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PTS MKM AR15 Tan & G&P WOC-40 CNC Ver.

For this week product update from WGC Shop as we all go into our Easter Break is short, but something worth taking a look at it. First, the have the limited edition PTS Mega Arms MKM AR15 Custom GBB in tan colour. Secondly, AngryGun CNC 6 Shell Side Carrier for TM M870 for those looking for something to put their shells at a convenient place when using it. Lastly, the CNC'd receiver sets of the G&P WOC-40 GBB Rifle. More of these below.

WGC Shop: TM HK45 & More New Products

Those who have been waiting to order the newly released Tokyo Marui HK45 GBB Pistol can now visit the online store of WGC Shop as they now have it in stock. Furthermore, they have available the VFC MP7A1 GBB Version 2 Silencer, Azimuth tools and parts, and upgrade part from RA-Tech. More information about these products by clicking on the links below:

WGC Shop: GHK AR GBB Prototype Test

Just posted today by WGC Shop is a test of the GHK AR/M4 Gas Blowback Prototype. We have seen photos of this previously and in fact this project has been in the works since they released an AR GBB Kit in 2012. Now they will soon be releasing a fully completed M4 GBB which we hope would have a heavy kick just like their well-received GHK G5 GBB which uses an AR gas magazine.

WGC Shop: VFC MP7A1 Navy GBB & More

A good list of new items that are available right now at WGC Shop. They have the VFC MP7A1 Navy Asia Edition GBB SMG, VFC M40A3 Tactical Rail, Cybergun M&P9 Full Size Gas Pistol, Milspec VFC MK18 MOD1 GBB, and the PTS/KWA RM4 Scout ERG Premium Edition. Also check their product restock list and clearance sale which is still ongoing.

SVOBODA 300 Blackout & PTS Mega Arms

So what's new and in stock at WGC Shop this week? Well, they have the SVOBODA 300 Blackout Front End Kit for the KWA ERG, BOL Burst Wizard, PTS Mega Arms MKM AR15 Custom GBB,  and the SWAT Molle Handgun Triple Mag pouch in Kryptel patterns. Apart from those, check their clearance sale and product restock.

WGC: G&P BB-067, SRU, Dytac & ACE1 Items

A good list for this week from WGC Shop as we have some nice upgrade parts such as the slides from Strike Recon Union (SRU), ACE 1 ARMS OSP Sytle Mock Suppressor Range Up Series, DYTAC G-Style SMR 14.5inch Rail for VFC HK416 AEG/GBB, and the G&P Electric BB-067 M4 airsoft rifle. Check the links below for more information.

Also included here are their still ongoing clearance sale and product restock.

WGC Shop: New Items from WE, VFC & G&P

WGC Shop representatives will be at the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2014 in Germany which will start tomorrow. But for today, they have a short update on new items at their online store such as the WE Carved Patterns G34 Gas Pistol, WGC Special VFC MP5 GBB Upgrade Pack, and the G&P TMR 12.5inch RAS for AR Platforms. Check their ongoing clearance sale and products that are back in stock.

VFC HK417 16" Asia Edition at WGC Shop

It's a short list this week again from WGC Shop but they have something that might make you whip out your wallet quick --- the VFC HK417 16 Inch AEG Asia Edition. And speaking of longer airsoft rifles, they also APS ASR115 12.5 Inch Key Mod Match Grade Blowback AEG. If you don't have an area to organise your collection of airsoft rifles, they also have the UFC New Gun Rack with a new designed T-21 Style. More of these below:

WGC Shop: KA VSS Vintorez Pre-Order

A shorter list of products announced by WGC Shop this week. They are now taking pre-orders of the King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG which will soon be out. They have in stock the AngryGun 21 Rail System for AEGs and the Hephaestus Folding Stock Adapter with 6-position Extension for GHK / LCT AK Series. Also check their their product restock and Clearance Sale.

WGC Shop: LCT AS Val AEG Photos

With the AS Val and VSS Vintorez airsoft replicas set to flood the airsoft market this year, WGC Shop gives us some close up photos of the LCT Airsoft AS Val AEG which they announced last year. The photos are comprehensive, including takedown to show us the gearbox. Check all the photos as there are some short captions describing the build.