Airsix TV: AEGIS Magpul FMG-9


AirSix TV: AEGIS Magpul FMG-9

Perhaps this is now availabe in stores especially in Asia, the AEGIS Magpul FMG-9 is the latest airsoft version of the discreet FPG that was made by PTS before. AirSix TV takes a look one as this is made in South Korea... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video is the Magful FMG-9 Conversion Kit released by AEGIS CUSTOM, a domestic brand.

Although it was produced by a Taiwanese mold company due to a manufacturing cost problem, it is a domestic brand designed and sold in Korea. Glock 18C (GEN3) from Marui, VFC, and WE are all installed, and some copy products may require processing. The built-in auto tracer at the end of the video is being commercialized as an Air Six brand."

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