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Lightsabers, Tyke Cars, & Killer Nerf Guns In "Toy Wars"

Toy Wars

The week has started with nary an announcement that will get airsoft players excited and start throwing money at their computer screens, screaming "TAAAKKEEE MY MONNNEEEEYYYY!!!" We are actually looking into a potential story here in Europe that can be of interest to many, but we're still doing some digging with friends to really confirm if the stories we have heard are real and that there will  be implications for the airsoft business in this part of the world.

So for now, let's write a story which we always call "Just for kicks" which are some stories which we think are amusing enough for our readers to take notice. A friend from Japan, of all places, sent us a link of this viral video that's has gotten the attention of the main stream media. It's called "Toy Wars" and lest you misunderstood the title as Toys coming to life and waging war, it's more about two adult males who waged war on each other using all the toys they lay their hands on at a children's playground.

"Toy Wars" is a short film on YouTube by Andrewmfilms who has been a string of viral videos uploaded on YouTube and his videos are spoofs of video games and other creative ideas designed to be spread around like wildfire in the Internet.

The story is about two adults, who presumably are watching their kids play in the playground. They were making fun of the toy guns, acting like how kids play with guns, until it just got real, a nerf gun firing live bullets, explosions, a working Spiderman Webshooter, self propelled Tyke Toy Cars, Star Wars Jedi Lightsabers, Toy Shotguns, and of course, the hand of the Incredible Hulk which ended it all.

It's also a testament on how movie making is done these days with more affordable and accessible tools, which can range from just cameras from mobile phones, to the DSLRs and using video editing software that come with effects one needs to pull something like "Toy Wars" as shown in the "Behind the Scenes" video below:

That should give you an idea on how to make your own short action films and upload to YouTube. With all the airsoft guns and gear that you have together with your teammates, why not try your hand on it? Some airsoft players are making good use of the tools they have and are coming out with finely made short films.

And with lots of airsoft players around, just send the news out that you need some amateur actors who are also airsoft players, and you will quickly have a platoon of airsofters fully armed to the teeth ready to do battle in front of you camera.