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BLACK The Web Series Kickstarter Project

Black The Web Series

"The US Government is forced to create a top-secret black ops group due to a series of attacks that target the CIA on American soil…" that is the storyline for an ongoing Kickstarter Project that is slated for a web release. "BLACK The Web Series" is a project of award-winning writer/director Frank T. Ziede which heavily uses airsoft guns as weapons props and who has contacted us to give us a heads up with his new project.

As to the Synopsis of BLACK, according to Frank:

The series follows Agent Carnahan, a CIA Operative who began his career with the US Navy SEALs and later DEVGRU, otherwise known as the naval special warfare development group. The first six part story that opens the series is about the assassination of the director of the CIA by an unknown bomber, known only in the story as the UNSUB. After the attack, Carnahan is made the point man for the investigation and follows a lead to a small town on the edge of the Uzbekistan/Afghanistan border. The finale of the six-part series culminates in Chicago with another bombing attempt on the leaders of the United Nations. At the conclusion, the decision is made to create a black ops team to work “outside the lines” and handle future threats.

Part of the cast is Mikal Vega, who is an experienced special ops operator and has already worked in films such as "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "GI Joe: Retaliation." Also in this cast is veteran actor Wesley John who has appeared in Hollywood films and TV series such as "Chuck" and "Law Order. Frank also mentioned that the cast and crew he has assembled are topnotch.

The amount that he is raising at Kickstarter is not that really big, with US$7,500 as project goal and with already over US$1,000 raised, with just two weeks remaining for him to reach the project goal. Pledges can start at US$5.00 and depending on what you can part with, you can pledge up to US$2,000.00 where you can get more than just having your name as part of the film credits. Chris Costa of Costa Ludus and Sgt. Mad Max Mullen are already supporters of the project as mentioned by Frank.

BLACK is originally planned to be six episodes with a running length of 5 minutes each and may be extended depending on the reception by internet users. If you want this to be a more compelling web series that the airsoft and tactical community can look forward to, it's best to support it not just with money, but also help spread the word around.

There are some behind the scenes photos that you can also check out for you to evaluate the seriousness of this project.

You can share the BLACK Facebook page, subscribe to the BLACK YouTube Channel, and even post the trailer at airsoft forums with a corresponding link to the Kickstarter Project Page. Airsoft companies and tactical gear makers who may want to have product placement in the web series can contact Frank via Facebook.