American Milsim Copperhead VI 4-5 September 2021


American Milsim Copperhead VI

The American Milsim Operation Copperhead VI is all set to take place on the 4th to the 5th of September 2021 and will take place at the Playas Tranining Center in Playas, NM. Participation fee is US$225 + fees and tax with Early Birds at US$200 plus fees and tax... "With the division of the Pacific States, Coalition forces have been deployed into the New Mexico area to bolster PAC forces from further Federal incursions into the region.

With the majority of Coalition forces participating in the Eastern “Spring Offensive”, Federal planners are looking to secure the Southwestern states of New Mexico and Arizona as they pivot to surround PAC forces in Southern California.

Federal success in the Southwest will spell the end for the Pacific States."

American Milsim Copperhead VI 02


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