BOLT Airsoft “DEVGRU” QD Suppressor Test


Maru Toy BOLT Airsoft “DEVGRU” QD Suppressor Test

Maru Toy tries on the BOLT Airsoft “DEVGRU” QD Suppressor if it's a good attachment for AEGs... "Bolt Airsoft's DEVGRU QD Flash Hider & Silencer. I would like to hear and compare (shoot and compare) the effects of installing the MP7A1 electric gun.

QD type hider and suppressor that can be attached and detached with one touch.
I'm trying semi-auto and full-auto alternately with and without suppressor to see if there is a change in the firing sound.

This part is the same as the suppressor attached to the BOLT Airsoft HK416D DEVGRU electric gun (full set with silencer)."

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