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CWI Custom GHK AKM Spetsnaz GBB & More

You're not out there skirmishing with your buddies, are you? Obviously you're not since you're reading the  stories we posted for this weekend. What you're reading now are about products available at CWI Airsoft in Taiwan with their custom GHK AKM Spetsnaz GBB with a PBS1 silencer which would surely attract a lot of AK fans out there. But be prepared to cough up a hefty budget for this.

New Airsoft Guns in Stock at Tiger111HK

Five new airsoft guns are now in stock at Tiger111HK with an airsoft gas blowback pistols and four China made AEGs. The interesting bit in this update are the additional Jing Gong AK Blowback AEGs for the fans of Jing Gong and the availability of a cheaper version of the Biohazard Samurai Edge Gas Blowback Pistol. Check the list below to find out what you fancy.

RA Tech WE AK74UN GBB Ballistic Test

We have posted about the news of the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Rifle in a video uploaded by RA Tech at Youtube. Now, they follow through with an evaluation of the product by putting it up to a ballistic test. The set up is inside a warehouse where the presentor shoots from a distance of 30 metres. How does the WE AK74UN GBB measure up in terms of accuracy? Watch the video to know.

AK74 Blowback Rifles & More at Tiger111HK

The latest from Tiger111HK are the AK blowback rifles coming from WE and Jing Gong. The first one is the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback rifle and the next two AK blowbacks are the Jing Gong AKS74U and AK74 Blobwack AEGs giving you options on what type of airsoft blowback rifles to choose from. Also included in this update eAiming Mid-cap M16 magazines and the Bell Colt M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol:

WE AK74UN, M9 Biohazard & More Video

What we like about RA Tech is how they take careful time to make videos to explain the gas blowbacks, their custom work, and upgrade parts in a very comprehensive way. This latest video is a testament of that as they present the WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Rifle, the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge M9 Biohazard, and upgrade parts for the WE M4 & L85 Gas Blowback rifles.

Custom Made SRC AK-105 GBB

Gunner Airsoft put together a custom made AK-105 gas blowback rifle which is the only one made by the company. This is based on the Star Rainbow Company (SRC) AKS-74U gas blowback, this is fitted with an AK-105 inner barrel, gas block, flash hider, rear sight block, and gas tube which are made of steel. This is an experiment, and it is not specified how it will perform.

Evolution AR47 Combo With Battery & Charger

A good package available at Rules of Engagement for £169.99... "The Combat Series is designed with today’s wargame player in mind. Metal body and reinforced mechanical components are offered as standard in a great value for money product. The Evolution Airsoft Combat Series are offered in a 'ready to fight' high value Combo Pack which includes battery and battery charger.

August Releases for SRC SR-74 & SR-74S

Two more members of Star Rainbow Company SR-74 Gas Blowback Series finally join the SR-74U gas blowback rifle that was previously release: the SR-74 and the SR-74s which has a folding stock just like the SR-74U. Both gas blowback rifles have nice metal and real wood finishes. No recommended retail price mentioned in their news.

RA Tech Custom GHK AKM GBB

Custom AK gas blowback by RA Tech which is available for US$560 at eHobby Asia... "Grab it with your hands and you will feel the solid steel construction with real wood furniture just like holding a real AK. It has realistic AK simulated surface finishing. Unlike the Inokatsu's/LCT's AEG, GHK redesigned the internals & reproduce the mold. It comes with a full steel gas magazine. 'Robust & Rigid' are the only words we can find to describe its quality

GHK AKS-74MN GBB at Hobby eShop

If you are eyeing the GHK AKs74MN gas blowback rifle, but still cannot make up your mind if you're going to buy it or not, Hobby eShop present to you this video showing you the details and blowback action in semi and full auto. On green gas, this fires at an average of 410fps in room temperature.