Beretta Releases The New 92GTS Centurion Handgun

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Beretta 92GTS Centurion

The Beretta 92 series, one of the most familiar handguns for close to half a century, is welcoming a new member to its family after the 92GTS was unveiled at the SHOT Show 2024. This week, Beretta released the 92GTS Centurion, a full-size handgun that marries several contemporary features with the fundamental design elements that have cemented the 92 series as a favourite among gun enthusiasts.

The 92GTS Centurion is notable for its frame-mounted decocker lever, a shift from the conventional slide-mounted design seen on earlier 92 models. This innovative lever employs Beretta's Twin Sear Technology, ensuring smooth operation and dependable decocking. The handgun also sports a lightweight skeletonized hammer and a DLC-coated trigger, promising a sharp and responsive shooting experience.

Drawing inspiration from recent 92 variants, the 92GTS Centurion features a Vertex-style grip for enhanced ergonomics, an optics-ready slide for straightforward red dot mounting, and a fibre optic front sight for improved visibility in dim lighting conditions.

A distinguishing feature of the 92GTS Centurion is the X-treme S trigger. This ambidextrous trigger supports both single and double-action firing, making it adaptable to a range of shooting styles and scenarios. The frame-mounted decocker lever facilitates safe de-cocking and carrying, with the first shot in double-action mode.

Beretta 92GTS Centurion 03

The 92GTS Centurion strikes a balance between size and capacity. It offers a comfortable grip with its full-size frame and a compact 4.7-inch barrel, while maintaining a manageable size. The standard magazine accommodates 18 rounds of 9mm ammunition, with 10- or 15-round magazine options available in states with capacity restrictions.

Beretta 92GTS Centurion 04

According to the company, the overall design of the pistol prioritizes control and accuracy. The full-size frame provides a steady platform for shooting, while the optics-ready slide enables the addition of a red dot sight for enhanced target acquisition. The fibre optic front sight and serrated rear sight further improve the sight picture and aiming.

Beretta 92GTS Centurion 05

The Beretta 92GTS Centurion is priced starting at an MSRP of $899, positioning it as a competitive contender in the full-size 9mm market. With its fusion of classic design, modern features, and a focus on ergonomics and performance, the 92GTS Centurion is poised to draw the attention of Beretta aficionados and handgun shooters alike.

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