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Need a Bullpup M14? Wish for SRSS Bulldog 762 replicas


OptimusPrime and I are suckers for modern M14 reincarnations. We have seen the Fulton Armory SOPMOD which GWS already made their own custom made airsoft version, the EBR, and now we see the SRSS  BULLDOG762. The SRSS BULLDOG762 are M14 conversion kits that can effectively reduce your M14 rifle length by 7 to 20 inches. Too bad there are no conversion kits available yet for airsoft replicas. 
It would be great to handle an M14 rifle that has a low profile as they don't extend much further from the body and these still pack a punch and great range.

SRSS explains further what these are:

These are the three colors available - tan, black, and olive drab.

The System consists of complete lower stock and Upper Optics mount. To view Bipods, riser and parts included, Click Here.

The SRSS1421 BULLDOG762 is the ONLY stock system that will shorten the M-14 / M1A about a foot, 10 to 12 inches, making it the only .30 caliber CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Semi / Full Auto in the world.

There are  some great stocks out there - BUT, we offer all they offer, Just a Foot Shorter. The biggest benefit is you give up nothing in Ballistic arena.

No Gunsmithing is required. All tools and Instructions are included. SRSS support is there when you need us.  Delivery Time is about 30 to 45 days, due to the high demand. The Synthetic should be available early 2009. The Billet Aluminum adds 1.5 pounds to the M-14 with no optics on either. Just think about the accessories that the "BULLDOG762" has, that our competitors do not have !

The SRSS 1421 "BULLDOG762" has an internal bedding system that accommodates all receivers and helps with accuracy and harmonics, makes a Great Sniper  / Precision rifle. The upper optics mount will not fit the Super Heavy Match Barrel. We will have a handmade optics mount for 2009 for the few of you that have this combination.

So what do you think? Should this be a great addition to airsoft whether as a conversion kit or a fully-completed model?

As seen on Soldier Systems

As seen on Soldier Systems

M14HDW.US bullpup M14

Go Rogue


Check out the M14HDW.US Rogue Bullpup Chassis Stock from Juggernaut Tactical