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Gun Gamers: KWA QRF SHOT Show 2019

KWA is not far behind in offering SBRs or AR-style airsoft guns with pistol-calibre-style  magazines. In this video from the Gun Gamers, they feature the KWA QRF AEG Series that were on display at the SHOT Show 2019. The SBR-style segment is getting crowded and that will surely be a good thing for the airsoft customer with more choices... "In this SHOT Show video, Eric and Kyle go over the new KWA QRF AEG series."

Mach Sakai: G&G G226 Springer

G&G Armament also make spring airsoft pistols apart from CO2 and Gas Blowback pistols. Mach Sakai gets his hands on he G&G G226 Springer and this is based on the SIG P226 X5 handgun. made of high strength polymer, it has fixe triple dot sights, on frame safety, full size magazine, and rear slide serrations. He tries the pistol by doing a short steel challenge.

Mil-Spec Monkey: Brolis At SHOT Show 2019

Mil-Spec Monkey got a representative of Brolis, a company based in Lithuania to talk about the M3 Aiming Laser that was developed together with Heckler & Koch. The M3 was on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "Brolis presents their M3 aiming laser package in collaboration with HK. English is not their first language so cut them some slack for still trying to present anyway!"

UF PRO: Warrior Challenge 2018

Learn more about the Warrior Challenge hosted by the SIGMA Unit of Latvia in this video from Slovenian gear company UF PRO... "The Warrior Challenge is an annual event held by the Latvian SF unit SIGMA. Watch what the SIGMA commander and the assistant judge had to say what the event is all about."

Airsoft Caroline: Take `Em All Gameplay

Airsoft Caroline is back with a new gameplay video she calls "Take `Em All". Watch to see if she gets takes them all away or she gets taken instead... "I'm baack, and I'm sorry for the delay. I promissed you this video a few weeks ago. BUT! Let's focus on the positive, it's up. now :D Great!

Hope you will enjoy. I sure did while I was playing.

Gunfire 20% Off Valentines Day Promo

It's Valentine's Day and for the airsoft lovers out there, Gunfire are offering 20% off your purchases just for the day of hearts. They also have the Ultimate Tactical Warrior Helmets and some AEGs in the Drop Zone... "Up to 20%OFF airsoft Valentine's Day gifts in Gunfire!

KWA TK.45 Gate Titan Special Edition

A custom KWA TK.45 with a Gate Titan MOSFET is featured in this Airsoft GI video and they ar expecting it to be available at their store soon... "Aaron gets a HANDS ON first ever look at the custom TK.45 from KWA. Beautiful cerakote finish, laser engraved logo, AND a GATE Titan fitted in two of the TK45 Styles that KWA has created and distributed. Stay Tuned for the RELEASE DATE!"

APS ePER MK VIII Performance Video

A quick video from APS showing the performance of the APS Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) MKVIII AEG with the eSilver Edge Gearbox. The enhancement is mainly in the gearbox which is the first electronic gearbox from APS. Full of bells and whistles such as magnet gears set, reinforced piston and quick change spring guide. Titan Power SHOT Show 2019

Learn more battery products for your AEG made from Titan Power in this video by at the SHOT Show 2019... "The battery brand Titan Power was in the distributor ZShot's booth at SHOT Show 2019 and showed some of their current battery products but also some new and upcoming.

AMNB: Olight Warrior X Flashlight Review

A powerful 2000 lumens tactical flashlight in the form of the Olight Warrior X get reviewed by Airsoft & Milsim News Blog... "The need to see in dark areas is a necessity for safety and environmental awareness in a potentially disruptive environment such as a busy warehouse or when hiking outdoors. Their are many solutions to illuminating dark areas which alternate dependent on the purpose and situation.