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The MK46 MOD.0 NGRS: Tokyo Marui’s First LMG NGRS Offering

Tokyo Marui MK46 MOD0 5th TM Festival

The star of the show at the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival was the MK46 MOD.0 NGRS (New Generation Recoil Shock) AEG. Whilst the Japanese airsoft company is the leading manufacturer of airsoft guns ever since it introduced the FAMAS AEG in 1991, releasing airsoft models of some of the iconic and popular real world guns, it has never released an airsoft support weapon, which was a wonder by many over the years. Other companies have taken the lead in developing airsoft LMG foremost are Classic Army and A&K.

But before that, let’s go back again to the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival which took place last 17-18 November 2018. As for the recap of the products that were revealed during the festival, please do refer to this story when we posted the product revelations.

As it is their own party, Tokyo Marui pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable event for their visitors. Initially held during the summer season, the event was moved to November, in which cooler weather allowed for more comfortable visits for curious airsoft players and the general public. It was too hot during the summer season and cooling the place was an issue.

It was a surprise that the company took the effort of having an MH-6 greeting the visitors to look at and take photos of. This is the light attack chopper used by the U.S. Special Operations, especially by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night Stalkers). Another vehicle that was on display was the Tokyo Marui PRSV-02 which comes in a black matte colour scheme.  This is a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 AX which has a 1 UR-FE V8 Engine and is 4-wheel drive. No one was allowed to ride it but you can watch it in action in the video presentation of the MK46 Mod 0 NGRS on YouTube wherein Decca makes an entrance driving it.

Anson “Hollywood” Beck of the Falcon Operations Group graced the show to talk about the Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle. He was consulted by the company in the development of the real steel prototype of the MTR16 to find if the design has the ergonomics to be used in a real steel version. There will be no full production of the real steel MTR16 as the prototype was a proof of concept that its design can be implemented in the real world. He also gets to pose withh the MK46 MOD.0 NGRS.

Apart from looking at the new products revealed, visitors were able to shoot airsoft guns at the Shooting Experience Corner, have their photos taken at the Resident Evil RE: 2 Photo Spot. Buy Marui merchandise at the Merchandise Corner and treat themselves to coffee and Crepes, the first time we saw a food van installed at the venue.

Now back to the story of the MK46 MOD.0 NGRS.  According to Tokyo Marui’s Yuki Maeda, the decision to make an LMG was not a new decision. In fact, the made a prototype M249 NGRS a year or two after the release of the first Tokyo Marui NGRS, the AK74MN, and that was 11 years ago. In fact, the prototype was briefly featured in page 116 of “The Complete Book Of Tokyo Marui” released in 2017 in Japan by World Photo Press.

But with the prototype M249 NGRS, why did they not bring it to production? They surmised that it was going to be pretty expensive when it gets released during that decade and it also that players might find it heavy. Over the years, they eventually released expensive and heavy NGRS models such as the HK417 NGRS, SGR-12, and Thor’s Hammer, airsoft players bought them, not minding the price and weight of these models. Thus, they decided that an airsoft LMG like the M249 can now be released.

But instead of officially announcing an M249 NGRS, they revealed a MK46 MOD.0 model. Maeda said that there were several reasons why though she declined to reveal all of them as she cannot disclose them. However, there are two primary reasons why a MK46 MOD.0 NGRS over an M249 NGRS. First, the M249 is already an old design. Second, the MK46 MOD 0 design has picatinny rails, allowing airsoft players to install weapons accessories such as optics and other aiming devices making it more attractive than the M249.

The belt-link feeding simulation seen in the MK46 MOD.0 NGRS was already in the M249 prototype, but other improvements based on their experience in developing the prototype that were implemented in the MK46 MOD.0 were not mentioned.

Other features are the unique battery installation procedure. You can install the battery using an Ni-MH AK-type battery, which means it is a stick battery, by doing the procedure on barrel change done in the real gone, making it a more realistic operation. Many players find this a very thoughtful and nice touch.

Operating it requires pulling the handle to set the BBS and the LMG stops when the magazine is empty.  The magazine is electric feeding with 1,000 rounds capacity; the flash hider is detachable and you can install a 14mm CCW suppressor. It also comes with a folding bipod for a more stable shooting platform.

Here is a video from Sakataku TV where the operations and features are explained.

If you want to become an owner of the Tokyo Marui MK46 MOD.0 NGRS, better start saving up now as you have been warned that is going to be expensive though the pricing has not been announced yet. The planned release will be in Spring 2019 so better be ready with your cash when it get released.

Personally, I would like Tokyo Marui to immediately follow up the MK46 MOD.0 with an M249 Para version with the cover that seen in the MK46 as it has a top RIS rail for mounting optics.

Will the Tokyo Marui MK46 MOD.0 usher in a family of LMGs from the company? We sure hope so, for decades we have been wishing for the company to release their own airsoft support weapons. Finally, there is one.