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The big gathering of the Airsoft Industry & Media at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany will happen again.

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Get Ready For The US$1 Million Fortnite Winter Royale

Are the nights getting longer and days getting colder for you to play airsoft? Spending these nights immersed in online Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty: Black Ops IV? Well, why not make it a productive winter and work on winning for the big prizes playing your favourite Battle Royal game?

Call For Speakers & Sponsors For The Airsoft Meetup 2019

The biggest annual gathering of the Airsoft media, industry, and community, the Airsoft Meetup, will be holding its 8th gathering. A major side event for airsoft at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany, it has been growing year on year, with the airsoft media being able to watch and listen to industry and community representatives on what they are doing for the current the year.

The M17 Pistol Gets An Air Pistol Version. Where Is The Airsoft Version?

If access to the U.S. Army’s newest sidearm, the M17 (and its compact brother the M18) is a problem for some fire enthusiast due to firearms restrictions in their countries or they are not allowed to own one, they can settle for the third best thing, an air pistol version (the second best is an airsoft version).

Just A Week To Go Before The Nominations Begin! Get Ready!

In case many of you have forgotten, we are again putting out a reminder that the first phase of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, the Nomination Period, will start on the 26th of November 2018. If you have not yet made a list of nominees to submit once this period starts, we highly suggest that you better start doing so this week.

Tokyo Marui 5th Festival: MK46, AKS-47, FNX-45 Tactical & Hi-Capa D.O.R.

Right! The Tokyo Marui 5th Festival is ongoing is a I write this and for this year, there is something to be excited about ---  the revelation of their first airsoft Squad Automatic Weapon using the Next Generation Recoil and Blowback Tech by the company in the form of the MK46, a variant of the M249 that is in use by the USSOCOM as well as more airsoft guns in such as the FNX-45 Tactical, AKS-47 NEG, Hi-Capa D.O.R., HK45 Tactical Black, more pistols, and more revolvers.

Ratratan 2018 Philppines Is On! Grab Your Slots Now Before They’re Gone!

As announced previously, the Ratratan (“Firefight”) series hosted by Popular Airsoft will be having another game in the Philippines. This is more a restart of the series and for Ratratan 2018, it will be fun-filled day of games, laughter, fellowship, and of course, with prizes to be raffled off.

So for those who are waiting for the details so they can book their slots here it is:

Welcome Back Commander! Command & Conquer To Be Remastered In 4K

My! My! What wonderful news. For those who spent countless nights of Command & Conquer playing the GDI or the Brotherhood of Nod in the Tiberium Series, or Allies versus the Soviets in the Red Alert Series, then you have something to rejoice. You will get to play those titles again as EA announced they plan to release 4K remastered versions of these game.

Gunfire’s Tough GFPoint 2019 Opens Registration To International Players

In what is said to be  the most unique airsoft event in the world, Gunfire’s GFPoint, which is now its 10th year, finally opens itself to participants from around the world. If you are an airsofter, military professional, or a survival athlete, then this event should  interest you as it will test you physically, mentally as well as make you prove your orienteering skills without depending on GPS on your mobile phone.

Heckler & Koch Gets $95.6 Million For the SA80A3 Rifle Upgrade Programme

In April 2018, the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) announced that they plan on upgrading the SA80A2 Rifle to the SA80A3. And last 28 October, the MOD announced that they intend to award NSAF limited, which is a UK subsidiary of Heckler & Koch, a contract worth up to GBP75 million (USD95.6 million) to modify and supply 44,000 upgraded 5.56×45 mm SA80 rifles according to a report at

Missed The Livestream Of The Dutch Open 2018? You Can Watch Them Again

We’re still recuperating from what was a highly successful staging of the NAVB IAPS Dutch Open 2018 International Airsoft Practical Shooting Tournament. The event took place this weekend and boy! What a highly organised event it was.