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£3000 Prize Giveaway Day 14 Winners

Firesupport £3000 Prize Giveaway Day 14 Winners

It's Day 14 now and Firesupport send in an updated list of winners of their £3000 Prize Giveaway Jan 2013 where lucky customers can win any of the prizes totalling over £3000 especially the £1000 Inokatsu M60E3 airsoft gun. There are a total of 32 prizes in this promo so for this month of January 2013, try your luck in getting some of the prizes at stake.

Firesupport £3000 Prize Giveaway Jan 2013
Main prize Inokatsu M60 E3 worth £1000
32 prizes over 31 days

All internet orders over £100 qualify in the draw.

All INTERNET orders of £100 or more qualify.
32 prizes. Total value £3000
Every day a winner is drawn from the qualifying orders that day.
At the end of the month all qualifying entries from the whole month then go into a final draw to win a Systema PTW worth over £1100.

Entries open to all countries. UK or World.


  • Day 1 Mr Ash - Marui G17 GBB Pistol
  • Day 2 Mr Berry - £50 Gift voucher
  • Day 3 Mr Crabtree - Guarder Tactical vest
  • Day 4 Mr Wainscott - Guarder Gun Bag
  • Day 5 Mr Qin - Guarder Gun Bag
  • Day 6 Mr Stanton - 6 x Milspec monkey patches
  • Day 7 Mr Jeffrey - ICS Rotary Grenade Launcher Tan (sorry for error on last post)
  • Day 8 Justin Henley - Craft Apple Works CAW Metal Rotary Grenade Launcher
  • Day 9 Mr Hoskins - Guarder tactical vest woodland camo
  • Day 10 Mr Spencer 10 x excel .2g bbs
  • Day 11 Mr Wieizorek - KWA Active Training Pistol 6mm GBB
  • Day 12 Mr Casey - 1 can large cybergun winter gas
  • Day 13 Mr Wells - 18000 blaster .2 black bbs
  • Day 14 Mr Thom - 6 Milspec monkey patches

Gun prizes in UK can only go to members of insured airsoft sites or UKARA registered players, rest of Europe can win any prize (additional postage will be needed from non UK mainland winners).

Main prize Inokatsu M60 E3 worth £1000.

Some great prizes still left to win

  • Marui AKS74U AEG
  • Marui Hicapa 5.1 GBB
  • 1 x KWA GBB Pistols
  • 2 x Guarder rifle bags
  • 2 x Guarder Gas
  • 2 x flash mags
  • 1 x Cybergun winter gas
  • GAO Scope M200 scope
  • Magpul sticker set
  • 2 x Black bear Mask

Prize winners and prizes announced on facebook every day.

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