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Battlefield 4: Official Single Player Story Trailer Revealed

Battlefield 4: Official SP Story Trailer

When the first video trailer of Battlefield 4 was revealed in March 2013, our minds were set to expect that the story in the single story campaign will unfold with Russia being the main protagonist in this latest title from the Battlefield FPS video game series. But one that we noticed that in that long trailer, "Fishing In Baku", there was a caller that points to China.

Thus, Battlefield 4 sets the tone that a big part of the action will be in the Far East, and the Single Player Story confirming it. According to the Battlefield entry on Wikia, China will be involved in the ongoing conflict between Russia and the USA in the year 2020, with the US implicated with the assassination of the Chinese Leader. However, it was the ambition of the Admiral Chang to overthrow the leadership and count on the support of the Russians. Whilst there is civil unrest in China, the Americans and the Russians will need to face off near the coast of China.

With the pending release of Battlefield 4 on the 29th of October, players are now getting the gist of the Single Player mode. One was heavily shown in the trailer was the naval component of the game as the game characters battle it out in a sinking aircraft carrier which was already split in half. The characters will have to dodge not only bullets, but also ship debris and jet fighters going into the sea.

In the Single Player Story Trailer, you'll see the a dog being punched which many say is a dig against its archrival, Call of Duty: Ghosts which has a prominent dog character named Riley (named after Simon Riley, the original Ghost in the COD franchise).

The final countdown towards the release of Battlefield 4 has started with just five days to go for its release for the PS3, XBox 360 and PC on the 29th of October. The versions for the new generation consoles such as XBox One and PS4 will follow in the latter part of November 2013.