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InRange TV Now Post Their Firearm Videos From YouTube To PornHub

We’re on the third day of reporting about firearms channels on YouTube being under fire especially with the latest policy on content featuring firearms or violations of the Community Guidelines. Spike’s Tactical got suspended due to the latter and now, another firearm channel on YouTube, InRange TV is now posting its videos on PornHub, which is basically the YouTube of porn.

YouTube Suspends Spike’s Tactical For Community Guidelines Violations

Firearms-related YouTube Channels are a bit a quandary with the new policies that YouTube has put into place as I have written here yesterday. Many are worried that their videos will get deleted, their channels get suspended, or the worst, their channels get banned.

Has YouTube Started To Ban Firearm Related Content? Will Airsoft Get Affected?

The love-hate relationship between the firearm-related Content Creators and the world’s largest online video sharing website continues. In recent months, especially in the light of mass shooting incidents in the U.S., YouTube has been very vigilant policing firearms video uploaded to its video sharing platform. Cases of channels being banned then unbanned have been reported and for those who rely on YouTube revenues as an income source, their livelihoods are in jeopardy.

U.S. Marines Preparing Budget To Acquire The Modular Handgun System

With the win of Sig Sauer of the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS), now designated as the M17/XM17 pistol, the company can look forward to another big contract. According to Soldier Systems, they have looked into the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Estimates Justification Book for United States Marine Corps and they plan to allocate US$6.3 million in 2019 to purchase 35,000 Modular Handgun Systems.

IMI Systems Announce A Hard Hitting 5.56mm Armor Piercing Match

It’s time to brush up again on our knowledge of real world bullets rather than just 6mm plastic BBs. We have been reading about the need of the U.S. Military to replace the 5.56mm round as it is inadequate to penetrate new body armour of potential enemies. They are looking into alternative rounds such as the 7.62mm which is the round used by existing enemies and potential enemies. This may mean a new rifle design that will use the new round that will be selected.

Watch The Airsoft Meetup IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 Panel Discussion

One of the events that any discerning airsoft trade visitor at the IWA Outdoor Classics should be attending is the Airsoft Meetup. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup has been growing over the years with airsoft industry, airsoft media, and the general airsoft community gather together to hear what the industry has to offer each year.

The U.S. Marines Order Their First Batch Of M320 Grenade Launchers

The Firearm Blog reports about the U.S. Marine Corps as ordering the initial M320 Grenade Launchers as based on the 2019 Budget Estimates Justification Book for the United States Marine Corps. The Corps wil start transitioning from the M203 launcher to the M320 by next year.

FNH FCU MK3 Gets Selected For German Infantry Of The Future System

Belgian company FN Herstal got their MK3 Fire Control Unit selected for the Bundeswehr’s Infanterist der Zukunft - Erweitertes System (IdZ-ES) or the Infantry of the Future. This was announced last 27 February as we prepared for the Enforce Tac and IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany.

Airsoft Innovations Brings Out A Game Changing 40mm Gas Shell Grenade

There is always a question that I get asked each time at the IWA Outdoor Classics that I always creatively avoid to answer as there was no really groundbreaking product that gets revealed each year at the event ever since we started covering it 10 years ago: “What is the best thing you have seen, so far?” Yes, you heard me right, no ground breaking revelation in terms of technology that can be considered a game changer in airsoft.

After Action Report: Day 4 IWA Outdoor Classics 2018

With the Airsoft Meetup being the peak of the airsoft experience at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018, the next day, the 12th of March, is when all the excitement start going down as people start saying goodbyes to new and old friends and for the exhibitors, the arduous task of taking down their booths and packing up all the products they had on display.