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Submachine Guns

MP5, MP7, and other submachine guns

In Love Again: Metal-bodied TM P90 RD

It was nearly the witching hour.

She came on a black Mazda 626, plate number TJC 868.


Pinoy Airsoft Evolution 4 Video Review: Galaxy G.5K

Small and spunky. Galaxy and MP5K, is that an oxymoron? Can a gun that fits in a briefcase really do the business? Read on.


NightStalker: Star Airsoft UMP Review

First Impression

The first time I held Star airsoft’s UMP reminds me of the movie The Matrix Revolution® and the movie sequel Bad Boys 2. Impressed by its strikingly “angas” (mean) look and its slow rate of fire that denotes a heavy firepower, I wondered how much more “angas” can an AEG look like.

Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW: Cute Li`l Devil

The Galaxy HK series is Galaxy's introductory line of airsoft guns. Altogether, the company has focused on producing the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) category releasing three HK models: the MP5 PDW, the MP5K, and the MP7. I have the MP5 PDW and the MP7 since I prefer having foldable or retractable stock. My smaller size is also a factor since I'm just 5 feet and 5 inches, and weighing roughly 130lbs. Galaxy must have thought about me when it released its line of AEGs.

Going Bullpup? Try Tokyo Marui's FN P90 (Version 6)


If you don't want to be called a me too in bringing another MP5 Airsoft SMG to your CQB skirmishes, try going bullpup. Bullpups have the power of assault rifles while maintaining a shorter profile enabling you to go around tight spots in rooms and corners inside CQB sites.