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Forming Your Own Airsoft Team? Test The Members' Abilities Online

Försvarsmakten Online Test

We're starting the week slow as most players may have spent their weekends being fantastic fathers or as being fantastic children to their fathers as the world celebrated Father's Day yesterday. Though I am looking for something innovative or new product announcements this week, I'll just have to put my expectations a bit low as some of the innovations we've seen have already been reported last week.

So let's talk about airsoft teams. How do you form one?

The first thing that many of us do is find like-minded airsoft players who do not have a team or looking for a new one and are within easy reach when called for an airsoft game. Together you get a team name, standard loadout, and even assigning team roles to each other. From there, you play together, attending airsoft events, and even conduct some serious tactical training when there are no airsoft games in between.

Then you get serious from being weekend skirmishers to some serious airsoft events where team work and following the chain of command really matter. Some teams go to regular team exercises to ensure that team members are fit enough to undergo non-stop 24 or 48 hour events. Some milsim event organisers are even getting more serious in setting up challenges for their participants, where there is heavy emphasis in problem solving and team responsibility (as a member and as team as whole).

You will  need team members who are not only quick in reflexes but also quick with their wits. A team member's ability to solve problems under pressure is always important in a team, whether you are in a milsim or a real world squad. You may have the best looking loadout with awesome airsoft guns that make you look good in videos and photos, but can they do good when it matters?

This article I stumbled into Kotaku is about the Försvarsmakten Online Test which is an online game provided by the Swedish Armed Forces to test your ability to solve puzzles as part of a 4-man team. You can enter the game anytime and wait until all the four slots are filled before the game begins. You need to focus and also multitask together with the rest of team and you need to stay long solving the puzzles for better results. You will be rewarded or penalised when you solve or fail a puzzle. It can also help determine if someone has what it takes to be a leader or officer.

You really don’t have to do this test for those you are recruiting into your team if you. There are lots of airsoft teams who take their selection members seriously and this is something for them to look into. You can evaluate team members you can give the specific responsibilities such as giving more leadership responsibilities to those who work best under pressure.

Go and try it here for you to evaluate if you can use this same test for your team. It's online so you can visit it anytime.