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Somebody Just Made An Airsoft Prototype Of The SIX12 Modular Shotgun

3D Printing is really doing wonders in airsoft, especially for the smaller airsoft design shops. A good number of designs in airsoft are coming out from the smaller shops, either as conversion kits or even as complete airsoft guns. One example is Kinetic Action LLC, owned by mechanical engineer Brian Liu, for him to design products for use in airsoft.

U.S. Army Selects Firms To Develop Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle

The U.S. Army’s search to replace the M249 continues and it has finally selected Textron and 4 more companies to help develop the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR). In its requirements for this new weapon, it wants that it be lighter than M249.

Tachyon Is A Weapon Mounted Computer For Airsoft Guns Now On Indiegogo

If you remember about a gun mounted computer for the FN F2000 AEG that I wrote about last April, it will soon become available for other rail mounted airsoft guns as its developer has decided to raise funds on Indiegogo.

The Black Variable Project Is Still Alive Even When Indiegogo Closed The Fundraiser

Last April, we featured the Black Variable H-Mag, an adapter that will allow you to use AEG magazines with gas blowback rifles powering the rifles with HPA. This means that rather than use the more expensive gas magazines, you can already use the cheaper and readily available magazines, even better, you get higher capacity magazines to use rather than be limited to 30 round gas magazines.

U.S. Army Approves New Combat Fitness Test That Will Take Effect In 2020

Soldiers will soon need to take a more strenuous fitness test, regardless of age that will evaluate their readiness in combat. It will replace the Physical Fitness Test that has been in place for 38 years and based on a pilot that was conducted over 6 years that was known as the Combat Readiness Test.

Around 2,000 soldiers participated in the pilot program and by the beginning of October 2020. All soldiers, regardless of gender and age, will need to take the test.

"Another Mindset": A Rainbow Six Siege eSports Documentary

Whilst we spend a good amount of money in our hobby and want to have it as a full blown sport, we are still nowhere to that level that airsoft is to be considered a sport that gives a big payday. So far, those who are having a big payday with airsoft are the manufacturers, retailers, game sites, and a sprinkling of airsoft YouTubers.

The History Channel Cancels “SIX” TV Series After Two Seasons

It’s time to search for another high-octane TV series as History Channel decided that the “SIX” series has ended its mission after two seasons. History Channel made the decision midway through the second season which according to Deadline, is said to be due to many of the cast members’ contracts expiring.

UKAPU – PolarStar Airsoft Survey Of UK Airsofters On HPA PSI Settings

HPA airsoft users in the United Kingdom are in a quandary. The Policing and Crime Act that was introduced last year limiting the selective fire RIFs to 1.3joules/370fps and game sites limiting FPS to 350fps to ensure airsoft players play within the law’s limits, players and sites will be hesitant to use HPA-powered airsoft guns as they can be made to fire beyond the limits. The implication for this is that HPA-powered airsoft guns will always be suspected of violating the Act and classed as Section 5 firearms.

Mexican Police Armed With Slingshots After Their Guns Were Confiscated

No. It’s not the 1st of April and that means that this story is true. The police department of the City of Alvarado in Veracruz, Mexico, got their guns confiscated by state authorities after most of its members failed to pass proficiency tests.

IDF Preparing To Ditch Olive Green Uniform For New Camo Pattern

The most feared military organisation in the Middle East and one of the most respected in the world is about to replace its uniform. The IDF is known for its Olive Drab uniform, the colour used since it shifted from Khaki in to Olive Green in the early 1950s, and is now looking into camouflage patterns for its new uniform.