Qore Performance Announces The IcePlate Sleeve For Plate Carriers

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With all the gear we carry when playing airsoft under the sweltering heat, it just becomes unbearable when the summer sun is at full power. Surely, we keep ourselves cool by constantly hydrating ourselves since having a heat stroke during a game will surely ruin the fun.

Trijicon Sues Holosun For RMR & SRO Patent Infringement


Another round of intellectual property fight is coming right out and it’s between two optics companies, a U.S.-based one against a China-based one that are well known amongst airsoft players. Trijicon, which has its headquarters in Michigan, has sued Holosun Technologies for patent infringement.

The U.S. Marines Will Be Getting A Deadlier Upgrade Of The M72 LAW


The M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon, first seen in action during the Vietnam War, is still very much in use the U.S. Military.

Smart Shooter’s Smash Hopper Is A Light Remote-Controlled Weapon System

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Arms technology these days is all about remote control. From UAVs to armed robots, these are remote-controlled vehicles and platforms that can conduct missions or tasks that are too risky for human operators. They are even deadlier than ever as they can carry more payloads and be more accurate the professional human shooters.

Heckler & Koch Announces The Civilian Version Of The MP5K – The SP5K-PDW


2020 is not all bad news for some people in the U.S.A. Yesterday, Heckler & Koch has unveiled the SP5K-PDW for the U.S. civilian market, allowing shooters to finally own a sporting (read: civilian) version of the MP5K.

Russia Plans To Demo Armed Marker Robot During The Army-2020 Forum

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Later this month, Russian will be able to show its military hardware to the world in a formal setting as it hosts the Army-2020 Forum.

EOTech Separates From L3Harris & Calls Its New Management “The A-TEAM”


EOTech, known for its holosights in use in the military, law enforcement, and airsoft (with the third mainly more of cheap replicas), has finally been sold to American Holoptics.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Is Coming Back As An Animated Series On Netflix

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For fans of Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell, it’s time to prepare welcoming him back after being out of action for seven years. But rather than a new video game title, Splinter Cell will be created as an anime series.

Magpul Adds The Helix To Its Growing Line Of Ballistic Glasses


Every time something is announced from Magpul, everyone pays attention. The company seems to have a soft spot in the tactical community, including the airsoft community.

Learn How To Hide From Drones With This Guide Published By Marines

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In airsoft and military concealment from watchful eyes of the opposing force is always important. You get spotted, then you get targeted, then you got shot at.

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12 Aug 2020

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