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New Product Updates from AngryGun

Calvin from AngryGun sent us an update about their new AR Grip Adaptor for the AK Gas Blowback Rifle but when checking their page out, they also have two more products in production and both, including the adaptor maybe something that you want for. All of these are for gas blowback airsoft guns to help you improve their looks and functions. Always check the AngryGun website for product updates, so here they are:

Convert Your M4 Into An SR-47 Demo

Here's perhaps the fastest way to convert an M4 AEG into an SR-47 as demo'd by Matt in this new video. Without having to get the Hurrican SR-47 conversion kit, which is expensive by the way, all you need is to follow how Matt does it and just get some SR-47 AEG mags available at their online store... "Matt is going to walk you through the simple steps of creating a cost efficient SR-47."

Epic Airsoft HD: 10 of the Best Airsoft AKs

Jai has a new a video as details the 10 of the best airsoft kalashnikovs according to him at the Epic Airsoft HD YouTube Channel. Click on the link below the video to start playing the playlist he has put together just for you... "We take a look at 10 of the best AK/AK inspired Airsoft Guns available on the market in this super Russian HD video extravaganza!"

Echo1 Visits Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

This is an interesting video as Echo1 USA, through Brian Holt, gets to visit one of the best known AK afficionados... "Jim Fuller has been all about com bloc weapons since the early 1980s. With decades of weapons training experience, he realized that there were not a lot of armorers / gunsmiths that completely understood the philosophy and inner workings of the AK. Thus Rifle Dynamics of Las Vegas, NV was born. When it comes to Aks, this is definitely the man to talk to.

AK-47 Modular Forearm Rail Assembly

Spotted at Facebook is this Modular Forearm Rail Assembly for AK-47 rifles to be released by Damage Industries. It has a top and bottom rails for mounting weapons accessories and on the side are vents for cooling the barrel of the rifle. This is a design for real steel AK-47s, so someone from the airsoft industry better license this from them so it can be made available for airsoft players. Anyone? Please?

New MadBull Airsoft PBS AK Suppressors

The Tominator of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog (and also Airsoft Obsessed) reports about the upcoming MadBull PBS AK Supperessors... "MadBull Airsoft was kind enough to send me some pre-production samples of their new PBS mock suppressors or barrel extensions, and my my, aren't they breathtaking! Even for pre-production samples, these things may as well be the final production versions. The CNC machine work on them is outstanding.

Izhmash Tapping The U.S. Civilian Market

With no new customers for military sales outside of Russia, Izhmash have been encountering problems of solvency and have in fact declared itself background. While in this mode, they have taken new management to help it tap markets and one big focus is the U.S. civilian market where they're experiencing brisk sales in civilian versions of their AKs and Saigas. With their entry into the airsoft market, they also get to tap a worldwide market of airsoft players who welcome real steel manufacturers offering airsoft versions.

More AK AEGs at Tiger111HK

Tiger111HK previously have posted some budget-friendly AK AEGs that are made by SEIKO (Bell). Now, they have some other AK AEGs in stock which you can compare against these in terms of pricing and features. But if price is the always the deciding factor for you, then the SEIKO ones will be your choice. Still, no one's stopping you to check the other items.

"Three brands in  contrast with the SEIKO:

Ares GP-25 Launcher & Battery Holder

Just recently announced, the Ares Airsofr Grenade Launcher and Battery Holder can fit all AK series, which should be good for AK airsoft lovers wanting to have a GP-25 than can be easily fitted among different variants and brands. Gas is 134a standard with optional CO2 adaptor for those who prefer using CO2. This in stock right now at RedWolf Airsoft for US$149.00.

Classic Army Krebs KC-89 & Giveaway

In Airsoft Megastore's The P.I.T. they go over the Classic Army KC-89 Krebs Tacticak AK. Also they remind you of their giveaway promo... "The NEW 2012 Classic Army officially licensed KREBS Custom KC-89 E-SLTR Full Metal AEG is by far the most realistic AK style AEG on the market, featuring rock solid construction and a full metal rail system for a unique modern and tactical look.