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WGC Shop

Mechanix Wolf Grey Coming To WGC Shop

Mechanix Wear showcased their line up of gloves that will be sporting the new Wolf Grey colour for 2016 during the SHOT Show 2016. Airsoft players wanting to order this can contact WGC Shop as they are expecting these to be in stock... "Grey is the new black! The brand new wolf grey Mechanix wear gloves just released in SHOT will be available soon in WGC Shop.

AY AS Val & Ace1Arms Sets At WGC Shop

The affordable AY AS Val AEG is now in stock at WGC Shop which you can order for US$164.00 as well as a good line of Hybrid GBB Pistol Slide Sets from Ace1Arms. Check them out right now... "Dear all: Amazingly reasonably priced series of AS VAL AEGs made by AY are in stock now!

WGC Shop: Tokyo Marui AA-12 Pre-Order

Many are excited about the pending release of the Tokyo Marui AA-12 Automatic Electric Shotgun that pre-orders are starting to fill-up. If you haven't found any retailer taking pre-orders, better proceed to WGC Shop as they are now taking pre-orders. Price is US$413.00, shipping costs not included yet.


The Short Throw PTS BAD Ambidextrous Safety Selector for the KWA/KSC M4 Gas Blowbacks is now available at WGC Shop. These has levers that are interchangeable for both sides. The short throw feature means a shorter rotational distances for faster engagement of the safety.

VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle At WGC Shop

The Limited Edition Super DX VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle can be ordered from WGC Shop. At a price of US$510.00, you get a gas sniper rifle that has an adjustable nozzle with a 1.7j energy and 14 rounds magazine. It also has a unique serial number, fully licensed A4 stock, bipod, rail, scope ring, and QD Silencer.

WGC Shop Mechanix Wear Xmas Sale

Big, big, big price drops on Mechanix Wear Gloves at WGC Shop for their Xmas & Year End Promo. Some of these models have over 50% off reduced from their regular retail plans. Mechanix Wear gloves are favourites of airsoft players and you better hurry in snagging a good deal for yourself before the stocks or sizes run out.

WGC Shop: VFC M4ES Stinger Price Drop

With the WGC Shop Xmas and Year End Sale now going on, there are nice deals to be had from them so better check their website and you might get what you've been wanting to have for Christmas at a lower price. Or you might want to check this VFC M4ES Stinger AEG which is now at a lower price... "VFC STINGER AEG, it's only US$178.4 now!

WGC Shop VFC VR16 AEG Xmas Sale

More with the WGC Xmas and Year End Promotion Sale as WGC Shop really got a lot of goodies for you. What they are now offering is the full line of the VFC VR16 series at a bigger discount for the promo period...  "The VFC VR16 AEG Series 20% Off, starting from US$164.80. The series have high quality, full Metal, and stylish Looks!

WGC Shop Xmas & Year End Sale Promo

For the whole month of December 2015 and up to the 15th of January 2016, WGC Shop are having their Xmas and Year End Sale. If you're making your airsoft Christmas shopping list, then consider WGC Shop as they're offering discounts from 15% - 80% off on selected items. More discounts on certain brands and total purchase amount, so grab them whilst stocks last.

HSGI Grey TACO Pouches At WGC Shop

The HSGI TACO Pouch Collection in grey colour are now available at WGC Shop. They have in stock the Extended Pistol Taco Pouch, Modular Single Rifle Pouch, Universal Pistol Mag Pouch, and more. These are lightweight and uses injection molded polymer sides, cordura front and back, and shock cord lacing to lock just about any rifle and pistol magazine into place.