Blackwater Video Game Trailer Released, Finger Commandos Needed


With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 Video games ramping up their promotions as the release dates of these games are coming near (COD MW3 on the 8th of November, while BF3 will be on the 25th of October), the newest first person shooter video game title, Blackwater, has its hands full if it will be able to get a breakthrough in this billion-dollar game industry.

That's what Blackwater's founder, the controversional Erik Prince, hopes as he franchises the Blackwater brand from airsoft, tactical gear, and now to video games. He has collaborated with Zombie Studios as the game developer and 505 Games as publisher.

Blackwater will be released for the XBox 360 and it can be played with the Kinect motion controller. This means that you can have a more immersive game play sans the game controllers and be able to use movement in playing the game. Though the trailer shows the gamer's fingers with muzzle flashes, don't expect it if you get to buy the video game. For those waiting for a PS3 or PC versions, forget it, it's exclusive for the XBox 360.

Developed with real world Blackwater operators acting as consultants, the Blackwater Video Game is more of a race, with players trying to beat each others' records, unlike the big name FPS game titles where you can die at any point of the video game and resume from the last saved scene. Erik Prince is jumping on the bandwagon of the FPS games' popularity, with Call of Duty's US$1 Billion plus revenues as testament to this.

The trailer shows a slick game, with the graphics done well and realistic gun sounds. How the game progresses doesn't show, but you will notice that there's a kill count, and looks more of an arcade game with better game controls via  Microsoft Kinect. In this game you get to protection details, just like how Blackwater conducted its business before it got mired in too much controversy, with the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians being the biggest blackeye for the company. In this game, you are fortunate enough not to get to kill civilians.

Also, there's a website for the game itself if you want to update yourself about the video game. It is now on pre-order and accordingly, it's also scheduled for release this Fall, though releasing it on the same day as Battlefield 3 is not a wise decision. The first thing that Blackwater needs is a good userbase, and since it's a new title, it will need to build that from scratch.

There is some following for Blackwater in the airsoft community, especially the niche for those interested in PMCs, but can this be converted into customers for the Blackwater the video game? We don't know; but no matter how slick this video game is, it is just up against the biggest FPS game titles that will be released in the following weeks. It might just get buried with its competitors' marketing budgets and huge following.

You can check more about the Blackwater Video Game at www.blackwatergame.com. If you want to be a finger commando with the XBox 360 Kinect Controller and don't care about the controversies surrounding Blackwater and its founder, then you might want to have this as part of your game shopping list.

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27 Sep 2020

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