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Ares AS-02 Amoeba Striker Review

The second generatio of the Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle, the AS-02, gets reviewed by the Airsoft CamMan... "So the cute little Ares Amoeba AS-02 Striker caught my eye. The size of the AS-02 Striker is what attracted me to it, as I’m a big fan of Scout Sniper rifles, and I wanted the Ares Striker to be a 1j cqb addition to my Silverback SRS Covert.

The BB Warrior: PIG FDT Alpha Glove Review

The BB Warrior reviews the highly recommended PIG FDT Alpha Gloves. Carried by SKD Tac, the gloves offer ground-breaking gun-handling dexterity and features Touch Screen conductive synthetic suede on the index finger and thumb for full compatibility with all your favorite devices. This means you can operate your mobile devices' touch screens without the need to remove your gloves.

"Clickbait Airsoft Cheater Videos Should Die"

Want to make your airsoft YouTube channel grab as many subs as quickly as possible? Make an airsoft cheater video. But if you are a viewer just looking for some ideas and gameplay videos, these cheater videos can be downright annoying. Airsoftology touches on this topic and more in this Q&A episode.

"Tippmann Mail Call:

Spartan117gw CA DT-4 Tracer Gameplay

It looks like Spartan117gw is having double the fun with the Classic Army DT-4 AEG. He installed tracer units on each barrel, given that this is the first double barrel AEG in the airsoft market. Available now in the U.S., and hopefully in other markets soon, watching Tracer BBs coming out of it sure fits in what we call fun in airsoft. This the first time we see the DT-4 in action. A&K Airsoft At MOA 2018, a media partner for the MOA Exhibition in Taipei show the A&K booth where they show the PKP 2019 version and is explained why it differs from the 2018 version which is made in Mainland China whilst the 2019 version is made in Taiwan. Also featured is the A&K MK46 and the A&K L110A2 British LMG.

EMG Airsoft Guns & Winners Sale Update

EMG airsoft guns can now be ordered in Europe via Gunfire. This means that you can order licened airsoft guns from some recognisable firearms brands. They also update their Winners Sale, adding more products to the sale as well as in the Drop Zone section. Plus, if you are going to IWA Outdoor Classics in two weeks' time, you can visit them in Hall 7.

Pain X: GMR Gear At SHOT Show 2019

If you are not aware yet, the Green Mountain Rangers (GMR), the airsoft team which others love and others hate, got their own gear now. So find out what these are with Pain X as checks these out at the SHOT Show 2019... "Check out some of the new products from Paul of the Green Mountain Rangers at SHOT Show 2019."

Hyperdouraku: Krytac Owners Meeting 2018

A lenghty video from Hyperdouraku to show you what happened at the Krytac Owners Meeting 2018. Hosted by Laylax with visitors from around the world, it is the customer appreciation event by Laylax and Krytac given that Laylax is the exclusive distributor from Japan. Some of the guests are Airsoftology and Land Warrior Airsoft.

Battle Arena 2019 US Qualifications

The Force on Force airsoft tournament that is going global, Battle Arena, just had its U.S. Qualifactions and the video is recorded version of the livestream... "1.12.19, SS Airsoft, Atlanta. First time in the US  history - Local Qualifications of Worldwide Tournament Battlearena. Almost 4 teams are competing with each other to determine who is best of the best and who will go to Finland to meet other 15 teams from around the world! With the record of the live broadcast that we had from Atlanta."


A showdown of M4 airsoft blowbacks. BadaBing Pictures actually compared the GBLS GDR-15 DAS, an M4 AEG that can rival a Gas Blowback AR in terms of operation and realism, against the GHK M4 Gas Blowback Rifle... "This video has been in development for several months and I am proud to be bringing you another comparison video. The GBLS GDR-15 Dynamic Action System EBBR versus the GHK M4 Version 2 GBBR.