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Seiko (BELL) AK47 AEG 8000 Round Test

What's a better way to test an airsoft gun but to abuse it? In this video of Tiger111HK, they subject the Seiko (Bell) AK47 AEG to an 8000 round firing test. It seems that they used a lower capacity magazine given the frequent change of magazine though it would be nice to see how it would empty a high-capacity magazine in one pull of a trigger.

Modified Tactical AK ROF & Range Test

Part 3 of the Upgrading the Beta Project AK Tactical by Epic Airsoft HD tests the ROF and Range of the newly modded AEG... "If you've followed our last couple of episodes, you'll recognize this as the Beta Project Tactical AK that we've been upgrading with Modify parts. Here we test it out with several different batteries and BBs to see what higher rate-of-fire we can get out of it now with the stronger internals."

KA GP-30 Grenade Launcher In Stock

King Arms just announced that they have GP-30 Grenade Launcher (KA-CART-05) back in stock for interested wholesale and retail stores. This is made of aluminium and nylon fibre... "This grenade launcher is designed for AK series AEG. The body is full metal constructed and the hand grip is made of Nylon Fiber. The mounting system helps the launcher to be installed and detached easily.

Upgrading The Beta Project Tactical AK Part 2

Part 2 of the upgrade process as presented by Jai  of Epic Airsoft HD as he observes Airsoft World do the surgery... "Welcome to Part 2 of our Modify/Madbull upgrade video. We've already sucessfully installed the gear-set and piston that were sent from Echo1USA in our unboxing video. Echo1USA work very closely with Modify and Madbull to bring you guys some of the best and most affordable guns on the market!

Airsoft Megastore Goes to KWA Episode 4

Episode 4 of Airsoft Megastore Goes To KWA reveals to us the AKG GBBR series! Now that's a good development as KWA is aiming for more variety. And with a European distribution to be setup very soon, European airsoft players will have their hands on these too when they get released… "Many KWA users can rely on their KWA M4′s on the field as KWA has seemingly perfected the M4 platform. However these is a large market for AKs so KWA has spent some time to develop an AK-74 line up.

Thumpy: Izhmash to Produce Airsoft AKs

Hmmm… we do not know if this is really new "news" regarding Izhmash Concern producing an airsoft AK as there have been the Yunker series of airguns and the Yunker-5 CO2 powered airsoft gun years back (I first learned about this in 2008). Anyway, there might be changes to the design that make it more fitting for skirmishes. There were issues with the old Yunkers as they use Real Steel receivers and were considered to be deacts and can be made to working  condition as real steel firearms again in the U.S.

Upgrading The Beta Project Tactical AK

Not a video review this time, but something you might be interested in following as it can help you bring out more from the Beta Project Tactical AK in this upgrade that Epic Airsoft HD made... "Welcome to our first ever upgrade video. Today, Jai is on a quest to find out whether the Modify and Madbull parts he received from the Echo1USA unboxing are up to scratch!

BDS Tactical Modular AK47 Chest Rig Review

Here's the short and sweet review by The Gear Locker on the BDS Tactical Modula AK47 Operator Vehicle Operator's Chest Rig which makes us want to order being avid users of airsoft AKs too… "This is what I love about chest rigs: adjustability. The adjustments on this rig will let it fit a variety of body types. I am 6ft. 6inc. and around 285 lbs. and I was able to make it fit me perfectly. I then I took it and put it on my 11 year old son who is 4ft 11in. and around 76 lbs.

VFC AK74/AKM & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions

More new items at WGC Shop as they get more airsoft guns from Vega Force Company. The latest VFC items they have are the VFC AK74, AKM, & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions. Also available are the AIP Multi-Angle Speed Magazine Pouch which is designed for Action Air or Airsoft Practical Shooting, and the KWA TT-33 Gas Blowback Pistol.

"VFC AK74 & AKM & AKMS AEGs (2012 Ver.)

G&G RK47 AEG WGC Special Offer

Another opportunity to save on costs with this special offer from WGC Shop. They took out US$60 from the list price of the G&G RK47 Non-Blowback Full Metal and Wood AEG which they are now offering it at US$239 from the original list price of US$299.00. That's a good chunk removed, but you will have to factor in shipping costs when ordering this at a reduced price.