted news last week that they have the Northeast Airsoft AK Sling Adaptors for GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifles in stock... "The best solution of GHK AK GBB sling attachment, made in steel, high quality and friendly installation. If you have GHK AK GBB, you gotta have one of these, Northeast AK Sling Adaptor."

WGC Shop Tanaka Works Classic Revolvers

The collectible Tanaka Works airsoft revolvers such as the Python 3-inch R-Model HW, M40 2-inch Centennial 1966 Early HW and the M500 10.5 Stainless Version 2 are available right now at WCG Shop... "Dear revolver enthusiasts, may I introduce WGC's latest in stock classic revolvers, they are in limited number, get one before it's gone."

WGC Shop Relocation Sale Starts Today

WGC Shop are going to move to a better and bigger place and they will have clearance items available as they start their Relocation Sale today until the 5th of April 2016. If we were you, we'll start hunting for nice deals and not wait until it is too late as when they are gone, they're gone. There will be lots of items that will be on sale so check them out right now.

APS M870 Deluxe Match CO2 At WGC Shop

WGC Shop proudly announce that they know have in stock the SAI-Licensed APS M879 Deluxe C02 Shotgun... "A very sexy babe, no more custom job, we serve you only the best one, APS M870 Deluxe Match CO2 Airsoft Shotgun (SAI Licensed) in stock now! Magazine capacity is 6+1 with the CO2-powered shells.