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Airsoft International September 2007 Volume 3 Issue 4 Now Out

Airsoft International Magazine

Airsoft International Magazine September 2007 is now out and available at your favourite retailers..."A big thank you to Ai readers for making the launch of the AiM C.B.L. an amazing success – in fact it seems you guys can’t get enough of ’em!

No sooner had the Gen I garments landed than they were straight out of the door, and these stocks have now become limited. (And speaking of limited stocks, the AiM IFF Patches have gone in backorder again, but another batch is winging its way to us as I type). We’ve ordered a new batch of CBLs, and following some great feedback from our readers, the Gen II CBL will be even more radically designed in order to further meet your needs on the skirmish field.

Hundreds of you have asked if we plan to produce the CBL in ACU or Multicam and for now, I’m afraid, the answer is no. Multicam camouflage is a licensed product, and although we can buy the licence to produce it, the cost would soar dramatically defeating the object of producing a cost-effective shirt in the first place. The AIM brand is about quality products at affordable prices. ACU, however, is a different matter, and we’re expecting our first samples in the next few weeks, so hold tight. Not only for the ACU but also for the complete CBL system we’re working on including pants with integrated kneepads.

To celebrate the CBL’s success we’re giving away a complete set of three shirts, along with matching AiM patches, for one lucky reader to win in this issue’s competition, so dial into page 75 and get your entries in.

So what’s been happening in Fort Ai? Well, The War and Peace Show was yet again a rip-roaring success. We joined forces with Ai Industry Awards: Urban Site of the Year winner, Ambush Adventures, to host the CQB Arena, and boy did they put on a show – this year’s arena was much bigger and better positioned.  To see what we got up to turn to page 46.

What else is in this issue?

“It’s alive!” Project Frankenstein is completed and Jay field tests the monster for the first time, he also spends some time with the Army Armament R85A1 and takes an SRC RPK through its paces. Meanwhile Mark shows us his HFC Glock 17.

Gearwise, we explore the look of the pixelated warriors in Ubisoft’s Blockbuster Rainbow Six computer game. CJ goes on his annual Beltring bargain-hunt – this year with a bit more of a budget and to great effect and, in the extremely popular Tried and Tested, we take a look at the gear the Ai team are using on the skirmish field.

Out on the field, Donnie, our man in Iraq, kicks off our Advanced Tactics series with the next level in the Art of the Shingle. We showcase Combat South’s Ai Industry Award-winning woodland site, and Lawrence dashes off to CAGE Airsoft for another site report. All your favourites plus loads more airsoft goodness, this makes Ai the must-read for novice and experienced players alike.

Have a great month, and see you on the skirmish field!