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Beta Project AK Tactical at ROE

If you're looking for another retailer selling this, you can check Rules of Engagement in Essex as they're selling this for £389.00... "New, Licenced buy Magpul, AK Tactical with ambi-controls, front RIS Rails rails, AKM Mag and metal construction boasting a High Quality gearbox and hop unit. This is the ultimate in Modern AK's and will suit a up to date airsofter better than most M4s."

APS AKS74U Real Wood Shabby EBB Rifle

You can get this at Get Reload's online store where they are selling it for US$169... "APS Airgun Limited is a worldwide supplier for military training and Real Action Game equipment. APS's products are tailored for military and law enforcement requests and their equipment.

WE AK PMC GBB At eHobby Asia

If you're looking for other sources of the newest WE GBB-R, look no further as eHobby Asia also has this in stock are selling it for US$339.00. Also included in this post is their promo video... "This a real scale airsoft replica of the AK PMC, with full & semi automatic Shooting Mode. Except The Handguard, Stock and Pistol Grip this GBB is entirely made of Steel.

VFC HK416 GBB Q&A & WE AK Mag Test

In these two videos, RA-Tech take their time to answer questions from airsoft players regarding the gas blowbacks from Vega Force Company (VFC) and Wei-Tech (WE). The first video is a Question and Answer about the licensed HK416 gas blowback rifle by VFC and the second video is the WE AK Magazine compatibility test. Watch the videos below:

GHK AKMSU GBBR at eHobby Asia

This might be my first gas blowback rifle from GHK if I find the budget. I just find it sweet. It's now in stock at eHobby Asia for a hefty price of US$458.00.. "GHK AKMSU Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle. Impressive AK AKMSU Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle by GHK. Grab it on hand you will feel the solid steel construction with real wood furniture just like holding a real AK. Realistic AK simulated surface finishing. Full steel gas magazine.

Echo1 AK-47 RIS In Stock At Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta have restocked on this AEG... "We have the $149 Echo 1 AK-47 rifles baaack!  We're very excited to have this beauty of an AK available, it's a staff favorite for those on a budget.  Plus the large battery capacity and 600 rd mag are fun too.  We're still shipping all orders same day, so see our UPS map for transit times. Orders over $77 get free shipping.

AST Stark Arms S18C & VFC XCR Videos

Two interesting videos from Airsoft Taiwan and RA-Tech. The first one is the WE AK74 part no. 107 which they find to have a problem that it's loose configuration makes its ROF low. They thus created their own version, which is heftier and CNC'd, and it fires at a higher ROF. If you want to give a name to it, you can send your suggestion, and if it they choose it, you get one of it.

ASKA AK Sling Pad At Kabuto Online Store

The Kabuto Online Shop have their latest news for you... "This is KABUTO JAPAN information. I'm happy if you introduce our products on your site. Today I  have a new products, it's named ASKA SLING PAD. For AK sling, Russian Gorka Mountain BDU material we used. To curl the sling,you are getting feel easy fitting to shoulder cause put soft material inside. Be buttoned by each side,so it'll be covered the sling slider.

G&P Custom Full Metal Contractor AK AEG

Now in stock at which you can get for US$288.00. This G&P Custom Full Metal Contractor AK Airsoft AEG Rifle is compatible with other TM-clone AK AEGs and comes with a 150 midcap AEG magazine. For PMC wannabes, this is a good one to have in your personal airsoft armoury. This fires at 380-400fps out of the box.


WE AK74UN GBB Rifle Video Review

The latest review from Ballistic Tsubnami... "Here's our WE-Tech AK-74UN GBBR Gas Blowback Rifle Review brought to you by Dogtagairsoft, located in Sunnyvale, California. Dogtag Airsoft graciously allowed me to borrow this fine GBBR rifle for an intense day of skirmishing at in Stockton, California.