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AMNB: BE-X FronTier One Hard Shell Review

AMNB BE-X FronTier One Hard Shell Jacket

Chris  of Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) sends in news about two reviews covering the two components of the BE-X Frontier One Hard Shell Clothing, the Jacket and Trousers. These are carried by the German retailer Begadi, and are designed for civilian and military use. Something you might one to consider when you are looking for outer layers.

BE-X FronTier One Hard Shell Jacket Review

"The hard shell jacket is only available in Alpha Green and uses a very high quality laminate to address both the requirements of water resistance and breathability. Unlike most general laminates, the laminate used by BE-X is more breathable and provides good heat insulation without creating sweat build up on the body.

As previously mentioned, the hard shell jacket is made out of a polyester laminate which is designed to 10,000 MVP which is double what most generic laminates value at 5000. This is mostly evident during long weather situations where high rain and low temperatures can lead to the body sweating where as other laminates would generally circum to causing the body to sweat due to reduced breathability in the laminate."

BE-X FronTier One Hardshell Trousers Review

"The trousers are designed to cover the inner trouser which provides protection for the lower half of the body, from the belt down to the boot. The style cut of the legs are slightly baggy to accommodate for different trousers of varying thickness. These trousers are supposed to be worn as over pants however they can be worn as regular trousers."