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Echo1 Rifle Dynamics AK700 Available

The wait is over for those who are looking to owning one of the Echo1 USA Rifle Dynamics AK700 as it's now available for retailers to order at Jag Precision... "Greetings Airsofters! We are happy to announce the arrival of the new Rifle Dynamics AK700 by Echo1.  Here are some key features that should be noted about this rifle:

Reinforced Gearbox with Steel Internals

CQB Radio: "Let's Talk Tactical AKs"

Want to talk about Tactical AKs? CQB Radio wants to hear from and already wrote something aboout these... "Some people love tactical AKs, some hate them.  Me - I like them a lot. As a guy who usually runs support, I am more biased toward a MK46 or a MK43, and of course - the M249 is always fun too. BUT I am becoming more and more open to the AK-family, and the tactical AK is the kind I tend to like best. I do get that some people are 'AK purists' - they need a wood stock, nothing 'tactical', and that's the end of the discussion.

LCT M60VN Update & Upcoming Items

An announcement from LCT Airsoft as they announced that they are now taking pre-orders for their M60VN AEG which will be produced in limited quantities. No pricing indicated in their email so interested parties will have to contact them for more details. Also in this update are upcoming products which they call their TX Series for their line of AK AEGs.

M60VN AEG (Limited Version, Pre-Orders now welcome)

Brian With the Echo1 Rifle Dynamics AK

Brian Holt poses with an Echo1 Rifle Dynamics AK that will be soon be available for the airsoft market. The Echo1 Rifle Dynamics HMG is already out so we are excited about the variety of Rifle Dynamics AK that will be coming out for the airsoft market. We wonder if they're coming out also with the AK designed with Travis Haley.

Stay tuned for more info at Echo1 USA. Photo above is the real steel RD-501 in OD.

Angry Gun AR Grip GHK AK Adaptor

Here's another good new for AK users but would to use an AR grip instead. Public Enemy has this photo of an upcoming Angry Gun AR Adaptor for AKs, especially for the GHK AK Gas Blowback. The AR grip is not included in the package but adaptor is made of 6061 Aluminum making it a sturdy one. No details yet of release date and actual pricing.

Hephaestus Left Side Selector For GHK AK

aRick of Public Enemy is now back from Taiwan and his new video shows that his GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle has a new feature installed by Hephaestus. This is a left side selector switch, similar to Galil rifles, which makes it easier for you to put the rifle from safe to fire modes, and vice versa. It's not a standard feature in AK rifles so don't expect to be coming out from GHK.

WE Katana Power Cylinders & JG AK Tac

Interesting AK Tactical with retractable stock is now in stock with this latest product update from Airsoft Helper...  "We  have new products called Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG W/ Retractable folding stock, AH Retractable and side folding stock for M4 AEG Series, WE Full Metal Adaptive Power Cylinder 130m/s For WE M4 Katana System, and WE Full Metal Adaptive Power Cylinder 90m/s For WE M4 Katana System."

Strike Industries AK Rail with Keymod

The Keymod system that was developed and openly shared by VLTOR Systems now gets an AK rail made by Strike Industries. This sets a standard in attaching accessories on rifle front-ends and can be easily reconfigured. Since the Keymod system is open, any manufacturer can develop their own products with it. We think that this is perhaps the first Keymod for the AK platform.

JG AK Tactical, WE Katana & Pistols In Stock

Bodom of Airsoft Helper sends in their list of new products that they have in stock... "We have are new products called WE Full Metal Raptor M4 Katana System AEG, WE Full Metal Side Glock 33 Advance Ver GBB Pistol, Jing Gong Full Metal Tactical AK74 AEG (Type A, Black) (JG-6830C) and WE Full Metal Side Glock 26C Advance Ver Fully/Semi Auto GBB Pistol.

WE Full Metal Raptor M4 Katana System AEG

ProWin CNC Chamber for GHK GBB AK

Here's a new video from Airsoft Taiwan present the ProWin CNC Chamber for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle. Installation instructions are also included and you'll have to keep in mind that you have to retain something really small from the original chamber in order to install it. Right now it's available at their online store.