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Fight! Picchiolina In Epic Gun Action Music Video “Survival” For Airsoft Players

Fight! Picchiolina "Survival"

One of the famous Miridorus (Hot Gun Girls) in Japan, Fight! Picchiolina, finally got her wish come true. According to Yas of Hyperdouraku, Picchiolina wanted to become an action movie star so they put her through a three-stage program to prepare her for one:

Stage 1: Airsoft Tactical Training in Japan
Stage 2: Real Gun Shooting in Guam
Final Stage: Produce a music video with her as the star!

Japanese personalities on social media got involved in the project. Umi-Kuun, a famous singer and song writer on YouTube put together the lyrics and music for “Survival” (he also appears in the video); and Soezimax, is a famous director on YouTube, who we have featured here for his “SGS9R” project, directed the music video.

Photos: Umi-Kuun (left) and Soezimax (right)

For the production, it was held at the Airsoft Zone Delta Survival Game Field in Chiba Prefecture. The airsoft guns used in the video are from Western Arms, Top Japan, and Tokyo Marui.

As “Survival” is how airsoft gaming is called in Japan (also known as “Sabage game”), the music video is for every airsoft player and also being the expression of Picchiolina’s will. Too bad Yas did not give us the lyrics and English translation of the song. But surely she did well in the video, perhaps showing that she can do the John Wick moves that Keanu Reeves would proudly approve. It may not be a full movie that Picchiolina wanted, but a music video is a start.

So here it is, the music video “Survival” featuring Fight! Picchiolina on the Hyperdouraku YouTube Channel:

You can also download the song "Survival" from iTunes if you want to have a copy on your smartphone.

You can read more about the story on Hyperdouraku. Both Hyperdouraku and Picchiolina are finalists at the 8th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards.