The Devtac RONIN Airsoft Mask Now Has A Ballistic Helmet Version

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One of the most asked questions by Popular Airsoft readers is where they can order the DevTac RONIN Airsoft Mask. Developed by Wesley Shibata of Japan-based Devtac Designs, it is a sought after airsoft mask and perhaps is the coolest, most comfortable and durable airsoft mask in the market today.

The Ronin Airsoft Mask is designed with good aesthetics and practicality without compromising protection in mind. It is so far the airsoft mask that we know that has the option to use Kevlar which most probably know as the material that is used for bulletproof vests. When Wesley first contacted Popular Airsoft about the mask in 2012, the helmet was not ballistic tested yet, and we never thought he would seriously follow through with making sure that it will have ballistic protection.

But he persevered in giving the RONIN another level of protection. By December 2014, Wesley announced the Devtac RONIN Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmet. Level IIIA is the highest level in soft body armour, and with it the helmet has ballistic protection with the ability to stop bullets up to .357 SIG and .44 Magnum.  From an airsoft helmet, it is now a serious ballistic helmet that can be used for real tactical situations and perhaps the coolest-looking ballistic helmet that should attract the attention of real world operators.

With this development, Devtac Designs got the attention of Armour Wear, a company based in the USA that use Carbon Nano Tubes in their armour protection products allowing to reduce the use of Kevlar and other ballistic materials in their products, making them lightweight. We are not sure if they are going to use the Carbon Nano Tubes for the removal ballistic plates in the Devtac RONIN Ballistic Helmet.

Here is a video of the helmet on display at the Armour Wear booth during the SHOT Show 2016 as taken by Milspec Monkey:

As mentioned in the video, the RONIN Ballistic Helmet provides 70% premium ballistic protection, which is better than no protection at all. There are tweaks to the design but overall, the most of the original design is maintained, including the Neodymium N52 magnets that allow one to put on or remove the cheek plates. It is recommended that users of the helmet install higher scope mounts so they can aim properly. The easy removal of the cheek plates allows for the user to pick up and use another person’s rifle but with sights/optics not configured with the RONIN Ballistic Helmet.

The helmet is ventilated, preventing fogging of the lenses with a built-in fan. The lens was initially designed with the help of a Suzuki aerodynamic engineer and we are not sure if this remains to be the case with the ballistic version. We assume that that since this is a ballistic helmet; even the lenses provide ballistic protection that either meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-31013.

Armour Wear aims to market the RONIN Ballistic Helmet to SWAT teams especially to the breachers who go in first when clearing rooms. They are in the most risky position that body protection is not enough and face/head protection is much required. The RONIN Ballistic Helmet would surely give that shock or intimidating effect apart from the fact that it is an actual protective wear system.

While Armour Wear did not mention the pricing for the helmet for the US market, Devtac Designs at their website have priced the Level IIA protection version at US$1,350 and the Level IIIA protection at US$1,480 with 7mm plates. A backplate is sold separately for US$450.00.

Will Devtac Designs maintain the airsoft RONIN Mask or focus on delivering the ballistic helmet? So far, the website does not mention the RONIN Airsoft Mask and more on the ballistic version. But it would great if Wesley would like to clarify these as many airsoft players actually want to own a mask.

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