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NASA Engineer Builds The World’s Biggest Nerf Gun & It's Awesome

Mark Rober with his Nerf Gun

A former NASA engineer who perhaps may have too much time in his hands, has just built the largest Nerf Gun in the world. And if you want to get in a Nerf gunfight with him, better think twice, since when we say large, it can fire a bigger Nerf dart at you that would totally ruin your day, or your window. The Nerf dart that it uses is fashioned out of toilet plungers.

Mark Rober, the engineer who built it  says he did it so he won’t be at the losing of end of Nerf battles that always take place in his office as his officemates were always picking on him. With his massive Nerf Gun, I guess no one’s picking on him lately.

The Nerf Gun is powered by a paintball canister that can fire at 3,000 pounds per square inch. That’s a powerful one and it can fire 20 of his plungers when it is limited to 80psi shots at 40mph, errr… Nerf darts before refilling and can since it is revolver-type Nerf gun, it can fire five shots before needing to reload.

His homemade Nerf darts can break a glass pane when the full power of 3,000psi is used as shown in the video. But it’s not fastest as the Nerf Rival Khaos fires a 68mph, and is something that you can buy from any reputable Nerf gun vendor. As for its range, it can reach up to 400 feet so it can easily cross a football field.

I hope that Rober did not start mad race to build the biggest and baddest Nerf Gun in the world, but it would surely be interesting to find out if somebody tries to beat his build.

You may wonder if there is someone who has built the biggest airsoft gun in the world. Last 1st April, Hyperdouraku reported about the Tokyo Nurui M4A1 LWS (Large Weapon System). Unfortunately it was an April fool’s prank and that means we await for a real one to be built by somebody crazy enough to do it.