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BB2K Airsoft: Bear Paw OTs-03 SVU GBB

Bruce gets his hands on the OTs-03 SVU Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle from Bear Productions for this BB2K Airsoft review... "The new company Bear Paw Production brought 2018 the gas-blowback version of the Russian OTS-02 SVU rifle to the airsoft market. Alone for this decision, I pull my hat! Thank you so much! At the IWA 2018 I was allowed to take my hand for the first time at  the sniper rifle and i was more than enthusiastic. The kick and the loud noise are just incredible.

Airsoft Atlanta: Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa GBB

Airsoft Atlanta features an oldie but goodie airsoft gun that they have in stock. The Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB Pistol is an all-time favourite amongst airsofters especially for airsoft practical pistol shooters... "A quick look at the Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa Gas airsoft pistol. 1 Joule of power (300 FPS) out of the box. Uses standard green gas.  The 5.1 is made in Japan of finest craftsmanship." Elite Force SHOT Show 2019

You may have already watched several videos of Elite Force at the SHOT Show 2019. But perhaps you may still want to watch one more as the crew get hold of Diles46 to talk about their products... "Elite Force Airsoft (Umarex USA) showed many new and upcoming airsoft products for 2019.

The products shown in this video are mainly for the US market."

VOA Milsim At Strike Force South

Primer of VOA Milsim goes into action at the CQB facility of Strike Force South in New Jersey... "Primer decided to go check out Strike Force South in Pennsville, NJ. Good facility, clean, there's food and drinks and a small pro shop. They also stock Nuprol for you GBBR folk.  Primer's main gun was shooting too hot (the limit is 365 with .2s) so he had to use his GHK Mark 18. You'll see some awesome GBBR malfunctions at the end of the video." 

Recording With Night Vision Tips

DesertFox Airsoft gives tips in the best and cheapest way possible to record the gameplay action with an NVG... "After using an assortment of Night Vision recording set ups since 2015.  I have finally found an Night Vision Goggle recording set up perfect for me; Gosky Big Type Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount makes recording through night vision easy and it doesn't cost a lot of money."

Mil-Spec Monkey: Wiley-X SHOT Show 2019

So what do Wiley X got for us in 2019? Mil-Spec Monkey checks their new products at their booth in Las Vegas during the SHOT Show 2019... "WileyX presents some of their latest eyewear including WX Detection, WX Kingpin, WX Aspect (with climate control seal), and WX Vallus."

Gun Gamers: Elite Force MP7 AEG By VFC

Many are waiting for this MP7 AEG from Elite Force and produced by Vega Force Company (VFC). In this video, the Gun Gamers got a hold of this AEG when they visited the Elite Force booth during the SHOT Show 2019... "In this video from SHOT 2019, Amy and Kyle go over the Elite Force MP7 AEG OEM'd by VFC."

FAB Defense Cobra Folding Glock Stock

Zahal posted this video of the FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19 in action... "The Glock tactical Cobra stock takes your Glock Pistol to the next level of stability and performance. The FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19 makes shooting much more accurate.  The stock is used by undercover law enforcement & security personnel worldwide.

How To Build An Airsoft DMR Part 1

Part 1 of how to build an airsoft DMR courtesy of Wolf Airsoft Gaming... "This is the start of a brand new series that hopefully some of you find helpful in finding the right DMR platform and understanding DMR's and long range performance in airsoft. This video lecture series will cover everything that a part guide doesn't.

T.Rex Arms SHOT Show 2019 Part 1

T.Rex Arms were at the SHOT Show 2019 on the prowl for new items to try and learn for their audience... "The T.Rex Team visited SHOT Show this week, and we managed to get some hands-on time with the Aimpoint Acro, the new Glock 48, various Geissele and Kel-Tec guns, and a bunch of stuff from Magpul and Unity and others at Industry Day out on the range. This is only Part 1 of our SHOT coverage, so be sure to check back for the videos of us on the tradeshow floor."