6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Launcher

OptimusPrime 6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Launcher

In stock right now at is a 6mmProShop Airsoft M203 Standalone Grenade Launcher for those who prefer just showering the OPFOR with BBs... "The 6mmProShop Standalone Grenade Launcher Carrier kit lets you trim some weight off your rifle by taking that M203 launcher tube off and redeploying it as a standalone weapon; this way your primary weapon is more wieldy but you do not give up the additional firepower of a grenade launcher.

The complete launcher package comes with a lightweight polymer M203 grenade launcher, an M4 buffer tube, and an ergonomic adjustable length of pull stock. All that is needed to start raining BB fury upon your foes is the grenades themselves."

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