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WGC Shop: SRU, WE, APS & FNX-45 Promo

The WGC Shop FNX-45 Giveaway promo is still ongoing so better take your chance to win this sought after GBB Pistol from Cybergun. As for new release they have the WE M84 Gas Pistol, SRU SR-4S Gas Pistol, APS ASR115 12.5 Inch Key Mod Match Grade Blowback AEG, and the WE R5C GBB. Also check the long list of items back in stock to find the item you have been looking for.

"FNX-45 Tactical Giveaway event!

WGC Shop's FNX-45 GBB Pistol Giveaway

Tough to order the Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical Pistol as most Hong Kong retailers have it out of stock. But you might be able to get one for free by joining in this giveaway promo from WGC Shop. The RMR Sight seen in the photo below is not included in the prize... "Did you want a CyberGun FNX-45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol as a gift! Now you got the opportunity. Sign Up for our latest Giveaway event to win this beauty back home.

WGC Shop: KSC Vz61 & KWA MP7 FDE

Not a long list from WGC Shop today but surely is interesting for airsoft players who like small, compact and handy gas blowback airsoft guns. The KSC VZ-61 Heavy Weight Gas Blowback SMG Taiwan Version is now available together with the KWA MP7 GBB GBB in FDE. Apart from these, they now have available the High Speed Gear Woosatch-E Plate Carrier and 12.5 inch PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail.

WGC Shop: GHK M4 RAS & Taiwan SA G17

The shorter version of the GHK M4 RAS Gas Blowback Rifle is now in stock at WGC Shop. Also amongst the new items that just arrived at their online store is the limited edition Hephaestus HTs-14 Mount Base, Taiwan-SA G17 G4 Gas Pistol, and the G&P MOTS 12.5inch Full Keymod RAS for M4 / M16 AEG Series. Furthermore, check the long list of items that are back in stock.

RA-Tech AAC 300 & SR-4X at WGC Shop

It's Thursday and it's time for product updates from WGC Shop. For this week, they have the RA-Tech Custom WE M4 AAC300 GBB LV2 and the SRU SR-4X Gas Pistol as new airsoft guns in stock. Apart from these, they also have the Prime G17 SAI RMR Slide for Marui Glock 18C and the High Speed Gear Sniper's Waist Pack. Click on the links below to learn more and also check the list of products back in stock near the bottom of the page.

M1938, MP7 QD Holster & More at WGC Shop

The Snow Wolf Beretta M1938 SMG and Barrett M107 Sniper AEGs are now available to order at WGC Shop. Apart from these, you can also find the new Hephaestus QD Holster for the VFC MP7 Gas Blowback SMG and the G&P G&P Gas Charging Collapsible Butt with UBR Stock for the Marui M870. Scroll down further to find out what items are now back in stock.

WGC Shop: RC5, AM-103, AAC-21 & More

With the special giveaway now over, WGC Shop are back to their operations of sending us the latest in airsoft that are now in stock. The Ares/Amoeba AM-013 which is getting much attention these days is now in stock. Another short AEG is the WE Airsoft RC5 AEG which has the similar stock used in the HK416C. Speaking of WE Airsoft, a pistol which is called by WGC Shop as WE Carved Patterns G34 Gas Pistol is also avaible.

WGC Shop: FNX-45, WE M&P9 & More

The WGC Shop Hephaestus Custom AK KTR GBB-Rifle Giveaway is still ongoing so better take your chance to win one by following the instructions. That's a lovely piece of an airsoft gun, and many are just wanting to get their hands on it. But it might just find a lovely home with you being the lucky owner so hope your name gets chosen.

WGC Shop Giveaway & More New Products

We're sure you will like the photo above as it is the prize from WGC Shop with their ongoing giveaway contest on Facebook, so better learn more about the promo. Apart from that, check out the new arrivals such as the Asia Edition of the Umarex MP5A5 AEG, Azimuth HK417 GBB Magazine Sticker Set, CKW Custom Capsicum IMM 2 Tone Gas Pistol, and the Tokyo Marui M870 Shot Shell Holder. Plus, don't forget to look at the list of products that are back in stock again.

WGC Shop Giveaway & New Arrivals

Better hurry and get the chance to win this Hephaestus Custom AK KTR GBB from WGC Shop as they have an ongoing Facebook promo. As to new arrivals, they havethe VFC MP7A1 TAN GBB Asia Edition, FMA copies of the Litebuck MOLLE Strobelight and the Guns Modify Aluminium G22 Slide for Marui G17 Gas Pistol. Also check out the newly restocked items and you might find the item that you have been looking for.