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Upgrading The Beta Project Tactical AK

Not a video review this time, but something you might be interested in following as it can help you bring out more from the Beta Project Tactical AK in this upgrade that Epic Airsoft HD made... "Welcome to our first ever upgrade video. Today, Jai is on a quest to find out whether the Modify and Madbull parts he received from the Echo1USA unboxing are up to scratch!

BDS Tactical Modular AK47 Chest Rig Review

Here's the short and sweet review by The Gear Locker on the BDS Tactical Modula AK47 Operator Vehicle Operator's Chest Rig which makes us want to order being avid users of airsoft AKs too… "This is what I love about chest rigs: adjustability. The adjustments on this rig will let it fit a variety of body types. I am 6ft. 6inc. and around 285 lbs. and I was able to make it fit me perfectly. I then I took it and put it on my 11 year old son who is 4ft 11in. and around 76 lbs.

VFC AK74/AKM & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions

More new items at WGC Shop as they get more airsoft guns from Vega Force Company. The latest VFC items they have are the VFC AK74, AKM, & AKMS AEG 2012 Versions. Also available are the AIP Multi-Angle Speed Magazine Pouch which is designed for Action Air or Airsoft Practical Shooting, and the KWA TT-33 Gas Blowback Pistol.

"VFC AK74 & AKM & AKMS AEGs (2012 Ver.)

G&G RK47 AEG WGC Special Offer

Another opportunity to save on costs with this special offer from WGC Shop. They took out US$60 from the list price of the G&G RK47 Non-Blowback Full Metal and Wood AEG which they are now offering it at US$239 from the original list price of US$299.00. That's a good chunk removed, but you will have to factor in shipping costs when ordering this at a reduced price.

LCT Airsoft RPKS74 & RPKS74MN Arriving

LCT Airsoft announced that their RPKS74 and RPKS74MN airsoft guns will be available on the 1st of August 2012. These are two LCT airsoft variants of the RPK and both feature the folding stock. No pricing yet indicated but if you can't wait for these and want an AK airsoft gun which is well made, LCT Airsoft has one of the extensive AK airsoft gun line-ups and quality wise, they're quite good.


Two AEGs are now in stock at Shorty USA: the VFC/Umarex HK416 CQB New Gen and the SRC SR-47. So brace yourself that Shorty USA takes pains to give you a more comprehensive write-up about these products, helping you understand what these AEGs can provide you before making that purchase. Video review of the HK416 also included here taken from the Shorty USA Range Day June 15 episode.

AK Adaptive Rail System (AKARS)

Parabellum Armament AK Adaptive Rail System (AKARS) is now available at Black Heart International. This is for the real steel AKs and you might need to check first if it will fit airsoft versions... "The AK47 / AK74 Adaptive Rail System (AKARS) is a uniquely designed and engineered scope mounting platform for Saiga rifles and AK47/AKM/AK74 rifles and their variants.

CA Krebs KC-89 At Godfather Airsoft

After appearing at online stores of Hong Kong airsoft retailers, the Classic Army Krebs KC-89 E-SLTR Enhanced Speed Load Tactical Rifle AEG is now starting to appear at U.S. airsoft stores. Godfather Airsoft now have this in stock and are selling it for US$349.99. It has the unique Krebs Custom Logo, the SAW style pistol grip and the CNC rail handguard. Great for that PMC impression.

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail For Optics

A simple solution that answers an immediate need. Strike Industries' AK Rear Sight Rail for mounting Low Profile Red Dot Optics readily converts your AK rear sight into a 1913 Picatinny Rail for mounting optics you want. If you don't want to drill through the sides of your AK to install a rail mount or don't have a budget to install some front-rail system for your AK then this solution is for you. It costs just US$45.00.

CYMA Folding & 6-Point Position AK Stocks

Looking for buttstocks for your CYMA AK? You're in lock as Get Reload have two types of buttstocks for such. The first one is the folding stock for the AK AEG made of high density polymer, whilst the second one is an AK 6-position buttstock made of fibre nylon and metal to give that AK AEG yours that PMC AK look. Links to the product pages below.