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If you are going to the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, better block off your 1300-1600H on Sunday, the 10th of March as it is going to be your date with the Airsoft Industry, Airsoft Community, and the Airsoft Media for the 8th Airsoft Meetup.

It’s All Out Monday! The Last Day Of Voting For The Awards! Vote Now!

There’s nothing more to say really but for the readers of Popular Airsoft and airsoft players worldwide, if they have not voted yet, today is their last chance to cast their votes for the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. If you allow me to say, it’s the final countdown for airsoft’s biggest online event.

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Sensight SSR400 Is A Smart Sight That You Can Swipe Like A Smartphone

It’s always fascinating to spot upcoming technologies that can be used with firearms at the SHOT Show and the keyword nowadays is “Smart” or “Intelligent.”  For SHOT Show 2019, we reported about the T-Worx Intelligent Rail and for this weekend, it’s about a “Smart” sight.

For this generation of swiping, smartphone crazy users, an Israeli company has developed what is says to be the “most powerful sight system in the world.”

The T-Worx Intelligent Rail Gets Tested And Approved By The U.S. Army

Existing rifles in the U.S. Army can be turned into “Smarter” Weapons with the Intelligent Rail from T-Worx, a subsidiary of Prototype Productions.  The product has been tested and approved under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), and T-Worx.

Flux Brace: A Pistol Brace For Glocks That Can Be Holstered

If you want a more stable platform with your pistol, the first thing that gets to your mind is get a carbine conversion kit such as the RONI or the HERA 1911. They do turn your Glock or 1911 into a mini carbine that you can attach weapons accessories with. But then it is not a pistol that you can holster anymore after using it.

A High Tech Glock? No, That’s The Radetec RISC Glock Counter

Radetec has been developing LED or LCD counters for firearms for several years now. The company, which is based in Zaragosa, Spain, released a counter for the 1911 pistol a few years back, and have kept on developing more counters since then.  The Glock Counter, or called the Radetec Inertial Shooting Counter  (RISC), which is getting more attention since the SHOT Show 2019, is already 3 years old, having first revealed by Radetec in 2016.

The U.S. Army Starts Testing Prototype Boots From Three Vendors

Earlier this month, the U.S. Army put out a press release that they will begin testing prototypes for the new Army Combat Boots (ACB). The testing will be at three different basic training and active duty installations over the next four months. This will gather feedback for further evaluation and improvement for the new footwear that is planned to be released.

We Are Now In The Final Week Of Voting! Cast Your Votes Now!

These is the final week of the Voting Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. This means that in the next seven days, the finaliststs will have to do their utmost efforts to get the votes out for their categories. This is their last week to make their case why readers of Popular Airsoft  and the general airsoft playing communities should vote for them.

If you want to vote now, you can do so immediately by clicking on the button below:

SHOT Show 2019 Day 4: Specna Arms USA Debut, American PTW & Blue Force Gear

It was the last day of the SHOT Show 2019 and by now what needs to be reported on the airsoft front has been probably reported by now. But not really, as we still have some more to post here that should interest our readers.

SHOT Show 2019 Day 3: G&G Cobalt Kinetics & A Rifle That Shoots Arrows

A bit fewer reports from the airsoft front right at the SHOT Show 2019 today but there is still something interesting for those looking for a real steel brand having its guns licensed for airsoft use. We’ll get to that later. But today will cover more real steel stuff with some we hope to have airsoft versions soon.

First, here are the headlines from SHOT Show TV for January 24: