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How To Increase AK47 GBB Recoil Power

Another new video from RA-Tech. This time it's how to increase the recoil power of the AK47 gas blowback rifles from WE. This means you will have to use upgrade parts made by RA-Tech. Good thing it's also a show and tell on how to do the upgrades yourself so better listen and watch closely how they do it. You can find these upgrade parts at Airsoft Taiwan.

Element Tactical X47 Rail System at Get Reload

For those who are looking for this, they can find it at Get Reload where it's available for US$68.00. This is a more affordable version compared to other brands... "An awesome special force looking RIS for your AK! Looking to give your AK an unique look? This'll do it! Great solid / no wobbling RIS allowing you to attach all the attachment your heart desires on your AK!"

G&P AK Tactical at eHobby Asia

Another good looking AK AEG from G&P with MOE stock, AFG, and Waffle pattern AEG magazine now at eHobby Asia for US$305.00... "G&P AK Tactical BK with Magpul furniture. Except Handguard, Pistol Grip, Foregrip, Stock and Magazine this AEG is entirely metal. Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting mode tuned by selecting lever.


LCT Airsoft LCK104 NV AEG at WGC

One of the latest AK AEGs made by LCT Airsoft is now available at WGC Shop. The AK104 NV model is a shorter carbine model of the AK-103 and very similar to the AK102 and AK105. The LCT version sports a realistic barrel and handguard design and comes with a magazine that has a 600-round capacity. You can order this online for US$295.00.

G&P Supreme Grade AKs & JG BAR-10s

For this week, Tiger111HK have in stock G&P Supreme Grade Tactical AK47s in folding and extended stock version. For Jing Gong fans, the new items are the 2012 versions of their VSR-10/BAR-10 sniper rifles with the G-Spec version also included, and the G3 SAS-F RAS SMG. More photos of these new items below and click on the links to go to their product pages:

"G&P Supreme Grade AK47 Tactical Metal Body AEGs:

Beta Project Tactical AK Deluxe Version

One of the best looking AK AEGs in the airsoft market got a cosmetic improvement and it even looks better. This deluxe version is now available at eHobby Asia for US$348... "The Beta Project Tactical AK AEG (Deluxe) is beautiful. Except for the pistol grip, foregrip, stock, and magazine, this AEG is entirely metal. It has full & Semi automatic shooting modes with the fire selector lever.


APS AK74 TDI EBB Rifle w/ M910A

Get Reload have come out with a good package with this APS AK74 TDI EBB Rifle with an Element M910A Foregrip WeaponLight Flashlight. The package will cost you US$175.00... "APS Airgun Ltd, formerly known as APS Paintball Ltd was established in 2001. APS specialize in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation).

TM AK47 High Cycle Custom Video

New video uploaded by Echigoya Guns of Japan on the Tokyo Marui AK47 High Cycle Custom AEG. This AEG uses the high Cycle Mechabox with the TM EG3000 HC motor which rotates at 30,000 rotations per minute with an ROF of 25 rounds per second. This is also comes with a 250 round metal magazine and is available at their online store for US$324.00.

Beta Project AK Tactical at ROE

If you're looking for another retailer selling this, you can check Rules of Engagement in Essex as they're selling this for £389.00... "New, Licenced buy Magpul, AK Tactical with ambi-controls, front RIS Rails rails, AKM Mag and metal construction boasting a High Quality gearbox and hop unit. This is the ultimate in Modern AK's and will suit a up to date airsofter better than most M4s."

APS AKS74U Real Wood Shabby EBB Rifle

You can get this at Get Reload's online store where they are selling it for US$169... "APS Airgun Limited is a worldwide supplier for military training and Real Action Game equipment. APS's products are tailored for military and law enforcement requests and their equipment.