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Patreon Changes Fee Policy & Drives Away Supporters Of Content Creators

With the experience of airsoft YouTubers of having their revenues getting smaller with the changes in policy on YouTube affecting creators of gun and related stuff, they look for other ways in which they can earn more revenues as they have staked their livelihood in creating content on YouTube.

The New Surefire 2211 Signature Is An Affordable Wristlight & Watch

When Surefire launched their 2211 series way back, they finally made their world class lighting solution available for the wrist. They even made the series even more desirable when they released the Surefire 2211 Luminox Wristlight, a combination of two brands that have built a reputation in the Military and LE communities for quality and dependability. It allows the shooter to to automatically align light to where the handgun is pointing at.

The 101st Airborne Soldiers Receive The First M17 & M18 Pistols

The Screaming Eagles are the first unit to officially receive the new M17 and M18 pistols. Known commercially as the SIG Sauer P320 pistols, the company won the bidding for the Modular Handgun System (MHS) contract of the U.S. Army beating Glock, FN America and  Beretta USA in the process.

Energy Bar For NFL Players Developed By A Marine Veteran

An energy food bar developed by a former Marine turned entrepreneur is now getting to be choice of athletes. The Condition One by US Marine SGT Matthew DeMaio. Initially developed for use by  combat operators and military organizations, the Condition One energy bar is now getting into mainstream, according to blog post at’s Kit Up!

Submit Your List Of Nominees! We’re Now On The Second Week!

We’ll keep on reminding our readers that the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Nomination Period is ongoing and we’ll be doing the reminders every week. So if you haven’t submitted your list of nominations, now is the time before the period ends on the 29th of December 2017. Especially if you intend to submit a complete list of nominees, it’s best to do it early as the list is going to be long.

Day 3 At The Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition 2017

Arriving a little bit late on the final day of the Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition 2017, waking up later than usual. On the final day of the Exhibition, it’s more on taking videos than taking photos as most of the photos of the items that our readers will be interested in have already been posted.

Day 2 At The Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition 2017

The crowds grow bigger on the second day of the Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition in Taipei as the airsoft players take their weekend off looking for the latest and greatest that the airsoft industry can offer in Taiwan.  There are a lot of interesting tough to check out, far more than we can find in other airsoft trade fairs.

Day 1 At The Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition 2017

The Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition 2017 is finally open. Planned to be equivalent of the SHOT Show and IWA Outdoor Classics and organised by QRF Magazine, the event opened not to much fanfare. The first day mainly caters to the VIP, Press and Trade Exhibitors whilst the next two days it will be finally opened to the public. You can say that we have attention of the exhibitors for today as tomorrow and Sunday, they will be occupied with members of the public.

The Military, Airsoft & Outdoor Exhibition In Taiwan Starts Tomorrow

We are now in Taipei for the Military, Airsoft & Outdoor (MOA) Exhibition which will take place on the 1st to the 3rd December 2017 in Taiwan. It’s our first time to cover an event in Taiwan unlike before when it was more visiting airsoft manufacturers in New Taipei City and Taichung. We arrived here yesterday and already had a taste of the excellent Xialongbao.

But will we taste something better tomorrow? We sure hope so.

Princess Warrior Riley Finally Comes Home. Thanks To Your Help

Good deeds always produce good outcomes. For the Filipino airsoft community and other airsofters around the world who took time to help raise funds through Op Soleil Rising to bring Amari Soleil “Riley” Palad home with her parents, airsoft RJ Palad and his wife Inna.