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Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail 2

A new release from Strike Industries which I personally welcome as I need this mount rail to use optics and a reflex sight at the same time on my AK. But for AEGs, we may need to wait for a release from MadBull Airsoft... "The AKRR2 is a vastly innovative improvement on the first Strike Industries AKRR. The AKRR2 is designed with three major components; Main base, 45 degree side rail, and extended rail. The main base serves as the attachment point to the rifle, a reference aiming gap, and base for mounting the side rail and extended rail.

Public Enemy On WGC Hephaestus AK GBBs

aRick of Public Enemy drops by WGC Shop and catches Leo there so off they go to the production area to make a video on the custom gas blowback AKs made by Hephaestus Custom and will be sold soley through WGC Shop. We have already posted information on the two of these, the Mg-Ms & AK74M GBBs which are based on the GHK system.

For now, these are in Cantonese, but you can turn on the captions if YouTube did an English translation.

Cybergun 60th Anniversary AK-47 AEG

Here's a video of the 60th Anniversary edition AK that was released by Cybergun. Interested players can find this affordable as it costs just US$149.99 and it's right now in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "Hello folding stock! Russian style rifle? Yeah, with a metal gearbox! The 60th Anniversary edition of the Kalashnikov is a must-have for collectors and AK nuts. Oh yeah, airsoft players love it too.

Hephaestus Custom AK GBBRs Video

You've already heard about these Hephaestus Custom AK Gas Blowback Rifles previously but now we get more information from WGC Shop as they will be exclusively selling these rifles at their online store. Leo makes a video of the Hephaestus Custom MG-MS GBB and Hephaestus Custom AK74M GBB and we do like the sound of the rifle being fired.

RA Tech KSC AK74M GBB Review

Here's a review of the "Japanese" version of the KWA AK74M gas blowback rifle by RA Tech. In a way, it is indeed a KWA GBBR, but we'll call this the KSC AK74M since that's for the Japanese market which also means it follows the local laws. This is System 7 Two Gas Blowback Rifle so check the full video as a walkthrough, recoil, and chrono tests are done.

New Product Updates from AngryGun

Calvin from AngryGun sent us an update about their new AR Grip Adaptor for the AK Gas Blowback Rifle but when checking their page out, they also have two more products in production and both, including the adaptor maybe something that you want for. All of these are for gas blowback airsoft guns to help you improve their looks and functions. Always check the AngryGun website for product updates, so here they are:

Convert Your M4 Into An SR-47 Demo

Here's perhaps the fastest way to convert an M4 AEG into an SR-47 as demo'd by Matt in this new video. Without having to get the Hurrican SR-47 conversion kit, which is expensive by the way, all you need is to follow how Matt does it and just get some SR-47 AEG mags available at their online store... "Matt is going to walk you through the simple steps of creating a cost efficient SR-47."

Epic Airsoft HD: 10 of the Best Airsoft AKs

Jai has a new a video as details the 10 of the best airsoft kalashnikovs according to him at the Epic Airsoft HD YouTube Channel. Click on the link below the video to start playing the playlist he has put together just for you... "We take a look at 10 of the best AK/AK inspired Airsoft Guns available on the market in this super Russian HD video extravaganza!"

Echo1 Visits Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

This is an interesting video as Echo1 USA, through Brian Holt, gets to visit one of the best known AK afficionados... "Jim Fuller has been all about com bloc weapons since the early 1980s. With decades of weapons training experience, he realized that there were not a lot of armorers / gunsmiths that completely understood the philosophy and inner workings of the AK. Thus Rifle Dynamics of Las Vegas, NV was born. When it comes to Aks, this is definitely the man to talk to.

AK-47 Modular Forearm Rail Assembly

Spotted at Facebook is this Modular Forearm Rail Assembly for AK-47 rifles to be released by Damage Industries. It has a top and bottom rails for mounting weapons accessories and on the side are vents for cooling the barrel of the rifle. This is a design for real steel AK-47s, so someone from the airsoft industry better license this from them so it can be made available for airsoft players. Anyone? Please?