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Hephaestus Left Side Selector For GHK AK

aRick of Public Enemy is now back from Taiwan and his new video shows that his GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle has a new feature installed by Hephaestus. This is a left side selector switch, similar to Galil rifles, which makes it easier for you to put the rifle from safe to fire modes, and vice versa. It's not a standard feature in AK rifles so don't expect to be coming out from GHK.

WE Katana Power Cylinders & JG AK Tac

Interesting AK Tactical with retractable stock is now in stock with this latest product update from Airsoft Helper...  "We  have new products called Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG W/ Retractable folding stock, AH Retractable and side folding stock for M4 AEG Series, WE Full Metal Adaptive Power Cylinder 130m/s For WE M4 Katana System, and WE Full Metal Adaptive Power Cylinder 90m/s For WE M4 Katana System."

Strike Industries AK Rail with Keymod

The Keymod system that was developed and openly shared by VLTOR Systems now gets an AK rail made by Strike Industries. This sets a standard in attaching accessories on rifle front-ends and can be easily reconfigured. Since the Keymod system is open, any manufacturer can develop their own products with it. We think that this is perhaps the first Keymod for the AK platform.

JG AK Tactical, WE Katana & Pistols In Stock

Bodom of Airsoft Helper sends in their list of new products that they have in stock... "We have are new products called WE Full Metal Raptor M4 Katana System AEG, WE Full Metal Side Glock 33 Advance Ver GBB Pistol, Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG (Type A, Black) (JG-6830C) and WE Full Metal Side Glock 26C Advance Ver Fully/Semi Auto GBB Pistol.

WE Full Metal Raptor M4 Katana System AEG

ProWin CNC Chamber for GHK GBB AK

Here's a new video from Airsoft Taiwan present the ProWin CNC Chamber for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle. Installation instructions are also included and you'll have to keep in mind that you have to retain something really small from the original chamber in order to install it. Right now it's available at their online store.

Airsoft GI: Lancer Tactical AK Prototype

One of the new videos from Airsoft GI show this prototype AK from Lancer Tactical as presented by Bob... "Lancer Tactical is coming out with a new AK soon, and they gave AirsoftGI a chance to review the prototype for your benefit. Join Bob as he goes over the internals and externals and be sure to give feedback below or on AirsoftGI's Facebook. Join the conversation today!"

A New Tactical AK GBB from Hephaestus

Here's a nice update from Public Enemy regarding their projects from Hephaestus. There are two videos below taken from the Hephaestus Facebook Page that features their AK Tactical GBB Design that seems to be full metal. The nice thing to see here is the good recoil simulation with the GBB is being fired and really sure is fun to see since you see two bolt areas. Now which is the functioning one, better watch the videos to find out.

New JG Tactical AKs at Airsoft Helper

These are what are seem to be really new release from Jing Gong and we're liking what we see. Find them all Airsoft Helper... "We have new products called Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG (Type A , Dark Earth)(JG-6830T), Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 With Crane Stock AEG (Type B, Dark Earth)(JG-6831T), Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG (Type A, Black)(JG-6830C), and Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK7 With Crane Stock AEG (Type B, Black)(JG-6831C)."

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail 2

A new release from Strike Industries which I personally welcome as I need this mount rail to use optics and a reflex sight at the same time on my AK. But for AEGs, we may need to wait for a release from MadBull Airsoft... "The AKRR2 is a vastly innovative improvement on the first Strike Industries AKRR. The AKRR2 is designed with three major components; Main base, 45 degree side rail, and extended rail. The main base serves as the attachment point to the rifle, a reference aiming gap, and base for mounting the side rail and extended rail.

Public Enemy On WGC Hephaestus AK GBBs

aRick of Public Enemy drops by WGC Shop and catches Leo there so off they go to the production area to make a video on the custom gas blowback AKs made by Hephaestus Custom and will be sold soley through WGC Shop. We have already posted information on the two of these, the Mg-Ms & AK74M GBBs which are based on the GHK system.

For now, these are in Cantonese, but you can turn on the captions if YouTube did an English translation.