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MadBull "AK Rear Sight Rail Mounts"

We almost had to write MadBull Airsoft if they're ever going to make these for the airsoft market as there are other companies making an effort to make some in the Far East. Finally, they announce that they have released the airsoft versions for AK lovers who want a simple way of installing optics on their AKs without going through all the drilling to put a side mount.

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Mount

ASGI Echo1 RedStar AK74 VMG

Tim goes over ther Echo 1 Red Star Full Metal AK74 VGM in this video... "For any airsoft enthusiast looking for a great AK platform, this is the gun for you. Echo 1 has made a great AK74, with battery, charger, and high cap included. The full metal body, with polymer front hand guard and folding stock, this gun is definitely solid. Be sure to check out this gun on our website, and other Echo 1 products."

MadBull AK Suppressors Now Available

MadBull Airsoft announce that these dummy suppressors/barrel extensions are now available in Asia and the USA... "The PBS (Pribor Besshumnoy Stryelbiy = Device for Noiseless Shooting) is a high-grade, high-quality 14mm thread barrel extension built for the AK platform. It is constructed out of a solid aluminum and features a pyramid textured grip that surrounds 90% of the barrel’s surface. This allows for easy of removal and installation. It’s machined with a matte black finish that seamlessly blends with rifle metal as opposed to a glossy finish.

[The Gun Corner]: Lancer Tactical AK Series

Here's Matt with the latest The Gun Corner Episode which he goes over the Lancer Tactical AK Series which are sub US$100 AK AEGs as represented by the Lancer Tactical AK74U in Black and Imitation Wood versions. These fire between 380-400 fps and powered by a version 3 gearbox with stick-type battery.

AEX: Jing Gong & Lancer Tactical AKs

For this weekend's product update from Airsoft Extreme, they have the Jing Gong Tactical AKs in black and tan colours in stock and Lancer Tactical airsoft guns at below US$100.00. Also in this update are the availability of Zan Headgear Balaclavas and Guarder Glock Parts. Gas Blowback and spring pistols from KJW and KWC are also in stock.

"JG Tactical AK

Magpul PTS US Palm AK30 In Stock

Godfather Airsofft announce the availability of the newest magazine in the Magpul PTS Magazine... "Magpul PTS US Palm AK Airsoft Magazine is designed by Tango Down. With its rough and solid frame, Magpul PTS US Palm AK Magazine is precisely designed for Airsoft use. It has a chunky feel with sensible ribbing on all sides for a very positive grip. The surface casing employed with reinforced polymer construction with 150 bb’s capacity.

Product News From Bunny Workshop

If you're double checking your calendars to find out if it's still Easter Sunday or just dreaming of bunnies, better not let your imagination take the best of you. Those are the Bunnyworkshop Bunnies and they do pack a some goodies for you to order or pre-order. So what are these? Check the list below and better make your enquiry at the Bunny Workshop Facebook page whilst their website is still under development.

New Releases from LCT Airsoft

A rather substantial product announcement from LCT Airsoft as they send in news about their TX-1 AK Hanguard that can be used on the LCT AK AEGs that are in the market right now. Furthermore, they also have AEGs with the TX-1 AK Handguard already installed so no need for you to do the installation yourself. Also in this announcement are new low and high capacity magazines for the LCT M4 Series.

"Dear Sirs,

Evike Custom AK4 & AK M4 Key Adapter

Ever wanted to install M4 rail systems on your airsoft AK? Here's one way you can do it and it's now available at "Are you a die-hard AK fan but envy the vast selections of M4 rail systems readily available in the market? Looking to install your favorite M4 M16 free-float RIS on an AK? This adapter is the 'KEY' for you to do so.

Hephaestus AK Modular RAS WE AK PMC

KnuckesGSM made this good video about the Hephaestus Modular AK RAS Rail System which he mounted on the WE AK PMC Open Bolt Gas Blowback Rifle. He is impressed by the build quality and the its features would allow to mount more weapons accessories as compared to its default handguard. Watch the video and see if you like how the rail system looks on the GBB.